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Instagram still not "officially" available on BlackBerry 10; here's our first car winner and we're giving away a second!

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 May 2013 09:33 am EDT

Apps, Apps, Apps! Going into BlackBerry Live last week, one of the things I think everybody in the CrackBerry community was hoping to see was the announcement of more BIG name apps coming onto the BlackBerry 10 platform. 

Leading up to the show and with the launch of OS 10.1, we now have Skype on BB10. For me, that's the most important of the big three apps -- Skype, Instagram, Netflix -- that the CrackBerry community has been clamoring about for months.

Netflix we've been talking about a lot here on the site this week. Following comments by their CEO that he hasn't yet used a BB10 device and he didn't think BB users were very entertainment focused, the community has been up in arms, going so far as to cancel their Netflix accounts in protest.

As for Instagram? While a new "unofficial" bar file conveniently leaked onto the internet during BlackBerry Live last week, on the keynote stage no update was given about Instagram. If the plan here is to initially bring over a version from Android that requires the Jellybean Android runtime update on BB10, this makes sense - that's still a little ways off. Either way though, the waiting for Instagram sucks. I'm glad the .bar file is out there and available for BB10 owners who really want to get their Instagram on, but I really, really, really want to see this app gap close and for Instagram to get onboard officially, and sooner than later!

The First Winner of a FREE "Car"

Back in February I posted that if Instagram wasn't here by April 1st, I'd give somebody a free car. Specifically, a radio controlled car. And more specifically, I'd make it fitting by picking out one with a 10 in the name. Enter the Team Associated RC10T4.2 or (SC10 if the winner prefers) radio controlled truck. Growing up I was huge into RC racing and original RC10T was my vehicle of choice. It's a fitting and awesome prize. And hell, I'm going to be envious of the winner on this one.

I should have announced the winner on this sooner (honestly, I kind of forgot about it being in NYC and all the #TM13 stuff happening and nobody reminded me!), but today we'll announce the winner of that first contest.

And the winner is....


Congrats! We'll be following up soon with the details of collecting your prize!

Another "Car" to be Won - Just leave a comment to this post!

While the waiting for "official" Instagram continues, we're going to give the community another chance to win another Team Associated "10" vehicle here. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment to this post. The deadline? Well, I'd say until Instagram gets here.... but in case that's going to take a long time still I don't want to drag out the waiting forever. Plus, you'll want to be racing your truck outside in the summer. So let's pick the winner on this one on the last day of June. We'll announce the winner the first week of July. Don't let me forget this time! Best of Luck

Get Instagram on your BlackBerry 10 Phone TODAY!



So happy to see this going on!

Good luck to everyone :)

Posted via CB10


Cool car!! Anyways I'm having fun with the sideloads for now!! Don't care about Netflix or instagram anymore

Posted via CB10


A native Instagram please

Posted via CB10


Congrats to bbicons. Hope I get picked next.

Posted via CB10


How about a XB 10 E 1/10(Scale)
Now that's 3 tens if you count the "X" and the scale... :)


I love all the contests on CrackBerry, even if I'm not the winner. Glad to see that the community is so engaged.

BBX - I Said It!


I'd rather see the app than the car just so that the list of repetitive rant topics is decreased by one.


I've never had an rc car

Posted via CB10


Dont use instagram but for every other BlackBerry addict it should be available seems like certain apps just don't care about the BlackBerry community as they are not made for us


Hahaha. Nice! RC's are a lot of fun tho.


This would be a huge help to blackberry to get the app, so many people want it...hope it comes soon

Posted via CB10


R/c car!

Posted via CB10


Hope I get picked

Posted via CB10

Brandon Glasser

Need an rc car

Posted via CB10


I want a car!

Posted via CB10


Nice car!

Posted via CB10


How's it going CB friends!!... i hope I win..


I'm a big instagram user would love a instagram App on my z10 & yes would like to see BBM go across all platforms....

Posted via CB10


A car.. that's interesting..

Posted via CB10


An official statement on the status of the development would be nice.


We need Instagram!

Posted via CB10

Doug Berry

Count me in..

Posted via CB10


I'll never use instagram but cars are cool :D

Posted via the Batcave


Here's hoping!

Posted via CB10


I want a cat! Lol

Posted via CB10


Me want da kar.

Posted via CB10


I need a new car

Posted via CB10


Instagram can go jump in the proverbial lake for all I care about their "service." However I am a gear head and geek kid at heart, so I will happily win a RC Car with big CrackBerry logos all over it at Kevin's expense.

Posted via CB10


Electric car is the futur! I'd love to put my hands on that electric remote controlled car :p


Hey I'll take it lol

Sent from the Amazing Z10


--Wow, now a car to win ??!!


Man If anyone is going to love this car it would be me! I have been playing with R/C cars since I was 4 and to this day I still have a collection of them. None of them are as large as this one though, they are all 1/43 scale and under


Needs to be a native app.

Posted via CB10


Sure home your random tool finds me. Of course I really hope you don't have to give another car away either!

M Ress

Car ¬_¬

Posted via CB10

Barry Simmons

Cannot wait to get a Q10 next month..then I can eventually get the official version of Instagram for BB 10 when it is released.


Thanks for the contest.

Posted via CB10


A new car! That's like saying I can win a "Toyota" then giving me a toy yoda.

Posted via CB10


New car!

Posted via CB10


Ummmm. What's instagram???? LoL

Posted via CB10


That "car" is hilarious.


Oh, I love those cars, tons of fun!

Posted via CB10


Sure why not, throw my name in too

Posted via CB10


Despite all the negatives Blackberry is still moving in the right direction. #Blackberry


Love these cars!

Posted via CB10


I'll take a car!

Posted via CB10

Young Z

Yay for RC!

Check out my "What Were They Thinking?" channel: C000BB092


What is the big deal with Instagram? I guess I am an Instagram noob


instagram is pointless just use native editing app if you need filters.

Posted via CB10

Filippo Vazzano

Rc cars r fun

Posted via CB10


It'd be a surprise to win after all that time, most likely forgetting about the contest entirely! Here's my entry

Samer SS

Wish instgram to be a native app for BlackBerry 10

Posted via CB10


Oooh, pick me please!

Posted via CB10


Instagram has to come to bb10 and I would love to win that radio controlled car for my son who has ADHD, and that would keep his mind occupied in a food way.

Posted via CB10


Congratulations to bbicons!
A weasel and a welcher Kevin is not (just a wee bit ADHD ;) )



I wish BlackBerry would make a public comment as to what they are doing to speed up this problem

Posted via CB10


I always thought I needed Instagram. Then I side loaded it, used it for a while, now never use it. I think I wanted it because we couldn't have it. Does that make sense? Same as Netflix. I had it on my Iphone but never used it.

Posted via CB10

BESm All

Just news some logo decals and BBRY decals and it's an official pace car. Me would like one pls.

Posted via CB10


Give me a car

Posted via CB10


How hard is it to make a Native Instagram port? I guess all the developers here could do it within 48 hours.

Stupid devs at instagram... must have given absurd man day estimates to their managers...

Posted via CB10


Pick me up

Posted via CB10


Shut up and give me the car

Posted via CB10


kind of weak, actually,,, when you said you'd give away a car, i bet you weren't thinkin' RC car,,, man up,,, next time you won't be so careless w/ your promises i bet...


seriously ................ pick me plz


How many cars will kevin have to give out till instagram ever comes out. lol


Bring instagram to BlackBerry 10. Instagram plus the hub would be magic.

Posted via CB10


Never used instagram but if it came out on bb10 might use it

Posted via CB10


I wish kev didnt had to give us something because the lack of respect to our beloved platform, i want to see all those cocky companies, crying for blackberry to let them develop once we own the mobile phone market again, and as blackberry and its whole army of followers tend to be, we will be the bigger man and kindly accpet their begs or we can be mobile phone dictators and buy their apps and let them die.....


a "10" car would be nice :)


I don't use Instagram, either, but it would be nice to have a native app for it on BB10. Go BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10


let's get cars controlled by BB10 ! i'll try it if i win :D


Instagram isn't important to me, but I'd love a new "car."

Posted via CB10


Woot for the car. Not for instagram not being available.

Posted via CB10


Me me

Posted via CB10


I have never used Instagram and never will but hope it comes to BlackBerry so others can have it. I just want to win the car, lol.

Posted via CB10


I'd like a toy for grown up boy!


I'll definitely need some Crackberry stickers to snazz it up with if I were to win!

Posted via CB10


Nice car, lol!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


hahaha! Can't wait for the "official" instagram

Would love me an RC car to help me with the wait :)


I want a car!

Posted via CB10


I'd rather have the car than Instagram.


Awesome car, pick me:)

Posted via CB10


While I know I'd get more use out of the car than I would Instagram, would be nice to have the app. But count me in to win a car to play with while I wait.

Malik Shakur Jamal

I've got a bike, you can ride it if you like.
It's got a basket, all that rings
And things to make it look good.
I'd give it to you if I could but I borrowed it.

Now I'd like a car!!

Posted via CB10


Hurrrrryyyy uuppppppppp


Car car car! I love free stuff!


Yes please

Posted via CB10

Jefferson Boucher

Car car? Color me car!

Posted via CB10


I guess instagram must be popular. I have no desire to use it though, I have enough social media accounts :p. Plus I can add filters with a number of apps, just don't see the point of it.

Posted via CB10 - Channel Pin C00016D81


Moi moi moi

Posted via CB10


Car please!!! That's all lol

Posted via CB10


I know a three year old that I could make very happy with such a car ^^ great contest!

Posted via CB10


Can't wait for instagram to come to BlackBerry 10 . Waiting patently.

Posted via CB10


Loved rc cars growing up ! Great idea Kev

Posted via CB10


Oohhh I want a car! real or not (but I prefer a real car!) =P


I used to have one of these back in the day!


I had a Team Associated RC10 when I was younger as well. I fondly remember working odd jobs and saving every dime I could muster to buy that car. Had a blast with it, until my mom sold it in a rummage sale for like 15 bucks lol.

Great contest idea, and thanks CrackBerry!

Typed on my Dev Alpha C, Posted Via CB10


I could really use Netflix during long road trips to pass the time. Another really good pass time will be an RC.


Let go! Poppa needs a new (lite) ride. Lol pick me

Posted via CB10


This is nice, hope we will have instagram soon enough. The side loaded one didn't work so well, and it didn't work under mobile network, sometimes work under wifi only.

Posted via CB10



Posted with BlackBerry Z10


I am using the ported Instagram and netflix can't wait for an official release.


Posted via CB10


Haha. Nice contest. Looks like fun.


Love to win that car

Posted via CB10


Me me! I had one as a kid and would love to have one to use with my kids!

Posted via CB10


I'll take the RC10T I had one as a kid and it was Awesome... better than any cheap tyco rc car!!!! Team Associated FTMFW!!!!!!

Posted via CB10 with my White Chocolate Z10


Instagram will soon become redundant after BBM goes cross platform....who will want to use it after they download BBM and try it?


Brooom, brooooooommm!


I love instagram to be here the soonest but the car just rocks! Lol

Posted via CB10


How can I get instagram on my z10? Please... thanks

Posted via CB10


I find the Skype version released on BB10 slow and buggy. Am I the only one??
I'm happy blackberry is taking the fight to to them. BBM video is going to take over on all plarforms.

Posted via CB10

Lily Huynh

Free car!!

Posted via CB10


Would like to see Instagram out sooner than later.

Posted via CB10


Well heck, whenever you mention RC car, I'm in!

Posted via CrackBerry 10


I'm ready to check out instagram for bb!

Posted via CB10


Another car would look nice in the garage!


Sure. I'll take a "car"

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10 on my awesome Zormtrooper


Thanks for all the fish!

Posted via CB10


Wow cool contest! :)

Posted via CB10

big bb

Can never go wrong with feeling like a kid every so often :)

Posted via CB10 on Z10


Well, I won't mind a rc car...

Posted via CB10


I have a friend who's husband is huge into RC racing. He's started to get me hooked on it too....this would give me something to use :)

Posted via CB10


I'd love a "CAR" lol :)

I actually thought is a new car :D

Bryan Pitt

Vroom Vroom. Lol

Posted via CB10


I LOVE R/C anything... but the good stuff is always so expensive... I'd love to win the car!!!

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Can't wait for Instagram to be released soon

Posted via CB10


A second car in the garage would be great. :)


We'd have lots of fun running that around the neighborhood! Thanks for the contest.


We need Netflix too! When are we planning to drown Netflix in mail, Kevin?


Instagram + BlackBerry = AWESOME


The leaked Instagram works quite well, but you do have to play around a bit to make the comments come through properly. If Instagram comes to BB10, it better be native. These android ports work a lot better, but still not as well as the native apps. Too slow. Anyhoo, I would love to win a car. Can I get it custom wrapped with CB graphics , though?


I can only hope Instagram creates an official BB10 app. This will only serve to grow both brands!

Cameron MacDonald

A contest! Everyone loves a contest!

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


I should stop coming to crackberry... Every time I come here, I feel the need to run out and buy a z10.

Houz Balbo

what a lovely car !!! i want it !!

Manminder Singh

Me love cars, me want

Posted via CB10


brand new car - weeee!


I want this car and I want instagram on BB10 !!! :)

Posted via CB10


Would be the perfect birthday present for me!! (2 July)

Posted via CB10


I want my car KEVIN!!!!

Eduard Galan

Instagram come out with a native app for all BlackBerry users......mulțumesc :)

Posted via CB10


Yes, yes! Instagram me!!! The BAR is OK, but a proper port or NATIVE would rock. (oh yeah, an RC car would be cool too)


My brother was just got back home when I opened cb app. When I read this, he showed me a remote control car he just bought XD it's scary that what I read on CB become reality lol.

Posted via CB10


That would be super sweet to play around with my boys!


Looks awesome to race!

Posted via CB10


A car would be killer


I am not waiting for any of the apps, but emphasize with those that are. I hope to see them before the car is won.
Of course the car will be good racing a round my back yard

Posted via CB10


I want the car

Posted via CB10


Would rather win a Q10, but beggars can't be choosers!


Kevin, a reminder, don't forget the car this time. LoL

Speedy McKrash

I agree with many of the previous posters. I'd find much more use with the RC car over Instagram. I hope I can win this contest!

Posted via CB10


I would like to have one

Posted via CB10


Well - as there's now a cool app for the Tesla which sort of makes it radio controlled and as long as you're giving away radio controlled cars - Yes please.


Sweet. I'd love one for the kids when they get old enough!! Thanks

Posted via CB10


I'm all up for a new car. Go Instagram! :-)

Posted via CB10


Wondering how instagram will look like on the Q10! but would look great on the Z10 for sure.. :\


I'd like one car, please. Thanks for the opportunity.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Thank goodness you put a deadline on the contest that isn't waiting for Instagram. Though, seems we'll get Instagram before Netflix (which I use sideloaded).


I would love a car. Lol feel like I'm 25 going 10.

Posted via CB10

Jake Storm

My 11 year old son would love an RC vehicle.


I really don't give a frell about Instagram, but I would *love* to get the "car"!


RC cars are fast but OS10 is faster;-)

Kah Carter

I will be winning the next car



Need a new car

Posted via CB10


sick car, possibly better than most drivable cars

Wayne Martin1

I need a new car

Posted via CB10


I want Instagram!

Posted via CB10

Alvin Tang

I love Instagram! It needs to come to BB10 ASAP!!


No Doubt all the way

Posted via CB10


Thanks Kevin, I'll take a RC car :)

Posted via CB10


Now, all I need is an app for the X10 to control the car I hope to win.

Good luck to all!

Posted via CB10


I just bought a car but could use another one even at 1/25th scale.

Posted via CB10


I wants a car! I needs it for my daily commute :P


new car + new Instagram application


I sure wouldn't mind winning that car for my son.

Posted via CB10


Love racing, love my new Q10, love CrackBerry!


Instagram is definitely something I can live without....

Posted via CB10


Cool, would love to win this!


LOL, I could do with a new car.


Awesome free car.. Enter me please.


Free is my favorite word.


Instagram come and I get a car, that would be a great day!


My son needs A new car to replace his broken RC truck!


Looks super fun! Hope I win...


RC Car? Why thank you for giving me my favourite childhood hobby back :)


A car!!!

Posted via CB10


Let me win that RC Car. thanks


A car with 10 in it? WANT!

Is it Z10 in it or Q10 or is it A10?


im using bb10 and im having trouble typing comments with special characters.

Posted via CB10


Hi! I'd like the car. Seems nice. I'm a kid. Big one, though.


I want a Porsche this time.

Matt Foley1

Having netflix would be cool but I could care less about instagram. Its a pretty useless app. Why people use it is beyond me. After adding their cheap looking filters to your photo, it usually ends up making the photo look worse and often times grainy. Is that really what people consider cool? Sounds like people are bored and easily amused. Instagram gives people false hope that the world wants to see their pointless, amateur "photography". the cold hard realiy is that nobody cares. Your photos look better WITHOUT using the same filter the rest of the world uses.

Matt Foley1

Netflix would be awesome to have on BB. But I need to be honest, I honestly don"t care about Instagram. I used it for a bit, even amassed some followers but then I started to realize how monotonous and pointless it is. Take a picture. Ruin it by adding some crappy filters. Show to world. Wow. Super Fun. The problem with Instagram is that it gives hope to all the amateur "photographers" of the world which in turn leads to an influx of mediocre pictures, most of them off- center, all of them pointless. I assure you, I do not wish to see a picture of your dinner. And no, food is NOT art. Instagram is just a massive waste of time. Hopefully it is a dying fad.

Matt Foley1

INStagram: making wannabe hipster photographers since 2011.


I do not know what some people are smoking. Expecting a real car over a prediction of the arrival of an impending app. Kevin is not in the position of Oprah at least not yet. Not like he is the app developer himself. I doubt even the Instagram developer would have made such a promise. I know it's tough to live in the real world, still the two world should not cross.


Skype, Instagram and Netflix the most important apps?! Wahaha no!

Skype is indeed important but Netflix is not very usefull imho. The most important app is Whatsapp


I think RC cars have cone a long way since I was a kid.

Posted via CB10


Nice. An rc car

Posted via CB10


Need a new, this one might do the job :D


Cool... the RC will get little Sophie from trying to play horsey with poor Toby.

He could really use a break Kevin.

10,000th word that came to mind on CB...