Inside BlackBerry shows off BlackBerry 6 multimedia experience!

Inside BlackBerry shows off BlackBerry 6 multimedia experiences
By Bla1ze on 20 Jul 2010 05:48 pm EDT

The push for BlackBerry 6 is still on a roll. Although, a few days behind what Salomondrin posted; Research In Motion has now posted their own walk through of the BlackBerry 6 Multimedia capabilities. While no videos were included in the walk through, it certainly outlines some of the finer aspects of things to come from BlackBerry 6.

A new improved camera UI, better picture handling and organization, improved YouTube integration which allows for streaming, sharing and uploading of videos. And one of my personal favorites, built in Podcast app so that you may enjoy the CrackBerry podcast on the go. Finally, better ways to handle and organize your music and videos. As I've mentioned before, media capabilities always felt like a back burner issue on BlackBerry and it's nice to see that Research In Motion has brought it forward with BlackBerry 6. More shots and info after the break.

Inside BlackBerry shows off BlackBerry 6 multimedia experiences
Better organization of pictures.
Inside BlackBerry shows off BlackBerry 6 multimedia experiences
Better YouTube integration and sharing options.

Inside BlackBerry has many more pics posted up, with further explanations of what you're seeing. Be sure to check it out if you're looking to learn more. Personally, the new picture taking options are a welcome feature to see.

Source: Inside BlackBerry 

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Inside BlackBerry shows off BlackBerry 6 multimedia experience!


Salomodrin's recent videos were taken down for "terms of use violation"! Just thought you should know CB!

SWEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttt media experience on the bb 6! :D cant wait!

Come on RIM let me beta test this till the wheels fall off. I swear I won't post any screen shots or videos and I deff won't upload the files to mega upload so lyricidal could make a hybrid. He he he

Where are all the trolls to call this a "theme" again. I love crackberry but like Jay and Silent Bob, I'd love to find all these people who says its a theme and beat the **** out of them. I love my storm2 and it works beautifully and can't wait for os6 and the real storm3.

ps I use my phone for video, mp3, XMRadio and Slacker on a daily (6 to 8 hours) this post looks amazing and i can't wait for it to drop.

...Needs to hurry up and release this! I can't wait, looks really good so far. Can't wait for a leak.

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I tried out the Droid X too and fell in love with it. So I decided to go ahead and made the switch. It will be at my door on the 29th. :)

i got faith in RIM. They are taking their time and wont rush out a shitty/ defective product

Which are the OS6 capable devices? Would my Tour be able to run OS6?? Please please please please tell me it would...

That a little while after RIM releases the new OS, they will start releasing "lite" versions of the software for older phones that don't have enough memory to handle the entire software update.

my main question is: is the fade-in on the music player gone? because that's a deal-breaker. it completely RUINS the music. i listen to soundtracks and albums meant to run from front to back nonstop, and this makes it unbearable. i'll dump my bb early if this isn't fixed with os6...

also, will os6 actually let you do a factory reset? turns out it doesn't work in os5. my apps and themes won't go away.

RIM has a LOT it needs to finally bring to the table with os6.

Doesn't happen on my Tour. It's running but I don't recall this problem on previous builds either. I wonder if there's a setting that can be changed for this?

That's so weird... and frustrating. I've dug thru the settings, trying to find it, as it seems it would be something that would be there, but I can't find it for the life of me. It also skips a bit towards the beginning of each song... arg. Time to talk to a Verizon rep!

You NEED to specifically SELECT REMOVE 3rd party software, and also remove emails and if you like format MicroSD card.

This is located in Options> Security Options> Security Wipe
In OS 5 you need to actually read before just click happy on icons.

Definitely not. Even the current Storm 2 is up in the air and it has twice the memory of the S1. That's why they are coming out with an updated S2 with more memory. I think most of us suspect the current S2 will get it, but the OS alone will eat up almost all the memory.

I am glad cause I plan to get the Bold 9650. I have played with the Android phones just cause I was curious, but I still love the style and ease of BB. I am a BB girl and will not cheat on my BB. Can't wait to have the 6.0 and webkit

Have no fear OS 6 is Almost Here.

its going to be great you will be happy

it was worth the wait.

the slider will make you drool, like
a like a BB loving fool

patience has its privileges and its rewards

there's lots more to come.

(it's been a while since last shout out)
Thanks Kevin for the Best BB site on the planet!

you rock!!

Hey RIM.... A day late and a dollar short, so to speak. While you're playing around with this new OS and lacking greatly in the quality control department, many dedicated BB users are leaving for other devices and operating systems.
I recently bought the X, and so far, it's been a terrific decision.
I doubt RIM reads these forums, but they need to know what their customers are thinking and doing....

that's the best you can come up with? someone's insecure :p the dude's right. my tour downright SUCKS and i'm about to get myself the iphone. i'd rather have a phone that sucks at making calls than a phone that sucks at everything else.

Take care brush your hair!!

My Tour is amazing, and has been a complete part of my life for almost a year! It makes me happy to hear you'll be moving on, especially to AT&T! Hope you enjoy your miserable phone service (been there, done that)

I'm glad your Tour works for you. I've had mine for almost a year (well, I've had Tours for almost a year, I'm currently on my third) and I just can't stand it anymore.

Where I go to school (Indianapolis) there's TERRIBLE Verizon service and great AT&T service. I drop more calls on a daily basis than my friends with AT&T ever drop. So yeah, I think I'll enjoy my GOOD cell service.

Get the iPhone you'll love it. How do I know? Becuase you are the kind of idiot that doesn't care that his phone doesn't work as a phone. Apple loves people like you who will defend their product even when you know it doesn't work.

Yes RIM is late to the game with this OS. Yes they have fallen behind the competition. We all know this, and so does everyone at RIM I imagine, but they are trying with OS 6 and it is looking good.

I don't think they will beat apple design wise for a while (if at all). That is what apple does (they don't produce good product they produce good design). Probably half the people at apple (not Steve Jobs!) Will admit RIM is a better phone/email device. This plus OS 6 will make me very happy to stay with RIM.

I think that is all people are really saying here, why try to poo on it?

"iphone loser" huh? At least i'm not the kind of person who has to call someone a name to feel superior.

The issue with the iPhone is by touching this liiiiiitle black strip on the side (I've done it in an AT&T store) and you know what? It's not that hard at all to just learn to not touch that. The free case makes it even easier. I RARELY make phone calls anyway (last month i used all of 7 minutes). I use texting/IMing, emails and apps and web, all of which I feel Apple is superior (I'd rather have it show me the freaking images than push to my phone when I can set it to check every five minutes anyway).

You've obviously not used many Apple products, as you seem to think they don't produce good ones. I used terrible products for 13 years, before I saw the light and got a Mac, and now I have a computer that works. The only product they produce that seems to have problems is the iPhone... their computers CONSISTENTLY are at the top of multiple tests done by companies and magazines. Their iPods have revolutionized the music industry, to the point where the corporate identity has soared so high most people call any mp3 player an iPod. Their music industry software is the best that exists, and what most professional recording musicians use. Garageband has revolutionized the indie music scene. Shall I go on?

Also: Jobs admitted the iPhone problem... where have you been? And what am I pooing on? Did you read the whole thread, or just what I said? I commented on a rude post against another guy (which was a LOT ruder before it was edited), to defend him. I think you're the one pooing here...

I think RIm should release it as early as possible and hope Blackberry will atleast target those berry lovers who don't want to carry two phones.

New APi for Games development in OS6 is important and $0.99 themes are equally important.

Let see what is there and most importantly when it will be released. Any delay will let its competitor to eat up RIM's market share.

I'm so excited I can't wait, the main thing for me would be the webkit browser running in my 9700, the rest is just a bonus, I really hope it comes within the next couple of months.


I would strongly advise against basing a decision on what a cell phone rep told me. I don't think many of them know as much as your average blog addict. But if it is more that you like the Droid X and prefer that then I think you should get it.

agree 100% about not trusting what a VZW rep is stating. My decision to sell and go X is not based on that at all.

I don't think some twink from Verizon is going to provide 100% accurate information about this, so I wouldn't necessarily believe it.

anyone remember the "difference of opinion" in the Verizon Math video on youtube???

at the same time though...some of the shots of the video showed that just the bare OS was using aroung 2xx MB ram on the 9800, so if they do have OS6, it will probably leave the phone with very little ram to operate with...

Has anyone had the privilege of seeing Blackberry OS 6 on a non touch screen device like the Bold 9700 or 9650? I would love to see how the interface works with the smaller screens.

I'm pretty sure the BlackBerry Devblog site has a video on the 9700 running the webkit browser. Didn't really show much besides that.

Anyone else notice that the "Music Album Art and Discovery" screenshot appears to be from a device other than the 9800 slider? What device are we thinking it probably is? ...

It will be interesting to see how the built in podcast app works. I gladly paid for PodTrapper and love how it works with ease. Unless the RIM app has something overly enticing, I would stick with PodTrapper. And the whole question for me also depends on if the 9650 gets OS6 and if I choose to put it on.....

for all those left with the 9700, curve or anything other than Storm 3 and the 9800, you'll gonna be abandoned by your sweet RIM. Oh but wait, you gotta buy the 9700 "refresh" or if youre luck to live in the US, use your 9650 to use it on a non touch screen!

Hello Andoid, cant wait to see you!

Well I seriously want to know lol... I've got a Tour and if OS6 isn't coming to it I'm just dumping it now and getting my iPhone haha. I am planning on waiting till OS6 before I make that decision though. You'd think with all this OS6 hype they'd just release a list of devices receiving it already...

I have a situation that I would like to share with the blackberry community. First of all..........I've been a loyal consumer to BB for many years and I've always appreciated their products as well as the OS's they deliver us. I did however make a huge mistake a week ago due to availability ONLY!!! My Bold 9000 decided to give up on me- or so I thought. So I went to at&t to have it replaced with another 9000 because I'm not a fan of the 9700, although it is a great device its just not a Bold to me. (too small) Well, they were gonna charge me 299.00 with a hundred dollar mail in rebate. I was like, hell no dude!!! My phone was out of warranty, however I did have an upgrade available. I always carry insurance on my phones but I had no clue that the deductible had gone up to 150.00 dollars. WTF!!!! I had to make a decision because I had NO PHONE TO USE!!! Before I tell you guys what decision I made, I must confess that Ive been complaining about not having enough App memory on my 9000 for a long while, however that's my only complaint with that device. I've had my eyes on the 9800 for a while now. waiting patiently!!! Anyway, I ended up buying an iphone because it was the cheapest way to go. I only paid 99.00 dollars for it with a free otterbox case to go with it. Let me tell you ALL, its a cool device but overall it was the worst decision I've made in a long time. I have 22 days to return it if I don't like it according to the salesperson. I will be returning it in a few days and using my upgrade on the 9800 which is coming out on this day according to a few sources!!!! CHECK OUT THIS LINK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a date for when this is coming out or is this just another lame post on how something is supposed to come out....whenever..eventually...maybe...might be for your device...might not be.....hmmmmmmmm....

Here is my debate. I love my blackberry and the storm 2 really is the best phone i have ever had. I run two businesses and it really helps me in doing this. BUT I have been playing with the evo(one of my employees has) and I am really considering getting the droid x. RIM needs to realize that now a days people need a phone for business and personal uses. There are so many things that my blackberry does better, but the speed, camera, web and customization of some of these other phones is appealing and with RIM not showing me anything really exciting for the last two years, I am really debating if I jump ship now or wait?

I have always been a fan of the BlackBerry OS. It was great for me for about two years. Even though I am an EVO user, I stick too for BlackBerry. If this OS is as good as it looks, I will be going back to BlackBerry smartphones. RIM let's make this OS a killer.

It's glad to see that RIM is stepping up their game. Their biggest competitor was Palm and Apple. Since Google Android has come onto the scene in a major way, it seems as though RIM is making changes. Their push Email has always been their bread and butter. I felt as though they sat on their hands for so many years because others were not able to give their customers push Email type technology. Many of them have caught up, and have left RIM in the dust so to speak. With RIM starting to step up their Multimedia and Social Networking skills, things are starting to look up for BlackBerry.

Currently RIM is only one in dedicated push email service.
I hope others to join the game, then RIM’s position will be evaluated.
And we consumers will get some options and choices.

I read on a blog (cnet I think) that Droid X will have push email. IF so, that could spell big trouble for BB. They are only going to be able to trot out "Hurr, our security is bestest" for so long. IF droid gets push, then it wont be long till just about everyone has it. Then what RIM? Then what? I highly doubt the BB will ever die, as a good number of people will always want it specifically. But I could see RIM eventually giving up on the consumer market aspect and focusing on corporate and governmental agencies.

RIM appears to be rediscovering themselves. That's a good thing! The past 3 months have been the most exciting in the BlackBerry world for sometime... years! This is perhaps the biggest evolution in the BB OS since 2005. Although I'm not a huge fan of the slider, it will appeal to some who want the traditional keyboard and a slick touchscreen to boot!

We BB fans want them to keep the momentum going! Don't sit on your hands, RIM. Keep evolving and re-engineering the BlackBerry. Baby steps will leave you behind Android & Apple. Win Mobile 7, Palm, and Symbian are already so far behind they won't be able to catch up. You do a lot of things well, and with BlackBerry 6, you will do a lot more things very well. I can't wait to see what you have to offer us in the coming months!

How does an iPad even relate to..anything said here? iPad is in a total different marketplace. I have a BB and I have an iPad, the two make a very nice duo for productivity.

Personally, I think that RIM might still be hiding or masking a lot of OS6's features from the public to make the release more exciting...

I'm a recreational user mainly, and I an just realizing how limited this 9530 really is by its outdated hardware. Droid X is looking pretty good, but I HATE learning new systems. However it did seem pretty easy to pick up on the general functions at the store. And the thought of Froyo with full flash 10.1... Oh yeah!

It'd really be awesome if you guys post a release calendar (if possible) for all the BB stuff we've seen around!

I'm selling my S1 and can't wait to try the S3 and OS6!

I really hope they bring OS 6 to the bold 9700 atleast. Reading about it makes me excited, more excited than sex... ahaha... yeah right!!

it seems like every preview they show is on a touchscreen phone. i have the bold 9650 and i know its sort of limited to the things a touch phone can do, so when the OS 6 rolls out officially will it even look half as good on the bold 9650?

I think it's safe to say that the whole argument going on about RIM lagging and people jumping ship is based on what people primarily use their phones as. Most of the newer blackberry users and by recent I mean 3 - 4 years back are mostly recreational users that picked up a blackberry as a new fad and mostly came from a feature phone, web and texting environment. So they will be the first to complain about a phone/BB cos it doesn't have the necessary bells and whistles that everyone else has. While on the other hand, the more productive users of the blackberry hardly complain or are actually excited to see the new implementations that RIM is giving to their customers. Sure times are changing and companies evolve, but if a company feels they have to change as soon as change arives, then they may not be stable at the end of the day (Palm) and they may not produce good quality products cos no time is taken to make sure things work properly cos they have a clock to keep up with. So rather than people getting stuck in the argument of my phone is better than yours and bash a company that has been producing quality products (well storm 1 had it's issues)since the smart phone industry started, get what works for your and quit your trolling. At the end of the day when the dust clears, RIM will still be standing and everyone else will still be trying to figure out what hit them and all those caught up in the "my phone is better than your syndrome" will still be unsatisfied. At the end of the day androids are beat out by cyborgs and all can be controlled by humans, and toyphones are toyphones. Just my 2cents.