Instago for BlackBerry 10 looks to fill the Instagram void

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Feb 2013 10:56 am EST

Following up yesterday's Instagram for BlackBerry 10 drama@DirkSonguer sent me the following tweet along with a link to the youtube video above: @crackberrykevin Good CB update on the native Instagram situation, thanks! Currently working on a native API client!

Check out the video above to see Dirk's work in progress. He's currently targeting to have his "Instago" Instagram app ready for mid-March (he wants it available in BlackBerry World for the release of the BlackBerry Z10 in the US) and based on what we're seeing in the video things are looking well under way.

You won't be able to post photos from the app of course -- that's where you need Instagram to come in with an official app -- but the functionality and smooth native experience of Instago looks like it'll serve the needs of Instagrammers well in the meantime. Great stuff!

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Instago for BlackBerry 10 looks to fill the Instagram void


Isn't the "void" the fact that you can't Instagram, i.e. post and access account not the ability to view/manage your view. As the dev was showing you can do that from a browser.

No disrespect to the developer, but after a 2 year wait and hundreds of millions of dollars, BlackBerry still gets mostly knockoff apps.

6 months ago I would have said I don't need Instagram. Eff it. But about 3 months ago I purchased the latest generation ipod touch, wound up installing instagram and got sucked into it.

The whole point that people who don't use instagram miss out on is the community aspect of it. Like any social media (facebook, twitter), it's the community aspect that makes Instagram a draw. At the moment I love my Z10. But I do miss not having instagram on it. I miss posting from my Z10. Kind of sucks to take a pic on my Z10, send it to my ipod for uploading.

Something like this app is fine, and I believe there are few in the app world that already do this. But the real thing would be better. It's not a deal breaker for me when I bought my Z10 on the first day. First person in Montreal I would say to get Z10. But I can see why certain people, the younger generation might shy away because of the lack of their favourite social media apps.

Thank you,Thank you, Thank you!!! It is the community aspect of having Instagram..I would be in the same situation with this new app as BBM..None of my friends have BB anymore so BBM has become useless as with this new app of competing with Instagram.

"You won't be able to post photos from the app of course"

This makes it sort of useless doesn't it?


They say Facebook is a strong partner but the Facebook app on BB10 was built by BlackBerry and not Facebook...Im confused over this.

Actually I believe they said they worked on it together, whatever that means. I assume BBRY took care of the integration with the Hub, address book, etc but I'm just guessing.

Instagram must have app, really?. When you purchase any of the latest smartphones you have invested in a modern day marvel of communications Mail, Text, Voice, Video, Streaming, Sharing, Games, Financials, Calenders, Timetables, Media, News, etc etc, and the deal breaker is you can't use one particular app to post a picture of what you are having for lunch. Be honest there are several ways on every phone, that should you need to inform your business connections, family or friends on what you are having for lunch, that this can be achieved. However I think you are probably out to lunch already.
In general BB users seem an intelligent group, letting the side down here guys. Lets let this one go and use our smartphones intelligently.
This of course does'nt even touch on the copyright issues with this app, but thats another subject for another day.

Not at all in any way, not trying to sound superior, but come on think about it. We have been provided with a new phone system BB10 with true real time multi-tasking, superb security, etc etc and the deal breaker is posting a picture of your lunch. Wonder what the copyright issues are over photographs you have taken and posted that are then used by Instagram or another third party.?

In two of your posts in this thread you have used the "picture of lunch" comment in an attempt to rationalize the fact that an extremely popular app on other platforms is not available on BlackBerry devices. Whether you find a use for the app or not, millions of phone customers do and they are going to go to other devices to find what they consider essential.

Anybody care to tell us what percentage of pictures on Instagram are food. I believe it's very high. thats why picture of lunch was used. It is not to rationalize it not being on BB10. The fact that BB10 is only 3 weeks old does that.

I completly agree with you. But on the other side of things it is a new os and they want to win people back. Current users of legacy devices the z10 will be an upgrade but they want to win people back. With the app gap that they promoted they will lose between os's its not looking well.

I am with you 99% of the way but others are very app centric and this os is a joke to them right now with the lack of certain apps including instagram

I think a lot of the younger generation are shying away from facebook and switching to instagram. Both my daughters and their friends have put facebook on the back burner, some going so far as to close their accounts, and are completely locked in to instagram. I never quite understood instagram until they showed me how it works and I have to admit that was one of the things I was really really looking forward to with the z10, not to mention that I deal with a lot of female bodybuilders and weight lifters, myself included, and they are all on instagram and I cannot see anything they post unless I view on my PC. I will not download one of those view apps on my 9900 because I think it will just remind me more how there are so many things we do NOT have.

By the way my daughters are college graduates, and one of them is a neuroscience graduate student doing stem-cell research, so we aren't talking teenie boppers here. Also, my sister who is a publications director for a very large F500 company said everyone had to switch to the Iphone recently (they were previously all blackberry) because of instagram. So blackberry might be missing the boat on this one.

Where the sheperd leads the sheep will follow, and really a F500 company changed over their phones because they could not post pictures of what they were having for lunch. Nothing to do with the majority of their workers already having iphones and getting a deal from Apple on the rest maybe?

LOL. that was actually almost exactly what I said but they primarily work with images and it was actually a huge client who brought instagram to the attention of someone there because of what they wanted done.

They WERE due for new phones either way because they had old blackberrys.

I have said too much already.

Are you suggesting a F500 company is using Instagram to share/manage corporate images/documents? Is there a separate "Instagram for Business" secure service offering? This would be like my bank sending me my statement via Instagram. Or am I missing something here? Full disclosure: I'm not an Instragram user.

I can see all the reviews now, "Why cant I post pictures to instagram? This app sucks, waste of money". No matter how good it is, if you cant upload pictures people wont be happy

Meh this app is completely useless. We can do the same damn thing in the browser. Such a letdown. We have to stop begging to sit down at. The lunch table with the popular kids

I am not so sure about that. I just went to Instagram from the browser of my Z10 and the first thing it asked was to add friends and it gave a limited choice of strangers so I added a couple. Now I cannot add any more, the only thing I can do is edit my profile. Why is Instagram only an App? That is what I want to know! Why can I not go to my Desktop browser and add a picture? I am pretty confident I could make a website to duplicate the social nature of Instagram in a day, why don't they? Why do they limit themselves to Mobile Apps? It seems like a silly corporate game of exclusion.

Let's say Instagram comes on Blackberry 10. Question is which will be our next Holy Grail App for which everybody will go crazy not to have on Blackberry 10? Seriously guys, it all depends on your needs. if they do not suit you and its so important for you then go for what works for you.

I'm pretty sure the Z10 won't be released in the US until late March. The mid-march release mentioned in this article is talking about the app not the phones. He's saying they want to get the app out by mid-March so it will be there by the time the Z10 hits the US market in late March.

Blackberry 10 has only been in the market place for 3 weeks, if sales figures turn out to be good then all apps will come. No provider refuses to sell their product. QNX can only get better and more wide spread, it's not just in your phone. There are enough people trying to run down Blackberry for one reason or another, lets show some support for a Canadian company that is over here and employing people, or perhaps we should sell the whole north American continent to the Chinese.

All our money goes to the few in charge at bbry and their outsourced manufacturers, what is really canadian about bbry other than its headquarters where they layed thousands of people off?

did anyone of you instagram users read (and understand) the user agreement before installing this app?
we all like to keep private things private (at least we should), apps like this "help" us giving it away for free.

So is it that instagram doesn't have an open API for uploading pictures, and the only way you can do it is via their official app? I suppose that makes sense, otherwise BB10 would have probably integrated it into the Share functionality. Although I don't see much of a point in the social layer if you can't interact (without the official client). Of course, I still dislike Instagram mainly because of the horrible looking vintage 70s-like photos that some of my FB friends over used.

Pointless. I already browse instagram with the mobile site which looks very nice and works well... although no option to view "News" or "Following" tabs.. and of course upload photos. My iPod is good for that (only thing I use it for beside music).

Maybe I'm being a bit naive, but what is Instagram's problem? It's not just BlackBerry, but also Windows Mobile, Windows desktop and MacOS users who are excluded from joining up. I would have expected a major service like Instagram to be available beyond just iOS and Android users.

BlackBerry now has too many apps.
I'm getting lost in all of them. What should we do? Burn down the diner?

They will become another company in a long line who will not see the changing landscape and become irrelevant, kind of like our BB. When BB dominants again they can pay them back using another app and they will be no more.

You guys will love instago I use the version the dev wrote last year on the nokia n9! A good swipe gesture based os where blackberry got its inspiration from

Another useless app than any 15yo can build in a week and should.

People want to be able to post their life online and feed their narcissistic ego by counting the "likes" and followers.

Instago really? BlackBerry has lost the race for sure don't believe me well then I'm selling my play book for 250 way less then what I bought it. For ill even add one that I bought for my daughter and it doesn't. Charge for some reason. Fanboys ill be waiting but I won't hold my breath

Not sure if this is the issue, but make sure you charge it with the high capacity charger it came with. If you plug it into a PC or use a regular USB charger to charge it will get like +2% charge an hour.