Indonesia government threatens to stop use of BlackBerry Messenger

By Adam Zeis on 9 Dec 2011 08:53 am EST

Indonesia BlackBerry

The Indonesia government is buzzing after RIM has opted to build a new server in Singapore and not Indonesia. The Indonesian Telecommunication Body is so outraged they are threatening to end BlackBerry Messenger use on all devices in the country. RIM made an agreement with the government back in September which called for the establishement of a new data center, and although the agreement didn't specify where it should be built, the Indonesia government felt it should have been in their country as they have the most BlackBerry users in Southeast Asia.

"Because RIM has not been cooperative, it is possible that we will soon end BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) and BBM service. BlackBerry therefore, would just be like other cellular phones," BRTI member Heru Sutadi told The Jakarta Post on Friday.

Without the server in Indonesia, officials feel they cannot properly monitor the services to be sure they are secure. "With the condition as it is now, we warn that the country's users to be cautious about using BlackBerry because the data exchanged is not safe or cannot be guaranteed of its safety," he said. While it does seem unlikely that the government would stop the use of BBM over this, we'll see how it all pans out.

Source: Jakarta Post
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Indonesia government threatens to stop use of BlackBerry Messenger


Hope Indonesia gov and RIM have approval of this. Can't imagine using BlackBerry without BBM service. Smartphone without smart..

This sounds more like a school fight with somebody liking somebody more than somebody else.

But the real question is - where do I get an orange case like that for my 9900? I haven't seen one of those.

Each and every kind of cases for the BlackBerry, you can get it in Jakarta. Anything you can imagine, trust me on this lol. That one probably costs not more than $3.

I was in Hong Kong recently and picked up a few new cases for myself and gf. They had all the colors in the rainbow, plus some with 'bling' and some great quality leather flip cases. 9900/30 must be doing well, the guy said he was selling a lot.

Have two 9930's in the house.

Stubborn. Just because the government couldn't get what they wanted…
Still, there are other free platforms around, namely Live Profile, even if it doesn't come near  Messenger's performance.

They're threatening to shut off BIS entirely, no data services would work rendering all of those other messengers just as useless.

The management simply does not get it. This is another example showing that they are incapable of protecting their biggest market. They must go . We need new blood.

You mean their government just doesn't get it. Selecting a data centre location hinges on several things such as infrastructure support, gov't stability etc... This goes for ANY company.

"With the condition as it is now, we warn that the country's users to be cautious about using BlackBerry because the data exchanged is not safe or cannot be guaranteed of its safety,"

In other words, it isn't easy to spy on our people, but we just don't want to come right out and say it.

Apparently they don't really have reliable infrastructure place to support a data center. So what's the point of putting it in their country if it would result in more downtime?

this is just an additional opportunity for indo's govt, especially after the last 'stampede' incident & indo's govt wants RIM to invest (pay) in one way or another, also Heru wants some share of that $$ so he can buy more CRACK!

I doubt this is a simple temper tantrum. I think this is about power and wanting to control what is passing thru citizen devices. Look at how media has been shaping political movements worldwide. Several athoritarian governments have had big issues with the privacy of BBM. Don't assume RIM is stupid. They might have decided placing a center there would mean giving up some of the most valued security of BB devices. There is a lot more to this story than the Indonesian government would be putting in a public rant.

I wouldn't have put the caveat of "authoritarian governments" being the only ones concerned with privacy of BBM or any other other technology for that matter.

All governments, including the United States, Canada, and England, the supposedly "free" countries, would love nothing better than to be able to spy on their citizens. And in fact, these countries already spy on what you do.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply delusional, ignorant, or all of the above.

I think RIM is thinking of placing it in Singapore because of they already have an office there. So it makes sense. They have employees there to manager the servers in case their is an issue. Why have resources in 2 separate places?

Another Douh!!! for RIM, Way to go guys, put in singapore witha whole population less than the number of BB users in Indonesia. RIM turns a no-brianer into a fail.

+1 to "the number of BB users determine where a data center should be located?". Indonesia just don't have the infrastructures RIM require, this include the street, the people, and the political situation in the country. This should tells why RIM pick Singapore over Indonesia regardless the number of BB users.

I beg differ. Rim may have lots of costumer in Indonesia but the infrastructure is light years behind what Singapore has. I'm a VietNamese and I had come to both country so I think its a good choice for RIM. Building a data center there would mean outage are seen more often and longer lasting- and that's the lasting thing anyone wants

so ur sayin frm all those thousand islands indonesia had they cant build a decent tower at all?? we may not hve the best infrastructure but we def could build a tower

Sure anyone can build a tower but there's a massive amount of data going through that data center. Singapore also has a more stable everything. It really doesn't matter where the center is because in the end, its just a hub. It just needs to be somewhere that has resources to support it.

who has the most blackberry users in southeast asia? INDONESIA.. then why the fuck r u building a RIM factory at MALAYSIA?? n now u want to build a server in SINGAPORE??
u r sumthin else.. *kevin hart voice*

You sound like your pride is hurt if RIM doesn't build "something" in your country - you have some serious issues to deal with. That said, you have zero idea of how businesses are run so your opinions are just way off.

I teach business. Locating in a strategically important nation like Indonesia is almost a no brainer. Indonesia, a developing country with one of the biggest populations in the world and a country you have successfully penetrated and then you turn your back on them?? Not even assembly?? Come on.

I don't even think a data center is that risky since RIM should have the infrastructure to make any data center redundant So if political issues arise reroute data elsewhere. But let's grant that it is too risky. RIM should still be showing significant investment in that country. It isn't as if it's a small nation.

I hate to say this but the this is the ramifications of bowing down to India last year over access to messages.

Actually when I think back on it, the run of negatively biased press started around this time.

Sure, it doesn't help their current crop of issues, but it's hard to say that the bad press theme doesn't run through their issues.

For one thing at least Mike wouldn't have had to contend with the questions that made him storm off and really get the bad PR train going.

The Indonesian government is using the security excuse to get RIM to build in their country so they can get the $$$ coming with it. ..and let's not forget the spying on its citizens' BBM messages. It is not about security as RIM would be in charge of that.

More evidence of eastern countries who cry if they don't get everything they want. Sickens me. An 8 year old child has more maturity.

This is so dumb.... it's like some kind of stupid school yard fight

"If you go over to Bill's house, we aren't friends no more!!"

"If you build a server in Singapore, we aren't friends no more!!"

See what I did there? So stupid and childish. I'd like to see them cut RIM off and then they will receive the full backlash of the people.

Yup. Shades of junior high school. . .really petty.

But when you run the army and the police you get to be as petty as you like.

"There is no shame in being a poor man . . . but it is confounded inconvenient." -Canon Sydney Smith

My opinion : Just see it from other side. I think RIM have any reason why build in S'pore not in Indonesia. My advice to Indonesia's Gov, please to see and learn about it. All not only with quantity but with quality. *sorry for my bad english*

there are just various reasons why RIM decided not to build the server in indonesia...indonesians love to burn anything that they are not happy with...BIS down for an hour and they could just burn the whole building down...we'll never know

building it in Singapore may provide a waaay better service to its users

Singapore is one of the top 3 most expensive places to do business in Asia. I don't understand why RIM choose them over Indonesia. Just to lease out the land in Singapore to station servers will cost RIM 400% more then what it cost in Indonesia. Also the labour cost difference in both country are on the deep opposite ends.

This is a really bad business decision by RIM and I think they are making a huge mistake. The only possible reason why they prefer Singapore is that it's a neutral country.

snowfort mentioned infrastructure earlier...I believe that Indonesia may not have the infrastructure required by RIM. Thay could be the reason why RIM opted for Singapore instead of Indonesia.

Even if they stop using it... Can they indoesia live without Blackberry? since "indonesia government felt it have the most BlackBerry users in Southeast Asia."

yeah exactly!! indonesia goes android? indonesia goes iOS? take that for yourselves, the network won't be capable enough to ensure the huge data streaming.

as an indonesian living in australia, i've been watching this news about my govt trying to threaten the use of BIS & BBM since the beginning of the year. thinking using my indonesian minded overview, it's a pain in the a*s to know that RIM is gonna put its SE asia & pacific's server in Singapore rather than in my home country, considering Singapore's berry penetration is now being considerably stagnant due to the growth of iphones over there. I also feel the pain when RIM picked Malaysia as its base for its new factory, while in fact, Indonesia is the largest berry market in ASEAN region.

BUT.. thinking from the western side, it's RIM's decision, RIM is a global company, RIM has its own authority to analyse & decide what to do & where to build its server, not just for INDONESIAN govt's perusal, but ALL berry users across asia pacific (ASEAN-in particular). Having an NOC requires a stable internet connection (in which singapore is proven), a conducive business & politics (in which IMHO, singapore is proven) and a good network monitoring too.

nowadays there have been numerous ups & downs with our BIS in Indonesia, can't afford to imagine how RIM could afford to have its NOC down again & again if they really decide to put it in Indonesia. I don't try to dishonour my country, I still love Indonesia and I'll be back for my country soon or later, but please people... try to think from RIM's eye, you'll get what I meant by that.

you know what ... really who cares what the indo's govt want (bunch of cry babies!) nor they'll get it or not!

here a breather guys, take a break from all this bs and enjoy the link below;

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you know what ... really who cares what indo's govt (bunch of cry babies) wants and if they'll get it or not.

here you go guys, take a breather and enjoy:

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... and we're going to watch it @ Bill's house!

Typical "spoilt child" reaction from the cretinous ruling elite in this country. They must have been rubbing their hands together dreaming of the possible cream they could skim if this had gone ahead. Investing in this country is uncertain due the HUGE corruption and graft that permeates this society from the top the bottom. Then there is the "red tape" bullying, palm greasing and no respect for signed contracts by the various government ministries/powers for businesses, not to mention this country is headed for religious civil war..... NO, put MY money in Singapore or Malaysia PLEASE!!!

BTW typical of the Govt here to screw their own people over for their wants...

It appears the 3rd world is learning the ways of the 1st world: If someone smaller isn't putting your interests ahead of theirs... threaten to kill them. If they don't do what you want... kill them.

imho, as an Indonesian, I realize that the government feels cheated by RIM avoiding to invest in the country. From the government perspective, RIM is just extracting money from the Indonesian market without investing something in return which is not good for the economy.

I agree that the way the government handled the matter is a bit harsh, however, seeing how it is going to be good for the economy, I truly wish that my government would have the balls to carry out their threat.

If I owner RIM, I think I'd be at the point where I'd feeling saying "fuck all of you stock-selling and whiney government assholes" and just turn off the BlackBerry NOCs and retire.

indonesian gov love to bluff, in fact their government members are using BBM for their daily activities.

this issue more like a children who didnt get candy and try to do something in order to revenge..

the security excuses its just excuses.. how bout whatsapp? are they going to banned that one too?

indonesian government is known for their stupidity and lust for money (corrupt)..

so i say so be it... let them suffer and let them feel few months without BBM...

such a childish government. . what a dumb pathetic way to manage communication affairs here in indonesia