Instagram coming to BlackBerry before Google Glass

By Simon Sage on 2 Jul 2013 12:29 pm EDT

In a recent interview, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom was prodded about getting their photo (and now video) sharing app onto Google Glass. His response?

"We're not yet on Blackberry or Windows Phone, so I think those will come before Google Glass. ... I'm not saying those will come anytime soon. I’m just saying that in order of priority, the way we evaluate where to expand to is really simply where our users are, and where the growth is. It took us a very long time to get to Android." 

Saying we won't get it anytime soon is a pretty big caveat, but to me the question now is if Instagram will come to Windows Phone or BlackBerry first. These two platforms are duking it out for third place, and Nokia's high-quality cameras are going to be hard for Instagram to ignore. It took a year and a half for Instagram to make the leap from iOS to Android, and a similar wait for a BlackBerry version following a Windows Phone launch would be less than ideal.  

At the very least, Google's gimmicky eyewear won't be budding in line. How many of you guys are looking forward to Instagram on BlackBerry? Is the Android sideload good enough? How much of a dealbreaker are things like a native Instagram app to potential new users? 

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Instagram coming to BlackBerry before Google Glass


It'll be like Draw Something. You'll get it long after the buzz has dies out and nobody is downloading it anymore. But to be fair, I have never understood Instagram's leadership. Why would you not want to be on EVERY platform? It was shameful it took a year and a half to get on Android. Can't believe that Facebook hasn't stepped in and prodded the process along.

Another misleading blog title.

Instagram is not coming to BB10 anytime soon, and by the time they decide to, Google Glass could be much more popular and even support Android apps bringing Instagram to Google Glass before BB10...

That's exactly what I took from that as well. Google Glass is never going to get it, and neither is anyone else. At least we have the benefit to side load, a luxury that those Windows Phone users don't have. We may not have a native app, but at least we have access to it. Poor Windows Phone doesn't. Although they do have an awesome client that may be making its way to BB10 sometime soon.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

Poor WP8 users? Really? WP8 users have at least 3 native third party Instagram apps and at least 2 native third party Vine apps. Can you sideload the Vine?

Actually, WP developers have figured out a way to make a 3rd party WP8 Instagram client. Infact, they have more than 1 Instagram client now. So I guess BB10 and WP8 both have access to Instagram. We just have an annoying side loaded version where as they have a native 3rd party client. I hope BB10 dev too can figure out a way to bring a 3rd party Instagram client to BB10.

Well, someone worked to spin that article into quite a positive sounding headline.

Gotta monetize those click-throughs I guess.

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I hear you 100% sometimes it'd be nice to be on the #1 or #2 phone just for the supported apps. Rather than 'getting by' with sideloaded apps which some are great working apps but some just aren't smooth like you would have on a different phone

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It's a tough one, I agree.

This is, however - not BlackBerry's fault - they are fighting hard. It's the choice of the developer who to develop for, and the consumer drives the dev's hunger.

BlackBerry won't give up though; and loyalty counts :)

Brand loyalty is worth about as much as a bag of sand in the middle of a desert. You gain nothing from sticking with Brand X solely because you've used them for years.

Wouldn't it be faster for them to come to BlackBerry first? Lots of people already have it side loaded

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That's what I would think, especially considering how easy it supposedly is to convert an Android app to a BB10 one

I don't know whether to be excited that he said we'll get it or cry because we got compared to Google glass in terms of priority

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Useless App to me - but not to the hundred's of millions of kids and celebs that have made it the pinnacle of photo-sharing that it is today.


I have it sideloaded at the moment just to show people it can be done. Other then th at, I think I've used in once.

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Won't need it once BBM goes cross platform. Hopefully marketing has improved substantially by then as well.

Sent from the future on my Z10.

Cross platform BBM won't be a solution to native Instagram not being on BB10. Instagram's current reach of 100 million is not likely to be met in the immediate future by BBM going cross platform, since Instagram is more than filters, it's its own social network.

I think it would be dead easy for BlackBerry to create a very similar experience with a) cross platform BBM. b)BBM Channels and c) all the photo and video editing capabilities they bought in Jay Cut and the other acquisition whose me I can't remember. It could be a subset of Channels dedicated to picture and video sharing.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Would love a native Instagram app. But for what I use IG for (I'm not big on taking pictures, more just to look), the Android sideload works as well as I need it to.

I need this for my Q10, I'm running a sideloaded version that im getting fed up with... I've entertained the thought of switching to an iphone or an andriod just for the sake of native instagram! I'm just getting a little fed up... great apps make a great phone

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I don't believe that was stated by BB themselves.

so that would be a fan/community expectation fail....

what's funny is that most other websites are saying "BlackBerry 10 not getting Instagram “anytime soon”" in regard to the same quote.

i like the positivity here.

Pretty much the way I read the quote too. I assume he's in a position to know. And if BlackBerry was getting it any time soon, he wouldn't be saying he's "not saying...".

Just saying

Yeah, it's relative. I think the headlines really should have read "Instagram not coming to Google Glass any time soon". 

We are never getting instagram. The android port has bugs and only techy pple can get it. 15 of my BlackBerry friends just switch from legacy to android s4.

This was the deal breaker!

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And yet lots of BlackBerry users are still saying instagram isn't a big deal....right now BB, it's the BIGGEST deal

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I still think Netflix is a higher priority for me than Instagram.

I care more about enjoying life than trying to show others that I do...

Sideloading Instagram is actually very easy, and not that buggy. It would be so easy for them to make a BB10 app.

I've actually had the exact opposite experience. A friend switched to bb10 from iPhone after seeing the quality of images uploaded to instagram from my z10. I guess in her eyes the picture quality is superior and the native features pushed it over the edge.

That's probably not the norm though and may just show why instagram is such a must have.

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BlackBerry needs a big break amidst all this bad news. Honestly. It sounds like it isn't even coming to BB10 anytime soon. Getting frustrating man, already finding myself reading reviews on Windows phones and androids... don't want to switch, but what if I don't have a choice anymore???

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Stop kidding yourself and just make the switch. You won't look back!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

You can do what I did: I switched. The only thing is, I found myself coming back. I say do whatever makes you happy.

What exactly are you missing by not having instagram? I don't really get all the cult-like fervor over it? What does it do for you at the end of the day?

With one of the key selling points being the Carl Zeiss lens, why doesn't BlackBerry team up with Canon or Nikon to build a camera for the BlackBerry 10 phones?

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Ya i agree since I always keep hearing in reviews that BB 10's camera is still not as good as iphones or even Nokia s lumia

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I be saying the same thing especially canon that would be awesome! Believe it or not ppl love a crystal clear camera with great native features :)

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I tried out the different features on the z10 camera and I get great photos. Better than my friends who have iphones anyhow.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

The reason why we need it is because not all the folks out there can sideload the app, teaching people is very hard if they don't have much computer acumen. An easy download from blackberry world will solve it

It's amazing how a dumbass can carry a smart phone then. It doesn't take someone with computer skills to sideload an app. Find the bar file by doing a simple search.. ( I have heard they have chimps that can do this ) load Google Chrome get the PlayBook extension. Plug your phone in and navigate to privacy settings, put your phone in developer mode. Put in your password on the phone and chrome. Open the file thru the install button.. wait until completed. Wow so difficult.

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Ok wait, I was even referring to the new method that can get you subway surf and temple run2 not the old method. But like the other guy said, it's more about a lack of ambition.

I think the debug tokens are the easiest part. Just Google it, fill out the form, boom, you done. I was ok with it but not everyone is. That's the only reason an official app will do

Light up BBM ( everything) to everyone. Insta-what?

I know more people that are waiting for BBM than instagram.

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Instagram? All you coastal, male geeks forget that Pinterest is the #3 social network. That's actually needed even more than Instagram, Tumbler or *cough* Google+.

On the WP side somebody wrote a third-party Instagram app that seems to work well enough. Couldn't an enterprising BB dev do something similar or has the existence of the sideloaded "official" app spoiled the potential market for it?

There ARE some decent 3rd party apps available for BB10. No matter what platform, though, IG has never opened up the API that allows a user to create an account or upload new pics.

In other words, a user needs to have an existing account. If that user has never had Instagram before on an iOS or Android device they have no way to create a new account.

That is not quite true. While there is no public api for account creation and posting, multiple windows phone apps have found a work around and support those features. How long that lasts who knows, but for the past few months of works flawlessly.

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There are fully functional third party Instagram apps on WP (instance is the best one, IMO). You can create new account and upload your own pictures. There are fully functional third party Vine apps on WP, also.

There is a Windows Phone developer by the name of Daniel Gary who developed an Instagram client for Windows Phone called "Instance" by reverse engineering the Android app and using hacked API. I have used it on my Nokia Lumia before moving to BlackBerry 10 and quite honestly it is more beautiful and smoother than the official Instagram client on my daughter's Android device. Windows Phone has the best 3rd party developers on the planet. I challenge any BlackBerry 10 developer to create a 3rd party Instagram client as nice as Instance. Btw, it has been out for several months and Instagram has not ordered a cease and desist on the app. Instance is a true work of art and I'm sure we have 3rd party devs who can come to the rescue! Let's go devs!

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I think once the Android Runtime is updated in BB10.2 there will be much less excuse to stay away from the platform. Until then, though, the experience is likely compromised just enough to keep IG away.

BlackBerry can upgrade to 10.whatever. This platform and company are in a death spiral. BlackBerry users everywhere are going to have to come to terms with this and start educating ourselves with the best alternatives. It's sad, but they screwed up royally last week and Heins instead of talking to us on an ongoing basis, has gone into hiding, then drops the big bomb and goes into hiding again. He was front and center before, was gaining respect about facing the odds, but he has given up. His actions speak the loudest. Time for us to move on.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

What I don't get is that BlackBerry has built the Facebook app in bbworld. Why can't they build an instagram one? It's the same company.

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Ya exactly! And supposedly BlackBerry says they have a good partnership with Facebook so wtf

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if you ask me, and judging from their app catalog, BlackBerry doesn't have ANY partnership with ANY of the big companies, ZERO.

Because Instagram won't allow full API access to their service. They allow everything except photo upload which is the most important one. Unless a developer uses hacked API's or server side upload then we won't be seeing an app anytime soon from BlackBerry. However their are 3rd party developers on Windows Phone who have successfully built beautiful fully functional Instagram clients using the aforementioned techniques. Hopefully BlackBerry developers come to the rescue for our platform the way other devs have come through for the Windows Phone community.

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It too needs work, won't even landscape and then some.

They also need to give YouTube Hub access to get ones 'Inbox' there with full capabilities. YouTube app won't even allow one to comment reply directly to comments placed on their uploaded videos, very frustrating, reply buttons are in the inbox, but replies don't post on the video page, they PM, ridiculous.

I like the sideload. I really want a fix for the typing bug though. Copy and pasting is getting very tedious

"It may be coming soon."
In BlackBerry terms means you will never get it!
Were is BB10 for PB and 10.1 for Z10?
Bastards and Liars ...

Blackberry doesn't decide if we get it or not.

I don't know about BB10 for PB but I have 10.1 for my z10. OS updates are pushed out by your service provider so its still not Blackberry's fault.

So it's my fault right?
Not having 10.1 on my Z10 is my fault?
My carrier told me BB take ages to correct Bugs ...

Definitely happy to hear this for those ppl who want to make the switch but won't bec BB 10 doesn't have it. Soon it will!

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I don't use Instagram, but can anyone explain what this company's business model is? Isn't it in their best interest to get this app into as many device and have as many users as possible? Why the hold up?

Also, why hasn't a dev come up with a 3rd party app yet? There is apparently a good 3rd party app for WP8, whoever does one for BB10 will make some good money.

^this. Why do they keep pointing out how slow it was to come to Android like they're proud of it. Do they have some kind of exclusivity contract with Apple? Android has bee. Crazy popular for awhile, they should have been falling all over themselves trying to expand to that platform.

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If it will take some time to get it on BlackBerry that's fine, but if a year later we end up with an android port that took them 20 minutes the night before they finally release it... Even I would be mad and I've never used Instagram lol

I have Instagram 4.0.2 side loaded on my Z10. I'm still not sure what the big deal is for this app, looking at strangers pictures and videos don't do nothing for me. Maybe I'm missing the "Big Picture "! :)

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Then you must not have any friends or family. That's what the app is for. Instagram is Facebook of the photo world, that's why it is so popular. It is also the easiest and most popular way to get photos across multiple social media sites simultaneously (Tumble, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook). It is a must have app, like Twitter and Facebook themselves. thousands of celebs are using it as well

I have the same questions and the answers have been just plain ridiculous and laughable so far. Instagram seems to pretty much be useless in reality. When I look at it, I don't see any of the cute and wonderful stuff that people claim is there. In fact, I see mostly STUPID things.. coming from friends and family! It was overrated before and it's overrated now. If the pics are important enough, they'll be put on FB or sent directly. Instagram is the internet's photo dump site. It's popular because people like to do hoodrat things with their friends. that's about it.

It is a huge deal to potential users esp people around my age/lifestyle. Plus with hub integration BlackBerry has the potential to offer the best instagram experience on any mobile platform.

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I don't use instagram (I have enough distractions). But I do hope it comes soon, providing legitimacy to the platform (isn't that sad that instagram might provide legitimacy?).

Anyway, facebook owns them, get on their ass about it.

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I don't understand not releasing an official port if a sideloaded version already works.

I mean, PC financial released a BROKEN LINK to their mobile website as their "app" on BlackBerry World, so the standard isn't too high...

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"How many of you guys are looking forward to (native) Instagram on BlackBerry?" Both of my hands are up!

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I have "Instago" downloaded from the BlackBerry World and it's much faster than the sideloaded instagram I have. But with Instago you can't upload pictures so I use the sideloaded app for that!

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Comments like "apps make the phone" are pathetic. It would be like me saying "I need a car to go to the store" Instacrap is a luxury not a necessity you need in order to have a great phone, unfortunately society is getting too dependent on trivial possessions to realize this. Sad to supioror products like the Q10 and Z10 needing these stupid apps to please the clueless though. People like you that are needy would be the first to go if we didn't have any technology. Cry cry cry.

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It's kind of true. Yes, the BB10 phones are good devices but there's a reason that almost nobody in the US is buying them. The lack of apps (especially Instagram, who has MILLIONS of users) plays a major part in that. Apps are popular and unfortunately, can make or break a phone. It's 2013 and that has now become somewhat of a serious fact. That's why BB is fighting HARD for third place right now and not comfortably at second or first.

Sideloaded version is only good enough to upload photos, trying to get anything else done is slow, annoying and unreliable

The sooner instagram release their own app that works smoothly the better!

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As crazy as this sounds to adults who have a job and responsibilities and such the main reasons teens buy a phone (I have 3 of them) are Instagram, Vine and Twitter. It's like buying a car just for the stereo. They don't email, they don't keep their schedule or calendar appointments and only use Google maps if they're needing to go somewhere. That's it! And as much as that blows our mind, the BB10 car needs a better stereo in order to be considered.

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Use the Facebook password reset. There is also a new instagram. Bar that allows you to sign up straight from the main page

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You can also do it on a tablet (such ipads) or ipod touches. I had been shocked when I found out I have an instagram account.So, when the app was sideloaded, I was happy to see that I got in right away. I did not need to case somebody down to add an account. For now sadly that is how a BB user can do it now.

The best thing for BlackBerry to do is make side loading android apps automatic, and have them run as smooth as they do on an Android device. We don't like side loading. As for Instagram, after last week it's not coming ever. And windows is already beating BlackBerry. So if apps are high on your priority list, buy anything but BlackBerry!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

The CEO probably has been talking with BBERY and when he says "We're not yet on Blackberry or Windows Phone, so I think those will come before Google Glass. ... I'm not saying those will come anytime soon." it really means not going to happen. If BBERY can not even convince the US carriers to release 10.1 , then how can they convince part of FACEBOOK to do anything in a timely manner. I thought for sure that the 2 US carriers would have released the update on Friday to get the most additional exposure along with the earnings call. With each passing day BB is taking more and more of a hit both in the stock and in the consumers eyes as being a real player at the table.

I don't mind the sideloaded Instagram but I would love to have a native version in the future. I'm hoping Android 4.2.2 will make the sideloaded version smoother when scrolling.

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The interview was released before the quarter results and it got me sooo excited but after the results I think they'll start coding for WP and then consider BB10, if the platform survives.

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I installed Instagram about little over a month now. I don't see what's the big fuss about. You have girls obviously trying to show their chest off. Maybe that's why it's so great...

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The sideload version is nice, it provides us with the minimum, but we don't have any updates so we lack the latest features and when you think about the potential of a native Instagram app... it could be really awesome !

Too bad that people don't see the power of BlackBerry 10 right away. Apps can be good on other platforms, but when you put them on BlackBerry 10, making the most of the UX, they are just amazing !
I wish Instagram will understand that soon enough...

Posted via CB10 on the Z10 from France.

This is probably the most important app for BlackBerry to get right now. Not having it is like not having a twitter or Facebook application, at this point.

It would also show people that Instagram's parent company (Facebook) has confidence in BlackBerry in the long run.

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Come on Crackberry, another non-news post. This interview was ages ago and doesn't give any more information on Instagram, it just serves to stir up more hate and anger

The quality of the blog posts have sunk to a low at the moment. Please get back to giving us meaningful news and not more regurgitated crap and serves no purpose. Its seriously making my visits to Crackberry less frequent

Post news or nothing at all!

Rant Over

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As every news on BlackBerry right now isn't the most positive, you will see more and more of these ridiculous "news" posting from CB. Its more damaging to talk about Instagram at this points, as its surely not coming to BB10 ANY time soon.

I'm excited to see the native app. The sideload is "ok" at best. Its enough to hold me over for now.

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Google Glass is still in prototype phase! I wouldn't hold your breath....

This qualifies to have its own article...?

honestly the sideloaded version I have works just fine. Now, sure, you can't upload videos but as far as pictures go, it all works perfectly.

Huge deal breaker! Regardless of how hard core BlackBerry fans rationalize it, it's pure optics! Instagram on BlackBerry = credibility and increases purchase potential imo.

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Some swear it's not important, but that's just you. If they can do it on their OS's BlackBerry phones should be able to as well. This is where all the hype comes from, obviously. I really wish Instagram and other current top apps would just be on BlackBerry. Would be the best phone ever...

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Screw Facebook and Instagram for not bringing Instagram to BlackBerry 10, idiots.

Wth, with all this device loyalty crap from app developers. Put your software every where so you can earn all the money can. A customer is a customer, no matter creed, money, or dress. Support all devices, period.

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We need an instagram third party app like Windows does.....whoever makes that along with a third party vine app will be rich in a week lol.

Z10in' since the Beginnin'

I wish more people were computer literate, i've had this app for a while now with the z10. I know its not for everyone but seriously, its not that hard.

Do you have the newly updated Instagram video too?... Thats the point of a native app. Updates... Tho the idea of a sideloaded app is great as a means of holding you off till the real thing comes. Its depressing to be using hand-me-downs and hoping for it to come. At this point, it will be a LONG TIME before we see it come to BB10, if ever.

How the hell we ain't got instagram! BlackBerry Inc is slacking hardddddd! This is such a important app now a days! Females love that thing and anything females love will sell! All my females friends ask me if BlackBerry has instagram and I'm like no not yet

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It is not Blackberry fault. This is Facebook who is not bringing it to Blackberry and window phones. Blackberry has heard us in this area so that should be Facebook is slacking.

Some user in the forum requested a basic hasta to bug companies to make apps for BlackBerry is #BringBB10onBoard..... i used it already on fb and twitter to all companies I want. I don't complain, I took action

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Does it matter, I have Instagram on my Z10, anyone on Windows phone have it?? It may not be legit or even in BlackBerry World but st least I have it, and it works well!

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Once more: WP8 users have at least 3 native third party Instagram apps and at least 2 native third party Vine apps. Can you sideload the Vine?

I really don't care to much for myself but not having a native app personally kills about about 7 out of 10 of my potential sells period without giving the beautiful OS a chance.

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We can count ALL the top apps out as native to BB10. After yesterday's new, BlackBerry has to push marketing like crazy (Something they should've done before BB10 even came out) to gain the grounds lost. The A10 needs to be pushed out FAST and it needs to be priced realistically. BlackBerry cant expect to come back if they continue to think that they can price their items the same as an iPhone or Android. They need to push all the have right now on new markets. The US BlackBerry name is beaten badly. They need to grow in new places. As it is, Indonesia, a HUGE BlackBerry market, is already shifting to Android. You CAN NOT play these "We're number #1" like games anymore when you can barely hold onto #3. BlackBerry missed a huge opportunity 3+ years ago of adapting Android or doing what they are doing now, showcasing a new platform. The #1 focus should be on Physical Keyboards. THAT'S what has always worked for BlackBerry. So moving forward, he's what i'd like to see of BlackBerry.

1) Ditch BB7 and focus on BB10
2)Stop building so many devices. Focus on ONE Flagship KeyBoard (Q10) and ONE TouchScreen (A10) for the US, Canada, and top European markets. ALL other's or Emerging markets should also offer Flagships and ONE Lower end version of both, like the Q5 and Z5 (Maybe even Z10 at this point).
3) Focus both money and attention to APPS. Many on here claim that apps aren't that importants. However, most have sideloaded Instagram, Snapchat, Netflix and many unavailable apps on BB10. So apps are very much important. My sister has a GS3 and she's part of the few that doesnt use apps. However, we all WANT the option there if we need it. Apps are important. You claim to be business oriented, well, Apps are needed for business too. This "last to the game" thing is getting very tired.
4) PUSH MARKETING!!!!... I cant help but think that the numbers shown at this last briefing are in direct correlation to your poor marketing attack. Outside of the tech and fanboy world, the mainstream barely know you still exist, let alone that your making new products. Your name has been beating down and you've left US, the BBFan's to do the convincing. Thats just unacceptable at this point. NO ONE here believes that an iPhone is better than what BB10 has to offer. Yet, the rest of the world would bet their fortunes on it; and would win BIG!. So it comes down to perception. People have had a bad experience with BlackBerry, myself and many CrackBerry user's included. So its YOUR job to show us that BlackBerry is no longer the "battery pulling", "hourglass showing", "Slow web experience" it once was. Cause outside of #TeamBlackBerry, NO ONE KNOWS YOU'VE FIXED THESE THINGS!!!. Its frustrating to us, your fans, to have to defend you at every turn. Its time you make our jobs a little easier.

Sincerely, @BBMarnel

A 7 year BlackBerry loyalist, owner of TWO PlayBooks, a Z10 and a Q10.

In not too fussed, just want the app so that I can see what all the fuss is about.

I think instagram could build the BlackBerry 10 app in 48 hours if they really tried, saying that, if instagram are refusing to do that then BlackBerry should send some one over to instagram to work alongside with them and build it, there's ways around everything, seems like instagram are too pig headed and BlackBerry too proud.

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Here's how dumb he is:

"...the way we evaluate where to expand to is really simply where our users are, and where the growth is. It took us a very long time to get to Android."

Get that?? It look them a VERY LONG TIME to get to ANDROID. ANDROID. The BIGGEST Platform on Earth.

"...the way we evaluate where to expand to is really simply where our users are..."

Your "Users" are only going to be on devices that you've built your app for. This is like saying, "Well, we're not building for Windows Phone because we don't have any people using Instagram on Windows Phone." Well. of course not, because they don't have the app.

..."and where the growth is. It took us a very long time to get to Android"

Android has the MOST users on Earth. It has the fastest growth, and the most users, and it took them, "VERY LONG TIME" to get there.

I really don't understand the behavior of Instagram owners... wouldn't they like more users, what are they waiting for?

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Well of course its gonna be on BB before Google Glass. BB is a phone on the market and Google Glass is still in the dev mode...duh.

LOL this comment thread is hilarious. Not 2 years ago it was "BlackBerrys are tools, not toys! You want a toy go get an iPhone!"

The smug nature of this community is unbelievable, and now its biting you all in the rear. I owned a Storm and a Storm 2 and thought BB was actually onto something for once! No more keyboards! Nope, BB community MURDERED those devices and concepts.

Now you all are crying to remain relevant and remotely similar to Android and iPhone. The irony!

Also, #1 reason for people not wanting a BB over an iPhone/Android: They don't want the physical keyboard. It's a fact.

Numbers don't lie, WAY more people want an all touch device than the ones that don't. BB is just too late to the game. Storm 2 was it, then they let it slip away and now the Z10 is a mid-range joke of a device.

i cant even let anyone buy blackberry because it doesnt have instagram..

and we dont trust in sideloading..

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Instawhat? I couldn't care less but I know many do, so for BlackBerry sake we need them to get on board.

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As a shareholder I authorize the spending of ten million dollars for a native Instagram app (even though I personally will not likely use it). Now if Mr. Heins will just agree..

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I dont understand why some developer doesn't just make a similar program already. It cant be that expensive and they would make a killing. I dont need Instagram......I need a similar program.

Could care less...I had it on my Galaxy Note and found it a waste of time and space. It's okay if your a mommy and want to share endless baby pictures.

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Why can't those Facebook ba$tards just make a ported android app and put it in BlackBerry World. Like screw them. It would cost almost nothing and take half an hour!!!! Makes me so mad!

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

The knicks will win a championship before instagram is on blackberry. Everything takes long with this company. when iphone first came out i dnt remember there being a shortage of apps.

Dump QNX immediately, adopt Android and we all have the universe available to us. No person outside of the KW area cares or even knows what QNX is.. .They just know the apps suck on BB10. QNX was always a 2nd tier industrial grade software company that never did north of $40mm of annual revenues despite 30 years of existence. End the arrogance already. Adopt android and cut the QNX guys loose so they can connect high speed trains to their Bentleys.

Why people wanted to have a app because you can easy upload your photo or video? You can visit it with your browser and also make pics bigger. So what is so specially about the app?? I have no care for a app , same with youtube because you can use browser. I using blogger more for private in family surrounding but most apps for me are no use because you can use the browser. Some people have there mobile full with apps but only using some of them .

I have been trying and trying to side load instagram and I see some of you with it and it kills me that I can't seem to get it working on my z10 and all i do is keep hoping it comes to the Z10. I thought the whole idea was to have everyone useing there app....?

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Windows Phone first of course. US company look at US market shares.
Then Google Glass, despite what Systrom is saying, simply because an intern will do it and the Android team will maintain it.
Then, maybe in 18 months, if Instagram still exists as a service, it might come to whatever has become of BB10.

Just reading some of the people's crying in the comments ...Please get a frigging life people, if this is all you have to worry about all I can say is WOW...

At least he didn't BlackBerry users don't use their phone for that. He was a bit more diplomatic.

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personally, i don't see the big deal with instagram. i sideloaded, got an account, added about 200+ friends.. whole lot of nothing to see. every time i fire it up.. nonsense. it's like twitter over pictures. i'd like to know how do people use it such that it becomes something to actually be upset about not having.

it really seems like people are just falling for this silly app trap as if getting instagram or many of these other apps is really all that important. if someone just says, it's for our own frivolous nonsense, then i can respect that. if there's a more utilitarian use for it, please fill me in.

why is instagram so special? what do you folks really get out of it?

It got old fast I agree...but its nice to upload ur own pics and have a collage of your events over the years. Maybe cool to look back in 20-50 years and reflect. Yes FB can do it but the filters are kinda cool and make the pics look better!

But yah its not a big deal

I want the native instagram apps badly, sorry the android sideload version sucks.
And he said "so I think those will come before Google Glass." means may not come before Google Glass? means we have to wait for ages for the native apps.... or never will come to BB10

I'm not a big fan or user of Instagram but it is one of those apps that needs to be on any and every platform.

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I have side loaded version on Z10 but also have instagram on iPhone 5 for my Aussie phone. It works much better on my iPhone. I hope the native version eventually comes to BB10.

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i didnt buy my BB for app selection . i bought it for business use .. if i wanted instagram id have bought an IPhone or Android .. an interesting thread would be to see how many Z10 owners care about Instagram (or apps in general) compared to Q10 owners.

well then you're one of the few peeps that bought it forl business i bought my phone for communication purposes and i would like to have all the apps that keeps me connected and im sure blackberry would like to have the apps that would help to make the decision easier for persons holding out switching because of a lack of certain apps .... business people are no longer using blackberry only the numbers speak for themselves ios and android is leading the way in phone sales period its about making money and it doesnt matter if that money comes from a business user or a regular user bottom line boils down to dollars and cents mr business man

im sure BB would like to have all the apps too as it drives sales ... but its none the less a gimmik ... all the IOS and Android business users i know have 100's of apps installed but when pressed only use about 5 or 6 apps daily or even weekly in most cases ... i spose there is the 'the apps are there if you want them' argument but at the end of the day, phone calls, text message, bbm (or crappy whatsapp until bbm goes cross platform) and in particular email dominate business phone use

instragram a piece of junk?? tell that to the millions of people using it funny u call something a piece of junk when the subscription base has more users than blackberry..............point blank we need instagram for the millions of people who think it isnt junk dont be a slave/fan boy to any platform

Who cares if a bunch of sheeple like something, doesn't make it good. That's always been the case, with everything related to "mass appeal". Wake up "bro".

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An authentic version Simon is always better. It becomes a positive sign for more things to come, hopefully it comes sooner.

Want a native instagram app not a sideload go to another platform. Pretty much sums it up BB and MS go go F themselves!

a 2Mega pixels camera is sufficient to display crisp pictures on any current mobile phone. The camera should not be the excuse.

My sideloaded app works prefect and met many on instagram doing this also. You think facebook would see this and do something. It does not come turning over to say crapple for it. My sideloaded version works prefect with me.