Instant for BlackBerry 10 - Track how much time you spend on your BlackBerry

By James Richardson on 29 Aug 2014 06:44 am EDT

Instant is now available to download from Blackberry World and is the perfect way to keep an eye on how much time you are spending on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

I seem to remember that a few years back we had a similar app for legacy devices and I used to check it every day to see how my addiction was going. Instant now makes that possible and although it's basic and straightforward, it's a handy app to have.

The purpose of Instant is to simply count how many minutes you spend on your BlackBerry each day. The app is headless, so you don't need to keep it open, although it does have a nice Active Frame where you can view your daily usage as you can see below.

Once you open Instant you'll be shown the minutes you have used your BlackBerry for on that day at the top of the display. To the right of that is a quick share tab for Twitter so you can quickly fire off an update which will read like the following - "Used my BlackBerry for 24 minutes today via #InstantBB'.

Once you have used Instant for more than a day you will notice that under the minute counter I've just mentioned you will see a list of the previous days and you can 'instantly' compare useage over those days. If you want to compare even more days than are shown on the homescreen you can use the 'History' tab at the base of the display.

You will also notice there's a 'Reminders' tab. Here you can select your daily limit and the reminder frequency if you fancy getting useage notifications in your BlackBerry Hub. And last but not least is the ability to share your daily useage via any application that's integrated into your Hub - sweet.

"Instant is designed to promote a balanced lifestyle. By tracking and limiting phone usage on a daily basis, more time can be spent on leisure activities and the people around you," says Shashwat Pradhan, BlackBerry Elite Developer and the Founder of Emberify.

With its black and white user interface, Instant is kept clean and tidy and it does what it is meant to do - nothing more, nothing less. If you've ever wondered how much you use your BlackBerry - you now have a simple solution. Instant will set you back $1.99/£1.50.

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Instant for BlackBerry 10 - Track how much time you spend on your BlackBerry



So, according to some, he must work hard to develop and us the user's get it for free

Snow White Z10

No. According to some, it's not worth the price asked by the seller. Just because you build something doesn't mean I will want to buy it.

Posted via CB10

I've wanted (more like needed) and app like this for so long. I actually looked into developing one just for personal use, saw that it was possible, but then--as usual-- the idea just fell to the bottom of my drawer, especially due to the large overhead "time cost" of getting up to speed with Cascades.

So yeah,... it's safe to say that this is cheaper than time it would have cost make it myself, which is something no one really likes to think about.

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Thanks very, very, very much indeed for the app - now I am finally able to check, how much during a day I drain the battery of my Z10 ;).

So we finally found the real reason behind the Z10 battery issues ;-) LOL

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Hello Sir. I bought your app and I'd like to thank you for being mindful of a life beyond our phones.

Keep up the great work!

Frustrating on the front line when headquarters won't support...

it's fine being as cheap as you are. But why not keep it to yourself, instead of advertising to everyone that you are broke and/or a tight wad?

Posted via my QNX Z30

Not sure I really want to know how bad my BlackBerry addiction is, lol. But good idea.

 Posted with the brilliance of my Z10 

There should be a built-in feature in the CB10 to track app usage there.... ouch ! ;-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Bad. ;-)

So you can't even get away from it in the hub...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I don't think that I need to spend any money on an App to realize that I need help with my BlackBerry addiction.

 Z30 Rocks 

A must have app. Was waiting for something like this to help me track my addiction. Definitely worth supporting this native developer.

Hey James, I looked for it on the Amazon store and I can't find it. What's wrong????

Posted via CB10 on my Q5SQR100-1/

So you think it's great to complain when he doesn't highlight native apps, and then ridicule him when he does? Hmmmm

I think it's great that he actually reviewed a native app. I found the comment funny.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, me too.

"Games Richardson" has a skin like an elephant, and is not easily offended. :-)

If we take this a little more lighthearted, that would be great...
Keep CB fun, but don't be harsh...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I can see it now, the first update includes a membership in BlackBerry Anonymous. "Hi, I'm Bob and I'm addicted...".


Okay to say this app should be free... is arrogant... but hey, 2 bucks?

Maximum is a dollar

1.99 is less than the price of a soda and bag of chips.

It is 20 minutes work if you earn minimum wage.

If you earn an average wage, it is about 5 minutes work.

It is less money than you would find in your sofa.

Be real, either buy it or not, but don't try to tell people it is over priced.

Posted via my QNX Z30

Hey jupiter8, now use that time @ $20 p/hr and the app is yours in 6 minutes...

Shou£d be doable to $ave some time with this app
and €arn some mone¥ in$tead...

( 6 minutes? Enough time to cook an egg and make a coffee... Good morning! )

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I know I'm addicted and I need help.
I wasted roughly 78% of my battery daily. The other 22%, I chalked to battery drain.

Proud owner of Z3! Disappointed in 9900!

I am glad some developers are filing what most of the complainers in this review calls "app gap"

I am looking forward to some of your apps

Snow White Z10

@shashwat: Arent you that developer from max secure who made all those scam apps?? The battery "Saver" and all those "Max" apps that do the absolute MINIMUM. I ended up spending 10$ on them! not a single one does what it claims! since you are so built on giving refunds, how about you refund everyone for those apps?? Stop claiming to be a blackberry elite and cheating people just based on the title. How did you even get that status? Do you just launch apps from different names every month to fool the blackberry users?
@james: You also only seem to be putting up posts for this developer and quoting him all the time! Its pretty evident that you have some kind of deal with this guy! Stop putting up such posts!! There are so many deserving developers out there! why arent you supporting any of their apps?? Show some dignity as a journalist and start publishing apps that add value to blackberry and not mindless money grabbing crap like this!
This is the link for the previous scam apps that the developer had made and that James had claimed were really "Great".

Jade I even see fake 5 star reviews on the Blackberry World from MaxSecure tester devices - 'testersmax-08900'. @developer should have at least changed the device name.

@shashwat and @james i agree with what Jade has to say. James falsely promoted those apps, which i bought and wasted money. I don't understand why such developers are even allowed to make apps for Blackberry and on top of that given title of "Elite Developers". James please stop falsely promoting such developers who make apps which are not worth! I bet most of the comments here saying the app is good are paid comments or bots that you have set up. I saw the twitter page for "@emberify" Found it kind of odd that on the first day you had 4500 followers and 2 days later it dropped to 40! Care to explain? I guess twitter decides to remove paid and fake followers doesn't it?

@shashwat: how is me being a member related to your actions? Are the facts stated not true? Look me up! Even though I just joined does not mean the account is fake! Although you seem to know a lot on the mattter considering you have already made a couple of fake accounts

The number of followers is back up over 4000 again but just a quick scan shows they are nearly all fake. All these people that have never sent a tweet and have no followers but are all strangely following around 370 other accounts. Personally I would not trust a developer who approaches business in this way.

Posted via CB10

Just got the app, seems very good. When you are doing something right, you definitely have haters. Also funny seeing some 1 hour old fake accounts here.

@JeremyMattew231 Hi Shaswath, I just ran a background test on this account, and the profile picture of the account is HackPlanet's logo which happens to be one of your previous startups. Got you! :)

WOW, people griping over 2 bucks? Yet you probably lineup at six bucks (starbucks) daily? Give the dev a couple of bucks for their work.

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"Instant is designed to promote a balanced lifestyle. By tracking and limiting phone usage on a daily basis" says Shashwat Pradhan, BlackBerry Elite Developer"

How exactly does it limit our phone usage?

We are the ones in control of our time, I don't need to spend more time looking at your app on top of the other things I do on my phone. Time and what you do with it in this life is a Precious thing, if you need an app to tell you this you have probably got problems.

Does this developer have connections here, you advertise his stuff very often, there must be 100's of other developers out there that could use some help advertising their stuff.
I would suggest donating your money to a charity rather than wasting it on this...

To each their own.
Take care.

www. carm. org

I don't see a need for an application such as this, after all to check the numbers we have to use our trusted and dear companion our Blackberry device. That makes us using ouur BlackBerry that much longer.

Posted via CB10

That's the part that has me hesitating. I know I use my Z30 a ton, both for business and personal. I don't want to feel guilty about it. It is good to support native developers though and I agree that $2 isn't bad at all. I do wonder what it's effect on battery is and how it works

Next what?
You will come back here and complain you want native apps...

Is it OK for you to pay 1-2$ for your mornings coffee? Or you want them free noting more nothing less?

Posted via CB10

Nothing less than free? What's less than free? Bad expression, you wanted to look smart but actually look the opposite.

Posted via CB10 on my Q5SQR100-1/

Why should his hard work not be rewarded? If you built an app, would you just give it away for free?

Posted via Q10RR

Some people are just sour grapes!You want everything for free?....The developer isn't forcing anybody to purchase the app for bull's sake!Stop whining for free apps and start paying for somebody's sweat!!

 experience the power of BlackBerry 10 

I don't know if I want to know how much time I spend on my BlackBerry. LoL

Posted via CB10 on Z30

Well, that's an interesting statistic I want to have. Sometimes it makes you realise things. And 2$ is truly nothing. We would try a 30$ meal in a restaurant blindly without even knowing if it's good, but 2$ is too much to 'try' this headless app on the long term?

No problem if this app isn't your type, but please don't be so stingy and not buy it because it costs a mere 2$ if you want it.

Posted via CB10 on my Q5SQR100-1/

Great idea and $1.99 isn't too much to ask for it. Unfortunately, I find this similar to counting Calories while eating. It's beneficial to know but there are a lot of times I don't want to know how much. :)

Posted via CB10

I would far rather pay a few bucks for an app than get all of that horrible advertising that comes with free android apps. It's definitely preferable to pay 2 bucks once tan have ongoing annoyance!

Posted via CB10

So I saw the price and was going to pass. I thought "I don't need something to tell me how often I'm on my BlackBerry. I already know the answer. To much" But I thought this could be entertaining. And I concluded that it's the little things I enjoy the most. So I'm going to proudly support a BlackBerry application developer. And I'll also see just how many "meetings" I should be attending each week.

Thanks Dev.


Some people need to be told the following: if you have nothing good to say, remain silent.

Not sure why people need to come on here offending the developer and saying he needs to make the app free. At least he isn't taking your data and selling it. And he's earning his money in a legal way so that he can support his family. Nothing wrong with that.

Posted via CB10

I saw the write-up this morning, bought the app, have been running it headless all day, no discernible effect on battery. Easily worth $2.

Posted via CB10

I know how much time I spend on my zed 10 already-the thing never seems to leave my hand!

My BlackBerry is indispensable to me-the app advertised isnt.
But, it's native, headless and ill buy it. I'll support the native app developers and 2 bucks is cheap.
This app might not be of much use to me; but if I support it there's a good chance this developer will continue to build apps.and the next one he builds might be that app I simply can't live without.
It's not buying an app; it's investing in a blackberry app future so bright you gotta wear shades.......


BlackBerry by choice, blackberry for life.

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