Protect your BlackBerry Z10 from surface wear and tear with the Incipio OVRMLD Flexible Hard-Shell Case

The Incipio OVRMLD Flexible Hard-Shell case combines the scratch resistance of a silicone case with the protection of a hard shell case to keep your BlackBerry safe and sound.

By Alicia Erlich on 4 Jun 2013 01:58 pm EDT

From the moment I held my Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10 in my hands, I knew the only way to keep it safe and in one piece was by having a case. After initially using a thin surface case it was time to scour the ShopCrackBerry and discover one with a little more heft to it yet still retain the functionality of the device.

To be fair, I am extremely rough on my cases and this one was certainly put through the ringer, especially if you throw traveling to Orlando for BlackBerry Live into the mix. Under these circumstances I must say the case performed well under pressure and granted me the peace of mind knowing that my active lifestyle and klutzy nature wouldn't bring any harm to my LE.

The OVRMLD is a flexible hard-shell case composed of two materials for durable protection. What this means is that rather than trying to put together two different pieces (i.e. one silicone inner layer and a hard outer shell), it molds the two together in one piece. Not only does this make it easy to install but the added reinforcement wards off scratches and other bruising from drops and falls. As a result, it has a nice, soft touch finish to it that is neither too slippery nor uncomfortable to hold in your hands. 

Incipio OVRMLD Case Ports

The design allows for all of the ports and buttons to line up perfectly although they do remain flush with the device with the exception of the lock button at the top which is slightly raised. For those looking for a little variety, the case is available in four different colors.


  • Dual-injected design
  • Impact resistant plextonium frame
  • Includes durable ratcheting holster
  • Semi-rigid NGP
  • Precision cut holes for all ports
  • Sleek, low profile protection

The Incipio OVRMLD is geared towards those who want maximum protection in a slim and sleek form factor. No matter what abuse it went through or what surface it landed on, I was pleasantly surprised how it remained unscathed without showing even a mark or a dent that such an event took place.

Personally, I find myself to be obsessed with holster combinations, however, the case does not require it if you prefer to leave it as a standalone accessory. Over the past couple of months, it withstood many of the accidents and falls on different surfaces with flying colors even bouncing on my kitchen floor at one point. With the exception of dust and dirt, no dents, scratches, or breaks occurred even when hitting pavement. Even with the extra protection, none of the gestures are affected and users can easily swipe down from the bezel with no obstruction.

Incipio OVRMLD Case Back

Included in this set is a multi-directional holster that slides over the case for carrying around on your hip. However, as someone who cannot live without a holster, my one pet peeve is how awkward it is to slide in and out. Out of the box, the holster is snug fitting which is understandable. While it breaks in over time, I found this caused the case to pop out of my hands onto the floor (though suffering no damage) when I tried forcing it out. While I do not wish to detract from the excellent quality of the holster itself (no snaps or breaks to speak of), it is something that should be noted when using for the first time.

  • Durable and sturdy case for daily use
  • Comfortable and quality finish
  • Combo comes with a screen protector and cleaner
  • Case retains shape even with constant use
  • Easily snaps on and off 
  • Works with NFC
The Bad
  • Prone to dirt and smudges
  • Top button is hard to press 
  • No sleeper magnet in holster
  • Rubber bumpers in holster may become unglued
The Bottom Line

This case is an excellent choice for those seeking high level protection for their BlackBerry Z10 even with its faults. What I like is how it offers dual layer protection in one easy to install piece. This came in handy when swapping batteries at BlackBerry Live. The OVRMLD does add a small degree of bulk but not too much to deter potential users. It deflected all sorts of bumps and hits and my constant habit of removing my BlackBerry from the holster to view incoming notifications without incurring any damage. For that impeccable feat and for the quality of the materials itself, it is worth the price.


Reader comments

Protect your BlackBerry Z10 from surface wear and tear with the Incipio OVRMLD Flexible Hard-Shell Case


My girlfriend has one and I like it better than my casemate and transform shell. She has dropped the phone and the case absorbs the shock, plus it feels good in my hands.

Posted via CB10

Hope it's better than the Otterbox Defender, which is horrible and majorly downgrades the UX, imo.

This is how you CB10, son!

I like the thought of better protection for my Z10 however, I hate adding additional bulk to an already large touch display phone. For that reason I've stuck with a BlackBerry transform case, offers some protection (especially to a white Z10) but doesn't add a significant amount of extra bulk.

Plus an added stand feature to be used when charging the phone and having it put in bedside mode. At least till the BlackBerry OEM charging/HDMI dock is available.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

This would've been great to have last Saturday. Seeing on how I broke my screen on my Z10 to the point it was unresponsive. Sigh. This time around I'm a buy me this product.

HooliGanG ™ 10

How does this compare to the poetic atmosphere case? I love my atmosphere and they seem to be taking the same approach!

Posted via CB10

The Seidio Active Holster works perfectly for this case, as the holster it has is useless. That's what I did. I actually like this case more than my Active case for the corners, this case is more flush to the sides thus easier for gestures , the active has raised corners which complicate gestures a llittle.

Posted via CB10