Instagram still not "officially" available on BlackBerry 10; here's our first car winner and we're giving away a second!

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 May 2013 09:33 am EDT

Apps, Apps, Apps! Going into BlackBerry Live last week, one of the things I think everybody in the CrackBerry community was hoping to see was the announcement of more BIG name apps coming onto the BlackBerry 10 platform. 

Leading up to the show and with the launch of OS 10.1, we now have Skype on BB10. For me, that's the most important of the big three apps -- Skype, Instagram, Netflix -- that the CrackBerry community has been clamoring about for months.

Netflix we've been talking about a lot here on the site this week. Following comments by their CEO that he hasn't yet used a BB10 device and he didn't think BB users were very entertainment focused, the community has been up in arms, going so far as to cancel their Netflix accounts in protest.

As for Instagram? While a new "unofficial" bar file conveniently leaked onto the internet during BlackBerry Live last week, on the keynote stage no update was given about Instagram. If the plan here is to initially bring over a version from Android that requires the Jellybean Android runtime update on BB10, this makes sense - that's still a little ways off. Either way though, the waiting for Instagram sucks. I'm glad the .bar file is out there and available for BB10 owners who really want to get their Instagram on, but I really, really, really want to see this app gap close and for Instagram to get onboard officially, and sooner than later!

The First Winner of a FREE "Car"

Back in February I posted that if Instagram wasn't here by April 1st, I'd give somebody a free car. Specifically, a radio controlled car. And more specifically, I'd make it fitting by picking out one with a 10 in the name. Enter the Team Associated RC10T4.2 or (SC10 if the winner prefers) radio controlled truck. Growing up I was huge into RC racing and original RC10T was my vehicle of choice. It's a fitting and awesome prize. And hell, I'm going to be envious of the winner on this one.

I should have announced the winner on this sooner (honestly, I kind of forgot about it being in NYC and all the #TM13 stuff happening and nobody reminded me!), but today we'll announce the winner of that first contest.

And the winner is....


Congrats! We'll be following up soon with the details of collecting your prize!

Another "Car" to be Won - Just leave a comment to this post!

While the waiting for "official" Instagram continues, we're going to give the community another chance to win another Team Associated "10" vehicle here. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment to this post. The deadline? Well, I'd say until Instagram gets here.... but in case that's going to take a long time still I don't want to drag out the waiting forever. Plus, you'll want to be racing your truck outside in the summer. So let's pick the winner on this one on the last day of June. We'll announce the winner the first week of July. Don't let me forget this time! Best of Luck

Get Instagram on your BlackBerry 10 Phone TODAY!

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Instagram still not "officially" available on BlackBerry 10; here's our first car winner and we're giving away a second!



That would be a blast from the past! Pick me! I promise not to drive it off my balcony like I did with my childhood RC car!

Wow I can't believe it was a remote control cat what a troll :P but still a car non the less, wouldn't mind one :)

Posted via CB10

Can this car be also controlled from my shiny Z10? I'm thinking like the Tesla... oh and if you run out of rc cars could we get a Tesla in for the next round? :)

Posted via CB10

I'm not on Instagram, but the Mrs. wanted it, so I loaded up the side load, and I still don't think she has bothered to register for an account. She is too interested in the native editing on BB 10.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry should provide an official update on the status of the app! Oh and I want the car!

Posted via CB10

What's wrong this can't that difficult for code. Z10 is perfect for this product. As for Netflix remember Hastings was the guy who almost killed his company by being out of touch. Guess he still is.

Posted via CB10

Vroom vroom, loving instagram already working just fine on my z10 especially with the new much improved .bar

Posted via CB10

@Kryngle Love the ONYX avatar. I would love to win so I can finally feel good about something. Hopefully by the end of the contest Sprint will have the Q10, although I want the Zed10. Monster Truck 10. Lets Go!!!

Oh man, I so want a free car. This post made me miss the car I used to play with all the time as a kid!

Posted via CB10

I was just thinking the other day how I'd love to get into RC cars I'll hold out until the end of June now.

Posted via CB10

I agree Skype seems to be the only critical applications out of those 3 needed. And that is just until BBM releases for all platform's

Most of my friends and people that I have on Facebook all use Instagram more than any other social media app. Sometimes I wanna say forget Instagram, because I find it to be a silly app that all you do is upload pictures. But none the less its a very powerful app because it's so popular. For any platform to compete in today's market, it needs Instagram, especially in my region. I know many people that left BlackBerry because they wanted Instagram on there phone. When I explain to some people that they can get Instagram on the new BlackBerry Z10 by side loading the android app, they look at me as If I had 3 heads, lol. We do need Instagram "Officially" on our phones, and to have a native app would be awesome. I don't understand why Facebook (our Facebook app was created by RIM) or Instagram would not make an official app for BlackBerry, it has to be some kind of political reason, or money issue between these big companies. Sometime I think it's just people hating on BlackBerry, or probably getting back at BlackBerry for not releasing BBM to the other platforms in the past. I'm just rambling but that's my 2 cents about Instagram. Bottom line, we need it and hopefully it will "Officially" arrive to BlackBerry 10 soon.

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I only got an Instagram account after the sideload became, so I am not a big user, but it would be nice to have an official app because then we won't have to hear about an app gap.

What I don't understand is this: If Facebook owes Instagram, and they worked with BlackBerry to integrate FB in BB10, why are they dragging their feet with Instagram?

Posted via CB10 ~ visit my portrait channel C0011B779

Haha this is sick giving us some compensation while we wait for instagram to come out.

Posted via CB10

Man, the RC10 brings me back as my brother had one growing up. I raced a Kyosho. Would love to get my hands on an RC10!

Would love a car I'm a big big BIGGGGG RC car fanatic and my birthday is on June 29th this would be a the best present ever.

Posted via CB10

I hate this constant wait for apps! Skype in my opinion sucks because of the Android runtime. It needs native apps, BlackBerry shouldn't be focusing on pushing BBM cross platform but rather working on apps!

Posted via CB10

Wow! The rc10gt is my childhood dream Rc nitro car that I never got to purchase. I have always wanted this Rc car lol. My heart kinda skipped a beat when I saw that the prize was similar to the rc10gt model. It's been about ten years now since I wanted it. Great job I love the idea of a nitro car giveaway. I guess I have a shot at winning a similar model now lol.

Posted via CB10

Awesome prize!
How about an RC replica of the Blackberry 10 Van's buzzing around or a replica Dodge Interceptor Cruiser you got busted with back in 2011? :)

Only use instagram to look at pictures posted by females whose fathers never hugged them enough.

Posted via CB10

Well, I'm in!

Instagram definitely will not be officially available on BB 10 by the end of June so you've still got a few more cars to give away yet Kevin!

My GUESS is that we will see instagram officially in the fall when the Android runtime is updated to support 4.2.2. Once that is the case there is no excuse even with limited resources. Just develop one app - test on BlackBerry - release in Google Play store and BlackBerry world. Since imstagram is still only 20 people even post Facebook acquisition, they may not have the resources to do a full fledged native version, but once the Android runtime is updated, we should see at least a few of the holdouts dip their toes in the BlackBerry pool.

Love it to win a car :-) Instagram and all other company's need to realize BlackBerry is back!

Posted via CB10

I really hope that instagram arrives before July as my iOS friends give it ad the reason they won't switch camps

Posted via CB10

I'll take an RC. Don't use Instagram, but I want to see a native version come so people stop making ignorant comments about the platform.

Posted via CB10

I used to race these things and it was pure obsession and joy. I'd love to win this and relive some of that fun.

Posted via talented thumbs

I don't even know what this instagram does, but I would like to have a new car. I loved them as a kid and I been wanting to get one for a while.

This apps gap waiting game is tiring but we're not quitting. Instagram or No Instagram, I am proud to be part of this community. We are a bunch of passionate, optimistic and united Black(Berry) sheep. Our patience is being tested for a while now but we keep moving.

To all the devs who believe in the BlackBerry brand, thank you. Now let's make a groundbreaking app exclusive to BB. It'll be awesome!

Love RC cars, would love to get this and another one and make a dirt track with my son.

As for instagram, I have it side loaded and it works great except for the fact that I can't leave a comment without it turning into gobbledygoop, anyone else have that problem?

Posted via CB10

I can't wait for the Instagram app! By the time it comes, I'll be crying for Vine.

Posted with a flick of my thumb via CB10

That's an awesome prize! The RC10 is a sweet truck.

Well here is my entry for the next car! If I win, my fingers are crossed that it's an rc truck as well ;)

Posted via CB10

Been looking to get back into RC'ing for some time, this just might give me the push to do it :)

Posted via CB10

Kevin, you're awesome. I too (still) love R/C cars.. Especially the nitro-powered HPI cars (RS4 3 Evo+) and trucks (Savage X). I'm recently going o.g. by trying to fix up an old Tamiya Monster Beetle and a Tamiya Lunchbox. Good times!

I haven't tried to side load anything yet,but want to try Instagram.
I shoot motocross, and a lot industry people use it, I feel we are getting left behind I love my Z10.
Patience is wearing out, I need this app not want it.
By the way I have a traxxas 2wd with proline kit love the RC stuff, shoot that as well.

Posted via CB10

Slowly but surely the apps are coming! My talk with a Netflix rep ensured me via their R&D team that there is a BB10 app in the making. Let's hope Instagram comes quickly! Oh and I would love an RC! I haven't owned a nice one like these! Always wanted one though!

Nice car
Don't care for instagram, and while I'd rarely use Netflix on my phone it would be awesome for my PlayBook if we ever see a bb10 drop for it
Really want bb10 for pb, sadly my pb sees little action in its current state :(

Posted via CB10

Wow, cool prize! I had Team Associated RC's when I was a kid and they're awesome! Pick me, pick me!

Z10 Baby!

My daughter wants an iPhone because all her friends have them and instagram...sigh. I'm waiting for it on BlackBerry Z10 so that will be her new weapon upgrade from the bold.

Posted via CB10 / Z10

Instacar, I mean instagram would be awesome if/when a native app gets released.

BlackBerry Z10 and 32gb PlayBook

Ho what a nice toy.
I want one to play with in the garden.
Did I say toy?... I meant TOOL of course :)

Posted via CB10

i have side loaded Instagram and find it lacking. so you can keep it i dont want it. Just give me the car PLEASE

I think the side loaded version gets the job done, but I always prefer native, so I'll go in for the car, why not!

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