inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry Smartphones Gets Official; Now Available for Pre-Order!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Oct 2009 08:00 am EDT

inPulse smartwatch for BlackBerry Smartphones

A week ago we dropped photos and some preliminary specs here on the "BlackBerry Watch" that has been speculated about in the blogosphere since May. And today, the inPulse smartwatch for BlackBerry gets official. As we reported previously, the inPulse smartwatch is not a BlackBerry Smartphone on your wrist, nor is it manufactured by Research in Motion (nor is RIM developing an accessory like this on their own - this is the "BB watch"). Rather, the inPulse smartwatch is manufactured by Allerta, a new Waterloo-based start-up focused on intelligent smartphone accessories, and works as a companion to your BlackBerry Smartphone to notify you of incoming BlackBerry messages/events.

inPulse smartwatch for BlackBerry Tech Specs & Key Features

  • 1.3" full colour organic light-emitting-diode (OLED) display
  • Bluetooth® v2.0+EDR
  • 150 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery
  • Glass lens and full metal body
  • 22mm interchangeable wrist band
  • Vibrating motor
  • Micro-USB port (for charging)
  • Over-the-air firmware updates
  • Dimensions: 51mm height x 38mm width x 12mm depth

Jumping over to the inPulse FAQ page reveals other key stats. Battery life is slated at ~ 4 days depending on use and can be recharged in about 30 minutes via standard microUSB cable. To use the inPulse wristwatch you must also install an app onto your BlackBerry that runs in the background. Cool feature - you can set the inPulse (clock, timers, multiple alarms) right from your BlackBerry. It can receive firmware updates wirelessly, and will work on all BlackBerry Smartphones running OS 4.3 and up.

As for price, the inPulse smartwatch rings in at pretty reasonable $149 USD. It's available for pre-order now (not taking payment yet but you can get on the waiting list), with the first consumer shipments scheduled for February 2010. For more info, you can check out the press release below, visit for more product info and to pre-order, and check out the inpulse blog at to stay on top of developments.

Press Release

Free up your hands with the inPulse smartwatch for Blackberry

Waterloo, ON - Oct 26 2009. Allerta Inc is pleased to announce the inPulse wristwatch for BlackBerry®. Worried about missing an important message on your BlackBerry just because your hands are full? Get handsfree messages and alerts right on your wrist with inPulse.

inPulse is the perfect BlackBerry smartphone accessory - it's a watch that connects wirelessly to your phone by Bluetooth, instantly alerting you to incoming emails, SMS and calls. inPulse extends the functionality of your BlackBerry smartphone, so when you're in a pinch you can check your inPulse instead of fumbling around with your phone.

A limited first edition inPulse watch can be pre-ordered right now for US$149 at

Check your messages quickly and discreetly
Using inPulse, a glance down at your wrist is all it takes to easily check recently received email, SMS and even Twitter messages. New messages are sent directly to your inPulse. Instead of pulling out your phone to figure out who keeps texting you, just keep an eye on your inPulse.

Never miss an important call
Have you ever missed a call because you didn't hear your phone ringing or couldn't feel the vibration? inPulse has a built-in vibrating motor which alerts you immediately to incoming calls. Glance down at inPulse to quickly see who is calling.

Visit for more info and to purchase.

Allerta Inc is an intelligent consumer electronics start-up out of Waterloo, focused solely on creating cutting edge mobile accessories that mesh perfectly with smartphones and a mobile lifestyle. Allerta recognizes the emerging prominence of smartphones and aims to design useful products that leverage an ‘always-on' internet connection. Allerta's first product is inPulse, the world's first BlackBerry-connected wristwatch.

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Reader comments

inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry Smartphones Gets Official; Now Available for Pre-Order!


OLED is nice.. but I thought people don't wear watches anymore. Even the ones that do, bring out their cell phones to check the time

no option for preorder for the uk, only canada and the US, gutted, sent them an email so fingers crossed (or ebay next year!)

I wear watches, and use it to check the time over my BB. Although I constantly pull my BB out to check for messages/email since when I'm not at work/home I'm generally outside so I don't always feel it vibrate/ding in my pocket.

This is great for those days when I'm taking the kid out (I take her to the Zoo every Saturday so it'd be perfect to stay in touch w/ things w/o having to pull out my berry).

I put in my pre-order. I'm a watch whore + a phone junkee and tethered to my BB for school/work/etc so it's a great new toy for me.

i'm not sold on it. so you can see your miss calls and txts on your watch screen. why not just pull out your phone? you're going to be squinting at this tiny screen when you bb is right there in your hip/pocket/desk... why?

For the truly addicated.... I might just have to try it out. I don't know how many times I've receiving an email notification only to have it be junk mail or something I don't want to read at that moment.

Smart phone. Smart watch.

I think I'll wait till they come out with the Smart Ring. I can see the advertising already.....

"One look at your finger is all it takes to read all you email, scan through all your messages, and listen to all your voicemail. Hold up that finger and capture amazing pictures in amazing color.

The BerryFinger.... Connecting Smart People!"

After reviewing the pictures on the site that was linked, I discovered how ugly the watch is...

Although, the functionality of the watch is exactly what I need.

More to come...

I am still not sure what exactly the point of this is. Is it too much trouble to actually pull out your phone? $149 seems like a lot for an accessory that isn't a "must-have".

This thing screams GEEK! I guess if you're willing to wear your BB on your hip, you're willing to sport this freak on your wrist.

Why not complete the ensemble with a pocket protector, horn rimmed glasses and a lifetime pass to every Star Trek convention.

You'll really wow the ladies...

Sorry we can't all be as awesome as you, Labrador. I bet you're the type of person that doesn't take their sunglasses off inside.
Remember that your precious blackberry that you think makes you cool, along with most other forms of technology that you take for granted, were created by geeks.
So quiet down and stop judging while we're rolling 20's and doing science!

A blackberry does not make you cool nor does any other piece of technology. Money doesn't either. So go ahead and "roll your 20's" and enjoy the convention.

why do you need to attack people and what they think about it. You were the bully in school I bet. Just lay off we are all suppose to be friends here

If you have a link for the horned rimmed glasses and pocket protector I'd like to go ahead and pre-order those as well! What a great Monday!

I wonder why there are not shots of this watch on a person? How big is it? I bet it looks silly hence no "action shots".

Zomg!!! This is awesome! I want to preorder it. The only thing I would have a problem with is the full metal body, only because i have contact dermatitis and can't wear any metal except sterling silver and platinum. T_____T Still, this looks freaking sweet!

I've placed a pre-order for the simple fact that this watch suits my needs. I do a lot of walking and it's good to have access to something a bit more convenient (and less hazardous to life and limb for us addicts ;) ) than having to pull out my 'berry while on the move.

As to whether or not it's stylish or form-fitting? The Allerta web site seems to show it's not too large. Plus I'm not out to impress people; convenient information access is my motivating factor.

I love how this watch trumps the Storm2 announcement and the official Storm 5.0 release blogs as priority... just goes to show you how uneventful those two priors actually are....

GO SToormm... ugh--- yuck. :(

I think one of the best features is the vibrating alert. I never feel the vibration in my pocket,And can not have the sound on where i work. I only need to answer when one of my staff calls during the day, so this would be ideal

why, seriously? why do people need this? its just another thing for you to waste your money on to tell you to pick your BB you hav a bluetooth and a watch for your BB...srsly? i dont get it.

Nonetheless, I can make use of this: At work and at school were we are technically "prohibited" to have our cellphones in "hand". ;) I can pretend to be looking at the time, and be reading my email w/o pissing off the boss/professor. Haha!

If I'm going to spend $150 on a watch, it's going to be a dress watch. Sorry, I'll stick to my $20 digital watch for working out, running, biking, etc. No way would I wear the inPulse for anything other than those activities. I love the idea of this accessory, but not for that money.

I preordered one but we'll see if its actually worth it. I'd like to see the actual thing before buying it - especially for 150 bucks. And I'm not sure how ill feel about it in feb of 2010. So for now its a waiting game...

Do I really need another item alerting me of a new email, message, etc. I mean alert me on my wrist of a new message, when the phone is usually on me or next to me. The world is lazy enough, next we should create a pair of sunglasses that you can read your email on the inside lense when it comes in? I don't think I will be getting one.

100% agree....having blackberry is different with any other mobile phone. seems like we always carry this gadget in our palm wherever we go. Now do we need to spend USD150 just to put this gadget on our bag?? doesn't make sense..

I can't see anywhere that this does BBM messages. SMS/missed calls/emails/wtf no BBM?! That would round it off quite nicely.

Anyway, if it isn't available in the UK, meh. Although if it's more than £75, it's too expensive imo.

is thereany way i could win this watch now and have it delivered to me just before release so i could look good right at release?

I checked the site out, an it looks pretty cool. I just might cop one next year. And yes people still do wear watches. If i leave the house with out a watch on, i will turn around and get it, its just as important as my BB.

i can see it now, the BB Geeks will have there 2-3inches from there face punching at a tiny screen trying to read and nav, on the tiny screen. taking 3-4 times longer to do something when they could of just pulled out ther BB. Dont forget they'll be constantly complaining about battery life, losing sync, how there BB battery life is not keeping up with there bluetooth earpiece and watch at the same time.

that watch truly is for the BB Geek who thinks wearing gadgets is a cool thing. but who am I to define cool, just my two cents. impulse buys suck, think before you buy people.

And you registered to a BB site because youre not a BB geek??
If you dont like the watch then so be it. Its not about the BB feature that got me interested, it still a digital watch to me that does something cool. For $150 its not a steep price. Also, isnt having the latest B an umpulse buy, like upgrading from a curve to a storm, bold or tour?? Dont soapbox here plz...

no i registered to learn more about my bb. geeks usually take things to the extreme. A person using a computer is not a computer geek until he/she takes it to the extreme. dont tell me you dont think wearing a bb gadget watch is a little geeky. I can honestly say i'm a computer geeky, i'm sitting in front of 4 LCD screens right now, computer in every room, including the bathroom, my friends and family call me for computer help, I never travel without a laptop or my umpc... The price of the watch means nothing, I have a 3d computer visor I spent $550 on that I use probably like 3 times.

as for upgrading phones a lot of people do it just to have the latest phone others need the features. I'm not saying the watch isn't useful but the side of the screen and being that you need to have your bb with 20-30ft of you kind of defeats the reason for having it. You can spin it either way but when it comes down to it i'm willing to bet more than half the people who purchase wont be as happy with it as they thought they would.

Well, i see your view. But since im informed about what the watch does, i know what im getting into. I see it as a cool watch which does cool things. If it doesnt pan out, then im out of only $150, thats all. And also $150 sounds better to my wife than spending $1700 for this digital gucci watch i have been drooling over for almsot a year.
And yes, you are way most geeky than i. I have an IT admin degree and i am the appointed computer person in my family and inner circle. Computers in every room, i understand. But you keep a laptop on you all the time, and the bathroom? Wow, thats serious overkill.

maybe the design isn't all that great. But the concept is perfect. Watches(even ugly digital one) cost a lot of $$$ and $149 I think is actually a steal for a device that does all this. I'm thinking about buying this for my boyfriend. He never hears or feels his phone when it rings and he can't continuously check his BB while at work or in meetings. Being able to glance at his watch would probably be a life saver for him. He LIVES on his BB! This is another step to being hands free. And those who think its extremely so? Just because you don't like/need it doesn't mean that there arent people out there who would actually make GREAT use of this device. I'm a geek, a big one, but I don't wear thick framed black glasses or a pocket protector but I would love to have this watch, I just don't need it. But I still think the concept is EXCELLENT.

It could be very useful for a lot of people. My wife is a teacher and has to leave her phone on silent, so this would come in handy when I have to email or text her about something. Also with my job I can't always hear my phone ring and/or vibrate. But with all that being said I'm still one the fence.........

I only wear adjustable metal link watch bands, like my Fossil. Add an analog-style display on it with no icons (except 12, 3, 6, 9, and dots for those digits in between) and I'll think about it. I'm talking optional themes here...

Options, baby, options!

After looking over their site (from the FAQs):

"Is inPulse waterproof?
inPulse has been designed to withstand mild splashes (from washing hands, rain, etc) but has not yet been rated against any waterproof or water-resistant standards."

WHAT?! C'mon guys. For $150, should you really neglect such basic features that even cheap $10 watches have?

I think what's driving post on this is a lack of investment capital. The concept is cool, but they really need to consult with a watch maker to solve the wristband and waterproofing problems among other faults. In order for this to be successful, they need to think more about the wristwatch side of the equation which seems to be an afterthought. If you want this consumer to replace his $90 Fossil....

Obviously they don't even have it into production or else we'd see an actual model. Apparently they haven't found enough investment capital to build a few thousand of them so they're pimping for pre-orders. If they were smart, they'd sell and license the concept to Fossil, Timex, Casio, or Seiko. Then they could justify the price tag, they'd have an enormous sales channel, and best of all - they'd have a quality watch that would get more attention than from just us nerds on

[* Consulting fees are accepted at Pay-Pal, thankyouverymuch!]

pre-ordered mine already.
Right now my current watch is broken, been tossing around the idea of getting it fixed, but I just check the time on my blackberry now.

Des anyone know? The watch is b-tooth so I assume it should work at the same time a b-tooth headset was in use but to date i've never needed to use two devices....

First off, I think that it is obvious that this is only geared for people that it works for, just like EVERYTHING else in the entire world. Some people think TV is stupid and don't own one (that's their lifestyle though). The watch is not appealing to me, however it could be very useful. At my job I work with people. For me it would be disrespectful and/or unsafe for me to pull out my phone and look at it everytime it went off. Being able to simply look at my wrist as if im checking the time and see if it something I should address now or if it is something that can wait is a big deal to me. For those of you saying "why not just pull out your BB???!?!?!!!?!?!!??!?" than you OBVIOUSLY have different needs. You may HAVE TO HAVE something that I think is stupid. I think most of you need to understand this is something made for some people and not all. At least respect the idea and effort put forth for us on top of the desire and need some people may have for it. Ok, my rant is over...I just can't stand when people only think the things they want or need are all that matters.

I know I'm going to receive a lot of flak for this, but in my opinion.... this "wrist gadget" (can't really call it a watch, can we?) is totally unnecessary!

And although I'm not a prophet of doom, I'll tell you exactly what will happen with it....

1. It will be released in some form or other.
2. A certain genre of people will rush out and buy it.
3. There will be numerous bugs and complaints about it.
4. An upgraded version will be released, claiming to fix all the initial bugs.
5. A smaller set of people will buy the v.2, while all the folks who bought the v.1 will rave and rant.
6. Not too long down the road, the novelty will fizzle out, support for the device will cease, and the manufacturer will not be heard from again.
7. After that it will become just another "do you remember the...." item, with a few popping up on ebay every now and again with a 0.99c starting price!

Not knocking anyone - to each his own; just stating what I have learned from my own experiences with these sort of "add-on" gadgets.

By the way, have you seen the pictures of this device actually on the wrist? "If you jog with wrist weights, you can leave the weights at home - just get an inPulse smartwatch for each wrist". Now that sounds like advertising they could!

Oh.... and the sooner the manufacturers change the name from inPulse the better! I'm sure they did their homework and know that iNpulse is synonymous with Verizon pre-paid phones :)

Yes, yes, I know I "don't have to buy it" but some advice: from a fashion perspective, this is as terrible as a Casio calculator watch. It also, in my humble opinion, promotes the most severe laziness. If you can't pull your phone out of your pocket to check if you have a new message, you may have a problem.

I think they should have made a helmet with a HUD instead, so the people wearing it would be shielded from my laughter.

I have to get one of these..
For exp.. i was in a training class to which NO cell phones were aloud out.. would of came in handy

I think I will get this for my husband who works in car manufacturing. A lot of times he can't hear nor feel his phone which is on his hip in the holster. With this, he will be able to get those important calls and texts from his workers and his wife of course during work hours. He doesn't normally wear a watch but I know he'll wear this at least at work.

It's sound good, but its not worth it to me to just check to see what messages are coming in. The idea of it notifying me of a call because I can't hear the ring or I have it on vibrate is appealing, BUT..... still not good enough. I'll wait until after 02/10. Now if it had hands free speaker phone capability. I like to idea of driving and the phone rings I just have to tap my watch to answer it. I hate those earpieces, and to me that looks more geeky then a smartphone watch. Yes I know for some of you are thinking Dick Tracy. If you don't know Dick Tracy, then research it you young SOBs :), and stop watching Spongebob.

I have not used a watch for a while, but this one i may give it a try. Looks great, although more options would be great.

$149 + tax. Not too bad I think. Powerpad or this. Hmmm..... lol. Hope this will be chargeable through Powerpad in the future. It would be awesome! :)

I can see uses for this. For those who actually work, you can quickly glance at your watch instead of using your bb if you get a message or a call. (although staring at your watch during a meeting isn't exactly proper work etiquette either.

i can imagine staring down at the watch if im on my bike. Basically, its a good device to have whenever you need two hands to do something, and you want to glance at what was sent to you.

eating a burger
any active sport where you dont want to keep your phone on your (i.e. playing basketball)

I can see uses for this. For those who actually work, you can quickly glance at your watch instead of using your bb if you get a message or a call. (although staring at your watch during a meeting isn't exactly proper work etiquette either.

i can imagine staring down at the watch if im on my bike. Basically, its a good device to have whenever you need two hands to do something, and you want to glance at what was sent to you.

eating a burger
any active sport where you dont want to keep your phone on you (i.e. playing basketball)

I can see uses for this. For those who actually work, you can quickly glance at your watch instead of using your bb if you get a message or a call. (although staring at your watch during a meeting isn't exactly proper work etiquette either.

i can imagine staring down at the watch if im on my bike. Basically, its a good device to have whenever you need two hands to do something, and you want to glance at what was sent to you.

eating a burger
any active sport where you dont want to keep your phone on you, but can place it in a backpack near the court (i.e. playing basketball)