Indian carrier Idea Cellular announces affordable data plan for BlackBerry OS 7 customers

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By Harish Jonnalagadda on 1 Sep 2014 04:37 am EDT

Rocking a BlackBerry OS 7 device on Idea Cellular in India? Here's something that may be of interest to you, as BlackBerry announced today that it is collaborating with Idea in providing a 1GB data plan to all postpaid customers running a BlackBerry OS 7 device for just Rs. 83 ($1.4) a month, or an annual fee of Rs. 999 ($16.5). The caveat here is that the plan covers 1 GB 2G data.

Although the BlackBerry Z3 is seeing a lot of interest from mainstream consumers in the country thanks to its aggressive pricing, a large portion of BlackBerry users in India are on BlackBerry OS 7 devices. Existing Idea Cellular customers can activate the offer by sending an SMS to 12345 with 'ACT999ARP' as the subject line. While we would have liked to see 3G connectivity being offered instead of slower 2G speeds, the plan is worth considering out if you're already on Idea's 2G network.

Anyone interested in this deal?

Source: Idea Cellular; Via: BBIn

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Indian carrier Idea Cellular announces affordable data plan for BlackBerry OS 7 customers


Sounds like a great deal, but I can't go back to OS 7 after being on OS 10 for ages now :) maybe they should also offer this deal with the Z3 (3G Model) :)

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This I think is a good idea for the low income customers, you don't want to leave them out of the offering (connect as one on BBM).

But I like your thought on the Z3. I think it should be their next move... offering a good plan for the emerging markets.

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For email and bbm on legacy devices, 2G should be OK.
Month browsing although... that would be atrocious!

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Well firstly I doubt anyone uses Idea. I've never seen anyone using idea .
Plus the offer should have been made to Blackberry 10.
OS 7 is really history.

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For BIS thats a LOT of data!!

Currently, in India prepaid plans cost rs 99 ($1.6) per month. An awesome deal for anyone using a prepaid plan and is thinking to move to postpaid.

Stop promoting BBOS provide a bb10 upgrade plan. Oh by th way IDEA is very popular down south India really good coverage

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I think that's why they are doing this plan with IDEA. In the south, most people can only afford the BB OS7 so the IDEAL carrier to do it with is IDEA. The carrier can also sell the latest BB OS7 device which bodes well for BlackBerry profits and the customers get a good phone and a good service plan.

BIS has data compression so that is a decent amount of data at an attractive price.

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oh really, I'm from south. It's very rare to see full bars in Idea. In most of the areas you can't able to connect. It a waste move

I don't think it's a good idea at all are they moving upwards or backwards? OS7 and 2G why can't they just do that for OS10 on 3G to boost the sale.
It's not good to hold and tie people to old OS while BB10 is more capable we can't compete with that

Love my Z10 looking for its successor or go for Z30 when the price is right for me

Two things to remember here;

1. Other than the Z3, not many people around the world can afford the new device offerings from BlackBerry. Also, the data that BB10 uses, without BIS, is a lot and cost the customers (who can't afford it) a lot more.

2. BlackBerry gets to move any BB OS7 devices it has. I think the margin on those devices are a lot more than the BB10 devices and if they have written it off as a loss in previous QTRs then it is a big profit. The affordability keeps customers, and as the middle class of India grows they will think of BlackBerry when looking to upgrade.

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BBOS and BB10 address two categories of customers. Why would they stop offering a product to service the "around the poverty line" customers just because it isn't good optics?

I think this is something that the investors need to get over because products sold that result in a profit is good not matter what the product is.

The failure [if there is one] of BB10 is not due to the fact that it continues to be a market for BBOS, in my opinion it is because they failed to compete in the premium smartphones environment.

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in china need 10 dollor pre month, fuck bb nearly no one use in such a huge market,what a shame..

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Loool, în Canada you need 50$/ month so... consider yourself lucky with the 10$/ month.

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$50 is what we pay for a BB10 device here in Honduras. $30 if you BYOD and Legacy devices. iPhone users get hit with over $60.

10dollor is only the bis ,no phone call no text no data..of course we could pay for others. in canada 9900 2years free ,in china you are lucky 50 pre month

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Wow, someone's a CrackBerry Genius hitting BBM at 3KB/s...

That's some fast typing... we knew our keyboards were fast...


Seriously, BBM and other low-bandwidth stuff is all this plan will be good for, considering that it's probably a good offering...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I went away from BlackBerry just because of these silly pricing rules. Happy with os10 and normal 3g pricing plans

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Really need to move away from OS7; I really believe that Blackberry's continued selling OS7 devices is really hurting the company.

Agreed. They need to drop the price of BB10 devices and stop producing BlackBerry 7 phones so picking up a BB10 phone is a no brainer alternative.

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You are wrong, really...

Why would they stop selling a product that makes money? (now at a time when they need desperately any pennies that they can get their hands on)

If you believe that the potential BBOS customers that would be deprived of new BBOS phone would just go straight to BB10 you are wrong. They would go to a similarly priced Samsung! There is a reason why they don't buy a premium smartphone... and that is that they can't afford it. Please, wake up!

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You are absolutely right, they would go to reasonably priced competitor X. A BlackBerry 10 phone needs to become that alternative.

Yes BB7 phones are still selling and making BlackBerry a profit for now, but that absolutely cannot continue much longer. 2 more years maybe, at the most? Unit sales of bb7 are declining. Those cheap lumias or moto Gs are going to start eating away that market.

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This is exactly why something like the Z3 was developed and manufactured in partnership with Foxxcon.

Now BlackBerry knows they can have a quality built BB10 device made for emerging market pricing. You'll see more phones like the Z3 in the future but until then, sell everything under the sun! That includes your remaining BBOS phones.

Look! It's Zedzilla10! 

Great deal. I've just gone back to my 9900 from a Q10 and it feels very good. More content fits on the screen, I can use a track pad and it has Pocket Informant.

Well, that is one thing that I will not do for sure... 9900 is an awesome device but Q10 is a definite upgrade and there is no going back for me.

(I miss a little the trackpad but the passport will fix that)

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Sounds to me like a good idea. The more BlackBerry phones in people's hands the better.

Reg Q10SQN100-1/

Some of you bashing bb7 devices sales have no ideas what it did for BlackBerry and what it still does for bb. It brings lots of money. Also how can someone even comment without being there, understanding the local price, market, completion, purpose. End of the day what makes $$$ for BlackBerry to sustain next few years matters..

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Hey, that's just an amazing plan fir BlackBerry legacy device users.
I would love to port my airtel BIS to Idea tomorrow.

Kudos Idea!

With the changes and upgrades to 10.2.1 and beyond OS 7 is not nearly as needed. He is hoping the Q20 / Classic converts many to BlackBerry 10. It is now a phenomenal OS with tremendous upside.

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It's a brilliant Idea, Moving out any written off stock will get some returns, plus the existing consumers will be happy, after sometime they will move on to OS 10, OS10 has awesome devices but still not many people are aware of it and then as per the BlackBerry road map every year they will drop new OS10 devices hopefully a cheaper one would be better in the MotoG or cheap Samsung segment like the Curve and that would be it, the process is going to be slow but sooner or later BlackBerry will be back on the top....Passport is what I am waiting for...i hope the date is out soon.

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Where I live, in Portugal for just 500mb i have to pay around 12 euros. On BIS customers have to pay about 10 euros for 300mb. I want this plan too :(

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