Indian law firm AZB & Partners adopt BlackBerry as their mobile platform of choice

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By James Richardson on 18 Jun 2014 05:18 am EDT

It looks like we are having a good week on the enterprise front at the moment. It was only yesterday that we told you that Jannah Hotels & Resorts had rolled out BBM to its staff and now we see another company - AZB & Partners confirm their commitment to BlackBerry Enterprise Services (BES).

As you'll see from the following press release, the Indian law firm isn't the biggest we've seen in terms of devices, but it is yet another fantastic reminder why BlackBerry still have the edge over the competition with security.

While in some regions BlackBerry seem to be fighting to retain market share in the consumer space it certainly looks like they are still going all guns blazing in the business sector.

Press Release

New Delhi, India – BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) today announced that AZB & Partners, one of the top three Indian corporate law firms in India, has deployed the Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and upgraded to BlackBerry smartphones to manage their mobile infrastructure across the organization.

  Around 200 senior partners and lawyers of AZB & Partners have been provided email access on their smartphones. Close to 80% of the employees with email access are using BlackBerry OS/Blackberry 10 smartphones along with Hosted BES Services. Majority of the AZB & Partners employees use BlackBerry's QWERTY smartphones. Hosted BlackBerry services will offer AZB & Partners workforce with a full service business solution which seamlessly integrates with existing hosted email and business applications.

  With presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, AZB & Partners specialize in Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and General Corporate Practice. Being a law firm, security and confidentiality play a critical factor while selecting enterprise mobility solutions. With wireless access to email, calendar, browser and other applications, all managed by BlackBerry Hosted BES services, AZB & Partners workforce continue to be seamlessly connected on-the go without investment in expensive servers and software in-house.

  "We are extremely delighted with the security features, management console, reporting and the upcoming enterprise mobility roadmap of BlackBerry. We have 165 happy BlackBerry users in the company and look forward to upgrade to the new BES 12 cloud services. The high security environment and the user friendly QWERTY experience are clearly the key differentiators of BlackBerry's robust enterprise mobility solutions," said Ajay Bahl and Bahram Vakil of AZB &Partners. "The BlackBerry Hosted Services offer compelling features, especially when it comes to data security and the flexibility to meet the varied needs of our senior partners and lawyers. With the Hosted BES services and BlackBerry smartphones, we have found the best mobility solution in terms of security, connectivity, cost and usability. BlackBerry is a highly valued partner that we can rely upon unconditionally in the current scenario of data security threats and breach of privacy."

  "It is a matter of great honour to be chosen as the preferred mobility solution provider by a prestigious Indian law firm like AZB & Partners. We understand the unique security requirements of law firms and our solutions are built to provide them with the best productivity tools. Within sectors with strict security and regulated environments, BlackBerry continues to be the chosen mobility platform. This is proven by our consistent new client wins like Indiabulls, Financial Technologies, Emcure Pharmaceuticals, ITC Limited and others in India and worldwide. We are confident that BlackBerry Hosted services and smartphones will enable the employees of AZB & Partners with a secure, robust, faster and smarter mobility experience," said Sunil Lalvani, Managing Director for India at BlackBerry.



Great news, keep the ball rolling BlackBerry.

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Yes I agree, especially with support for eBBM, perfect for law firms dealing with sensitive information.

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!


But is it BlackBerry 10?

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If you read the press release, they say BBOS. They will have a mix with BES12 of devices

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If you read the article it's says both BlackBerry OS/BB 10 devices.

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That's great.. go BlackBerry team still rocks :-)

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Harshavardhan Brahmandam

Corporate BlackBerry!!loving it....keep rocking @BlackBerry @bbm @bb10

Bacon Munchers

Would be nice if we saw (NUMBERS) of devices along with the news.

Harshavardhan Brahmandam

Dude!India is second most populous country in the world it's difficult to estimate... :)


Enterprise sale is increasing in India for blackberry and now Z 3 is also being launch in India, I have very big hope that blackberry will crush cheap phone sale in India.
go blackberry goooooooooooo :)

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+1000000 crack the cheap phone BlackBerry :-)

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Every new customer is a winning one ;)


Hopefully all the law firms around the world would use BlackBerry one day!
That would be a great success!!

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They should, given the need to protect privileged information. Sooner or later there will probably be some incident involving loss or leak of privileged data due to lack of mobile data security brought before a bar association hearing. Unfortunately, this is more likely to affect small/solo firms who may not have the capital to deploy BES or some other competitive solution.

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Too much good press releases from BB before earning report. This is not good sign, IMHO. Anyway, tomorrow will be everything clear.

BB Adict

I guess that bad press releases before the earnings report would be better, huh?

Blackberry always.....


Of course not. I just suppose this PR "offensive" as preparation for bad ER news. I admit that this is just my feeling (based on past experiences) and tomorrow we will see if I am wrong (hopefully).


I was a little worried about the same thing. I'm sure these little bulletins will be part of the good news down the road hope JC puts out there.

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You are not the only one...

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It is good news because we know that the company is focused on enterprises. Shareholders will value the direction of the company

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Hey James, great news, but could you provide a source for these press releases? There is no mention of this on and I always like to check out the original source.


Byline at top of Press release states it is a Press release from BlackBerry India. It may not show up on the North American page. It's from BlackBerry.

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Thanks for the tip, missed that!


Great news...u deserve this

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canadian nick

Unfortunately the massive company I work for 60k employees worldwide has just completed theconversion to iphones in my division. And bes is gone in a few days.

The joke is we have to get 5c's because the company thinks the fingerprint scanner is not secure.

If there is one positive thing about carrying an iPhone now is I don't constantly have to defend my BlackBerry to people.

I will be keeping my Z30 for my personal phone until the next BlackBerry flagship phone comes out, it's just better.

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Great your company can share it's knowledge with the competition online, and you will be the next Nortel in 5 years.

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I was drinking water and this comment made me choke real bad.

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Interesting you mention the Iphone fingerprint scamner as not secure. Less than 24 hours after the Iphone 5s was available the security was already hacked and a how-to was already posted on the internet. I watched it all happen. Enjoy your new weak-security IOS ;)

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Keep moving blackberry!

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Prem WatsApp

Good stuff.

Not all law firms are really security conscious, but this is a great example why they need BlackBerry.

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Definitely positive..but considering only 200 and that too a mix of BB10 and is a Storm in a teacup!

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Exactly. 200 is a very small number. I'm kinda surprised this was a press release... now if it was 2,000 or 20,000 that's more like it

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SteelGreek -- notice how Sunil Lalvani also mentions their wins with Indiabulls, Financial Technologies, Emcure Pharmaceuticals, and ITC Limited near the end of the release. Indiabulls has more than 20,000 employees. Emcure, 9000. ITC Ltd, 25,000. Financial Technologies, 1100. It's all good!

John Kastanes

Momentum is building, imagine when the Z3 is rolled out in India. But I am waiting for Wall Street to dismiss this as insignificant, but these crumbs are becoming a meal.

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Sridhara Shankara

yeah some good news and hopefully a better quarterly results!!

Mohammed Zakaria1

More and more good news coming for us :)

BlackBerry Forever


If privacy & security is your concern. BlackBerry all the way. Indeed good news for teambb

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Law firms are into BlackBerry :). Good job!

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Whoohoo! Go BlackBerry!

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

Luke Coughey

It is great to see companies outside North America adopt BlackBerry, but we need some major deals in the USA where they have almost completely lost the battle.

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More good news. I love it.

Apple, The New Evil Empire


Blackberry yes!

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Great news BlackBerry!

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So, how does the ever growing reliance on android apps as evidenced by the announcement of the Amazon app store today square with the desire for better security?

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Juan Patino

I'm surprised that I haven't heard much of American businesses doing the same

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zelmar hernandez

That's cool! Anything to keep BlackBerry afloat.

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Great news, so much good press is happening lately

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E-BBM and BBM work wonders for corporate

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Get that enterprise/corporate back, BlackBerry!

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Blackberry is king in security! Rock india and rock the world!

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We Indians are great and so are our choices.

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