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Instagram still coming to BlackBerry 10 (but I'm going to give somebody a car anyway)

Instagram still coming to BlackBerry 10
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Feb 2013 12:19 pm EST

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a Team Associated RC10T Radio Controlled Truck!

I'm still getting tweets and emails about whether or not Instagram is coming to BlackBerry 10 following this week's launch event, so here's a little post to update CrackBerry Nation on where things are at (though I did make mention of it already in our BlackBerry Z10 Review).

While no formal announcement was made this week about Instagram coming to BlackBerry, we did get word that BlackBerry is engaged in the process with Instagram right now and that Instagram will definitely be coming to BlackBerry 10. No date yet, but it will be there. Let's hope sooner than later of course.

Now let's revisit that promise I made back on October 12th that if Instagram doesn't come to BlackBerry 10 that I would buy somebody a car. I'll be honest. The lawyer in me was pretty careful about the wording of that article. I didn't say when Instagram would come to BlackBerry 10 -- just that it would come -- and I never stipulated what kind of car I would buy. So based on all that, I'm in the clear on that contest. 

THAT SAID... this is CrackBerry and I love to give away stuff to our readers, so I'm going to hook a lucky reader up with a "car" that actually has a lot of meaning to me.

The vehicle? A Team Associated RC10T4.1. Back in my pre-driver's license days, I was a teenager hardcore into radio controlled cars. Seriously, I'd make my dad drive me around the country to take me to events so I could race. The truck I raced? The original Team Associated RC10T (in the photo above, bottom right corner with body removed. I had the original RC10 too of course, but always liked the Stadium trucks). I was as hardcore about Team Associated back then as I am about BlackBerry today. And with a 10 in the name, I think it's a very fitting vehicle choice in honor of BlackBerry 10.

If you're down with winning this awesome prize (and believe me - it's awesome - I'm going to pick up one up for myself so I can race my nephew this summer), all you need to do is a leave a comment to this post to enter for your chance to win. As for when we'll announce the winner, I'm thinking we'll need to give BlackBerry a bit of time still to pull things together here. Let's say if they announce Instagram for BlackBerry before the end of March, we'll announce the winner to this contest then. And if it hasn't been announced by April 1st, we'll pick the winner and give out the prize then. And.... we'll run another contest that goes until Instagram actually is released.

Sound like a plan? 

Reader comments

Instagram still coming to BlackBerry 10 (but I'm going to give somebody a car anyway)


Not quite a Bentley... but I'd still like one ;-) though I'll admit my excitement is more for BB10 than the car ;-)

When I get it, I'll [b] share my tablet and phone and tape the phone to the car and drive it around the house bridged. :D

Just gotta win a free crackberry phone first.

What an honourable man you are!! I'd probably forego winning the Z10 comp if I could win this for my son. He would be STOKED!

I will give it a shot. I wasn't sure if I should, but I have never owned a car, so what have I got to lose? If I win, fantastic, I will be forever grateful to Kevin as long as live. If I don't, I'm still getting a Z10 and I already won an awesome prize from CB during the holidays. :-)

I don't know that I'll be able to fit car seats in this thing....but good enought for me. I'll strap a Gopro to the top of this thing and we'll have some fun. Thanks Kevin.

Wow Kevin, that is some neat contest. Specially as you point out that Instagram is indeed going to be available for BlackBerry10 which means you should just say "I was right". Seems like an awesome RC truck! Hope the winner values it and does not leave it get dust without use.

Holy cow! My 13 year old would be so jealous! And no, i wouldn't just give it to him to be a good Dad, that sucker would be mine! ;)

I'm game. Remember my Scorcher 6x6 from back in the day. Heck I might still have it.

I don't want to win one because I do not have the time to use it and that would be an enormous waste of such a beautiful gift. Instead, I want to compliment Kevin on his awesomeness. This is a master stroke haha!

Well, since I won't have a BB10 phone to play with until some time in March, I can definitely pass some time with this!


Sure ! I've never onwed one. ^^

J'espère gagner :D

Sinon tant mieux si Instagram sort avant !

I hope to win :D

Well it's better if Instagram is out before !

Is that a screenshot taken from another platform or you're actually testing Instagram? :)

Can't wait to get a BB z10 and Instagram on it :D

Any chance the body can be air brushed with Crackberry & Blackberry logos and of course Kevin's signature.

Gave away my Team Associated RC10 "Gold Pan" years ago. This RC car, from the in '80s, revolutionized the RC car world when it came out. Wish I'd never parted with it as it is now a classic. This TA truck could certainly help ease the pain! :) Thanks Kevin.

I'm definitely in! :D Even though I'm all the way in Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean (lol) my niece in Chicago will love it! °\(^_^)/°

Quod me nutrit me destruit

Great prize..... But if I’m the lucky one, any chance I could trade it in for a Z10? :) Pleaseeeeee? Don't make me beg dude.... I'm too old to beg :)

Facebook bought Instagram and Facebook is not competing with BlackBerry so there is no reason for Instagram not coming to BlackBerry Z​10. You have to believe it!

Facebook bought Instagram and Facebook is not competing with BlackBerry so there is no reason for Instagram not coming to BlackBerry Z​10. You have to believe it!

Love rc cars. had a similar one as a kid and have no idea what happened to it. Would love to have another to race with my kids.

Awesome stuff Kevin! It's gestures like these that make being part of the CrackBerry family a lot of fun (who doesn't like free stuff?) and brings more excitement to the future of BB10! Cheers!

I had a feeling the car would be something like this. Awesome to find one with 10 in the name. This would help me not sleep until Blackberry 10 in the US in march!

Launch day: Jan 31st, and Device Pick up day: Feb. 5th in Canada. Going to be at the Rogers store bright and early to pick my preorder up!! and maybe win this remote control car!!! Sick year already! Lets go Blackberry and Crackberry.

oh man! Instagram... yipee!!! Im a hobbyist photographer. I hope it would be available when Z-10 arrive here in USA. With cool camera, I will take more photos from another different dimentions...

This will be cool to go with my 67 impala and see who will win that race.
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and Kevin.

I don't know what I would do with out my berries!

My brothers dog loves chasing his rc car, but the fun stops in winter. Now, if I had a truck, the fun can go on all year long :p

I knew there was a reason to believe that all lawyers were sneaky trickesters..... Just kidding. This would work great since some folks down the street from me just got an RC car for christmas and need a good whoopin to keep them grounded.

I've always looked at the R/C products whenever in the shop (usually next to the train dept.), and have wondered when .... this would be awesome intro' !

Thanks for the oppportunity :)

I got a great idea...

how about you keep the car (which most likely has great sentimental value) and just give me a free Z10 case with a sticker of a car on it?

I think that is a pretty sweet idea :)

One Christmas I got paid by RadioShack to drive RC cars around the shopping mall, I would love to have one of my very own :)

Whilest I sit and wait for BB10 to come to US of A, my son would love to play with that car until he can start playing all those cool games on the BB10. I think I might have to get TWO phones... and he's only nine!

My wife and I got my 4 year old a Toys R Us rc car for christmas so this would be a great step up from that.


After watching a few videos online, I have to say that this is one car I would love winning. :)

It looks like it would be a ton of fun to race it around. Kevin should post a few video's of his racing skills when he gets his. ;)

Good luck everybody!

Haha, jeeez... Way to "lawyer" that one Kev ;) I don't use instagram since I don't really like to make my pics look old and worn (kidding), but Ill take an Rc car if you're just gonna give it away, haha. Good work buddy.

I would love an RC car! I am getting a new niece/nephew in the next few months and would love to share the experience with them. When they get to the proper age... Lol!

Kevin although I don't know the value of the RC item you're willing to part with, what I do personally know is that NO dollar amount can be placed on the sentimental value it holds...

I commend yo on being a man of your (selective) words and parting with a cherished item...kudos to you!

I'm in...I love RC cars! Thanks for all the great info leading up to, during and after the BB10 / Z10 launch, awesome job!

Waiting for my Z10 from Telus...should be here next week!

Im gonna win,Im gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winm gonna win,Im gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna m gonna win,Im gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna m gonna win,Im gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna m gonna win,Im gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna m gonna win,Im gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna m gonna win,Im gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna m gonna win,Im gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna m gonna win,Im gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna winIm gonna win

Hey Kev,just give it to me,Iive in NYC you could bring your truck and race mine(after you give it to me)in time square,looser gives their truck away to someone in the nation and so on and ....

I had one of the same RC car too, but I drove it over a pier and it went down into the sea... was too little to retrieve it :(

Would love to get this one, shall bring back memories :)

Instagram will be on it eventually, but I doubt I will use it regardless. We will have to wait and see.

I still don't think this is what you ment as careful as you were...but I will take it...or a BB Z10 if I win...either is fine!