Instagram still coming to BlackBerry 10 (but I'm going to give somebody a car anyway)

Instagram still coming to BlackBerry 10
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Feb 2013 12:19 pm EST

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a Team Associated RC10T Radio Controlled Truck!

I'm still getting tweets and emails about whether or not Instagram is coming to BlackBerry 10 following this week's launch event, so here's a little post to update CrackBerry Nation on where things are at (though I did make mention of it already in our BlackBerry Z10 Review).

While no formal announcement was made this week about Instagram coming to BlackBerry, we did get word that BlackBerry is engaged in the process with Instagram right now and that Instagram will definitely be coming to BlackBerry 10. No date yet, but it will be there. Let's hope sooner than later of course.

Now let's revisit that promise I made back on October 12th that if Instagram doesn't come to BlackBerry 10 that I would buy somebody a car. I'll be honest. The lawyer in me was pretty careful about the wording of that article. I didn't say when Instagram would come to BlackBerry 10 -- just that it would come -- and I never stipulated what kind of car I would buy. So based on all that, I'm in the clear on that contest. 

THAT SAID... this is CrackBerry and I love to give away stuff to our readers, so I'm going to hook a lucky reader up with a "car" that actually has a lot of meaning to me.

The vehicle? A Team Associated RC10T4.1. Back in my pre-driver's license days, I was a teenager hardcore into radio controlled cars. Seriously, I'd make my dad drive me around the country to take me to events so I could race. The truck I raced? The original Team Associated RC10T (in the photo above, bottom right corner with body removed. I had the original RC10 too of course, but always liked the Stadium trucks). I was as hardcore about Team Associated back then as I am about BlackBerry today. And with a 10 in the name, I think it's a very fitting vehicle choice in honor of BlackBerry 10.

If you're down with winning this awesome prize (and believe me - it's awesome - I'm going to pick up one up for myself so I can race my nephew this summer), all you need to do is a leave a comment to this post to enter for your chance to win. As for when we'll announce the winner, I'm thinking we'll need to give BlackBerry a bit of time still to pull things together here. Let's say if they announce Instagram for BlackBerry before the end of March, we'll announce the winner to this contest then. And if it hasn't been announced by April 1st, we'll pick the winner and give out the prize then. And.... we'll run another contest that goes until Instagram actually is released.

Sound like a plan? 

Reader comments

Instagram still coming to BlackBerry 10 (but I'm going to give somebody a car anyway)



My RC hovercraft blew out and I could use one of those to race down the bike paths. :)
Or through the shopping mall or the walmart parking lot!

Now, Kevin says A car... doesn't specify what car... what year... what make lol... This will be a pretty funny outcome for a lucky fan

This would be nice. Nicer if it could be controlled from a BlackBerry. My son would enjoy playing with this with me.

If I win it, I'll take an Instagram photo of it. :)

I have a 2 year old son, and I'll give it to him as soon as he turns 10... because until then, I'll be playing with it myself!!! Bring it on!

This is a waaaay better idea than giving away a real car... no taxes, no paperwork, just balls to the wall fun!!!!

although I don't really care for instagram, the fact that it is still coming AND someone gets a free car is a win win!

Being an old RC heli guy that left the hobby I'd love to move into stadium trucks. I've drooled over them in the hobby stores but never did bite. This could be the kick in the butt I need, my youngest son loves RC and this would be perfect for the two of us.

Count me in. My current car isn't working out too well. A remote control car will keep me entertained :)

Awesome Idea. I've been looking at one of these before. Couldn't justify the cost. Good luck everyone!

Count me in. Always wanted one of these toys. Once I had my fun with it I will pass it on to my nephew to enjoy.

Kev, If that's your actual RC your giving away from your childhood and not a repurchased one, if I win I'll mail it back to you just cause I like your style.
If it's a "new" one I'll race ya to Saskatoon

I Bleed Black & Berry

This could explain the delayed release of Blackberry Z10 in the USA, they want to make sure its ready and has some solid apps before Americans can rip it shreds.

That's hysterical. Hey...a car is a car right?. Would be nice for my older son. Thanks Kevin

Hey why not! I've always wanted one of these things when I was a child, but somehow Santa never ever had it. Love the giveaways!

Thank you for the article and for the chance to enter this contest. I am looking forward to trading in my iPhone 4s for a new Blackberry 10. I am a previous Blackberry user.

That would be very nice to have!

If my kids have even half as much fun as I did with my R/C car when I was younger, it would fantastic.

sure, why not.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

Man that's a nice RC I had growing up was a Turbo Hopper I got from Target! Time for an upgrade! =)

Sweet contest. I've never had an rc truck before. And would love one for this summer. I see people go crazy over the things, must be fun right.

That would be great! My son could use it to drive my new Z10 (anticipating having one soon) across the room to me when i need to read a Crackberry post.

And if Sprint doesnt have the z10 by March Im giving away a Sprint phone contract to one lucky winner!!!

I remember when my dad gave me a RC car when I was young. We go out and go to a huge lot and have my RC car drive around and have some good times. Haaaay, good old days.

I've been waiting with baited breath for the 10 for months. First it is 1/30 now it's 3/30. An RC would be great.

Stick a "spark" on the sidebody and it is a perfect 10 for this contest! Sweet. Would love to tape a Z10 to the thing and shoot some video!

You can send it my way since I haven't won a single crack berry contest, and if i happen to win the car and a shinny new blackberry 10 Z10 I will send the car back to you as my way of saying thanks for all you do for BB.

Really If I win you can keep the car Kevin, you earned it.

I've never gotten a chance to drive the good ones though, it would be really awesome to give this one a go with my young brother! And I thought you were actually going to give out a real car, this is 10 times better!! Yes I'm a nerdy...

My son and I love racing RC cars. He had a nirto powered car that does not work any longer so if I won the car we could start racing again.

Would be great for chasing the geese out of my backyard. *evil grin*

And I guess if they are nice, I'd let the kids drive it also.

I've never gotten a chance to drive the good ones though, it would be really awesome to give this one a go with my young brother! And I thought you were actually going to give out a real car, this is 10 times better!! Yes I'm a nerdy...

I'm up for RC truckin! As I was reading the article I thought you might be giving away your favorite matchbox vehicle...but this is waaaay better!

sounds good to me. I used to race these back in the day too. Way more hard core about BlackBerry than I was about RC cars, but they are definitely fun.

Did anyone notice tha the photo is actually an Instagram pic on theZ10?
Ohhh, by the way, count me in as well.