BBThemes produces yet another beauty - This time with Infinity

By James Richardson on 15 Oct 2012 10:02 am EDT

It has been some months now since we have had a new theme from BBThemes but fear not - the wait is over. Dave has been hard at work producing his latest creation and you should be able to tell from the images why it has taken such a long time.

Infinity, which is currently only available for the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 and P'9981, not only has had all the native BlackBerry icons redesigned but in addition there are a selection of colour options available so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Dave's last themes, iON Blue & iON Pink, proved to be a huge hit with theme lovers and I see no reason why Infinity won't have the same success. From speaking with him on a daily basis - building Infinity has been a lengthy process, but one that was worth the graft. The icons are now all totally different from the stock ones and the color options have been implemented into many of the native applications of the BlackBerry.

Taking a look at the homescreen you will notice that like his previous themes, Dave has chosen to minimise the top banner - therefore freeing up a bit more screen real estate. With the app tray open this allows for an extra row of icons to be visible. The small battery icon, clock, WiFi and signal strength icons also get the colour flair along with the sound profiles and universal search icons getting a makeover which gives the theme and extra twist.

Whichever colour you choose that same colour will show up at random points depending which application you are in. So for example - below in the calendar app you will see the blue if that is the version you have chosen to purchase. And the same applies in messaging, BBM etc. Good isn't it? 


In fact, up until now the BlackBerry calendar app has never been themed. Clever old Dave!


The Infinity themes will set you back $2.99 each and for the beauty and variation that has gone into producing them it is money well spent if you ask me. Nice job once again Dave.

More information/Download Infinity Blue for the BlackBerry Bold
More information/Download Infinity Green for the BlackBerry Bold
More information/Download Infinity Orange for the BlackBerry Bold
More information/Download Infinity Pink for the BlackBerry Bold
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More information/Download Infinity Red for the BlackBerry Bold

Reader comments

BBThemes produces yet another beauty - This time with Infinity


I am sorry Dave, but these are sexy and RIM should steal these square icons for BB10. Much better than what is on the leaked L-series shots. You did a great job I will be buying this theme. I wish RIM would give you a theme builder. How many folder option choices are there for the home screen?

Looked at this theme and realized I had already bought it. Yes it's a great theme, although the tiny mark to indicate you have a new email/twitter could be a bit bigger and the skinny outline to show you're on an icon could be somewhat thicker ... Still it's very nice.

Unfortunately for RIM they are discontinuing themes with BB10 interesting that the top #2 Android and Apple supports this and you struggling for market share isn't I smell doom!!!

It isn't doom. OS 7/7.1 will be supported for many many years to come. BB10 won't have themes, but it'll have many great apps that are themed, including glorious wallpapers.

I have purchased three versions of this outstanding theme- the best work ever! I have posted a comment under the theme-threat of BBthemes... And I repeat it in a short way: RIM BB10 icons sucks, BBThemes creativity rules! BB10 without the capability of themebuilding resp. Themechanging is a half-hearted we know from RIM since OS6.... With this unbelievable theme and surface on my Bold I can easily waive for BB10!

yes its quite big, this is due to all of the customisation. every element in there (all 474 files pre-export) are as compressed as they can be.