Video for Instagram announced - Still no sign of an official BlackBerry 10 app

By Adam Zeis on 20 Jun 2013 01:47 pm EDT

Today Facebook held an event at their HQ in Menlo Park to announce a new service. While we had high hopes that we just might see Instagram for BlackBerry 10, sadly there was no such luck today.

The announcement was to reveal a new feature for Instagram called, you guessed it, Video for Instagram. Instagram creator Kevin Systrom took the stage to show off the new feature that will incorporate with the existing Instagram app and allow users to record short videos a'la Vine.

While the obvious comparisons to Vine will be made, Video for Instagram adds more features that allow users to create 15 second clips complete with 13 different filters. You can also delete segments and choose your own custom video cover. Another addition is Cinema which will let users create cinema-quality videos from files already stored on their device. 

Kevin already fired up Video for Instagram by showing some BlackBerry love

As expected, the new version is only available for iOS and Android with no sign of BlackBerry 10. While it does have much more functionality than Vine, with their recent Android release a few weeks off, maybe Vine will make an appearance on BlackBerry 10 now?

What are your thoughts on Video for Instagram? Love it? Hate it? Still just want a damn app?? Sound off in the comments! If you're looking for the APK to sideload, you can grab it here just keep in mind video recording does not work on it.

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Video for Instagram announced - Still no sign of an official BlackBerry 10 app


Just get out there, Thor and crew and convince the Instagram guys to release on BB10. Do what you have to so this will happen.

Posted via CB10

Wouldn't it have been nice if BlackBerry scored an exclusive launch for a couple of weeks before it launched on iOS or Android?

Agreed. I just had 2 friends dump their new z10s because of apps... namely this one. I was coaching them through sideloading but they weren't having it and went to iPhone 5... sucks especially since they said the phone was definitely superior.

We need these apps to simply be in BBW

I'm done rehashing now :)

Posted via Verizon thru CB10 on .2009

You are absolutely correct. Sure it can be sideloaded, but folks want simple. Search for it in bb world and install. None of this install chrome addins, developer mode, ip address, .net updater, bar conversion stuff. I don't mind sideloading, but the average non tech person doesn't give a hoot. Keep moving, but keep it simple. Makes you wonder why none of the bb commercials on TV mention sideloading...I haven't seen any.

I'm actually contemplating going iphone for a year hopefully by then BB actually has Apps that i use daily with my friends like snapchat and instagram and vine. tired of having to carry my iTouch with me and using sideloaded apps. -.-


Tell that to teens who can't get that app who have BlackBerry's and want to switch out!

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Come on, this is just like saying "Ditch BBM for Yahoo Messenger"

Instagram has 160 million monthly users. That's HUGE.

I might not be a teen but I love Instagram. I guess the question will be when can I sideload the new version (Sigh)

+100, Instagram is my second mostly used app next to WhatsApp. I felt SO lost and left out pre-BB10 and finally having access to IG, I quickly realized what I've been missing!

It may be sufficient to most people but you have to realize that the absence of Instagram on BlackBerry 10 will make it that much harder to convince people to switch from iOS or Android because those platforms have had Instagram for close to two years already. As a result, they will want to see Instagram on the platform for one before they decide whether or not to give BlackBerry 10 a try.

I just helped switch an apple 5 user and a windows phone user to BlackBerry today after I gave them a full tutorial on why BlackBerry 10 is far superior by demonstrating my phone against theirs. Oh boy can't wait to see when they realise instagram isn't available for BlackBerry 10.

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Hope you guys get your app. Don't care for it personally.

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+1. But it be nice if BlackBerry can somehow get these top apps (instagram, netlfix and etc) that are missing bec there are ppl willing to switch but only if these apps are available

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why the hell do you post this if instagram isn't available (and I doubt that it will ever be) on BlackBerry. Irrelevant.

Irrelevant to you.
Relevant to some.
There was a facebook event. Some people may have thought "hey, maybe in addition to whatever else, Instagram might be announced for BB10!". But it wasn't. It's news for anyone who may have had their hopes up.

BlackBerry is keeping with the "Keep Moving" but moving us further backwards in the future by now having yet another app that doesn't have all the features of the competitors

Posted via CB10

it's never BlackBerry's fault. Heard about something called partnership or collaboration? Well google it then.

They promise the apps so we buy the phones but they don't and can't deliver unless they build them on their own like the horrible Facebook app we have on the Z10 that isn't moving forward

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Somebody asked the speaker about an app for Windows Phone,

One question is why does windows phone have a 3rd party Instagram app called Instance
that actually lets you upload,notifications, popular,feed and profile?
while all the BlackBerry 10 Instagram apps like Instago only offers uploads? in their bio it says they dont want to add upload functionality only to have instagram shut the app down but clearly that isnt the issue for Instance . I sideloaded the recent android app version 3.5
but if BB had a 3rd party app that lets you upload Id support and even pay for it

Secondly would I be able to sideload this new instagram version with video? perhaps even using that method from the forums where you have to have the old version on it too

Like all other big apps, it needs to come to make BlackBerry relevant.
How long until Kevin does another giveaway about the lack of instagram?

Because it's not available on the Google Play Store yet.

Just like BlackBerry World, the app takes time to propegate.

My bad, reading the thread I assumed Adam tried it on his BlackBerry but maybe I misunderstood. Hopefully it will be out soon on Google Play

This can't be done since with the new sideloading method the bar file works on ur device only! Therefore you have to take the latest apk file and tranform it to a bar file signed with your debug token and then sideload it.

There's a thread mentioning the process in details posted by xasha

Posted via Q10 from T-Mobile

Thanks !
I was a bit afraid by this method but if we don't have any other choice, I'll do it.
If I understand it of course ahah !

Seriously enough raising our hopes for nothing! It's not fun! It actually sucks seeing bb excluded from such events and apps.

Posted using Z10 via CB10 on the Fido network, Toronto.

I gave up on Instagram coming to BB10 a long time ago.

I've settled for the sideloaded app that requires me to write comments in another text box, then cut and paste them into Instagram's picture comment area. The sideloaded app is fine for browsing and Liking my friends' pictures though.

Instagram seems like it will be available for BB10 the day after Never, and Vine seems like it'll be available sometime after that.

Posted via CB10

I've settled for workarounds, but haven't given up on it coming. Hopefully now that they've released the new feature, they'll focus on bringing it to BB10

Thats wierd I can type right in the text box use space bar and no problems. I am on BB 10.09.422 VZW

It works fine after moving the cursor, just tap somewhere on the word you just typed. That works with me at least :p

I can comment just can't add characters or numbers, so the recording is not available on the apk file? I'll wait

Posted via CB10

I replied on another comment aswell, but:

"It works fine after moving the cursor, just tap somewhere on the word you just typed."

BBM could dominate instagram when it is released cross platform. I'm pretty sure everybody who makes apps is aware of the potential of BBM's eventual worldwide cross platform success. BBM can be a way better instagram, especially when new features are introduced allowing the app to have the same photo editing / filtering and video sharing particulars as it does on BlackBerry 10. People will be able to do much more on BBM than on instagram.

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 or my Z10, either way it's golden.

My thinking from day one of the BBM going cross-platform EXACTLY! You won't make it for us, we will do it ourselves! What person doesn't want their own Channel?

Typed via BB Z10. Can your touchscreen do this?

Unless BB does some EXTREMELY heavy advertisement on every single feature of BBM(which we know for sure they're not capable of) nobody on any other platform is going to assume BBM can do anything besides chat. So why would an iOS/Android user download an app they think has no other features???

Don't forget Instagram has about 80 million users, do you really think BBM is going to be able to eclipse that number?? No. I'm just being realistic. Cross platform BBM is about 3-4 years too late in my opinion to make any kind of a mobile impact. The only iOS/Android user who'll download BBM are the ones who have BB10 friends. Just a prediction of mines.

Speed of delivery, stop talking and get the job done already! There is not a days delay available to be wasted on either getting the apps everyone wants or replacing them with a better offering. Both options are extremely difficult for the small player, but not impossible, BB needs to find the magic that drives peoples interest and attention.

I maintain hope that they hit that critical target that will kick in their drive for market share gain, it feels they are waiting on something, perhaps sales rates that allow a much bigger spend on advertising, or being able to spend capital to get critical apps developed. Letz's face it there are a hand full of apps that control the fate of bbry (or any new comer, like it or not the other 250,000 or more really don't matter inthe big picture. BBRY should have and should have

It's been this long and there isn't an official app yet?? BlackBerry needs to start being a little more stern and realize that their customers expect certain things from them. If these things can't be provided people will leave. They left before and they will leave again. At least with Skype we saw effort, none has been made with instagram. Arguably one of the biggest apps of this mobile era. I love BlackBerry but they need to show they are willing to satisfy their customers no matter what.

Posted via CB10

hate feeling like a second class citizen sometime.

I don't use this app or Vine, but the young folks do. It's such a catch 22 ...the devs won't make for BB10 because of the youth numbers and the youth don't want BB10 because the apps aren't there.

Man what is Facebook / Instagram doing , get off your butts and make a BB10 app, or atleast a 3rd party app

I would try and get worked up over Instagram not being on BB 10 but I have even if it was, I am 99.99% sure I still wouldn't be able to get it... and still waiting....

Still no Instagram for BB10... Make a mark on this date, eventually they will come.

Hope for their sake, its not to late for them!!

Sick and tired of this App developers "Coming soon" BS!!

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Instagram will come band it won't make a damn difference, if you really really want it you can get it side loaded and works like a charm, has been for me for a few months already
While I can see the appeal for some people, I have it and it's meh, don't really see what the fuss is all about
And yes, I understand it's a top app and blah blah, better to have it then not, but to each his own

Posted via CB10

Tell that to a teen who has a BlackBerry Bold she want to ditch because she can't get apps all her friends have.

Posted via CB10 / Z10

I wonder if they can turn BBM into a place to post pictures and videos in the near future!!

Swiped from the Links amazing Z10

Once BBM and BBM Channels go cross platform, it's the only social app I'm going to use. If anyone wants to connect with me, install BBM. It's the only way. Go BlackBerry!

Breh. Them folks over in cali just have bb10 the cold shoulder like we ain't millions of people using BlackBerry. We kicking ourselves smh

Posted via CB10

Hope it comes over, i really do. But for now its about converting apk files and sideloading them on to my #BlackBerryZ10. It is what it is, but hopefully we will see it come soon. CrackBerry should send Instagram a shine new Z10 or Q10 as an incentive to make the app. Any way ill be crossing my fingers hoping the new apk works on my Z10.

Adam wrote "While we had high hopes that we just might see Instagram for BlackBerry 10, sadly there was no such luck today."
Did you really think they would hold an event at their HQ to announce an app for BB?

I hear Google has announced a press event next month, it will also be live streamed, maybe they're going to announce Google Maps for BB.

P.S. Do you think the Press etc. would be disappointed?

My teenager reflects that exactly, she like her BlackBerry Bold, but wants something else because of the lack apps her friends have and feels inferior or disconnected at times because of it.

mobile discrimination

Posted via CB10 / Z10

In Facebooks defence why would they want to develop for a platform that has a minute marketshare, I have friends who's BBM contacts went from 70 to 8 cause everyone is rightfully abandoning a sinking ship #justsaying

geez this will change , I know 10 iP5 users who switched and loving their Z10 and Q10 plus they miss BBM, I still have 30 contacts from about 80

BB10 has the potential to be amazing! Love the phone but the lack of apps is killing me and many others. A lot of people I have spoken to are already trying to sell the device or trade for an iPhone. I switched from an iphone back to blackberry and now I feel like I'm regretting it.

Posted via CB10

Don't care and don't use it, Facebook and instagram collects too much data for the wrong reasons... I'm surprised they haven't yet thought of every video posted is attached to an ad... now that would be fun...

Sent by Bbry Z10

I am using way less facebook, plus I have made money with Twitter and Linked In plus BBm Channels is going to be the best Social e-Commerce Brand Enterprise Messenger period

I think it sounds cool, I just want the darn app to be official for bb10. The side load will suffice for now.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

Maybe we should start an Occupy movement :) and every week just camp outside the big names headquarters with large signs requesting to Bring their app onto BB10!
That would be amazing if we pull it off!


Side loaded Instagram seems to work ok, not that I really use it or see what all the fuss is about Instagram.

Posted via CB10

C'Mon! BlackBerry needs some love too! They act like there's no market, meanwhile shipments are at 1 Million units a month.

Posted via CB10

Made my son switch from S3 to Z10, and 3 weeks after switch to i5... ask him why, told me sorry dad but I missed the apps !!

Posted via my White Z10

I think Instagram is a great app, and would be super sexy as a native BB10 one, with all the layered hubs and peeking and stuff. Still, my sideloaded Android one does the trick fine.

Speaking of which, does anyone have a .BAR of this newest build yet?

I prefer instagram than vine... but I will get the first one to come to BlackBerry 10 although i will probably get the sideload from android ... xD

Posted via CB10

I just want to the app to be on blackberry plan and simple, hopefully we get it :)

Posted via CB10

Don't see why it's so difficult for instagram to make a bb10 app. What could they possibly lose

Posted via CB10 with my Zed 10

Deleted my Facebook. I never cared enough about Instagram. I don't want to see a picture for every mundane thing you have on your mind.

Posted via CB10

I love Instagram and i'm glad I have the sideloaded app, but hearing about the new video update! BlackBerry just needs to release BlackBerry OS 10.2 already! ASAP no time to waste!

Posted via CB10

Before it arrives on BlackBerry a probability of having a new competitor ala instagram will emerge. And then they will decided to have it on BlackBerry because nobodies using fb and instagram anymore.

Typical lifespan of social networking 4-5 years.

Posted via CB10

People at different platform got so progressed new Apps, and we still haven't got Instagram on board yet! What a shame! I started to lose my patience with my Z10. EVERYONE GOT SMART PHONES, EXCEPT US "OS" we have third world phones! Hahaha its hundreds years behind! For BlackBerry to catch up with Apple app store... I think my grate grate son would experince it!

Posted via CB10

I thought I was going to get it but I went back to the Google play site and it requires device to be running Jelly Bean 4.1 or higher. I just got the apk and bar file and loaded to Z10 running Z10STL100-4/ and no video.

Posted via CB10

I love Instagram but I don't think I would use this video thing... but it's still dan bad that we aren't getting this.

I don't think we will see anything official from Facebook for a long time... they didn't even bother to develop a FB App for BB10.

Posted via CB10

At a certain point, the word "why?" comes to mind I dont get what it is about BB that these devs are so bias against. For those who think this is BlackBerry's doing, it not. BB has been out there since way before BB10's launch to get the top devs on board. They (the devs) continue to say they are "watching BB very closely and will act accordingly"... Z10 was received extremely well and the Q10 is moving even faster than BlackBerry originally predicted. So what exactly are they watching?... Cause what I see are two devices people outside of BlackBerry claimed were going to flop, doing even better than expected. Not to mention, the sales of BB10 or highly from other platforms (namely iOS and Android) and BlackBerry plans on launching even more products by years end. If this is not Devs singling out BB, than whats the other explanation?... Even Window's who's doing significantly worse than BB right now is getting more attention.

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1-The determining Factor is the U.S market, all the rest won't matter.
2-Most BlackBerry fans prefer the Q10 over the Z10 and the latter has been launched only 2 weeks in the U.S with the first carrier T-Mobile and less than that with Verizon. AT&T and Sprint yet to come. So I don't think there are high number of sales yet in the U.S to motivate developers
3-Google Android, Apple, and Microsoft (Windows Phone) are American companies, BlackBerry is Canadian so they will try their best to fight in from gaining traction in the U.S. Everywhere you see on ads and billboards the two download signs for Android and Apple :)

Most BlackBerry users are spending 90% of their time trying to get apps on their device through various ways or trying to resolve reboot or other issues. They are not finding the time to enjoy their phone , this is the main reason CrachBerry website is so famous. Imagine all apps worked directly on BB without issues and all were Native.....Us BlackBerry users will be lost...

I enjoy looking for ways to put apps on my phone. I am a very technically inclined person and an easy phone just wouldn't cut it for me. it's all in the thrill of the finding of ways. you need to not generalize people so much. I fall into none of your categories that you have lumped me into. enjoy your andont. I love my Z10!

Relevant because the public at large needs to know BB is back. Some of us would like the apps to go with this exciting new platform.

Sent from my sexy Z10 in Sin City ;-)

You guys need to get the instagram app soon. I don't get why you guys can't have the instagram app.

Posted via CB10

How is this even conceivable (that there is no Instagram for BB10) when no less than the great CrackBerry Kevin rested his reputation on it coming. I guess like most things BB you have to add the word "eventually" to your vocabulary.

I love my blackberry z10 but if they don't get with the program... ima have to switch back to what I know... Smh

Posted via CB10

To me Instagram and Vine are just trimmed down versions of Facebook. My BlackBerry Z10 has video editing tools built into it. So, Facebook plus BlackBerry 10 equals better Instagram or Vine anyways.

Posted via CB10

I think by now as us BlackBerry users we gotta get used to not getting certain apps that other platforms have for whatever reason other company's hating they don't want BlackBerry to succeed that's what side loading for yeah I know it shouldn't be that way but it is what is honestly I could care less bout it and most BlackBerry users prollly feel the same but when the A10 comes out hopefully by the end of the year it'll be easier for devs to put apps like this on BB10 with just copying and paste

Posted via CB10

I will sell my one cares anymore about us. fuck it! We cant even count on the staff including this website is so fake sometimes!

i understand you so much. Just go with an iPhone or andro and be happy, wish you luck bro, maybe will join you soon.

Personally I'm a bit sad that I can't have this. If I'd have known that Instagram was never likely to have come to BlackBerry, i might have got an Android. Especially now there is video Instagram. I REALLY hope BlackBerry update StoryMaker and make it possible to add more filters and effects.

Posted via CB10

I wished BB would just shamelessly copy and paste every single feature from every app right into BBM, especially before the cross platform app comes along. They only got one shot with that and it has to be as close to flawless as possible on day one of release.

I downloaded the instagram 4.0 .apk searching xda forums and then ran the apk2bar converter and sideloaded using the tutorial on "How to run almost any android 2.3.3"

App works perfectly on my Z-10, STL100-3. Side note: the old version of instagram I had previously sideloaded was still loaded on the device, after the new version installed I deleted it. Not sure if that makes a difference or not.

I wish Kevin would share why he thought that without a doubt Instagram would be on BB10. What was he told?

Posted via CB10

I love my Z10 and remain loyal because technically it is the best phone. I don't use a lot of apps but the ones I do want such as Instagram , vine , snap chat etc are not available. I don't want to side load apps, i want to go to the appworld and DL them like everything else. Its getting harder and harder to win the "better phone" argument with my friends when everything they are using isn't available for me on BB. I don't know who's "fault" it is and I don't really care....I just want a solution and I think it is total garbage that in this day and age we can't get whatever stinking app we want regardless of what phone we have.

This is unfair to all of us man. We're missing out on everything and because they haven't agreed to bring IG to BlackBerry we have to suffer. It's bad enough we have to side load everything. Let's get with it, Skype is here now what's the hold up with IG? What are they waiting for?

Posted via CB10

So for those who don't care for IG and believe it's only for teens then maybe you shouldn't post. I'm in my 30's and I use it often via side load. I didn't care for it at first but I'm heavy in the car scene and it's a great tool for networking and being able to get in contact with ppl all over who share the same interests. We need this app amongst others. I don't blame blackberry but I do think they took too long to make a comeback because all these developers have no faith whatsoever in BlackBerry. Well I have compared my z10 to all the rest and it's a dominant phone and in my opinion it's one of the best underrated phones.

Posted via CB10

Sick of having no apps. Sick of no one supporting us. Sick of being at the bottom of the food chain. Sick of blackberry. I gave you guys one last chance but I'm sorry, I must switch back to IOS or Android

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Respect and identify with your feeling. Everything is about APPS, that's the truth

Posted via CB10

Native app for Z10 would be great! But an android app which can be sideloaded is ok. With the working video feature is awesome! :)

Posted by @thelastkazekage via BlackBerry Z10

I still believe the releasing of our precious BBM could've been in exchange of some top apps we've be waiting for... let's give'em some more chance to see what's going on... keep moving!

Posted via CB10

I think is important for BlackBerry to have this kind of apps, but with our forum member Xsacha sideloading method, the "lack of apps" in BlackBerry it's over. Everything works and this will be re enforce with the Android runtime update. I get it, it's very important to have native apps because people is not only lazy, they don't have time or patience or tech knowledge to sideload apps and they prefer the easy way. But I know it won't pass a year from now for BlackBerry to get all the big apps in BlackBerry World just for the fact that the z10, q10 and q5 are going to consolidate the third position in the smartphone market share for BlackBerry this year, putting the company in the race again and making big apps brand to consider BlackBerry when releasing their mobile apps.
But for us, not developers, just dedicated BlackBerry fans, Xsacha 's sideloading method ended the lack of apps.
By the way, thanks Xsacha! Instagram working perfectly in my Z10!

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Instagram (IG) is at its peek level right now. More and more people posts their where about or latest update in there.

IG is definitely a good to have app for BlackBerry in this case. Though, not a must have.
As what BlackBerry already provide to us are what we all need to have. GETTING THINGS DONE!!

How about making the next post on any thing Instagram be about its availability on BB10? I think Instagram is great but I don't need it personally. BB does so by default I need it too.

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Well since no one here will ask BlackBerry employees the hard questions in interviews about apps, how about trying to interview some of these service owners about the major apps? It's obvious that BlackBerry won't provide you guys info, or you won't disclose it, and whatever they do say is completely suspect due to a long history of statements that don't pan out. My guess is we won't see any of these apps until 10.2 and Jelly Bean so we can get some lame port, but they will never say that officially I'm sure.

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I am sure blackberry is aware that they're are last in line. If app devs are not interested, it's because BlackBerry is the least popular among ios and android. BlackBerry OS isn't bad and we know that. But it isnt better to actually generate interest to app devs. So between BlackBerry and IG, it wont happen for now. Nobody puts a 30 second advertisment(IG) in a 2am timeslot(BB) where the population is asleep.

I own a z10 the minute it launches. I didnt buy the 'phone'. I bought the BRAND because i am a loyalist. I have a Samsung that takes care of the rest of the apps.

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Sooo much hostility towards BlackBerry I can't believe it. What happened to patience ? Skype is finally on bb10. Give it some time. People seem to forget that bb10 is a new platform. I think all these people that threaten to get iphones and androids because of one or two stupid apps missing are ignorant and don't clearly see that bb10 has far more superior capabilities than other OS. If ur not happy just trade in your BlackBerry and get ur stupid iphone and stop complaining and whining. If ur a true BlackBerry supporter you wouldn't threaten to jump ship with every little thing that u don't like.

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blackberry 10 is like your first love.. you hate it for what it is now and still hope it can be like it was before!!

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Still waiting patiently for a Native Instagram app. It's too bad Video just came out and it doesn't work on BB10. Hopefully someone will find a way for it to work.

i will say bb10 should do what they do best to bring instagram to bb10, in fact to convince them they should allow us the bb user to write or sign something that will make them know that we want them.

I have instagram on my Z10 its works perfectly well except that I can not delete pictures, now video is out, can't help but feel a tad discouraged. Since my torch I have been a blackberry man, now im having second thoughts I must admit, now bbm will be on other platforms, i may do the unthinkable and get a HTC, feeling low guys someone talk me out of it lol.

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I have a Lumia 920 and the 3rd party instagram app works great so I could care less if the official app comes or not. Hopefully bb10 at least gets a good 3rd party app.

BB10 Needs Instagram. It's one of the most used apps today. So, others who come from other platforms can make an easier transition. Who's holding it up....? Is it BB?

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