India's Digit Magazine names BlackBerry 10 'The World's Best Mobile OS'

By Bla1ze on 6 Aug 2014 04:03 pm EDT

Digit Magazine one of the most read technology magazines in India and for their August issue that's available now, they decided to put all the each mobile operating system to the test in an effort to determine which is the World's best mobile OS available today. Taking into account over 6,000 different aspects from Apple's iOS, Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows Phone and placing them up against BlackBerry 10, Digit has come to the conclusion that BlackBerry 10 is ahead of them all when everything is looked at on the whole.

That's hardly a surprise for those of us who use BlackBerry devices every day but it's always nice to see others find out as well, especially when it's done so in a rather unbiased manner such as Digit did. The list of stuff they put together is rather impressive and well worth the read. We obviously can't publish their full content here but you can do as I did, and grab a single copy of the August issue for around $2 CAD on Magzter if you want to view their full run down. It further explains the process of how the scores came about.

UPDATE - Digit has updated their site with a further look at the tests and processes they went through to come to the conclusions and scores.

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India's Digit Magazine names BlackBerry 10 'The World's Best Mobile OS'



+2 - BB10.2.1 is so much better with all the updates on features, new a features and improvements. Can't wait for the 10.3 update!

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I guess you would have to see how they scored things for it to make more sense. Based on the over view of the score several categories don't make much sense. Regardless the best OS won and that's all that matters :)

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I agree with almost none of their scoring. IMO it should have won browser and messaging but lost other things....

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yeah right they list BB10 to beat ios in picture. sorry that's a blatant lie no phone takes better picture than the Iphone.

Windows Lumia handsets take pictures than iPhones do. The Lumia 1020, 1520, 930, and 925 all come to mind that take better pics than the iPhone...

Posted via BlackBerry Z30, the BEST smartphone out today!

I'm sorry. My z10 takes much better photos with the main shooter than my iPhone 5, I don't have a 5s but still the 5 has a lot of pixilated stills. My z10 does a much better job getting clarity our of a shot

Via My z10 and CB10

Didn't know you've tried every phone?

(I do think the iPhone takes a nice photo, but so do Lumia models and others)

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And Sony Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact, and Z2 are all taking better photos, and LG G2 and G3, and OnePlus One, and so on and so on...

really ? I think you forgot Nokia devices. Even Nokia N86 8MPX cam one can take better pics than iPhone. and other Nokia pureview devices like 808, 1520, 920 etc will blow iPhone out of the water.

Have you guys even tried the browser on nexus 5 before judging BlackBerry browser is the best? Just because it gets the highest html5 compatibility score on a benchmark does not translate into a fast real life experience. My gfs G2 decimated my Z10 browser every single time, whether it is wifi or LTE with flash off.

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...ever consider that the BlackBerry browser may be optimized when it's in full desktop mode (so to speak) with all the features turned on? them both 'fully-loaded' and see if the BlackBerry is still behind. Sometimes by turning features off, you may think it would perform better, but in fact it may hinder it some...not to say this is the case...but I would run them both full out before claiming the Android browser certainly hasn't been from my experience but I always leave all the switches on...

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Not the default because it's been replaced by Chrome and by me with Firefox and Opera.
Chrome may feel slightly slappier but the actual webpage loads quicker and accurately. Accuracy is important, I'm sure you've run into webpages where it renders imporperly and covers over elements. What I mean by snappier is, that it clears the current page quicker but doesn't fully load the next one as quick as the BB10 browser. I've run into HTML5 elelments that simply don't work on Chrome yet. Nexus 4 and 5 as comparison to Z10. Wifi. I would love another browser with a different render engine to come to BB10 such as Opera.

...perhaps BlackBerry's next acquisition some day? up Opera...the hands down best browser I have ever used...even back on my old Torch 9860...

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I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever on the BB10 browser. BlackBerry already acquired Torch so why the need to also acquire Opera?

My Z30 Decimated my old Z10....argo the "upgrade"....and the "Club".

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Also, the Z30 beat the Nexus 5 in the finals of the "2014 Techno Buffalo Mobile Madness Tournament" or whatever the hell it was called and has the best ratings from owners on Verizon , Amazon, Rogers etc.

No surprises here, kids.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

I owned a Nexus 4 with KitKat, and I've tried out a Nexus 5 (best friend is the manager at the local T-Mobile store, so I can stand around for however long I want trying out phones) and the browser on my Z30 is faster than Chrome on either one the vast majority of the time. Just picked up the G3 last week, and while I haven't really sat down and compared yet, Chrome on it still doesn't seem like it's faster than my Z30's browser.

I actually despise the BB10 Browser. slow to response to touch input, loading youtube takes forever and then trying to enter a search term is a chore upon itself. If they update anything in the next os, it should be the god awful browser.

Remember the study done a few months ago that showed the BB10 browser was faster than even desktop Chrome? Yeah, you read that right.

Carbon Fiber Z10 w/Leather Holster

I was gonna say the same thing. Also, how messaging scores very low?

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

Right? They are the king of messaging by far so maybe it has something to do with iMessage having better integration into the overall OS for Apple. Hopefully someone is kind enough to buy the magazine and share the PDF in the forums. I'm very curious as to how the numbers were generated.


If you get a chance to pick up the print copy, they explain the lack of desktop browser sync as the main factor costing BlackBerry in that category. Fair assessment if you ask me.

The Google phone is last in search? That is embarrassing, and a bit suspect of the article haha.

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Yeah considering bb10 doesn't have Google Now that's odd. For getting stuff done like searching for store hours or how to get from point A to point B, I always use one of my devices with the Google app for instant results. Using the Google search (which gets tracked regardless of OS) on bb10 it takes an extra 5 minutes to get the results I'm looking for and there is no chance of getting good results with the default Bing search lol.

Good to hear they won this showdown anyway, in a lot of ways the OS is better than the competition but some of these results seem odd. Also it wins for video but you can't even play half the YouTube videos because it's just a misleading link to the mobile site not the app and they eliminated native ac3 support with 10.1+. Not saying that's what BlackBerry should used for but there are some business or educational videos on YouTube not just twerking videos and business people travel so not being able to watch videos without converting the files is pretty lame.

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AC3 support was Android and iOS about the same time in autumn 2012.

BB10 had an illegal way of playing the AC3 tracks until indeed spring 2013.

WindowsPhone phones are not affected (since Microsoft already have such licences for the desktop Windows).

It is a legal issues with the licensing by Dolby Labs.

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Although they don't get into the details, the authors too were surprised. I suspect it has to do with the way universal search works.

Google search trumps bb10. I'm not sure how they worked it out. The scoring is odd here. There are categories Android should have won but didn't and categories that bb10 should have won but didnt

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Honestly,i'm dissappointed.
First of all i'm a BB dev,so pls don't hit me back with comments.
One of the top mag in India making a stupid decision.I have Q10 and Z10 LE and i think 10.2 is below iOS 7 and android 4.x.Come on version number says it all,they have been adding features and making it perfect for years QNX-BB10 is new,so there are quirks.If we consider 10.3 it qualifies for even the comparison.The real thing that BlackBerry should be doing is to make itself stand straight w/o a support and then run,not the other way around.They should introducing a beast of devices at a very competitive price.Then again OS is in developing phase,but 10.3 is the os which BB should use to go public and show off that they are back and is here to stay as THE Godfather!.

Anyway Digit should make the title 'OSs with Potential to become Worlds best OS'

I agree with your comments, I think 10.3.x should have been the version at which they should have gone to market with #BB10. They have some neat features in 10.2.x, so I won't say that the capabilities were sub par per se, the only area which I would really rank low on 10.2.x was the UI - some of the notification dialog boxes felt as if they were pulled off of a old Unix terminal.

In my opinion, as of BB10 10.x, the Virtual Keyboard, Hub, Peek and Flow, multi tasking, etc. are true innovations.

I can't agree with the end of your post.

The hub is an enhancement from the Messages app in BBOS5.

The virtual keyboard is just a spinoff the one already available on Android at the time BB10 was released. A great improvement, but by no means a revolution.

Lastly, the multi-tasking was already available a few years before in WebOS with the Palm Pre.

What RIM did with BlackBerry 10, is just what Apple did with iOS seven years ago: Take from what they considered the best when they started the project, enhance it, and add one or two new features like the gestures or peak&flow.

And this is what evolution and emulation is all about.

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Nice, but the numbers for browser, lock screen, even notifications (don't forget the LED) seem low. Some of the numbers on the other platforms seem odd too.

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Which is why I suggest actually reading the article in the magazine, to see how they scored it, their reasons for it and all the other aspects taken into account. There's over three pages of numbers in the magazine, the one in the write up is just a very short version of the outcome. We can't rightfully republish their stuff.

Kiss ass. You're just trying to suck up so you can win the next contest.

PS I like B1aze more than you. :)

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I don't bother entering the contest's on here anymore. I passed on the last 4 or 5 of them.

I like someone less fortunate to win such as yourself. Lol


I feel a quote from Homer will work right here.

"The lesson is, never try"


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Great job as always Bla1ze..

The first feature scoring the highest I imagined was going to be the browser but I was totally off as it seems.. I respect that they did extensive tests but I really can't get around that..i mean the browser on my z30 it's the best by far out of any other mobile device I personally used..did they test only the stock browsers??

Blaaaaaaaack..wait for it..berry.. BLACKBERRY..!!

You could probably send them an email and ask for the spreadsheet as all of these are weighted scores comparing the platforms. On most counts, I can understand their scoring after reading the article accompanying these numbers.

That is AMAZING news. I have never paid attention to nae sayers. BlackBerry has time and time again proven itself. Numbers don't lie people. BB10 is the clear winner all around. Great job BlackBerry.

I find it funny photography is so high on bb10, it's a joke compared to the competitors. It's like they put a potato for the camera and let a kid design the layout and features. Everything else seems about right though

Well, almost. The camera is good, but not as good as many other phones out there. Not a potato though :P.

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It's good two years ago, not now. Even compared to other flagship last gen the z30 is so terrible. even the s3 is better I would say.

You are mistaken. There was an excellent shoot-out comparison article that came out the summer of 2013 that compared the top Galaxy, iProduct, and Z10 in a wide variety of light and colour demand situations. The pictures were compared from a variety of bases and the Z10 consistently trounced the Galaxy, and was equal to (or better in some categories) than the iProduct. That was before the software upgrades that brought in HDR later on too. Pics on the Z10 are amazing, my only complaint being the ease of flare (glare streaks) when a bright light source is in the picture, but hey. If I want a great picture, I pull out my DSLR and fire away!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I have no idea why you say that, the photos I take in my Z30 are spectacular, and I'm a serious hobby photographer with loads of other gear.

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

Dat...I use my Z30 camera all the time and, rarely, have a bad picture...the idea that is is far inferior to the cameras on the competition is BS.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Agreed. It's just a relic from the BBOS and 10.0 days. The Z30 takes some great pictures. I've had quite a few people comment on the quality of pictures I've taken. Everything from scenery to family photos.

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That was the first thing I thought of as well. The camera on my z30 is a joke, and the fact it scored higher than iPhone invalidates the entire article in my eyes.

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...the iPhone camera isn't better than the Z30...I constantly re-take pictures taken from my wife's 5S all the time...they are about equal in most departments...but where the Z30 pulls away is realistic colour saturation...the iPhone always has over saturated their colours...hold the picture on an iPhone screen up to what you just took...and it's levels are higher than in real life...however with my Z30, they are about as good as they get with a cell another poster said, if I want actual quality pictures I will never uses a cell phone, I don't care who makes will never be able to compete with a decent quality 35mm. or digital Fujitsu 12MP DSLR just walks away from even the 'best' Nokia...and they aren't even in the same league with my Nikon 35mm...

Posted via CB10

I agree with you and the other fellow, phones are just that phones. The camera is a bonus feature. (basically it's a toy, selfies etc) They cannot compare with DSLR etc.
(digital single-lens reflex camera)

To many things nowadays are made to be a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

You want a great phone get a bb10 BlackBerry phone, you want to take fantastic pictures get a DSLR and learn how to use it.

(my hobby is Nature photography for about 25 years or so, I use Canon DSLR and "L" lenses)

Take care.

You are wrong oh so wrong. I created a channel for fun strictly for photographs captured using BlackBerry's. The channel currently have over 100000 subscribers. So yeah BlackBerry's take some of the best photos smartphone wise. Don't take my word for it check it out yourself.

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

I really love my Z10 and my Z30 even more, but i would not compare photos taken with mobile phones with those made with dslr cameras.I see that everyone rightly has an opinion about when a picture is good or not or what phone do the best pictures, but as one of the official Canon lecturer/ teachers in Italy i can assure you that is not possible a real comparison.

Posted via CB10

Great Channel. Thank you. How do you submit photos to you though?


I really don't find the camera that bad. If you want to take great pictures then get a DSLR or a Point and Shoot... cameras on phones are just that, secondary functions meant to capture something spur of the moment. Sure BlackBerry isn't up to par with the likes of the windows phones that has 41mp but all the other phones (imo) are generally the same and usable unless you're someone who critiques everything to the bone. You should be getting a phone for communicating (messaging, phone calls, emails) everything else is secondary (apps, games, camera). BlackBerry is focused on communications while it seems Android and Apple are trying to compete in specs and apps and cameras... it's just for people to show off how nice their phone is. when it comes down to the nitty gritty, BlackBerry communicates the best which is why I bought it... it's a phone for communicating, I have a computer and console for games and apps and entertainment, I have a DSLR for professional grade pictures... my phone is for communicating and looking up something quickly on the fly. just my opinion but that's why I love BlackBerry, they focus on the browser, phone, messaging and keyboard. Most important factors easily for me.

"......unless you're someone who critiques everything to the bone."

Just that. Have a visit at the person's CB profile.

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

Sorry but no. I get better pics on BB10 than people with IOS or Android. They always ask me to BBM them the pics :)

The camera on my Z10 is great. I've had many people comment on the quality of the photos I've taken with it. I've owned many iPhones and the Z10 is just as good, if not better. If one knows how to use it, it's great.

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Chrome has now 505 html5 score guys, my z30 has 489, check it! Chrome had updated many times, now it is the fastest browser.....

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As much this is good news I don't understand this score sheet, it's all over the place

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Though obviously BlackBerry 10 isn't the best OS for everything, I wonder how they evaluated the browser and IM score. BlackBerry 10 is pretty much a communication tool and optimised that way, so I thought IM would be better, unless they evaluated app selection (which may be the case).

And browser? iOS well above BB10 even without flash and almost full HTML5 compatibility? Anytime I tried a browser race with my Galaxy and iOS using friends, I've won.

If anybody has seen the basis for these score, it would be cool to know how they did it.

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Well, kinda bullshit that bb10 loses in browser and communication / messaging


On the other note - anyone would like to share the pdf?:)

Posted via CB10

You're talking about the Sense from 4 years ago.

Nowadays, every brand adds a lot to the Android OS.

If you look at an LG G3 and compare it to a Nexus in terms of UI and features, it is night and day.

Same for Samsung and HTC, and even Huawei.

Posted via CB10

It's nice to see some sort of officialdom ranking BlackBerry's highest above all else.

It shows there is room for improvement in some areas but yet again, this report shatters that mass delusion BB isn't running with the big boys.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

This is a joke. BB10's contact and ish got ranked highest. How is that even possible

One Smartphone To Rule Them All

We can argue about that.
Did you have a closer look?

Highest numerical score is Z30 for Search (85+), followed by email.

Seems indicative of my daily usage pattern, just so fast to find stuff and emailing is a breeze ( just the PGP + S/MIME should be fixed)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Z30 did that before, in the tech show blogging contest (Vegas?)...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Nokia makes the best pictures in low light conditions.

Apple makes the fastest shutter (which matters if you want to take pictures of you on the dance floor) .

Android has now a better Timeshift mode than BlackBerry (really dedicated to human faces).

And BlackBerry has HDR as well as the ability to take great pictures provided your subject is not moving too much.

So for people taking pictures of nature or scenery or still portraits, obviously they don't need the fast shutter speed.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry provides through its os one of the best and efficient user experience.
Android and iOS are providing almost similar user experience.
Only Windows 8 is somewhat simpler to use but not necessarily the most efficient.

Posted via CB10

Us BlackBerry 10 users discovered this soon after getting our phones

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

That's some good material in our hands!
Some scores look odd, might have to dive in and check it out.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I'm BlackBerry fan but that poll is biased as in India there is still a love affair with BlackBerry.

It does not mean they are wrong. It's just they are biased. Make that poll in North America lol.

It would be the opposite. Not meaning they are right either. Not if both polls agree. Then we might have something.

Posted via CB10

I dunno, if you look at their site they're not exactly friendly in any way to BlackBerry really. Their reviews of BB10 devices weren't great at all. Plus, there's not even a BlackBerry device in their top 10 phones.

An North American poll would just be CB users posting for BB and US people plastering Eagles and Apple Logos everywhere. and following it, the comments would be filled with hate and flaming.

Eagles lol. NA is a huge place, covered with maple syrup, tacos, and Sombrero hats. Not just eagles.

Carbon Fiber Z10 w/Leather Holster

far from biased... best mobile OS has to go to BlackBerry!!!

if this was an overall test, I doubt BlackBerry would have been number one... Apps alone would have disqualified us

Nothing, maybe I wasn't clear but when I said overall, I meant everything like OS, hardware, apps, everyday use, ect...

Posted via CB10

I think it is rather confusing that Bb10 scored big on video and foto. If you remove those scores and concentrate on the basic tasks of a BB phone this review will have BB last of all contestants.

Posted via CrackBerry App

Wrong, did you even add up the numbers before saying this?

I can tell just by looking at them that you're wrong. Also you don't just get to take out categories to support some ridiculous claim.

If we ignore Notifications and Search the iPhone is worst, if we ignore Browser and Lock Screen Android is worse. This is about the OS OVERALL! What aren't you understanding.

I think what he was saying is that, it is odd that the scores which pushed the OS to the win were some of the lesser loved features. So it was surprising. Though to be fair, I love the photos and videos from my Z30, they kill the ones from my mom's HTC1.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I see why BlackBerry is number one after reading the article. This was a test of Stock OS and with all the features already integrated in the phone like video editing... This is a no brainer!!!

Also I always talk to people how AMAZING the search is in BB... When I'm lazy i just search my phone!!!! this should've been whopping 100...

Thanks for letting us know.

Yeah, even stock amazed me when I first got my Q10 with 10.1, but yeah, contacts sorely needed 10.2.1...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

After reading this article, it just reminded me if we did have the important native apps on BB10, we would be the #1 phone to use.

hopefully 10.3 and 10.3.1 will make android apps as fast as native apps.

Quadcore Power + 3GB RAM,
that should help...

Passport ahoy!

(... my guess is, with all the Android lag, TouchWiz OS clutter and bloatware on the Samsungs, it might probably even beat an S4 / S5... )

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

That scoresheet has some glaring problems and insights. BB10 scored low on browser, when BB has touted how good their browser is. And how does BB10 score higher than iPhone in video and photography? I have so much trouble taking good pics on my Q10. Finally, how did BB not get the highest score in Notification? We have the hub AND A BLINKING LIGHT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Well it did destroy in the email category - but it was quite close to android for customization which I found odd.

This was also using the 10.2 OS, not 10.2.1

I think you'd have to take a good read to fully understand their analysis.

Keep in mind this could just be baiting fan boys to buy their article loll.

Posted via CB10 on the Z "Dirty" 30

In oktober the same magazines wonder if the duo core could be compete to be future proof.

This was then a Z30 review.

I say they can with an old OS from September 2013 and YES a duo core processor. They just beat the competitie with old software and that makes if funny.

Makes you wonder how high OS 10.2.1 or 10.3 will score. Much higher.

Posted via CB10

Not my experience... and I use all platforms. I too am surprised the camera ranked so highly (not bad, just doesn't stand out for me) and browser and notifications so poorly

Posted via CB10

I'm kinda confused by some of their findings. How can the browser be that bad when we all know it rocks? And since when does the camera win anything? This camera is far below the rest!

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BlackBerry browser în my z 30 scores 489 on html5 test, my wife stupid LG L4 ll has lastest chrome update and it scored 505 on html5 test, you can check this, chrome has now the highest score

Posted via CB10

Couldn't agree more. My z30 is an amazing device. However I called into a local mobile store today to buy a case and not only did they not have cases for the z30 they never even heard of the phone.

Sent from my beast Z30

BlackBerry 10 destroys every other OS on the market. NSA Agents will say otherwise but common sense and actually using BlackBerry 10 will instantly tell you NO Other OS can touch it.

Posted via CB10

Interesting. After 12 years on the platform I'm no longer unsure of what is best or not. When I saw BB 10, I immediately realised the BlackBerry 10 platform is the best BlackBerry platform ever produced. Glad they actually came to the same conclusion.

Posted via CB10

Doubtful, confused, bias feeling? Buy the magazine and read the article... at the end we all have BlackBerrys for a reason... they get the job done; with style.

Posted via CB10

With 10.3 coming in September BB10 would have improved a lot more than the competition since this test, as its still a relatively young system improving at a greater pace.

Would be interesting to see the same comparison in October this year.

I find the camera on my z10 to be very good except for some grain in low light. Also panorama function is missing but that's part of the upgrade for 10.3 so the panorama360 app will suffice for now. The real killer is time shift. Nobody else can match that.

Posted via CB10

Dont forget though that apple will release their update for their os in September as well which has some similar (stolen?) features.

So maybe comparing early stock os was the best way to show each company's originality..and in that respect blackberry is at the top of the list because at least they took their chances by doing something different, instead of just copy-paste..(even though it might have hurt their market.)

Thats totally my opinion though and im mot claiming im correct..

Blaaaaaaaack..wait for it..berry.. BLACKBERRY..!!

Okay.... some of the individual category scores will require reading of the entire article to understand how they were compiled. As many others have mentioned, I would have thought the browser would be higher and maybe the camera not as high.

Regardless, when the dust settled, the much maligned blackberry won, just like Wired magazine found out earlier this year.

Seems this is all backwards. Things that I think are good are rated bad, and things that I think are bad are rated good

Posted via CB10

Some of the scores.. don't make sense. At all.. BlackBerry 10 win in photography? Which is certainly what iOS is good at. We lose at browser, messaging, and notifications scores, which should be something we are supposed to be good at! The only one making sense is that we are winning in email, but that's it..

I don't agree.. I'm a BlackBerry fan but I don't understand it..Browser BlackBerry gets 40 lower than anyone else BUT would beg to differ.

Massaging again we have the best typing experience and yet we fail in this area?

Contact caller. We lead but I have had problems trying to make a FAST quick call.. BlackBerry doesn't lead in this area.

Pictures... we r a leader... the Z10 takes wayyyy better pictures then the Z30. I think the camera on the Z30 sucks. Nokia takes this byyyy farrrrrrr cause they use carl zeis optics

Search we wipe away the competition. Umm what makes our search so superior? I would think seri would win that category.

What makes our video so amazing.

I agree that BlackBerry is far superior to the competition but NOT from the list there going by.
I would like to know how they came up with it.

Posted Via This Thing They Call The BlackBerry Z30

Search is the best on BB10. Tap the magnifying glass and type in your search, it pulls up email, text, app, and note/word pad information as well gives you the option to tap what Web search engine you want to look if this isn't an internal search

Posted via CB10

Submit this as a tip to tech sites like Engadget. They haven't covered it yet. Let's bug them until they do.

Posted via CB10

can't wait for 10.3!! it will be.. 99/100 for the score? HAHA!

wanna get productive & get your things done? don't look elsewhere, the answer is just 1: #BLACKBERRY10!!

Take photos on an iphone and then the same photos on a z30. On the phones the photos are close. Take those same photos and project them on a 66" HDTV and you will instantly see why the z30 and z10 destroy the iphone photos. 16:9, super colors, and depth. The iphone, fake hues, flat and we'll no 16:9. That's why the z30 won and the video in HD is just as awesome.

Posted via CB10

What is the largest room on earth?

.....The room for improvement .

I would still like to have more camera features on the 10.3.2 update.

When is BlackBerry going to put a '10' on the BlackBerry symbol and in the start up sequence?

This would definitely differentiate the old and the new.

The new devices wouldn't have any BlackBerry lettering just the symbol with a 10. This shows a more cleaner look and as a bonus expand the screen real estate. Furthermore there is an additional saving on lettering ; save it for the boxes.

Posted via CB10

"they decided to put all the each mobile operating system to the test"

Who needs grammar anyway?

Finally someone is showing BlackBerry 10's true colours. Let's hope the rest of the world sees what we see and doesn't remain colour blind...

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I'm really glad and not at all surprised to see this! I am surprised by the browser score tho... and the notifications. I think #BlackBerry surpasses all of them. That's my opinion though, either way I agree BB10 is amazing! Loving my #Q10 and can't wait for the #Passport!

Posted via CB10

Does it really support BlackBerry since all the strong areas, we love BB10 for, is not among the most highly scored? No one is close to the BB10 browser experience but in this evaluation...

Where the testers high on drugs?

Both Android and iOS evangelists will try to kill the result since it differs so much from the areas where BlackBerry has its roots...

Posted via CB10

That's awesome to see!! my friend just got the one M8 and I would say a close 2nd. don't understand how the browser rating was so low though since early in the year BlackBerry got the best rating out of most, even computers

Posted via CB10

I'd love to know how they scored the browser and Messaging and IM. Even the lock screen.

It's hard to truly judge some aspects of an OS compared to others because the hardware behind them is not going to be the same. Nonetheless, the BB10 browser, in my various tests, gives me the best overall experience in terms of speed, rendering, and efficiency. Not always the fastest and most efficient but, definitely the most consistent. Hell, the PlayBook browser is still top notch compared to most in my experiences.

Posted via CB10

I just read it. They considered so many things. On the browser for BlackBerry u can't customize it. U also can't transfer your Web pages to other devices to continue reading. These are all considered. That was the first think I looked at when I saw BlackBerry lost for browser. They consider so many things

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Happy to see that. I agree with many others that browsers should have received more marks and camera less.

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I think I got my head hand to me the other day (in some thread) for saying exactly that...we know it's the best. :)

Eazzy Peazzy

Hahaha, I'm surprised that you and I were the only ones bothered by this.

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IMO, this is a meaningless analysis.
What is the standard deviation between line items? Likely nil.

Notifications scored low on bb10???? They have the best notification system out there and I own all 3 mobile platforms, minus windows which I never will own

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Not sure I agree with the notifications part. Thought BlackBerry would have been a little higher. Still awesome though.

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This needs to be force fed to the US media!! Including Bloomberg West !!
BB be smart and use this info and feed the news channels

Agree with the browser score: can't adblock, can't quickly toggle site content, can't tap-to-buffer videos by default (real pain on limited data plans),  can't identify phone-numbers or addresses, can't view source...  
Its great for viewing site content as-is, but tough-luck if you need more from it.

As for notifications, I've seen how some people have a problem with app & system events being chucked-in with their emails.

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I am not surprised with this news because BB10 is always the best. There are many Malaysians still ignorant about it.

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How many phones have you owned/use that are the same generation as the 5S? And how long did you own or use said devices?

they decided to put all the each mobile operating system to the test


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Great, but very odd that we did well in contacts and photography, and poorly in customisation and notifications.

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This is not a surprise It's clear the BlackBerry 10 as taken the lead in mobile computing BB10 1 android 2 Windows phone 3 And iOS last

BB Z30!! running 10.3

Just looking at the pic, I'm pretty sure those guys are crazy, haha. Those numbers don't figure properly as far as I can tell

India has many regional languages. English is the common language of business and commerce, and most government activity.

I think the BlackBerry OS10 is okay... what we need are more native Apps... this is what IOS and Android bring to victory at the moment... :(

Wow, even when BlackBerry wins, there is still so much to complain about for many.

It's just a magazine article. As Blaz1ze clearly stated, we have no idea how the scoring was conducted? I'm sure many of the questionable calls are explained on their site.

We have all been disagreeing in regards to articles since the BB10 launch. So much frustration. So many flat out lies by many media sites. Even if this one doesn't logically agree with you, let it slide. Who cares? It clearly states BB10 is the best. Just as in sport, you only remember the winner. In this case, people will only remember the headline.


Email is fine at 83.2 but I doubt search at 85.3 when google also does fine scoring only in 30s. Contacts and diallers again; BlackBerry cannot be considered as a clear winner. And much has already been said about photography.
Though being a great fan of BlackBerry, and being shifted from Android to BB10, I doubt the accuracy of the results.

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I was impressed until I saw they scored contact and phone so high. The contacts is the worst out of all operating systems and bb10s huge weak point

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That is complete bullshit. The blackberry cameras do not deserve that score. Period.

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I wish a magazine in the US like PC Magazine would print an article like this. Better still.. USA today!

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Hmm I always liked the browser of BlackBerry 10 more than Chrome for instance. I think this is just some scoresheet that reflects opinion of the author more than anything. Due to that I don't think it does anything for BlackBerry as he is biased.

Finally, a publication which really looks at the phones and is non-dismissive of BlackBerry!

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I have personally read that article and it was heartening to note that BBRY has No:1 browser hope BBRY sells more devices henceforth. BBRY India have been plugging in continuously for Z3 with a a very visible campaign in the print media.However the price reduction for QWERTY devices(Q5, 9720 etc) seems to have been lost on the dealers themselves with many a online retailer's(like flipkart) were carrying the old price for extended period of time & Amazon India still carries the old price. BBRY India just needs to communicate well

Now if the mainstream North American media, (specifically in the U.S.), could conduct an unbiased comparison like this, maybe all the naysayers here would actually get their eyes to open and see what a great OS BB10 is. That may be hoping for too much though. But how did BB10 score the lowest on "messaging and IM" when BBM is native to it? Plus it scored mid pack on "Notifications", my Z10 notifications can be customized a lot more that on my daughters' android phones. I can't comment on customizing notifications on ios because the only person I know using an iPhone has a 4, so she can't update to the latest software without making the phone a slug, but she also has inferior customization for notifications to my Z10. I may have to read the article to see what I'm missing.

Absolutely right..its the OS of the millennium...nothing more I do expect. very proud to have my BlackBerry 10. Thanks to the developers.

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Everything is fine except for app support for newcomer to blackberry like me.blackberry is void of basic apps.

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I am a reader of digit for the past ten years, and I swear by it, when I read this edition it felt wonderful to know that my feelings about the BB OS were endorsed by the number one tech mag in India... BB rocks...!

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Hi Bla1ze,

I have gone through the entire article with all the scoring table wise.
I felt that the Digit Magazine testers are not aware of the features of BlackBerry.
For example:
1) they don't know that we can silent an incoming calls just by taping anywhere on the screen.
2) in notification they have rated as n/a for sms pop up functions.

Can someone from CrackBerry tell them about the complete functions of our BlackBerry 10 so that when they compare next time we have more score in areas where we have scored less.

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