Incipio shows off Q10 cases at BlackBerry Live 2013

By Simon Sage on 19 May 2013 12:56 pm EDT

One of the first things we spotted when checking out the BlackBerry Live 2013 showcase were a handful of Q10 cases from Incipio. All of the same families and colors are supported for the Q10 as the Z10, including the light Feather and Feather Shine hard case, the Frequency soft shell, and the hybrid Dual Pro case. They're all sporting a variety of bold, solid colors 

Incipio's Q10 cases are already available online, and you shouldn't have any trouble finding something that fits your needs and style, regardless of whether you have the black or white Q10. Americans, you snag one of these in preparation for the launch at the links below. How many of you guys are going to be grabbing a Q10? Are you a case-toting type, or do your prefer to keep your BlackBerry naked? 

Buy the Incipio Feather case for the BlackBerry Q10
Buy the Incipio Feather Shine case for the BlackBerry Q10
Buy the Incipio Frequency case for the BlackBerry Q10
Buy the Incipio Dual Pro case for the BlackBerry Q10
Buy the Incipio Dual Pro Shine case for the BlackBerry Q10

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Incipio shows off Q10 cases at BlackBerry Live 2013


lol i was going to say no look at her, jeese

i guess i'm not the only perv on here

simon is she hot?

I've seen Incipio available retail for Q10 here in Vancouver already.

Really want to see a Frequency or the black Shine in person, but still haven't seen these.

This is how you CB10, son!

I just have a screen protector on mine (purchased from shop crackberry of course). I've never used a case for any of my BB's so far. The most I've used are the holsters. BB's are usually so sturdy that I never worry about breaking them. I did crack the screen on my 8300 one time still used it for an additional year (that crack was like a badge of honor, gave it character). Loved that phone!!!

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I did indeed. Sucks can't order if you live in Canada. Maybe I'll check out local stores

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Nice, I've always been eased with Incipio. Having used them across many different phones I can say they are solid, might I say..berrysolid :)

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Just bought a case for my Z10. I've been rocking a naked Z10 for a while and these cases actually look great.

Posted from my Z10

I like to know if the frequency case is available for the Z10 in pink. I have the feather in pink and LOVE it!

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I usually rock my BlackBerry's naked even though I bought cases for them. I find a lot of dust gets around the edges whenever I use a case.

So, you can't buy a q10 in the US (and who knows when), but you can buy a case for one at the links above. However, you've been able to buy a q10 for weeks in Canada, but can't buy a case. Kind of strange. I'd take the Canada situation any day, though.

I used to use a case or holster but I learned about the nite-ize phone clips that adhere to the back of a phone, perfect for pocket carrying without phone slipping to the bottom of pocket. The clips don't adhere to rubber very well which can be a problem.

I bought an Incipio feather light case recently for my 9930 and it fits snug and looks kinda cool, but it's difficult to press the volume rocker since the case is in the way.. Only thing I noticed that bothered me about these cases. Other than that, Incipio makes nice cases!

Lol. She says "here are our case for Q10 for BlackBerry" ummm in did t know iphone had a Q10 series too. Or any other company.

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I had an Incipio Dual Pro Shine case for my Z10. Yesterday I carefully tried to remove it from my phone and it very easily cracked. If it cracked that easily how can I expect it to protect my phone. Overpriced and garbage. Never again.

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Just sent @Netflix my sentiments on his premature comments. Go try something out before you cast judgment, Mr. iStupid

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I'll be seeing if my existing bold 9900 gel case supports the Q10 soon. :D

Then I won't have to buy another! :D