Incipio Ultra Light Feather Case the BlackBerry Curve 8900

By Joseph Holder on 21 Jan 2011 02:43 pm EST

A case is a case is a case, right? Well... A case for your smartphone should do at least two things. One, protect your BlackBerry in some way. Whether that's simply protecting it from dings and scratches or full-on drop-it-from-ten-feet-and-be-unharmed protection, a case should do its job. Just as importantly, you should still be able to use your BlackBerry once it's in the case. Quality cases do just that.

The Ultra Light Feather Case is one such product. The case comes with a cleaning cloth and screen protector. Like most cases, this one doesn't cover the screen; so that thin and replaceable piece of plastic guards your screen from dust and light scratches. The case itself is obviously very light and is made of a rigid plastic that tightly hugs the phone. Convenience, mute, lock, and volume keys as well as the charging and headphone ports are all accessed through cutouts in the case.

Since I was borrowing my sister's Curve 8900, I had to get the one in pink (they call it Magenta); but the Ultra Light Feather Case comes in a variety of colors for a large number of devices. Though it won't save your BlackBerry from a ten-foot fall, it will protect against the incidental dings and scratches of everyday use. And with several colors to choose from for many BlackBerry devices, you too can add a bit of "fashion flair" to your device.

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Incipio Ultra Light Feather Case the BlackBerry Curve 8900


Not a bad review Joe, & I almost bought one of these originally when I got my 9700 but opted for the basic rubber case because it's just easier to remove when I charge my Berry. I use the charging cradle so I have to remove my case for charging & only need to usb port for back-ups. Thanks for the review though, maybe I'll look around for 8520 version for my wife, she'd probably like this.

Am I the only person who thinks cases are lame?

Maybe it's just me, but my 9700 has never had a case on it, and it never will. I'm not a clutz, and my phone is either in my pocket, in my hand, or on its Powermat. I guess I'm not rough enough on my phone to need a case, and I hate the added bulk. InvisibleSheilds are nasty, and make your 'berry feel sticky and nothing drives me as crazy as when the corner starts to peel up...

But I guess I just figure, my phone will be in good enough condition to last the amount of time I'll use it until I get a new one, and it it ever becomes scratched to the point of being unusable then I'll just buy a new one...

Perhaps you stay at your desk the whole day or hardly move about, but some people do work in environments which would require a good protective case, or they could be on the move quite a bit through the day.

You do know there are many ways to drop a phone, right? My buddy once flung my berry out of my hands because for some reason he had to gesture his arms widely to prove a point. Ever had someone bump into you in heavy human traffic with a force strong enough to make you lose your grip on your phone, whether you're texting on it or holding it up to your ear?

Cases are not lame. I'd rather spend 20 bucks to protect my phone than potentially having to shell out a hundred or more to get a replacement.

C'mon Joseph. Did you just pick this one out of a hat to have something to write about? If you want good protection that isn't bulky yet does it's job, try the OtterBox Commuter Case. It's made for most BlackBerries (I have it for both my 9700 and 9800) and it works GREAT with just a screen protector on the phone you can add. Not bulky, yet the case is hard as a rock, giving very good protection, and it's OtterBox. Need I say anything else? Review something that is really well needed.

Thanks for the review. I think more people should check these cases out. They are very thin, yet offer good protection and a quality look. I have one on my iPod Touch and love it. The screen protector is nice, too, and went on smoothly. I just need to confirm if they have one for the Torch.