Indian Government and RIM Come to Agreement on Security Issues

By James Falconer on 21 Apr 2008 11:08 am EDT
India BlackBerry Ban Over?

While there has been all sorts of news today in the BlackBerry Blogosphere about Tata Teleservices going ahead with their BlackBerry services in India despite the imposed ban... There is bigger news that I just read hot off the press.

Seems as though the Indian Government and RIM have finally come to an agreement on security issues, and a solution will be implemented. RIM will go ahead and install a system that will allow the government to monitor incoming and outgoing emails from all BlackBerry handsets within the country.

RIM will meet yet again with the Indian Government on Tuesday to work out the finer details.

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Indian Government and RIM Come to Agreement on Security Issues

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But, if I should fly to India, will I be subject to their search of my downloads/emails from within the country, or is it just for their citizens?

How is this possible. Can they(India) tweak it to stretch further and search maybe the next countries downloads and email?

God Bless the USA and the other countries that believe in freedom, and are not afraid of their own people (I say this not knowing why they are doing it, I could be mistaken). I apologize if I am speaking out of term here.