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Instagram still not "officially" available on BlackBerry 10; here's our first car winner and we're giving away a second!

Instagram still coming to BlackBerry 10 (but I'm going to give somebody a car anyway)

Instagram still coming to BlackBerry 10
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Feb 2013 12:19 pm EST

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a Team Associated RC10T Radio Controlled Truck!

I'm still getting tweets and emails about whether or not Instagram is coming to BlackBerry 10 following this week's launch event, so here's a little post to update CrackBerry Nation on where things are at (though I did make mention of it already in our BlackBerry Z10 Review).

While no formal announcement was made this week about Instagram coming to BlackBerry, we did get word that BlackBerry is engaged in the process with Instagram right now and that Instagram will definitely be coming to BlackBerry 10. No date yet, but it will be there. Let's hope sooner than later of course.

Now let's revisit that promise I made back on October 12th that if Instagram doesn't come to BlackBerry 10 that I would buy somebody a car. I'll be honest. The lawyer in me was pretty careful about the wording of that article. I didn't say when Instagram would come to BlackBerry 10 -- just that it would come -- and I never stipulated what kind of car I would buy. So based on all that, I'm in the clear on that contest. 

THAT SAID... this is CrackBerry and I love to give away stuff to our readers, so I'm going to hook a lucky reader up with a "car" that actually has a lot of meaning to me.

The vehicle? A Team Associated RC10T4.1. Back in my pre-driver's license days, I was a teenager hardcore into radio controlled cars. Seriously, I'd make my dad drive me around the country to take me to events so I could race. The truck I raced? The original Team Associated RC10T (in the photo above, bottom right corner with body removed. I had the original RC10 too of course, but always liked the Stadium trucks). I was as hardcore about Team Associated back then as I am about BlackBerry today. And with a 10 in the name, I think it's a very fitting vehicle choice in honor of BlackBerry 10.

If you're down with winning this awesome prize (and believe me - it's awesome - I'm going to pick up one up for myself so I can race my nephew this summer), all you need to do is a leave a comment to this post to enter for your chance to win. As for when we'll announce the winner, I'm thinking we'll need to give BlackBerry a bit of time still to pull things together here. Let's say if they announce Instagram for BlackBerry before the end of March, we'll announce the winner to this contest then. And if it hasn't been announced by April 1st, we'll pick the winner and give out the prize then. And.... we'll run another contest that goes until Instagram actually is released.

Sound like a plan? 



Would love to win the car, my kids could fight over it while I snuck away with the controller an raced the away.


It's an electric truck... Meaning, it could be fitted with solar batteries.


I haven't played with an RC in years. This would be a great opportunity to become a kid again!

mig 007

I'm sooo down for this! Love RC's


Does anyone know if instagram is only going to be for the new blackberry models or will it be available for the older ones too?? Specifically the bold 9900??


I have an RC track just below my house, how cool this would be with the kids!


I will drive around the city with that .... I want one !!!


Beside a soccer ball and a beach, radio controlled cars was one of the best part of my childhood. My brother bought me one when he came back home from Hongkong, and it made me a star among kids in the poor neighborhood. Later, more and more kids got controlled cars, but mine was one of the best toys I've had.


Nice!! Looking forward to racing it!


I want it :) thanks Kev!


Sweet I hope it's got some awesome decal placed on it.


Sweet I hope it's got some awesome decal placed on it.


Sweet I hope it's got some awesome decal placed on it.


Sweet I hope it's got some awesome decal placed on it.


pick me as long as its a 1:1 scale :-))


Thanks Kevin, it is a great car. If I win it I'll name it the QNX K =)


Been a long time, but I'll take one for sure.


I never win. but why birthday is coming up soon :)


Honestly, that's what I played with instead of Barbies... If I win, I'm going to show my litte girl what the 90s were all about!


CrackBerry surely knows how to satisfy you guys, unlike BlackBerry! :|


I'm in!! As a grown man I must admit I STILL love buying/collecting/playing with RC cars lol! Would love to add this to my collection. Thx


yeah, rc cars are sweet!


I want this Kevin... but more than this, I'm hoping instagram makes my z10 that much cooler!!!!!


I want this Kevin... but more than this, I'm hoping instagram makes my z10 that much cooler!!!!!


I'd love to give this to my little nephew.


I could use a car bad :)

Marcus Hirsch

Love the idea. Nice of you to keep your word too!


It's almost contest time! just over 7 days


Finally pulled the trigger and joined CB. good luck to me :)


Good to see the buzz about the z10 !! lets go!


Very nice car. Its been a long time since the RC car I had. Called the "Grasshopper". Guessing about 30 years ago. Damn I feel old.


Did anybody win this yet?

DJ Blackfeet

when will instagram be on bb10?