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Instagram still not "officially" available on BlackBerry 10; here's our first car winner and we're giving away a second!

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 May 2013 09:33 am EDT

Apps, Apps, Apps! Going into BlackBerry Live last week, one of the things I think everybody in the CrackBerry community was hoping to see was the announcement of more BIG name apps coming onto the BlackBerry 10 platform. 

Leading up to the show and with the launch of OS 10.1, we now have Skype on BB10. For me, that's the most important of the big three apps -- Skype, Instagram, Netflix -- that the CrackBerry community has been clamoring about for months.

Netflix we've been talking about a lot here on the site this week. Following comments by their CEO that he hasn't yet used a BB10 device and he didn't think BB users were very entertainment focused, the community has been up in arms, going so far as to cancel their Netflix accounts in protest.

As for Instagram? While a new "unofficial" bar file conveniently leaked onto the internet during BlackBerry Live last week, on the keynote stage no update was given about Instagram. If the plan here is to initially bring over a version from Android that requires the Jellybean Android runtime update on BB10, this makes sense - that's still a little ways off. Either way though, the waiting for Instagram sucks. I'm glad the .bar file is out there and available for BB10 owners who really want to get their Instagram on, but I really, really, really want to see this app gap close and for Instagram to get onboard officially, and sooner than later!

The First Winner of a FREE "Car"

Back in February I posted that if Instagram wasn't here by April 1st, I'd give somebody a free car. Specifically, a radio controlled car. And more specifically, I'd make it fitting by picking out one with a 10 in the name. Enter the Team Associated RC10T4.2 or (SC10 if the winner prefers) radio controlled truck. Growing up I was huge into RC racing and original RC10T was my vehicle of choice. It's a fitting and awesome prize. And hell, I'm going to be envious of the winner on this one.

I should have announced the winner on this sooner (honestly, I kind of forgot about it being in NYC and all the #TM13 stuff happening and nobody reminded me!), but today we'll announce the winner of that first contest.

And the winner is....


Congrats! We'll be following up soon with the details of collecting your prize!

Another "Car" to be Won - Just leave a comment to this post!

While the waiting for "official" Instagram continues, we're going to give the community another chance to win another Team Associated "10" vehicle here. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment to this post. The deadline? Well, I'd say until Instagram gets here.... but in case that's going to take a long time still I don't want to drag out the waiting forever. Plus, you'll want to be racing your truck outside in the summer. So let's pick the winner on this one on the last day of June. We'll announce the winner the first week of July. Don't let me forget this time! Best of Luck

Get Instagram on your BlackBerry 10 Phone TODAY!



Haha :) Love the car.
If Instagram does come to BlackBerry 10, it needs to be native. There's too much interaction involved with this app for it to be a choppy port.


I am not a huge Instagram user but the latest version that was ported is good enough.
I just hope an official one lands in BlackBerry World so they know how popular it is on BB10 to warrant spending time to create a native version.

Posted via CB10


Never used instagram but maybe I'd check it out if it was in bb10

Posted via CB10


Hey Kev. Do you know if they will release a Native version of Skype for BB10?

HooliGanG ™ 10


Once BBM goes cross-platform and we can video chat with anyone, skype will be of no importance. :-)


That's not exactly true because it only works if the other person has a mobile device -- meaning that BlackBerry should develop and release BBM for the desktop experience too!


If BlackBerry Link is any indication of the software development skills of Team BlackBerry there is no point developing BBM for the desktop; maybe a web browser HTML 5 client would be easier.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Plazmic Flame

They should make BBM available on tablets as well....


I have to disagree. Yes, it will be great to have BBM go cross platform but it will do nothing to assist in making free or cheap international calls to PC's or landlines.
Skype is not just about mobile to mobile chats and/or video calls. I occasionally use it to make cheap international phone calls at prices that no mobile carrier can currently compete against.


>>>Once BBM goes cross-platform and we can video chat with anyone, skype will be of no importance. :-)

Only after they make a desktop client and introduce calls to phones. For me, that's the main purpose I use Skype for.


Um, ok, sorry, but why exactly are we talking about skype's desktop client? I thought we were talking about the skype app for BB?? I never said skype as a company will be of no importance, I'm talking about skype as an app on your BB. I thought we were on a site about BB smartphones???

Edit: oh, unless you guys are talking about using skype to talk between your phone and someone on a desktop? I don't use skype so didn't know that is a feature if it is. In that case, then hopefully BBM will come out with a desktop version as well... It's only logical if that's the case.


Yes it will... For all of us who use Skype while on-the-go, to keep in touch with our business partners around the globe. They don't all rely on a mobile device - they are desktop users, - and some even use special Skype phones... Group meetings is a big thing... not solved by BBM voice...

so BBM or not - we need to keep Skype for now...


Good point however until BBM comes to desktop computers as well, Skype will still have a bit of significance even if it BBM goes cross platform on mobile.


Yay! New car

Posted via CB10


Yeah new car!! Still waiting for instagram and skype to be native

Posted via CB10



Sent from my WhiteBerry Z10


Nice, pick me! pick me! :-)


I need a new car!

Posted via CB10


I'd rather have native instagram than a car but I'd rather have a car than nothing ;)

Posted via CB10

Nick Spagnolo

Could use a new car. Can my Z10 be used as a controller? I've still got my Tyco RC from the 1980's. Lol

Posted via CB10


Man, I had the original RC10 back in the day. Would love to win this as the old RC10 stopped running a long time ago.

As for Instagram, meh. :)

Posted via CB10•••Keep Moving.


Nice. I want one of those


They see me Rollin, they hate'n...

@rstevenw posted this on a Z10 via CB10


I need a pick up truck for work!

Posted via CB10


Hehe. I'm saving for a real car... a Tesla Model S... ;)

Posted via CB10


Car please. Thanks.

Posted via CB10


Well, I know many will be happy when, and if this app finally arrives.

Posted via CB10


A NEW CAR!!! Come on down!

Posted via CB10


Skype works well, but native would be cool.

Posted via CB10


I so want an rc car! Kevin is awesome!

Posted via CB10


This would make a great birthday gift pick me!

Posted via CB10


My Godson would LOVE this! Bring it.


I've been using the side loaded instagram but it still has some bugs. I'm a grown up kid, I'd love an rc truck

Posted via CB10


And the new car goes to..... ( me) or not

Posted via CB10


Dude! I'm in for this!

Now this is Mobile Computing at it's finest! Z10



Posted via CB10


LOL. Thanks CB. Hope I win a car.


Could use some new wheels for sure :-)


Sure a remote control car would probably be pretty fun!

Posted via CB10


I'm a Team Losi guy but I'd race that truck. Ship it!

Posted via CB10


Count me in on this one. What would be fun is to have a race between the two winners...virtual or in person!


Side load instagram is working u don't mind if it's official or not

Posted via CB10


I would much rather have the RC car/truck than Instagram. Instagram is garbage. A working Netflix? THAT I would take.

Posted via CB10


Love these guys, keep it going crackberry crew.

Posted via CB10


Woohoo! I mean for car news. For non native instagram news, boo.

Posted via CB10

John Pawling

I need a new car. Oh wait....this is smaller than my last car... ;-)

Posted via CB10 v1.4.2 on my Zed10 on Rogers


I would very much like to have a 10 car to go with my Z10 :)

Posted via CB10


Let's get to the childhood again.

Posted via CB10


I would rather have an official Instagram app but the .bar is working out just fine. Thanks for holding true to your promise Kevin, hope I win the second one!

Posted via CB10


I never win contests so here's a comment proving my terrible bad luck. Cheers!

Posted via CB10

dan d

Wow cool way to get a lucky person addicted to a awesome hobby ,i Race Team Durango 4x4 sct and Mugen mbx6 eco, its so much fun


Yo quiero taco bell

Posted via CB10


Hopefully I can win the next one :)


The next will be from a team with 10.1 or 10.2 in it?

Posted via CB10


Would love to tell my son i got a race car for us to drive. :)


Sweet ride. I'd love to win the 2nd and reminisce about my RC-youth with my own son. (Tamayia Frog was mine)


The apps take a long time and the popular apps never see it in the black beery world

Posted via CB10


Seeing that video of the tesla it would be sweet to give away that one ;)


Why aren't all apps cross platform ?...


Awesome you guys really do hook your readers up.



Posted via my sexy Z10.


Oooo remote controlled car!!!! The gadget lover inside me just got very happy at that idea!!!!!

Posted via CB10


this is instadrama :-D


I suspect that as time passes and BBM goes cross platform, and BBM Channels picks up traction, it will become a nice alternative to Instagram. Notice I didn't say supersede or replace Instagram? So if BlackBerry is paying attention to the beta surveys, features like comments notification are critical to Channels being adopted for social use. Since summer is the target time line, we early adopters of Channels will be watching for the maturation of the platform features!
~ Forrest C0009B4EC

Posted via CB10


I'm up for a "10" vehicle.


Any word on the next z10 OS rollout fro

Posted via CB10

Detective M Downs

I have a better chance at winning the Powerball... But, pick me.


Cool. My son will love that!

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Sweetness! Those things are fun!


I'll be 100% honest, the car would get more use that Netflix does on my Z10. I have the unofficial port loaded and other than show people that it is possible I never fire it up for myself. Which is kinda strange as I use Netflix at home as our primary TV source. Maybe I just prefer to unwind on the couch and watch a 55" screen. Maybe if I commuted on public transit more?

Anyways, the RC car would be a hoot.



Posted via CB10


Awesome! Here's hoping! Thanks Kevin.

Posted from my Z10 via CB10


Look at Kevin weaseling out of his wager! Com on, Man, you know what you meant by "car". A man is only as good as his word.

Noun. welcher - someone who swindles you by not repaying a debt or wager

Kevin Michaluk

@xandermac - *Sigh*  My word is gold. As is my legalize. 

Now let's revisit that promise I made back on October 12th that if Instagram doesn't come to BlackBerry 10 that I would buy somebody a car. I'll be honest. The lawyer in me was pretty careful about the wording of that article. I didn't say when Instagram would come to BlackBerry 10 -- just that it would come -- and I never stipulated what kind of car I would buy. So based on all that, I'm in the clear on that contest. "

Think what you want, but weasel and welcher I am not. :p


Kev, I can get you a Plymouth Neon with 220k miles on it for the price of the RC and you can give it to xandermac and fulfill your "word". Wait, at that point he might say that you really meant a car that has only been test driven. Nevermind :)


You are absolutely right, you are in the clear, you just didn't honor your implied/inferred intent.

"As for my confidence level on this one... let's just say if I'm wrong... how about I'll buy somebody a car. Leave a comment to this post telling the good folks at Instagram how much you're looking forward to a BlackBerry 10 version of thir photo-sharing social service. And if you don't see Instagram for BlackBerry 10 hit, I'll pick the name of one of the lucky commenters and buy them a car."

Perhaps next time you shouldn't make implied promises. However, Letter vs Spirit I suppose. Rules Lawyering.


maybe not a weasel,,, that's a tad harsh,,, just a spinster,,, you know how you meant it,,, we did/do, too,,, you shoulda paid more for the tap dance lessons...


I'm still not sure what all the Instagram fuss is, seeing how I haven't used it yet. But if everyone wants it, then I'm all for it. I'll probably hop on that app when I upgrade to the Q10


Sounds like fun. I hope Instagram realizes the value of the BlackBerry market and jumps aboard.

~Z10 Baby~


Enjoying my first Instagram experience thanks to the port. Would love the car too!


I could give this to my unborn child 3 years from now!!!

Posted via CB10

Alooi Divona

I'm 18 and it's official age in my country to get a car licence, all I need is a car now!!
Hope it win that car :D

Posted via CB10


Vamos Instagram!, llega a blackberry 10


I thought when you said "car" it would be a Tesla. An RC one is okay though. Thanks Kevin.

Posted via CB10


Woot pls

Posted via CB10


Me Me Me Me.... would love to win that car
... show some luv Kevin @ pick me

Posted via CB10


Either Instagram isn't coming or its going to be native. I don't believe it would take the people at instagram this long to port an app. I really hope it is native, built with cascades.

Posted via CB10


You wouldn't think so, but it took them a while to do the Android version. I wonder if has something to do with how the service was architected... I think the lack of functionality on the web site says something, especially since many mobile apps are just native wrappers for web sites/services. Perhaps Instagram has most of its engineers tied up on improving the back end, leaving few people to work on client-side apps.


Oh. . .Me. . .pick me!! oh. . .Instagram would be nice as well. . .



Posted via CB10


Haha thanks Kev....ill take free in red woot woot


Bbm and instagram are totally different concepts

Posted via CB10


I would love a RC10...
It would make a great replacement to my old RC10GT...


I need a new ride

Posted via CB10


I'll take the car. Thanks Kevin. :)


Cool! Another chance to win a "car"! Heh heh!
Good luck everyone! :)

Posted via CB10


Yes. I'd like a new car. Thanks.

Posted via CB10


Funny. :3

Posted via CB10


Patience is. A virtue, i'm not really virtuous so maybe having a car to play with will pass the time :)


Doo be doo be doo

Posted via CB10

max gravel

Go instagram

Posted via CB10


A car. OK, that works.


Need that car, my Tercel about to die!


The kid in me would sure love a radio controlled car. :-)

Posted via CB10


I'll take the car thanx...

Posted via CB10


I'm a huge RC fan and BB Fan to combine these two loves into one PERFECT :) Please pick me for this wicked contest :) My youtube channel has tons of videos of Traxxas vehicles all recorded from the Playbook :D check it out if you like:


Congrats to bbicons! Awesome RC car by the way.


Yay, I won nothing so far. I want something rc-ish now ;)

Daniel Montanaro

Pick me por favor.

Posted via CB10


Woot Woot! Love toys. Sign me up

Posted via CB10


Make sure the next one can be controlled with a BB10 app. And make sure I win...thanks.

Posted via CB10


Finally the announcement! Don't forget my name when you announce the winner of the second car ;)


We need Instagram, and I need a new car!

Gregory Ryan

I'd love a .bar file for instagram that doesn't suck on the Q10. I'd also love a car, rc as it may be.

Posted via CB10


I need a new car!!!! I hope I win

Posted via CB10


Sweet, I want the next car.


Time for a Twitter bomb to get Instagram on board! I think there may need to more of them to help the big name app makers realize there are lots of BB10 users out in the world.


Sweet ride. Ill take her for a spin


I'd love to try an RC car out again.

Even if I secretly couldn't give a bears acorn about Instagram. :)


I'm use but the official version has to be native and Skype.

I love car's thanks crackberry.

Posted via CB10


Rats .. didn't win this time around. Here's to winning the 2nd round!


This would be fun to play with for the Summer


Just another post to try and win a comp


Would be fun, but I would rather Instagram come to BB10, not for myself personally but for those who consider a show stopper for BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


Thanks, just don't forget to pimp my ride

Posted via CB10


I could use a new set of wheels!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo


Second time lucky, maybe?


Disappointed that Instagram isn't officially available on BlackBerry yet, but more so disappointed because I didn't win the car!

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10 via the CB10 app.


Lol I want a rc car!!!!!!! It would be funny if I win the car but haven't won a phone -___-

Z10? Why yes it is.


Always will accept a new car!!

Posted via CB10


Great job Kevin.
You are a man of your word. Sorry for the clowns in the forums harassing you.



Posted via CB10

Jimberry Storm

Give me 10 Royal Coloa's please!



Posted via CB10


I don't care about instagram

CB10 App, Z10


sorry hit pos by mistake
The last post should have gone on to say
but I do like RC Cars

CB10 App, Z10


Lack of these apps suck. I wish someone would get off the pot and fix this.


I never really cared about Instagram, but I miss my RC Cars. The thing is, now that I'm playing with my Z10 and the photo editing. I'd love a one-step Share to Instagram option. While I'd love and RC car, I'd rather not have the opportunity because Instragram got "official" with a release, showing some Blackberry love.


The Netflix bar works pretty decently as well but I wish they were widely available for everyone to get to. This is too bad.


Wooohooo! NEW CAR! I need a new car...preferably one I can sit in but I'll take this.


I love RC cars. This will be so bad for my nostalgia. But i still want to win this one.

Posted via CB10


Like the car. Been waiting for Insta since c got my Z 10. C'mon bring it!

The Me

I want to win. I love winning so much!

Posted via CB10


I expect to win this time...

Posted via CB10


A car would be fun to play with my boy, so he doesn't steal my z10. :)

Posted via CB10


I want a car and instagram too! Go team BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


Amazing =] I needed a chuckle! Congrats to bbicons =]


You can keep instagram, I want the car! It's only a matter of time until fb ruins instagram anyways, so at least they can't ruin the car.


Come on instagram

Posted via CB10


Kevin I need some wheels.


You're a class act Kevin! Keep up the great work!

Posted via CB10


Woot. I want an rc car

Posted via CB10


An RC car would be sweet! Pick me!!

Posted via CB10


I used to have a remote control monster truck when I was younger, would love to have a new car to play with!


I like cars

Posted via CB10


I'd love to bring out my inner childhood with one of these things. Plus, if Instagram ever does get released, I'll take a pic of it with it!

Rodney Wilder

I really don't understand the obsession over instagram. I think we should just go back to only letting hipsters use it :-P


I would love one of those cars. They kook awesome

Posted via CB10


Count me in on the contest please!

Posted via CB10


Man if I had one of those I would rip it up and down my street all day! Neighbours kids would be crazy jealous :)


Would love teh chance to win the RC car


RC car? Why not, eh?

Posted via CB10 from my Z(ed)10


I love the Z10, my son will love the car!

Posted via CB10


Amazing car

Posted via CB10


I don't use instagram so it doesn't bother me but I'd love to win the car anyway

Posted via CB10


I don't really care about instagram but would love to get the car! Even when it comes out I am sure Verizon won't get it till a few months later

Posted via CB10


Oh man I would love that car. Wait my kids would love it lol

Posted via CB10


I'm in! RC stuff kicks ass!


Cool beans!

Posted from my AT&T BlackBerry Z10


Instagram isn't coming but sure


I could use a new "car" ;)

Posted via CB10


Always wanted one of these!

Posted via CB10


Awesome!!! Perfect for my collection!!!


Instacar Instantly Here With Instagram

Posted via CB10


Pick me......

Posted via CB10

Marco Bairos

Congrats, maybe it's my time next


Pick me pick me i wanna won and be driving this summer

Posted via CB10


My turn

Posted via CB10


Oh man. I was a RC fanatic when I was younger. Nostalgia....

Harrison Cole

I think getting working .BAR files of apps such as Netflix is the most important. If you really want Instagram you have probably sideloaded it by now. The Car looks pretty cool

Posted via CB10


Summer is a lovely time to "Cruise".

Me & my Z10 baby!


Gimme gimme gimme!

Posted via CB10

Z Mohammad

Not first but still, Two hundredth and sixth! Pick me!


I think cars are better than Instagram anyway.


Woah That’s Nice for the kids

Posted via CB10


I side loaded Instagram and it works awesome. The only feature to not work is the maps feature. Anyway I think a ported app would work perfectly fine.... for now at least.


The sideloaded Instagram wouldn't be bad if comments to posts worked right. I can handle the lag but typing is brutal.


4get the car where's offical instagram

Posted via CB10


I also like the RC10!

Posted via CB10


how about a crackberry car?


Nice car :)

Posted via CB10


Waiting for instagram is a drag, but the car would help pass the time

Posted via CB10


Would love a legit RC car. Thanks for hooking it up.

Posted via Crackberry 10


I could use a car and a z10 app to control it.

Posted via CB10


Haha - great car choice!


My kids would love the RC vehicle. Maybe that will help pass the time until I'm ready for an upgrade and can actually put a Z10 in my hands.


luv instagram

Posted via CB10


Still wanting native Instagram for Blackberry 10! :)


Cat please

Posted via CB10


Car please hahaha

Posted via CB10


Wish it was the full Instagram announcement but this is the next best thing

Posted via CB10


Lol. We love you Kevin. :)


Hook me up with a ride


So, by your statements I understand that Instagram is aiming to release by the end of June and by July I should have an awesome remote control car to play with. Thanks Kevin, and very stealthy post but I read you loud and clear ;-)


My wife needs a new car she'll love me long time

Posted via CB10


nice can I have a car like that too

Francois Marcoux

I'm here, still waiting on the official instagram, but the side load works well...

Posted via CB10