Indonesian service providers say blame RIM for network issues, not us

By Yousif Abdullah on 10 Nov 2010 02:41 pm EST

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BlackBerry users in Indonesia have complained over slow network access and poor reception, but local service providers recently responded with a defensive argument stating they have no control over certain aspects of their service. Customers have, among other things, experienced erratic behavior with BlackBerry Messenger, such as messages not going through and staying in a pending state. Naturally, as BlackBerry data is routed through the RIM network of operations center (NOC), some network issues might come up and as such are inevitable.

Now that RIM has opened its offices in the country, customer complaints may be directly forwarded to a RIM representative. This will lighten the load on service providers' support lines, stated Erick Noviantoro, manager at service provider Telkomsel. He also added that the reported issues affect all Indonesian service providers, as the problem stems from RIM and can not be controlled on the service provider level. CrackBerry readers from Indonesia, have you experienced problems with BIS on your service provider? Sound off in the comments!

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Indonesian service providers say blame RIM for network issues, not us


Yes I'm still having the problem. I'm using Axis. But I don't know which is, since Axis is quite lame as new provider, sometimes I got total blank spot for 10 seconds. But I don't really bother with that cuz I still have wifi connection at home and at my office. The reason I'm using Axis because it's the cheapest BIS. Just costs me equal to US$ 8 monthly for full service. ;)

OK, so from what I have gathered, most of you experiencing issues are on Axis. Telkomsel is also affected I see. I can with fair certainty say that as far as cellular coverage goes, the service provider is definitely the culprit. However, I can with equal certainty say that a problem in the RIM NOC itself is not something impossible. In case there is more to this, I'll let you know. I'll keep my eyes wide open :)


At least I asked 7 friends with different providers such as Telkomsel, Indosat, Three, Axis, and XL. They're complaining about how laggy their BBs in the past 2 weeks. And also I asked friends using iPhone, Android and Nokia smartphones about connections. They said they don't have problems with their connections. I also saw myself they showed me streaming vids, playing online game, etc. Fast. Of course when they had that test without wifi connection.
And I'm posting this with my BB, it took me quite long to open this page (took about 2 mins. Usually took about few seconds). So, now I must say, RIM is having connection issues.

This is tho most typical comment from provider support lines in Indonesia to avoid the provider responsibilities and to have an escape goat.
If the problem is in RIM Network, how come when they used a wifi connection, all going flawless?
Actually the problem is not from RIM, but from a small bandwith, that the provider have. And because they wouldn't like to be blamed and complained, they said that the problem is from RIM. They think, with that comment, the can avoid any more complain and think the people can be fooled.
But ... I still don't understand, why they can't just say, sorry that their bandwith are not big enough.

Yeah I agreed it has been REALLY slow for the last 4 days and most issues like this are coming from people above me + me (which is Axis) and indluding Telkomsel which my mother use

I think the provider is the one that to be blame..
Indonesia is very big country with many islands.
There are too many places with weak signal, and also they only provide low bandwidth.
Only big city get 3G signal..

While I'm using onyx, I can only get GPRS signal @ my house

Yeah luge, you're right! In the ads, one of the provider said they provide 1.2 Gbps for the BlackBerries, but at the real world, you've to wait about 5 minutes before they'd sent off..
I'm in Smart Telecom, which means I'm using CDMA.. Its flying,most of the time.. running like a champ! But I did notice degradation of speed, mostly when the 'overload' hour(7-9PM).. And I HATE the coverage! Even in the suburbs, I'm only able to get 50% of EVDO, sometimes dropped to 1X...
What the hell is onyx? Do you using quartz to do BB stuffs?:p

Hi i am using axis before i move to qatar, and now i am using vodafone, as far as i am concern indonesia provider always find a way to cover they weakness using other to blame, here in qatar i don't have any problem the speed was great and no problem at all, when i am connected with my wife her's using axis the bbm show very long to show r or even d,that was very anoying, so Indonesian provider stop blaming others before you correcting Indonesia.

Wow, it's finally time the country goes worldwide for the whole world to know.

It is SO Indonesia to throw blames to others. This is only 1 example case. If you live in this country you'll notice even MORE in your daily matters.

Don't and never expect customer service things from any services/providers you found here.
Well, maybe 1 out of 100 you can.

Hi, I'm not a techno geek who know whose service is lame, RIM's or providers'. One undebatable things is, in Indonesia, signal strength is highly dependent on where we use our cellular, either  or others.
On the other hand, although for instance the problem is RIM's, Indonesian providers should not blame other. Better they're hand in hand with RIM to get a way out in delivering best services to the users.
Btw, any comments from RIM so far?

there definitely is a possibility for network issues to stem from the RIM NOC. This has been the case many times in the past, when BIS has gone south in some parts of the world. I do not know for sure whether in fact this particular case is the fault of RIM, but I am with you in that service providers should work together with RIM instead of shift the responsibility to RIM. To offer BlackBerry services is a mutual relationship, it requires both the coordination of RIM and the service provider. Clearly, something went wrong here.

And no, RIM has not commented on the case as far as I know.


Not from India...

In fact I'm in Canada... but sounds like a case of "pass the buck". Why take responsibility if you can shift the blame elsewhere (even though it might come back and bite you in the a$$)?

Yeah, with more and more people joining the BB community everyday in Indonesia, something needs to be done to ensure a stable, reliable and sustainable internet connection all over our daily activities. I have noticed some of my friends complaining about slow connection, inability to connect to the BIS or even just like having a frozen connection nowadays. I don't wanna mention what carriers they are using but, I can say that, not only GSM but also CDMA based carriers now in Indonesia, they are having this issue.

I am with Telkomsel. My mobile number has been with me for a while and for me, having just 1 permanent mobile number is enough, and that's why I choose Telkomsel BIS for my blackberry. So far, I have never had any major issues, however, yes, I notice that sometimes the connection is a bit slower at some areas. I don't see that this is a problem from the RIM itself, but it's the problem from Telkomsel's side. However, I'm just a humble subscriber, what I can do is just keep on using the service, report if there is any problem and hopefully it could be resolved.

Having a bandwidth of up to 1.2 GBps is good, in fact, Indonesia's BIG 3 GSM mobile carriers, Telkomsel-Indosat-XL have equipped their Blackberry service with dual carrier links to the RIM server in Canada. It's good to have those as the traffic will be balanced, however, the topography and demography of Indonesian mobile users (particularly Blackberry) is a bit different to other countries around the world, and this is also something we need to consider too.

Currently I live in Melbourne, AUS and I'm using the Singtel-owned OPTUS, the 1st blackberry-enabled GSM carrier in Australia. The connection is stable almost all the time, no matter where you are at, what network you're using (2G/3G) and yeah.. it's fast, even though I lock my bold 9700 to the Optus' GPRS network.