How to install a leaked OS on BlackBerry 10

Install a leaked BlackBerry 10 OS using an autoloader

By Adam Zeis on 5 Aug 2013 12:27 pm EDT

Recently we've seen more than a few BlackBerry 10 OS leaks popping up. While many users have been shying away from them for various reasons, more and more are jumping on the leaked OS bandwagon. With the leak of OS 10.2 we've seen a ton of users getting in on the fun with their Z10, Q10 and even Q5. 

We've also seen a plethora of users who aren't sure just how to actually install the leak on their device as well. While the method is very simple, we figured clearing it up a bit wouldn't hurt. The process isn't very involved but make sure you read through everything before you get started so you know what you're getting into.

What You'll Need

  • Your BlackBerry 10 device
  • microUSB cable
  • Autoloader for the OS you are installing
  • A Windows PC (the autoloader won't run in a virtual machine but Mac users can use Bootcamp)

How to Install

First off, make sure you do a full backup of your device using BlackBerry Link. If you want to restore your device after installing the link you'll need a backup file and also, should something go wrong you'll be able to restore without having to start from scratch. Your sideloaded apps won't be backed up however - you'll have to install those again regardless.

After backing up, run the autoloader file for the OS you are installing (be sure to extract it first if necessary - you want to run the EXE file). You'll see a screen that looks something like this:

Connect your device to your PC via microUSB. Once the device is recognized the autoloader will do its thing. Your device will reboot and the LED will change from red to green. Don't touch it!

Let the autoloader work its magic. You'll be able to see the progress of the autoloader while it's running. 

When it's done installing, the autoloader will quit automatically and your device will reboot once more. If everything worked as it should you're phone will be up as new and running with the new OS.

From here you can either set up the device from scratch or restore using the backup file you created earlier. Note that with some OS leaks you may not be able to restore from an earlier backup. 

Keep in mind as well that you'll want to do your research before loading up a leaked OS. Some are not full OS versions and may require extra files to fully install and work properly.

Don't assume anything when using an autoloader and always fully read any disclaimers along with the OS version you're installing. Leaks are installed at your own risk so don't hold us (or anyone else) responsible should anything go wrong during this process.

If something does go wrong, you can always reload your current OS and try again.

For more help on installing a leaked OS on BlackBerry 10 head to the CrackBerry forums.

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Reader comments

How to install a leaked OS on BlackBerry 10


Thid should of been up a while ago..would of saved so many ppl asking the same question lol. We'll better late then never :)

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10 SQN100-5 w/ 10.2 OS

So your saying this is not the first time they covered this topic on the help section?

Because that's what I am referring too

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10 SQN100-5 w/ 10.2 OS

These directions can be found in the forums as far back as. Well. A year ago is the one I was following. The handy search bar does wonders for my questions.

Posted via CB10

well at least we know 10.2 will come soon.. but wtf? i didnt get my 10.1 mr update.. im on rogers toronto too...

Posted via CB10

What are you talking about LOL. I wrote that comment as a general note for other ppl struggling with autoloading not for me mr.

I've done this many times....

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10 SQN100-5 w/ 10.2 OS

I never swore..why are you? That's not nice

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10 SQN100-5 w/ 10.2 OS

The leaks originated from the forums. If people have had issues it's their fault for not reading. It's even evident on the CB blogs that people comment without reading (far too often). This may seem harsh, but I have no pity for those who run with scissors.

Why are you guys doing this??? I want to wait for the official OS to be released and you're pushing all these articles out!!!
Need... to... hold... on...

Posted via CB10

For me or Verizon? Ultimately. For me. Zero. For Verizon. I don't get there Bloatware. Poor fellas. Lol.

Posted via CB10

I know this is a really old article (checking if I'm loading the leak correctly), but how does toast attract you?? It's just bread warmed up!

If you want to do this in Windows, yo need a 32 bits versión, in 64 bits doesn't work.

My experience

Posted via CB10

I tend to run the autoloader in 32 bit compatibility mode - on a win 7 64 bit Enterprise.

That works for me, anyway ;-)

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

I've been installing leaks on my 64-bit win7 since the start.

Check out my "Facepalm" channel: C0001F676

Question.. when backing up phone, does it save all texts/emails/IM from hub, contact links, BBM history ? If yes I will do it, if no ill wait for official

Posted via CB10

Just be careful when you back up your device from BB Link. i did this then installed 10.2 using the autoloader. This all went well and I was very pleased as it was my first time loading a leak.
But to my horror when I came to restore my apps and settings, I found that my device had not backed up at all (or if it had then I couldn't find it)
The moral: when you back up your phone and it tells you "Back up complete" don't assume it's done it. take the trouble to check your PC and see that the back up file has actually been created.
Having said all that I'm still glad I did it as 10.2 is pretty impressive!

I have installed multiple leaks using Windows 8 64bit. I've lost texts and bbms, otherwise everything else restored.

You'll also need to reinstall side loaded apps

Posted via CB10

Yes, the SMS database is a known issue, but is not only an issue with leaks, but with official releases as well starting with 10.1 MR.

Is there a way to verify that BlackBerry Link actually did a complete and full backup? I don't want to wipe my device only to find out that the backup was not done properly or corrupted.

See my note above. At the very least check your PC to see that a file was created. You should find it in C:\username\documents\blackberry\backups or therabouts

I can't find any side leaders anywhere, I'm probably being stupid, but I spent all day finding one yesterday!

Posted via CB10

Better explain the users how to update with Sachesi as it will save them the hassle of restoring if everything goes right.

Posted via CB10

When you do a backup and restore does it restore your progress in games?? Specifically I don't want to lose my place in Where's My Water?. If anyone has experience with how it affects this game's progress, please let me know. :-)

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

It *should*... notice the *should* there...With many issues lately related to official updates as well, I'm worried to give you a 100% answer on this.

What's the autoloader? Must admit I'm getting tempted to do this but never attempted before? Any feedback guys? Is it worth it for a newbe?


Posted via CB10

Autoloader is the executable that runs in the command prompt window, it loads the software to the device via USB on a Windows based environment... We have plenty of n00bs start everyday, and those who read and do their homework love it, those who carelessly disregard information provided to them up front have issues from time to time... But then again some people have these issues with official upgrades as well XD

Again you'll have to read through our information where we explain this... There is some homework required before doing this, you don't have to be a brainy person, but you do have to read. The autoloaders are particular to the OS and your device.

I'm not (obviously) native in English, but autoloader it's pretty easy to grasp, and clean install it's always a good idea. Just saying .. Very easy to load those leaked OSes. And, every new leaked OS it was way better than the old one...and light years in the future from the "official OS" from Orange România


Posted via CB10

Can I have a link of autoloader, i downloaded autoloader before, but when connect my z10 to my computer, nothing happens

Posted via CB10

Roughly how long does the 'uploading RAM image ect…' in the terminal usually take? Ive been stuck on it for about 10 minutes now… feeling slightly worried (•~•)

I can take a bit depending upon the rate of transfer through your USB, remember these are considerable size files, 1GB+ so patience, and whatever you do with your BlackBerry 10 device never do battery pulls, ever, just act like your battery is fixed and unremovable. There should be a progress bar and there will be a transfer of two files an OS and a radio.

P.S. even if a major issues comes up, rarely does and usually user error, just chill, stay calm, and come ask for help if you need it

I've never had a problem restoring SMS or BBM history through a 10.1 leak, the MR OTA and now the 10.2 leak.

With 10.2 BBM history, which for me is fairly large, took a while to come back.

This leads me to my current working hypothesis: battery pulls have the potential of interrupting file system writes. Modern file systems have features to combat this, but they're not 100% fool proof. Database corruption could take place and not be noticed until those records need to be accessed. Then subtle or catastrophic bugs crop up. It would not be surprising that the bugs manifest most commonly at OS upgrades or data restores.

Posted via CB10

Battery pulls are never acceptable with these devices. You are correct that they are indeed potentially harmful even extremely harmful, someone pulling during an update might leave the version information in limbo, as people who read the leak threads may have seen. We are trying to get this message out that with this QNX based kernel, battery pulls should never be done, so help us get the word out ;-)

P.S. if you're having issues with 10.2 BBM history taking awhile, sometimes restarting the device accelerates proper indexing, so try it out next time if you're interested! ;-)

It very well might, but as I say like others, you'll never know for your specific case until you try it as everyone's experience is different based on their needs. Come check out some threads in the leak section of the forums and look for people talking about what you're looking for in an OS....

Great timing. With the 10.2 leak made available last week I was looking for quick guide on this last night. Yet another reason that Crackberry is such a great site.

Excellent article. I'm trying to hold out for an official release but articles like this make trying the leaked OS process soooooo tempting!!!!

You folks from crackberry make owning the finest phone on the planet that much better. I can't imagine owning a blackberry without the crackberry app on it.youre indispensable!

Posted via CB10

I running! I understand the process!! The issue here is your autoloader! What ever you guys are using to open zip files! Like: 7zip and what ever autoloader you guys attached to thi new 10.2 leak! Thurs tons of company's who knows blackberry users live grabbing leaks! So there attaching products that force there way into your harddrive! Not ask you!!! these product try change your
Computer! That's the issue!!!! All those promotional company's attaching products that force change your computer! Why would they need to be attach to the autoloader?

Posted via CB10

You can actually use the native unzip shell that comes with Windows, your choice to download anything is your own, although things might go faster.

Those Company's know they're a lot of people out there who want the latest os for their blackberries! So they attach products and "force them" on some people's computers (harddrive)Why allow that! It a 600 dollar phone!! All I want is 10.2 not weatherbug! Or a new search engine! That's the B.S!

Posted via CB10

When a autoloader goes to open the leak! Why does 30 other garbage products download to my laptops hard drive! Its not the leak! It all the other companys
who know I want the leak! And attached products I don't want to the leak! And autoloader!

Posted via CB10

Something to make this article, or perhaps another article, better would be to let us know where to find autoloaders, which ones seem stable, give intended results or do not require those extra files. Which autoloader did save your information upon update and which did you have to restore your data?

Or, if you don't want to be biased or something at least provide us with links to autoloaders.

Also, if I back up my device, then update via leak, and then restore, it won't erase my newly upgraded OS?

This is a help article without the help. I'm not looking for the Socratic method when it comes to my device.

This stuff is all located in our section. We will be publishing a Wiki of our own for your consumption of information a little later on... The problem is what you are asking for gets remarkably extensive, and detailed, you can't summarize it for everyone because of so many different needs.

Thanks Adam for the article. It's worth mentioning to us noobs that you need 7Zip/WinRar, or the like to extract the file. I think people get twisted up because there are so many that rave how great the new OS is and how easy the process is. However, you hit the brick wall immediately if you don't have those extraction tools. That's the only thing I see missing from your great article. And he's right people, we do need to read/research and have some patience. Admittedly, it is hard to go through so many pages of a thread, but there are great people there to help.

Thanks again!!

You don't only for our 7-zip files, and you don't necessarily have to download those. We provide variety, but there is a learning curve in reading file extensions. For unzipping most files people can use their native unzip tool in Windows, it's less efficient time wise, but doesn't matter still gets the job done..

It would be nice if I had a computer that I could download it with. MEGA has totally locked out Internet Explorer. I was able to download 10.1 .rar file even with their warning. I don't have access to a unlimited data plan except using a system that only has Internet Explorer, not allowed to install programs on it.

Posted via CB10

There is a few dropbox and google drive links that users have shared in the forums, you might want to try one of them if you can' use Chrome or Firefox.

Please use an excellent program like MEGADownloader BETA. Many of us use it who either prefer to download outside of Chrome or don't like Chrome...

If my Z10 is a company issued phones running on the BES am I ok to install a leaked OS? Would my Admin have an issue with it? :)

Posted via CB10

I did but there are a few issues such as not able to use BBM wifi calling.. contacts disappearing, call log not populating, Microsoft active sync not working.

I'm going to reflash... if it doesn't work I will downgrade

Great OS but still need some work

Posted via CB10

Using sachibar works fine too. The autoloader for the Q10 repeatedly stopped downloading at between 48 and 51 percent for me, so frustrating. Then, I downloaded the signed bars, the sachup/sachibar applications, and installed the bar files to the Q10. No problem. Z10 autoloader downloaded from mega no problem, just couldn't get the Q10 autoloader for some bizarre reason.

Posted via CB10

Use can also use a program like Parallels and install Windows, but autoloaders are Windows executables. If you go the Parallels route and want to use BB Link for backups/restores etc., make sure you uninstall it from the Mac side of the house first or it won't work on the Windows install.

We cover this a bit more in the FAQ, but bootcamp is confirmed to work continually, and we've found that some have issues with the USB interface with parallels. But hey all that matters is that it is a working Windows NT Environment...

What's "QV06" it's trying to Control my my laptop and re direct me to other sites I don't want? I've uninstall over 30 products that downloaded to my laptops hard drive trying to install 7zip that's was advice to use installing 10.2! And I never got 10.2! But? I have a picture of a tech and he's trying to Control my computer! And I can't remove QV06?

Posted via CB10

Sounds like you got some serious malware, downloading the true 7-zip program from the website, won't download and install anything else. 7-Zip is a professionally run group

You most likely went to .com which you need to be careful about, details details...

You guys are making it sooooooo hard to resist.. I'm just trying to hold on until official is officially released...

Posted via CB10

All I wanted was! That's it!!! not weatherbug or any of the other garbage promotional products! That forced their way on my harddrive! Now I have to take my labtop to a tech to remove over 30 promotional products that I didnt ask for! And I've installed before so I understand the process! Why let other companys take advantage of your fan base blackberry? They know we want to latest OS! So why let them "con" and attack are hardrives! ! While trying to get the OS!

Posted via CB10

I have no clue what your talking about, I've installed a lot of leaks, never had the issues you're referring to.

Hey, idiot. Read and follow directions before doing anything else and blaming others. No one forced you to do anything.

The con artist approach is lame! OS should be attach to our pin numbers! And made so much easier! The third party nonsense just to get a OS is lame! And your not attractive to the average user! Now I'm stuck with10.1.0.2354! Which texting. Is the worst with! And 30 garbage promotional products stuck on my laptops hard drive and NO 10.2! Oo yeah! And theirs a tech who hack his way on my laptop! From trying to use your autoloader! Thanks blackberry!

Posted via CB10

Leaks are not for the average user. Wtf is your defect? Re-read the disclaimer before you continue to rant and rave.

He forgot to uncheck the "complimentary" programs to install when he was updating flash or installing 7zip or Winzip. The only file in the .rar is the executable.

Yeah, I actually know the malware he downloaded it's from a ghost site actually. He's the second person so far because of this article to do it...

Please come to the leak section of the forum where members have discussed their Dev Alpha A's which are the chipset of the STL100-1

If you don't read, the cost can be immense, your entire device. If you read, you unlock the best BlackBerry has had to offer yet!

Go to the forum for the software leak version you're interested in and the links for you device to download the autoloader is in the first post of the forum. I highly recommend btw.

Thanks for the info but it doesn't sway me to the dark side. ;-)
Patiently waiting for the official update.

CB10 - Q10

I quick question. I was one of the few that did the MR update and lost all my sms. If I install this leak, is there a chance that they will get restored?

Posted via cb10 on my gorgeous white Z10

No not if they have already been lost. Sorry this SMS database bug was known to BlackBerry and us before they pushed that update. You could read about that information in the leak section of the forum.

Thanks for posting a front-page article, Adam! Should clear up a lot of the questions in the forums relating to installing leaks.

Also another round of thanks to the OS Leak Team!

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

There are additional instructions in the Forums under OS leaks including security wipes etc. So far, those in the forms are very helpful especially to "newbies"- after all, we all were at one point. I have loaded several leaks and for the most part- have ended up with a smooth running phone. I even used "hybrids" in the "early days" loading a leak now is MUCH easier than it used to be- and the credit goes to those in the forums and the Crackberry community- so thanks all !

What I learned yesterday. Mega sucks and I prefer the sachibar method of installing leaks now. Why? Because mega sucks, unless, wait - no it just sucks.

Posted via CB10

Many people prefer the sachibar method, but remember it may not be accessible in all cases of installing leaks... Props to xsacha for the work on that!

Please use our posts in the leak section of the forum. If you are having difficulty at this step of the process I would recommend against doing anything with your device.

you have to uncompress the file, it is compressed as a .rar file, you can download a program from the internet that will uncompress it for you, like WinRAR or 7Zip for instance. Just use Google, you'll find it.

When I try to install the leak, I get the continues reboot on my phone n command and the OS never loads up. Can someone help me with the issue

Posted via CB10

Yes, please come over to the leak section of the forum, it sounds like you might of had a battery pull, or a bricking, post your question with details and we can help you out...

I am about to take the big step and install this leak. I have looked around and not seen how to unpack the .rar file using Windows 7. Any help with this will be appreciated.

I've installed a 10.1 leak before and after mega downloaded to my computer it gave me the option the run the leak and the d.o.s black screen opened up! Turned Z10 off and plugged it up! And the leak started and did it's own thing! no issues! NOW mega doesn't do that? You have to get a win zip or 7zip off the Internet and every other promotional company trying to sell a product on the net knows you want the leak! Soo there attaching there product to your new downloaded leak! And the autoloader(winzip, 7zip) downloads tons of garbage promotional products and the leak didn't even open for me! In FACT "norton virus" removed the leak off my computer and I was stuck with 30 promotional products on my harddrive trying to Control my laptop! And changing my configuration forcing me to use there products and not the ones I use with my laptop! The third party nonsense! Is B.S! I'm sure the 10.2 leak is great! But using mega and third party autoloaders! Is the worst experience I've ever been threw! I didn't buy a Z10 for this lab rat experimental behavior!

Posted via CB10

Fantapper???? Weatherbug???? Optimizer installer???? I don't need my programs on my computer optimized????? I don't need a tech telling me there's 1000 viruses on my laptop buy my program? The tech gave me the viruses! When he downloaded to my hard drive! With out me allowing it! And what's QV06???? It's trying to Control my laptop! I didn't ask for none of that! All I wanted was 10.2! I was adviced! To use Google chrome! Google Chrome responds better to mega! This is what I was told! And Google Chrome has tons of promotional products attached to your leaks blackberry! That's the B.S that's hurting the brand! This is why your making more phones while the sales of the Z10 and Q10 suffer! So your yelling me the new BB10 phones! Need leaked os also? LoL! Its a joke! You'll never win under those circumstances!

Posted via CB10

Yohan I'm sorry, but you did download malware from a site that we don't have listed anywhere, this is user error. While I feel bad you are experiencing this, it is an issue you must deal with on your own, and is completely unrelated to the leak installation and use process...

I only go to! and and that's not fair! I brought my Z10 For the love of blackberry! not a commercial. Not from seeing someone else with the phone! And my configurations are all changed around! On my laptop! And I never got the leak! And the mallware came from the zip I tried to get! that's attached to the leak and advised me to use it to open the leak! Come on. is that really fair? I purchased my Z10 With out a upgrade! Come on?

Posted via CB10

NO!! This is apart of the process! Cause there's no direct approach! Its not the same for everyone! That's why it's install at your on risk! Not only is your 600 dollar phone is at risk!but now I see your laptop is also! BlackBerry needs to support there own leaks! The third party! Nonsense is misdirected! Everyone knows crackberry heads take to the Internet for OS! And their victims for promotional product stalkers! If they have to force their products on my harddrive how good can they actually be?? And why are they involved in my leak

Posted via CB10

I'm Sure the leak is awesome! And I won't stop till I get it!! But the market knows this! And their making it hard to get the leak and attaching them selves to your buzz! Fix that! OS would be great if it was attached to our BBM pins! No third party outlets! We should be able to get the leak OS from our pins! Forget about usb and websites!

Posted via CB10

And just for the record: my Z10 sounds the best in this meeting!!! Truly carrying the universal meeting again!!! Get my leak right please! Over and out!

Posted via CB10

If I install 10.2 OS And my phone start having then go back to my previous OS and take my phone to BlackBerry service centre. Will they get to know that I have used 10.2 OS leak version on my phone?

Posted via CB10

Help! I can't seem to make the autoloader for STL 2,3,4. It opens for several seconds then it closes down? Where did I hi wrong?

Posted via CB10

You're doing the same thing almost all the other people do when you posted this - assuming your readers know more than they do. For instance - autoloader? What is that? Where do I get it? This is a how-to - tell me how! Don't omit steps and sources.

That's exactly what I need. I don't know where or which autoloader to use. I see sachabar and sachup as well as Google Crome and it's a little confusing. I loved doing hybrids/beta OS releases on BBOS, but I haven't tried BB10 yet and I desperately want to get 10.2. So if someone can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it a lot.

Posted via CB10

I've posted the link to the "autoloaders" at least three times in my replies to others on this post, I understand your comments regarding "how" and "where" type information being omitted by possibly assuming everyone knows what an autoloader is and that all the leaks are in the leak forums; that's why I posted the links, but you need to take a little more initiative to read a couple user posts... that makes it frustrating for those trying to assist others too.

Not trying to make it frustrating by no means....i just thought if that someone was to update the original thread, be it op or at the least on the first page it would avoid all the frustration. It's really frustrating to read 20 pages sometimes like in other posts. It would be that much more easier. I do however thank you for the link for the autoloader. I do try to read most posts all the way through, but on the other hand it's gets very frustrating to read side tracked junk that doesn't apply.

Posted via CB10

I have never installed a leaked os before, however i am glad i did. Loving some of the new features. I did have to restore data and settings ( which didnt all come back). So far, i think it was worth it.

Posted via CB10

Need Help!!!!!
I run the autoloader and I see the first screen Adam mentioned above, then I connect my Z10 it recognizes the device, reboots and then nothing happens after that....what do I need to do?

My first leaked OS, I felt compelled to try this one based on the release logs and the great information provided by CB and it's members.

Autoloader worked like a charm, I was able to backup, download, install and restore my  Z10 in about an hour with no issues.

This leak is nice, obviously it's not perfect but overall the experience is really nice, another positive step for BlackBerry!

Posted via my  Z10

Can someone please help me with directions on how to reload my original OS? I'm trying to do it via BB Link but the "Reload' button in the settings does I doing something wrong?

Now a proud user of 10.2 and I must say Crackberry's how to install leaks really was helpful. It was as easy as drinking a glass of water. Installed with super ease, restored absolutely perfect, features awesome. Follow the steps to join the club....10.2 rocks a must have....

Posted via CB10

Ok,i need help! I'm trying to download the 10.2 for my new z10, but every time I click the link for the download it gives me a pop up screen to install Google Chrome, and it does it on the BBOS site also. Any suggestions?

Posted via CB10

I've installed it on my z10 stl100-1, and I have a problem with my battery.. it wont charge!!
Plz is there any solution for this?!

Posted via CB10

Quick question on the 810 load... anyone getting maximum accounts reached when adding email... anyone anyone beuler anyone :)....thanks in advance

Posted via CB10

Hi. As a novice tried this and bingo, it worked. Downside, lost all bbm contacts photos and vids. But hey ho. Thank you all for your input, help and encouragement.

Hi CB Guys,
Thanks for this last leak.
This is my 2. leak, i've load to my z10.

this time, i've got a bug, when trying to establish a wifi hotspot session. it was not possible to set up wifi hotspot. but, finaly, i "fixed" it by myself and i whould post my workaraound.
the system was asking for APN Username and APN Password. the next button was not working, and because of this, it was not possible to use my z10 as a wifi hotspot.

after more than 2h on the helpline (sunrise switzerland) i nearly went up the wall...

well, long story short...

- i've removed my sim, and fired it up.
- when the system was up, i tryed to set up mobile hotspot (shure it wont work, but i had the idea that this could help) and, the APN Name was empty now. i tryed it anyway and got a error msg, that no provider is available
-after this i restartet my z10 with the sim, and then

maybe this help somebody out there.

thanks for the leak, i love the 10.2, it gets better and better, every release!!!

I'm trying to upgrade the newest version of 10.2. I have an STL-1003 Z10 from at&t. I'm using windows 7. I've downloaded the file from Mega, unzipped it saved the extracted file to my comp. When I double-click the .exe file to run it. It runs but the autoloader (command screen) pops up for 2 seconds then goes away. I've tried it with my phone on, off, disconnected, connected and it still does the same thing. Can someone help me with this please?

I feel bad coz my z10 is stl-100-1 model. .jhuhuhuhu pls allow it in this model. .so I will be more happier. Im blackberey diehard users. .my finished of this z10 but I fel bad of the store why they give this model and its not 4g. . . .but I realy like blackberrry. . . .so much.ive use BlackBerry for 8yrs

Hey guys, tried installing this for 3 times. However, nothing seems to happen on my z10.

You see, I've been having issues with my z10 before (though got fixed) and after i updated my os. Now, I can't see the notification of new sms unless i press the thread of my previous sms from the same person.

is there anyone here who could help me with this?



Successfully updated on my Z30..

I am from India on Vodafone NETWORK and things working absolutely fine
Would update FULL REVIEW by tonight.

Hi All,
Thanks Adam Zeis to you for helpful article,
Finally my device updated to, it is nice to see the big change in my Q5. Just now going to restore backup file in my device and sure will share if any problem raised during....
Have a nice weekend Guys..

Thanks to all for supported updates and comments....
So Finally device backup fully restored and now i am ready to use new Q5 having OS without any difficulty... Cheers

autoloader not working for me, when i run the exe with administrators permission its keep on trying to rest the device z-10/stl-3, and does not go on the green light, i am using windows 7 home edition, any suggestions

Latest version released was but I only got Now my music player is missing. Anyone can help me to get my music player back?

im trying to update my z10 to the 10.2 os but i got a mac pro and i dont know how to do it with my mac. i read that mac user can used "bootcamp" honestly ill be lying if i said i knew what was bootcamp on the mac i try searching my mac but nothing pops out if someone could help me i will highly appreciated thank you

hai...i already did like it said.
connecting to bootroom and plug in the USB.
after that the screen on the laptop said resetting device twice
and my blackberry link start to pop up and said " cant communicated with device"
what's that means?

Somebody succeeded trying with Parallels Desktop?
Doesn't seem to work, can't get past the Ram Image Upload.

I tried to change the network connection preferences to "common network" and set the usb-auto-connection to manually... In my case it works after hours of trial and error... ;)

Excellent instructions. I can't believe how easy this was!

Now I get to play with 10.2.1 on my wife's z10 as I anxiously await the carrier roll-out (Mine is on a BES)

how long should this procedure usually take? i've tried it but the autoloader stops at "uploading ram image" and the notification led turns to green, but then - nothing happens - for hours - what am i doing wrong??

Hi. I'm new with blackberry and I tried to use the leaked OS 1925. I followed the instructions how to (bb link on my PC, autoloader, etc) but when I plug my Z10 (STL100-2) the autoloader doesn't detect my phone. Has anyone experienced this? If so, was it resolved and how? Thanks.

Hi Installing Leak at the moment on to my Z10. Under what you need, you should list "BlackBerry Link" with connection to the device. Took me 20mins to find out that I need BB Link for it to work, and another 20mins to connect my Z10 to Blackberry Link. Anyway thanks a lot for the post.

Well, it worked. I didn't know how much stuff I was going to have to re-install or re-initialize. Lost a recording of my chemistry class that I forgot to save. When it starts up, the device thinks you are new to BlackBerrry and takes you through tutorials. But after all that, I was able to download and install some Android Apps from 1Mobile and, as that was the point of it all, I am satisfied.

hello im trying to download this update on my bb z10 downloaded the autoloader it says connecting to bootron then it says resetting device then my phone will shut off then the phone comes back and the autoloader on my computer screen says resetting device then my phone will shut off again and it keeps doing the same process over and over does anyone out there know how to fix this problem thank you

It doesent work for me, I dont know why, I downloaded the autoloader, did the backup and the autoloader just keeps reebooting the device and not installing anything, any help please, I am running a q10 with 10.1.04

i must say that I've been using leaked versions before, and it seems it was much easier before (just omitting the carrier address was enough) nowadays it seems a bit more serious, but in south africa, in not so far past carriers were not really very dedicated to pushing proper and prompt versions. so, i left, gave up my Z10 and went to iPhone5! at the moment I'm thouroughly amazed with Passport, and innovation it brings, although Classic seems to be a lovely nostalgic cure for my wounds! definitely coming back to BB, and impressions of ,particularly, 10.3 brings back smile on my face, and can't wait for my upgrade.(might even try to get it on the side before the date! june only!) if Vodacom and especially MTN continue their previous tactics (neglecting and keeping us down with old outdated versions of OS) i will definitely learn again how to do it, and will surf on any , most advanced versions available, from anywhere in the world, again. after so much waiting for OS10, they actually pushed me aay from myBB! so, yes, i did it, and will do it again! still on iOS, not for long! Oh yes, i completely pushed you guys aside, as well, not forgetting all the turmoil in period before OS10, and all useful informations you guys provided!
coming home brother, coming home!

This OS has gotten more excited about my Q10. And the ease of upgrading through the loader is what I love most about the process.
I think I am going to start a crusade here in Nigeria.
BB is the bomb!