Infinity - Premium theme from Elecite

By Bla1ze on 15 Jul 2010 07:54 am EDT

You all remember the "concierge app" that RIM showed off right? Well Infinity takes that concept and steps it up to the next level on many scales. Not just in funtionality but also looks.

Infinity takes your current icons and conveniently prioritizes them at the top in categories. A prominent clock makes it very easy to see the time even at the quickest glance. All of this is made possible while keeping all of the features you've been requesting such as the hidden today and customizable icons easy to use.

  • Practical design
  • 14-16 organized quick access icons
  • 5-6 customizable icon dock
  • Large "Today" preview area for Messages and Calendar
  • Weather or Profile slot
  • Bright, polished dashboard interface

Infinity was designed to look good and work great on all devices. Devices currently supported by Infinity are: Tour, Bold 9700, 8900 and Storm series. You can grab Infinity for only $6.99

Reader comments

Infinity - Premium theme from Elecite


Looks pretty sweet, although wish it would be possible to customize the different sections like 'people. Especially when you use SocialScope, I don't need a separate Facebook and Twitter spot.

Got burned on the iV3 theme and so I'm a little hesitant. Berry Holiday 2 by far is my favourite.

themes, so desperately need to have a preview time period of a few days or something to try them out before blowing money.

I guess I got suckered in by the hype. Sure, it "looks" pretty but its not as functional as the reviews tell us. That's $6.99 I'll never get back. :(

Hey guys,

Thanks for the comments. We appreciate you and your opinion.

@Aztek13 We offer a 7 day "no questions asked" replacement or refund policy. We will be more than happy to assist you with that.

@YMark I just want to assure you that we do test all of our themes before we release them. If you have found a bug in our theme, please contact our support team and we will address the issue ASAP.

We also have a free support chat on our site at that will allow you to talk to one of our guys anytime during our normal business hours.

Appreciate the effort but deterrent to go for this price. I will prefer that all theme makers can take this in account. the net volume sale with 0.99 will be much higher.

This is simply not true.

I would love to offer themes for the $0.99 price point, but the market is way too small. Some developers can spend just as much time and effort creating a solid theme, with lots of updates, as an iPhone developer can spend creating a single application. The difference lies in the size of the market, which I don't have to tell you is incredibly small compared to the iPhone App Store.

Not to mention that iPhone developers have the benefit of only working on one standard device layout, that is, a 3.5" 480x320, or the newer, 960x640 display. BlackBerry developers have to create versions for a ludicrous amount of devices with keyboards, without keyboards, with 3.25", 2.4", 2.2", screens, all with different resolutions and processing capabilities. Nevermind all the OS variations and headaches those cause.

I got this theme and I am a very picky person when it comes to themes.. It took me 2 days of playing to figure it out and it does grow on you. I do have facebook, twitter, And BBM so thats perfect.. I have no issues with it so far except when I dialed out, it came up with some sort of error.. But the second time I tried it worked..

Bottom of screen.. Love it.. Now I dont have to worry about my Messenger, twitter, facebook, etc.. Those are for my other highly used apps..

Again, I rarely buy any themes but I liked this one..

It's too bad there's no mention of the 9.9/10 BQC this product Received. Elecite worked very hard for that. And the BQC Team members selected were 5 of the best in the industry. Great work Rollin, Alex and the rest of the Elecite team. Glad to see your still holding strong. This product deserves everything it gets.

i like the theme, but have one issue with it. why can't i scroll from phone, to people, to media, to utilities?

it seems like i have to click first, which brings up the user defined icon menu, and then scroll back down to the "phone, people, media, utilities" list, then scroll from phone to people and then up to that menu.

if that makes any sense, i feel like the navigation needs some modification.

can't this be changed for the next revision? if it was i think it would make all the difference in the world.

it almost seems as if this theme was meant to be run on a touchscreen, and doesn't do well on the full qwerty devices.

As a self proclaimed theme-junkie, I bought this theme as soon as it came out. As with several others I've purchased, it always looks better on the site than it does on your Blackberry.

The theme is cool in concept but cumbersome to use on my 9700. So in essence, another waste of $6.99.

Some of the best themes I've downloaded have been free or only $.99 So with that, I'm done with "premium" themes.


We are sorry to hear you are not pleased with our theme. If you get a minute, please contact me personally (Michael) at I will be more than happy to ether replace the theme or offer you a refund.

We don't want anyone to feel like they wasted their money on our product.

We love what we do.


Looks great, but $6.99? Do these prices seem to be getting a little outragious or is it just me? I'd expect a whole lot for that price. I, personally, have never purchased a "premium" theme. My expectations are too high for the prices they charge. I worry I'd be disappointed.