Pump it up with the Incipio Frequency Case for the BlackBerry Q10

By Adam Zeis on 30 May 2013 12:21 pm EDT

When it comes to skin cases for your BlackBerry Q10 it's very hit or miss. Some get the job done and some are just not worth their weight in plastic. The Incipio Frequency Case for the BlackBerry Q10 is one that both looks good and does its job well. While it's just a simple skin case, it's made of semi-rigid material that will still provide a good amount of protection to your device. 

While it's not the action packed protection of something like the Incipio Dualpro case, the Frequency case is my new go-to for quick outing when I just want to have some sort of case of my device. It's easy on, easy off so you can take it or leave it as you please. 

The plastic of the Frequency case isn't a lint collector and is slicker than most, so pulling it out of a pocket is easy, yet it still has enough grip to not go flying every time you try to hold it. 

The buttons on the top an side are covered and protected and although I did find the top button to stick a bit when I first got the case, it has loosened up over time and doesn't give me trouble anymore.

My one big gripe is that the sides of the case come up around the device a bit more than I'd like which makes for swiping errors at times. I found myself rubbing against the case and not hitting the screen when trying to swipe from right to left, but that's something that isn't hard to get past once you get going. I find it doesn't happen as frequently for me now and I use the side of the case as more of a starting point so it doesn't get in the way.

Overall I really like the Incipio Frequency case. It gives a good amount of protection for everyday drops and holds on tight in the process. It won't slip off but you can easily remove it on the fly with very little effort.

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Pump it up with the Incipio Frequency Case for the BlackBerry Q10


Is this the same cases from BB Live that Simon did a review on? The one with the video of the gal with the sexy hands and voice? Let's get the replay booth to wind that back for another look, a few times maybe . . . .

I have this case. It has a nice feel and good protection. I recommend it to everyone with a Q10. Mine came with my T-Mobile Q10.

Posted via CB10

I just got my wife one of these for her new Q10. I noticed NFC doesn't work through the case. Kind of disappointing. Anyone else experience this?