Instagram still not "officially" available on BlackBerry 10; here's our first car winner and we're giving away a second!

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 May 2013 09:33 am EDT

Apps, Apps, Apps! Going into BlackBerry Live last week, one of the things I think everybody in the CrackBerry community was hoping to see was the announcement of more BIG name apps coming onto the BlackBerry 10 platform. 

Leading up to the show and with the launch of OS 10.1, we now have Skype on BB10. For me, that's the most important of the big three apps -- Skype, Instagram, Netflix -- that the CrackBerry community has been clamoring about for months.

Netflix we've been talking about a lot here on the site this week. Following comments by their CEO that he hasn't yet used a BB10 device and he didn't think BB users were very entertainment focused, the community has been up in arms, going so far as to cancel their Netflix accounts in protest.

As for Instagram? While a new "unofficial" bar file conveniently leaked onto the internet during BlackBerry Live last week, on the keynote stage no update was given about Instagram. If the plan here is to initially bring over a version from Android that requires the Jellybean Android runtime update on BB10, this makes sense - that's still a little ways off. Either way though, the waiting for Instagram sucks. I'm glad the .bar file is out there and available for BB10 owners who really want to get their Instagram on, but I really, really, really want to see this app gap close and for Instagram to get onboard officially, and sooner than later!

The First Winner of a FREE "Car"

Back in February I posted that if Instagram wasn't here by April 1st, I'd give somebody a free car. Specifically, a radio controlled car. And more specifically, I'd make it fitting by picking out one with a 10 in the name. Enter the Team Associated RC10T4.2 or (SC10 if the winner prefers) radio controlled truck. Growing up I was huge into RC racing and original RC10T was my vehicle of choice. It's a fitting and awesome prize. And hell, I'm going to be envious of the winner on this one.

I should have announced the winner on this sooner (honestly, I kind of forgot about it being in NYC and all the #TM13 stuff happening and nobody reminded me!), but today we'll announce the winner of that first contest.

And the winner is....


Congrats! We'll be following up soon with the details of collecting your prize!

Another "Car" to be Won - Just leave a comment to this post!

While the waiting for "official" Instagram continues, we're going to give the community another chance to win another Team Associated "10" vehicle here. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment to this post. The deadline? Well, I'd say until Instagram gets here.... but in case that's going to take a long time still I don't want to drag out the waiting forever. Plus, you'll want to be racing your truck outside in the summer. So let's pick the winner on this one on the last day of June. We'll announce the winner the first week of July. Don't let me forget this time! Best of Luck

Get Instagram on your BlackBerry 10 Phone TODAY!

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Instagram still not "officially" available on BlackBerry 10; here's our first car winner and we're giving away a second!



What an awesome person you are sticking to your word! I'm going to download the latest bar file and actually give instagram a try.

Posted via CB10

Nice job of finally posting this Kevin. Better late than never I guess. Still, I hope that Instragram is coming rather soon than later. Even though I don't use it myself (and I never will) it's quite popular. And BlackBerry should be an equal to Android / iOS in terms of app offering. I'm sure that day will come too!

Turn upside down to read =)

˙ǝɯosǝʍɐ sɐʍ ʇı puɐ 31 sɐʍ ı uǝɥʍ ǝuo pɐɥ ı˙˙˙sɹɐɔ ǝsǝɥʇ ɟo ǝuo ʇǝb oʇ ǝʌoן pןnoʍ ı˙˙˙bɯo

I would be more than happy to take that lil car to the park. Now, what would be even more awesome would be a BB10/Playbook controlled car :D

Congrats to the winner. Hopefully I can be the next winner. Thanks again Crackberry.

Posted via CB10

I don't really care about Instagram but it would be nice to get it just to shut people up... also would be nice to have a cool RC car. My daughter ;-) would love it.

Posted via CB10

I downloaded, installed, registered and logged in. The only thing I'm unable to do is share photos from the gallery. I understand this isn't API and can not share. However, wanted to check if there is work around to upload photos from the gallery to instagram?

time to stock up on cars to give away i just got a feeling instragram isn't coming anytime this year.

I would love one of those cars. Even better would be one that can be controlled from a BB10 device ;)

Posted via CB10

Car looks awesome! I can't wait for Instagram to arrive on BB10, I've been using the .bar since it came out on my Z10 and I gotta say, I'm hooked! :)

I love insta gran!! I use it every day. The Instagram download works well on my phone. I'm hoping the native Instagram will come out soon but for now I'm glad because CrackBerry made it possible for me to get Insta gran. Thank you CrackBerry!!

Posted via CB10

Is this a slight by instagram? Why else would they not want to make an app, which i can't imagine is that much work, for a platform that would be used by millions?? that or they have some agreement with other companies.

OMG! I want to win this, it's really cool. I still think all the apps on BB10 must be native (specially the Q10), we want instagram :)

BlackBerry needs to get this on if they want to build a new ecosystem, I think 4 months has been long enough waiting for it considering it's rumoured that "BlackBerry and Facebook have a good relationship"...

Posted via CB10

i loved the bb when i had it and i use instagram a lot.. so the lack of the bb10 not having the actual app is what's holding me back on fully switching back to BB. id want the car too. :p

Like j said in the other post, this is my childhood dream radio controlled car! I've always wanted this thing and 10 years later, still haven't bought one. I always wanted the rc10gt, but this one is pretty similar. Please please please pick me crackberry!

Posted via CB10

It would be nice to see instagram be an official app but if push comes to shove I have no problem sidelodeing the app but having to do that for snap chat and other apps i want will get very annoying still cant wait to get my q10 for my birthday