Infographic shows the BBM Top 10 countries with World Cup Football Fever

Infographic shows the BBM Top 10 countries with World Cup Football Fever
By DJ Reyes on 14 Jul 2014 11:13 am EDT

The World Cup for 2014 is now over. One month, 64 matches, 32 countries. Germany emerged as the world champions after beating Argentina 1-0 in the final. It's great to see the world come together when events like these happen. And if you're like me, you may have tweeted during every match you watched or you may have been part of a BBM Group dedicated to World Cup talk. Over the weekend, BlackBerry released an infographic on BBM usage during the all the World Cup matches played up until July 3rd, 2014.

Overall, BlackBerry looked at 36 countries' BBM usage and 30 of them had an increase in BBM usage during match time. Some as little as 2 percent, while countries saw a 40 percent increase.

Interestingly, the country with the highest BBM increase during match time was a country that wasn't even in the tournament this year. The hosts from 4 years ago, South Africa, topped this Football Fever graphic with an 83 percent increase in BBM usage during matches played in the World Cup. The U.K. came second with 61 percent and Portugal were third with 49 percent. Further down the list the percentage differences were not that much with Europe taking up most spots in this Top 10 list.

Top 10 World Cup BBM Countries

Were you part of the BBM Football Fever? Were you messaging your BBM contacts or participating within group chats during the World Cup? I know I was. Kind of sad to see it all over now. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Infographic shows the BBM Top 10 countries with World Cup Football Fever


In the regional qualifiers, you have to come out in the top two of the group. Canada did not qualify. Many more countries participate in these, but only the top 32 make it to the finals.

Haha. No doubt. Pretty sure the first Canadian tweet for the world cup had to do with the Florida panthers' first pick.

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Let's build our own CrackBerry soccer team to represent Canada for the next world cup Bla1ze~!

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Soccer still hasn't gotten to the level of other countries, sadly, in Canada. I think the Hockey Channels get flogged to death.

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They put up a good fight. Though they rely on Messi too much. They kept passing the ball to Messi even though he's closely guarded by two or sometimes three defense.

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

You rely on the Messis, Neymars and Ronaldos of the world, you lose.

Build a T.E.A.M., not a bunch of chicken players around some "rooster" and you win a World Cup.

Look at the US and what their German coach Klinsmann did for them. I reckon they did very well, just lacked some polish.

When I watched the GER-USA game, I looked at my wife and said: "There are two German teams on field, this is gonna be one tough game for both sides, to play against yourself... " "Yes, I thought the same", yep, that's what she said.

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Haha yeah, SA is at the top and we weren't even in the world cup...for shame.

Blargh, Blargh! CB10 blargh.

But how do you explain the spike in usage?

I for one BBM'ed results and the obligatory "Who's gonna win?" stuff around...

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I am wondering why Indonesia isn't on the list. We are soccer enthusiasts.

ॐ BBM channeling at C003910CB

All the more why BlackBerry should target these key European and African countries with new products over the rest of the world!

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I was part of the BBM increase from Canada. BBM made it easy to cheer with my Brazilian, Mexican, and German friends. In real time.

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The first two countries don't surprise me for BBM numbers, as these are heavier BlackBerry users. What is surprising are the following few countries.

Side thought: I'll bet those BBM users were from other platforms.
Still, good to see BBM doing well.

I wonder if they included BBM channels? I participated in channel comments every game

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:D yeah, but BlackBerry was always recognized as a brand for business users and therefore not recognized by the normal consumer.

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South Africans love BlackBerry but have lost some support to Android.

I will never give up on BlackBerry as we show the rest of the world that we will rule the market.

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Canada can only get in by hosting the World Cup. The next chance is 2026. Will BBM still be around?

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I started a BBM group chat with my friends for the world cup. Its great because we could post pics and focus discussions on the picture itself, match schedule shown under event and our friendly bets kept track by BBM group lists. It was really great. BUT!

But its amazingly stupid that we couldnt use BBM stickers on the group chat.

My iOS friends couldnt mute the group (we have jobs you know) unless the whole app is muted.

If we left the chat for a while we would have to scroll up to find where we left off.

We also couldn't share videos of highlights or whatnot.

BBM needs these BASIC features NOW!

Differentiate or Die

A couple of observations...

Firstly for those people who are saying that this is based on BlackBerry usage in the country.. I don't think it is because it is based on BBM usage as a percentage increase during game times and it measures BBM which should include those who use Android and Ios versions.

Secondly DJ states that England came second.. which is incorrect as in the graphic shows it as UK.. the Welsh, Scottish and N Irish watch the world cup too. Also the UK is quite a multi - cultural nation.

What is also interesting is the time zones.. the games in Europe / Africa were shown in the evening / nights which is when you would expect to see an increase in social messaging activity.. as I don't think that BlackBerry are monitoring messages for world cup specific items.

But I like stats... so keep them coming

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A bit of an oversight on my part there. Yes, that should have been UK not England :)

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Congratulations to germany.
I always make a group for the world cup.
And I'm sure gonna miss chatting about the
World cup.

But don't forget that the euro 2016
Is just in 2 years.

Add me up if u want to be part of it.
Dj is. Lol

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The article states that England came second, when in fact it was the UK, which includes Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland too :)

I have friends from around the world and we had a group chat going for the entire tournament. It was constantly beeping during the games.

-Dustin on his BlackBerry Q10

And where was our World Cup app for BlackBerry? Either the FIFA or the CBC. Very disappointing. Would have been nice to stream it on my BlackBerry. I don't know who to blame anymore...

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USA here. Was doing daily dialogues with knowledgeable fans world wide the past 31 days.
Nice to get other views on the same game.


Go South Africa! We might not make it to the tournament but we still seem to love BBM. BlackBerry for the win.