inPulse Teases Pre Order Customers With Details Of Their Upcoming Smartwatch For BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 7 Apr 2010 08:04 am EDT

The folks from inPulse have broken some silence regarding the happenings with their inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry. Recently posted on their Tumblr blog they set out some expectations for those that have been taking advantage of pre order sales. While short and sweet, it's good news.

Long time no blog. We have some amazing news that we’re going to be sharing very shortly. Images, video and something that all you pre-order customers will be extremely happy about. inPulse is almost here.

Sweet! We like the sounds of that around here. The inPulse Smartwatch has been met with mixed feelings from its potential buyers. But realistically, we really haven't really got to see this thing in action yet either. Personally, I'm reserving my judgment till I get a better idea of how it works and how it fits into my personal needs. Sound off in the comments, you all in or on the fence here?

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inPulse Teases Pre Order Customers With Details Of Their Upcoming Smartwatch For BlackBerry


I've pre-ordered mine, and am excited to get it. It's unfortunate that they haven't been offering updates regularly, at least to let us know they are still around.

are you realllly going to give up your Panerai for that LOL. What is that a PAM312? New 1950 case with in house movement, couldn't get a good shot of the dial though. Oh wait, we were talking about the BBwatch, sorry :)

lol. good eye! you nailed it. that is a pam 312 with the new 1950 case and in-house movement. and no need to apologize. i enjoy watch talk almost as much as BB talk :)

On my Storm 2, I am able to connect to a hands free device as well as my car stereo at the same time

I've had mine pre-ordered since early December. It was supposed to be a Christmas present (that i got in Feb/Mar) from my fiance but its been a while since I've heard from Allerta. Glad to know they are still breathing. I will wait as long as they need, hopefully they will work out most of the kinks before shipping.

I'm a BB geek but no way I could where that. Sorry, just not up my alley or necessary for me but to each their own.

in order for me to purchase this thing it's going to have to be very inexpensive, IE no more than $150. i'm pretty lazy, and i'm a gadget nut but i'm extremely fiscally conservative and will not shell out a ton of money for something like this.

Why can't they show a model that actually works. I would never pre-order without seeing the thing in action.

the pre-order process never asked you for any money up front, its just a place-holder for when a working model comes out and you want to buy you have your place in line for that production batch. Further down the line, when the item is ready for shipment they will ask for payment.

looks like i might be interested in one eventually, $149 pre-order price. i might have to look into one of these once they get them out and there is good feedback from users.

for preorders as of yet, until you get a shipping date..It's more of a waiting you're not losing money if it turns out to be a dud..

I am due for a phone upgrade in November. I'll probably grab one of these watches to compliment my DAKOTA then. On the other hand, Im sure my Rado compliments it just fine.

I have never seen that before but that is a GREAT idea haha. Wish I would have thought of that and built it first im jealous. Someday I will definitly get one but would like to see how they work when they are released first so everybody buy them and tell me how it is!

As someone who really enjoys wearing a watch IDK if I could take off my ESQ or Citizen for this. I will wait untill it releases and some live videos of it in action are posted. If it is as awesome as I hope it is, count me in!

pull out your phone already. do you see how tiny that screen is, look at the bezel. you lose about 1/2 inch of screen. thats just retarded i'm sorry, seriously your wrist will be 4inches from your face trying to scroll and read a text or email when you can just pull your phone out of your pocket. BUT... if you have money to blow go for it. Just my opinion of WHY!!!! when you phone will be in your pocket anyway and more than likely you'll pull your phone out to respond to the email or text.

After so long, and they still can't display a working model.

Says a lot about the product, and the company behind it.

Yet they are taking pre-orders - regardless of whether they are collecting payment up front or not.

What a joke!

lol....ya 90% sure it was a 312. wearing my PAM87 today actually. Blue limited 250pc blue dial 1000 meter submersible! PANERAI IN THE HOUSE :)

and made a more feminine version, I might consider it. Otherwise it seems really unnecessary. Most BlackBerry users I know have their phone attached to their hip or very easily accessible anyway. The only feature I could see being helpful is the notification that your phone is ringing when you have it on vibrate or silent as I always miss calls in those modes.