InsideHook takes on the BlackBerry Q10

By Adam Zeis on 23 Aug 2013 08:22 am EDT

The latest video to show off the BlackBerry Q10 comes from an unlikely source. InsideHook took the Q10 for a spin in this video to show off how good of a tool it is for the busy man in the workplace.

The video runs at almost two minutes long but packs in a full days use of the Q10 and is amusing at the same time.

At InsideHook, we spend a lot of time scouring the city for things that busy and successful guys, like you, don’t have the time to find on your own.

Bench made wingtips. Zeppelin tours above Paris. We even found a jetpack once and strapped Rob Lowe into it. You’ve never seen a happier man.

Lately, to keep connected on these adventures, we’ve been using the new BlackBerry Q10.

We could tell you about all its features — the apps, the time shift camera, the raised QWERTY keyboard you can feel-to-type, making you the no-look Steve Nash of communication.

But instead, we made a video. There’s a speakeasy. And a blonde in a tiny black dress. And you get to see our office. Yes, that is an actual intern. His last name is Tarantino. He’s going places.

Check out the video above in full then hit up the comments and let us know what you think!

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InsideHook takes on the BlackBerry Q10


I'm no mind reader, but it looks like his comment changes the suggestion that the absence of Vine is if no consequence to the busy man to specifically labeling Vine as a soul devouring enemy of productivity and thusly the busy man's kryptonite. So, I'd say it was warranted.

yep, but still not geared to consumers, more people on the go rather then people looking to post shit on facebook or instacrap or even gaming

while its a good comercial i hope once the A10 is released they push out some ads showing the gaming power of BB10 and the A10

Just press open in browser under your more pages button.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

The right direction... but they should show more of the actual device. Almost all the images of the Q10 are static... hard to show the flow concept in that way!!!


"InsideHook took the Q10 for a spin in this video to show off how good of a tool it is for the busy man in the workplace."

makes it sound like it's going to be a review, but it's clearly an advertisement. Either way, nice vid. I went to that restaurant where he's at the top of the stairs and the bass is the special a few weeks ago. Funny thing is that it's a steakhouse, so I don't think bass would be the "special".

Wouldn't play on PlayBook but worked on Z10. Cool vid. Don't know if it is an ad or not. Which makes in 10x cooler.

That ad had a great feel to it but was totally devoid of any explanation or argument as to why the q10 could help him anymore than any other smartphone. I don't think they highlighted a single feature that is unique to bb10. You could easily replace the Q with an iPhone or Android and not have to change the commercial in a very substantial way.

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He was typing tomorrow's insidehook article, when he was mostly looking at the camera and the girl :P

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That's what happens when you use the Steve Nash of no-look communication devices! Awesome. That point was made so subtly that I think lots of people missed it. When your power level is over 9000 like that guy's clearly was, you don't even need to look at your device to type like a boss. Good luck doing that on any touch screen device. I need to spend more time in a hyperbolic time chamber with a few senzu beans before I can ball that hard.

The ad highlighted the usefulness of the keyboard. The guy was touch-typing his next review throughout the day. Also NFC sharing of photos - why should Samsung act like they're the only ones who have it?

I love how Samsung acts like they are the only ones with it when BB has had that since the 9900...

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He knows that, he was being sarcastic. I can't wait for apple to "invent" it though so it'll have more widespread use...

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Finally a much better commercial. I like how it shows that BlackBerry is for the much more successful business man who doesn't waste time applying filters.

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"making you the no-look Steve Nash of communication." Steve Nash...another great Canadian product.

The assistant at 00:13 is extremely hot...great ad, showed that the BB is a great tool, without being all preachy

All of the women in that video were hot...

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Got it on the CB site on the browser. Was interesting, but would have liked to have seen more of the phone.

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I completely envisioned this EXACT type of commercial as an ad for BlackBerry; and I'm 00:29 into watching it! Don't believe me read all my last 80 posts and you'll see me specifically mention this at least twice.


More of that. Saturate the market place. Make it so no one can say that they didn't know BlackBerry was still in business.

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^ Damn straight. My concept was to show the actual person quickly entering "IN" the data ... not just fake pretending to type. This needs to be redone; clearly I'm in the wrong line of work.

All good advertising plays on 3 emotions; fantasy, envy and/or guilt. This one is squarely in the fantasy realm. The message is not 'see all this neato stuff my phone does'. The message is 'if you want this guys lifestyle you need to use the tools he uses.'

There is also a subtext that using a BlackBerry is not just OK for the modern man, it is in fact an excellent option.

Lol that was a awesome video. The assistant chick was smoking hot.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10 -

It's pretentious, over the top, and includes places and activities that real people will never visit or do but are lead to believe that they could if they use the phone... just like an i-sheep commercial. Perfect!!


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I watched it. On the cb page were there talking about the video go into your menu hit open in browser hit play then watch that simple. Great video!

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Yeah, and then somebody who's seen this walks into an AT&T store and says "I'd like to see a Q10," and they tell him they don't have any. This actually happened to a friend of mine yesterday.

Loving my Q10

thats one bad ass review/commercial! even if i already know all i need to know about the Q10, this actually made me feel like buying one! :O

While it doesn't show everything, it doesn't have to. He used most of BlackBerry's buzz words and showed how it fits into life, instead of just showing it on a phone. That's the beauty of the video! It didn't need to show how the phone actually works because it showed you how it fit into your life and just worked for you.

Really well done and put together. Showcasing the features of BB10 and also simply putting a bit of a edge on the communication industry with blackberry.


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It is not the greatest but it sure beats many of the more recent ones...shame it had to come from InsideHook and not BB only, but I digress.

That was a cool commercial, that's the angle they should be using, smart, to the point no bullshit, love it
Oh yeah the chick is pretty hot

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I wish I can be like him with a good looking babe by his side, Wow... I already have the BlackBerry, but I am lack of babe by my side like him otherwise, my life would be perfect. Hehehe...

Finally something that shows BlackBerry doing stuff that people need, (not just plugging into music dancing thru the day like a certain other smartphone) This should be hitting the TV stations.

That just reincarnated old feeling of giving up my z10 and trying out the Q10. Miss my qwerty.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Fantastic ad. This is a demographic Blackberry needs to better appeal to. Can they shorten it to 45 secs and run it as a TV / internet ad ?

Spoiler Alert!! Was awesome!! But I couldn't see the video from within the CB app itself, so, I had to use the browser instead. BOO!!! Fix that!!!

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Finally a pretty cool ad. Maybe Samsung made it as part of their new venture.

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This is perfect! At last, we see BlackBerry associating themselves with a hip and savvy demographic of users, and InsideHook is branding themselves as the goto for busy professionals who are also part of the "in crowd." The video could have showed off some other cool features of BB10, but I'm hoping that it's just the start of a new series of ads with them and we will see more.

I didn't know about InsideHook until a few days ago, when a friend posted on Instagram he was at the InsideHook opening party here in San Francisco (wish I had known.) Hopefully this new brand will make waves here in the city, and BlackBerry is smart to sponsor them.

Hey all –

Associate editor at InsideHook here. Just wanted everyone to know how much we appreciate the positive response. BlackBerry have been super easy to work with and very supportive of our creative decisions every step of the way. Love the Q10 and looking forward to working with BB again in the future. Consider us an office converted.

Those iPhones do make good coasters, though.

Absolutely what BlackBerry needs to do. Fun, gets to the point. It's kinda like the old spice guy that does everything spectacular.

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Hey Walker, cool ad. Enjoyable. Miss my buttons on my phone! Hoping BlackBerry can turn this ship around and give you guys more opportunity to work together!

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@Playbbook007. Yeah me too! I so miss my 9900, I seriously need a Q10/5...theres just something more adult about having buttons and a phone you can drop once in a while lol.

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Now I think you're on to something Boulben. Just needs some tweaking by maybe showing a little more of the phone and features. Getting somewhere--overall not too shabby.

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Now THIS is the style of BB10. Keep this mood and perspective, with all the sleek style and inspired productivity. Apple has the clean white feel, Samsung has a smarmy arrogant Las affair attitude, and this clean, cool, high contrast style IS BlackBerry! I want to see more like this EVERYWHERE!

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I'm not sure if you can hear me through your monitor, but I'm applauding this excellent commercial right now (I gave it a standing ovation. Nbd). They need to get this some air time and more importantly make moar! Bravo sirs/madams. I tip my hat to the the team behind this masterpiece and I encourage them to keep them coming.

Now this is an ad. BlackBerry should do another one and this time find a worthy celebrity endorser for the role.

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Love it, now plaster it all over TV and the interwebs for the masses to see. Then make 10 good ones and plaster them everywhere also :)

I just wish the Z10 had that kind of exposure.

I'm beginning to think that the Z10 is an afterthought by BlackBerry compared to the Q10.

Although Z10 has the best touch screen typing around. The Z10 was the first.

If this is true, shame on you Mr Heins

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