Installing Leaked OS When 'Only Active BlackBerry Subscribers' Error Message is Received

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By Jared DiPane on 20 Oct 2009 10:06 am EDT

Having trouble upgrading the new OS leak that you just downloaded for your device? Many users are beginning to see the error that states "Only active BlackBerry subscribers are entitled to install this upgrade". If you are killing yourself trying to install the OS and can't seem to be able to get past this stage, well we have a fix for you. Check out this quick walkthrough and you'll be up and running in no time.

1. Download BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) and install onto your PC

2. Create a full backup of the device on your computer through Desktop Manager. This will be needed if you wish to restore your information after the OS upgrade. Skip this step if the device is brand new or a warranty replacement.

3. Under the Backup/Restore Tab click "Wipe Device" which will prompt you to do a low-level wipe of the device and remove the current Operating System. The device will boot to a white screen, and give an error message.

Wipe Device

4. Run the .exe file of the Operating System which was downloaded to the PC. Remove the vendor.xml files, and if the OS contains RIM Internal Tools, be sure to remove this as well through Add/Remove Applications on your PC.

5. Click on the "Load OS" tab under the Backup/Restore Tab, which will bring up the AppLoader screen. Follow prompts on the screen and be sure you are installing the correct Operating System.


6. Once OS has loaded, you can now go to Desktop Manager and restore your backup, or you can use device switch wizard if it is a new device.

This workaround is not guaranteed to work on all devices and OS leaks, but at the current time it appears to be helping several users, with a variety of devices.

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ive been rynning .23 0 for about two weeks now.i never had to delete existing os or ins tall bbsak. guess im jus lucky. install went smooth. phone works very good. sorry for typung errors. im on opera.l ol. only prob is i got my internet turned off. so how do i do updates now? can i do ota? if an official drops can i do an ota? over .230?


ive been rynning .23 0 for about two weeks now.i never had to delete existing os or ins tall bbsak. guess im jus lucky. install went smooth. phone works very good. sorry for typung errors. im on opera.l ol. only prob is i got my internet turned off. so how do i do updates now? can i do ota? if an official drops can i do an ota? over .230?


the rimgeeks guys have 1.63 available to download on their site


Its so awesome!!! i use it to back up all my apps and to install OS's its just so much easier and faster. i mean at least it feels faster installing OS's thru it lol

Bolo Banderas

When I was installing .230 through DM I had ran into this problem, but when I ran it through App Loader I had no problem at all. Maybe it's just me.


Ah now I can install .230! Thanks! It never worked for me via DM or Apploader.


@dweasel36; If you install a newer version OS over an old version then you don't need to use BBSAK or any other such application. It's most useful when you need to install an older version OS or an hybrid OS.


omg this program is awesome it help me out big time

Does this program work with MACs?


Nothing does...not even DM for MAC's ;)


this is true. tried running it thru parallels and nothing.


I've been getting the same error message, but all I did was launch the "Loader" application in 'program files/common files/research in motion/apploader' after installing the os onto my computer. Worked like a charm and only took me 30 seconds.


I downloaded BBSAK but it is not detecting my blackberry. What do I do?


Reboot the computer and see if that doesn't fix it. Otherwise, use the "Reconnect" button.


I got this error when I was trying to update my Bold to 5.0 yesterday. I had deleted the vendor.xml file, and then received this error. Since I had not read this article yet, I just disabled my internet connection and this let me do the upgrade through desktop manager (v5). I will be getting BBSAK though as it sounds like it is a great & fast program for os work on the bb. But this is a quick solution for people who just want to get it working for 1 upgrade without having to download an additional program.


Grrrr! I got so frustrated by this message that I sold my Storm on eBay just so I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore! Good to know for the future though!


I wanted to get threaded messaging.. does anyone know the link for .238? the megaupload link doesnt work anymore and also the rapidshare doesnt work? can anyone help??


By any chance can i upload this OS to the Curve 8320??


Thanks. Using BBSAK and JavaLoader is so much easier than using DM. DM takes fucking forever.


Heres a little video walk through incase you guys want a more in depth step by step


Easiest resolution is .. disconnect from internet and run the desktop manager once again and you don't see that error again


Darkhorse123 I agree. The easiest solution I have used is to disconnect from the internet!!!


You just made my night with this! I had tried everything including disconnecting the internet, using the app loader, wiping my device and nothing worked till this! THANKS!


hey if i have a unlocked storm ...and i upgrade my os will my storm lock back up ?


So it's RIM now collecting info (like PIN or email addresses) of people who download leaked OS's?


I have sprint's SERO plan. If I update will the SERO workaround ( still work? I don't want to lose that!


Thank you for creating this article. Saved me a lot of time and effort. Also I thought I was going nuts cause I've installed new OSes quite a few times and had not received this error until yesterday. Yahoo! Tour 5.0!


i cant thank you enuf...i have been trying to load it from past 1 month...thanks a ton :)


I followed every step here but the result of that was a nuked BB (see #12 on the list of 101 blackberry help).. I also followed those steps to solve a nuked bb several times before and It was all good, but since I wiped my device it wont work.. I would really apreciate your help here.. pleeeaassee I dont know what else to do..


any chance this will work for a Bell Storm? I've tired everything so far to upgrade to OS 5.0 on my storm with Bell, not work! Getting frustrated :S


Thanks! This worked like a charm!


Anyone who was facing the bb subscription error and then upgraded using this method, please share here if u faced any problem during the update. And is the phone working correctly with DM?


literally just finished this process and it went very smooth. I just got my 8520 (at&t) and upgraded from 4.6. Backed up in DM and backed up my third party apps in BBSAK. Finished install reload third party apps and reloaded back up from DM and everything is smooth. Thanks for this tip that error was driving me crazy