How to use Instagram Direct on BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 12 Dec 2013 12:35 pm EST

The folks at Instagram dropped another announcement today with some new updates for the service. Instagram Direct now lets you send images privately to up to 15 contacts rather than posting them to your stream for everyone to see. You can choose to send private images and/or videos to your friends where they'll show up in their private inbox.

We're not totally sure that it's an alternative to sending files over BBM or even just plain old MMS, but it's always nice to have options.

If you're running the OS leak you can get in on the Instagram Direct fun right now thanks to version 5.0. We've tested it out on a Z30 and it's running without a hitch. Just note that you'll need to be running the leak to be able to install APK files. If not, you can always convert it and sideload the old-fashioned way, though you may need to use the debug method.

If you're unfamiliar with the process of installing APK files on BlackBerry 10, check out our tutorial here to see how it's done. Grab the Instagram APK here or from the public SkyDrive folder below ( and have at it.

Download the Instagram 5.0 APK
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How to use Instagram Direct on BlackBerry 10


It is an app for 10.2.1 made by James Paul Muir. It allows us to download apk files directly from Google Play and install them. The app is not available on BlackBerry must be sideloaded.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

IF you have STL-1, you will notice same problem with messing picture.
STL-1 need new runtime to fix the problem.

:( just updated my IG yesterday. Guess will have to do it again today

Posted With My ZL1 OS:Unknown Via CB10

Umm.. why is this only talking about for leaks.. Lets assume for a second that most people have NON leaked OS running on their phones. How about a BAR or some instructions would be lovely.
LamarStarr ..out!

Simple, snap chat did not want to sell. The primary idea of snap chat is sending pictures and such privately to each other. I guess they haven't copied the timer thing but this allows them to sorta offer a similar service.

Snap chat is missing out on the billions right about now haha

Posted via CB10

I know people at Crackberry mean well, but honestly? Most of these instructions are gibberish to me. I'm not a techno idiot, but there's no way I'd even attempt that. I don't know what half of it even means or where to find the info I supposedly need, etc.

People here assume you are familiar with Blackberry and all these terms. Three months ago I didn't even know what "sideload" meant, I still don't know what an apak is.

Someday someone needs to do a ELI5 version of instructions for updating to this new OS update.... with pictures. When I got my first BBerry years ago there were stacks of totally idiot-proof video tutorials for all kinds of things. Now it's all so advanced and I've missed so much that I feel like I can't update to something like this if I get a Q10.

It said there was too much traffic to the public acct and access has been disabled.

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

I'm running a non-leak 10.2 (0.424), has anyone got a sideloaded BAR running for that? And does the video upload really finally work?

OT: why are Instagram moving into messenger service territory? Seems like a weird idea

via Z10


Any chance of an article on the BBM Andriod Beta? It was announced on the BlackBerry channel and twenty minutes later the Beta was full.

Why do people make a big deal out of these fart updates of fart apps?

"WOW! Now you can use your app that was intended to share the picture with rest of the world to share that same picture with only 15 selected! Its just like MMS ...but better!"

Not hearing much about 10.2.1 and no leaks....

That's when we don't have to side load apps for Android...

Is blackberry going to do a big release for that, that's where I can try Instgram.

Posted via CB10

Anyone on the with this apk for whom the camera folder appears as blank when trying to pick a file from gallery to edit? I.e. just like on the previous version?

How about a formal 10.2 update/release and something we can do directly from BlackBerry. I'm done waiting for the carriers. My pops picked up a Nexus 5 and all updates come from Google. BlackBerry sell us an unlocked Z30 for @ 400. Get us updates and get with it quickly. I have been BlackBerry all the way since '04 but time is of the essence. Sell me a unlocked Q30 with a well working BlackBerry 10 OS. (miss so many things from OS 7.1)

Posted via CB10

And now, how many Instagram icons we gon' have? Cuz' I deleted the previous 2, and now this last one does not work, that means we'll hae 3 icons of Instagram?

I laugh at the people that call IG a far app/waste of time. Tell that to the 100+ million users and the billionaires that own FB/IG.

Posted via CB10

It's only not a waste of time for the owners/employees/IG Superstars who make money off of IG. For the common user it is a waste of time.

All of these "leaks" and ports, and side loading examples may be good for those that are more adapt but for those of us that just want to plug and chug and or not risk locking up our devices or losing info they are meaningless. I'm of the belief that BlackBerry has lost so many users due to this. My dad has had just about any and every phone out (he's a retired banker) and although he likes my Z10, prefers his new Nexus 5 because it already has everything. Not that he wants or uses the apps they are just there. To explain to a lay person that our BlackBerry's are hybrids of a sort mean nothing. They just want their device to work and have access, if they choose, to resources their OS can use. Please understand I am a loyal BlackBerry user but Mr. Chen and crew need to act and act fast. The BlackBerry 10 roll out has not been executed well. I still have my 9900 and the 7.1 (IMHO) is STILL superior in many respects.

Posted via CB10

Lol so many reading comprehension epic fails in the comment sections. Read the article fully before you comment. It has instructions for installing on 10.2 or installing the leak and the apk file download link you can direct install on 10.2.1 or convert it to a bar file for 10.2.

BlackBerry Z30 & Z10 | | C0006E212

STL-1 need new runtime, 1055 not good enough to deal with IG, PATH or other android apps related to picture sharing.

With the new ceo & new teamwork... BlackBerry should push & lobbying Instagram to build the native account for BlackBerry 10.

C'mon, windows already got their beta... I'm settled with this android sideload, in fact I love it in my z10. But everytime Instagram push some update.. we keeps on coming back to 'how & how, tips & tips'...

I love the ui for windows Instagram, ios7 also.... so I hope BlackBerry10 got their special ui that implement the fluid back & forth gesture...

Just a random thoughts... love BlackBerry all the way

Posted via CB10 with my roxx Z10

Downloaded without an issue but the video for me on IG is not working smoothly or at all.
IG keeps telling me an error has occurred wait or close IG?

Posted via CB10

Just installed 10.2.1 and I'm asking my self why in the hell I didn't do this a long time ago!! Loving the apks and how I don't have to sideline any more!

Posted via CB10

The leak is just amazing and using 1mobile for android downloads and shows the true power of what blackberry is going to show the world! Love the new instagram and love how I have freedom with BB10

Posted via CB10

Can anyone help me? I still can't see my picture thumb nail files in Instagram in my camera folder cuz they're all blank

Posted via CB10

Guys, I have a big problem with Instagram. It says: "unable to download file" every time I try to add a picture from the microSD card. Enybody can help??

Posted via CB10

" Did you read the post??? All you have to do is install these files, run this update, download these programs, jerk off the developer, and you might get a beta...gee whiz!"

All of you snotty little shits mocking those who don't want to install leaks on their devices fail to realize a majority of people don't like going through these ridiculous processes just to have a popular application. Corporate needs to step up and work with developers and companies such as Instagram, Netflix, and others, if they really want more folks to consider buying a BB, and some of you should be a little more helpful/ a little less arrogant to the newbies here. Jackasses

I don't care much to have IG Direct on my Z10 because I have it on my iPad (and still don't see any reason to actually use it). Also on the subject of the carriers releasing an official BB10 update; I'm ultimately happy with the .1055 leak! So with that, thanks developers and Crackberry!

Also off topic: Why my CB signature never displays from my phone? I only see it when I post from the desktop version of Crackberry! :)

Posted via CB10