The Incipio Feather Ultralight Hard Case for the BlackBerry Q10 is as light as it sounds

By Adam Zeis on 26 Jun 2013 12:28 pm EDT

If you're looking for some protection for your BlackBerry Q10 but aren't into getting a full-on case, something smaller may fit the bill. For that the Incipio Feather Ultralight Hard Case for BlackBerry Q10 is a strong player. The Feather case has the bare minimum in bulk but still gives you an extra layer of protection. While it's not a full case that covers all of the device, it's a simple shell for those that aren't looking to add much to the feel of their Q10.

Off the bat you can see the Feather case isn't a lot of case at all. It really only covers the sides, back and part of the corners on the Q10. It snaps on and holds firm leaving the ports and buttons exposed on the sides. I never worried about this case falling off either. Once it's on you're good to go - and I actually had some trouble getting it off of my Q10 the first few times. 

The obvious drawback to the Feather case is that is doesn't cover all of the corners or the top & bottom of your Q10. It doesn't come over the front much at all either. So if you're accident prone and have a bad habit of dropping your device on the pavement from time to time (like I do) then you'll want to opt for something bigger like the Incipio Dualpro or Frequency case. You can see that the Feather doesn't have any "lip" over the front of the Q10 so that part will still be left out in the open. 

The Incipio Feather case for the Q10 does as some quick style to your device though as it's available in a variety of colors including black, pink and cyan.

The Good
  • Easy way to add color to your Q10
  • Lightweight
  • Very little bulk
The Bad
  • Doesn't protect all of corners/front 
  • Hard to remove
  • Shows scuffs easily
The Bottom Line

Overall I think this in a great minimalist case if you're looking for something slim and lightweight. It will give you more protection than not having a case at all but only around the side and back. The corners of the Q10 are still susceptible to getting dinged up fairly easily so that is something to think about if you're an often dropper. 

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The Incipio Feather Ultralight Hard Case for the BlackBerry Q10 is as light as it sounds


First post! I got this case and it's the balls! I drop my phone once a day and I have some little scratches where the case doesn't cover but that adds to the character of my Q10!

People like you need to stop using phones. Just go to a construction site and carry a brick around with you.

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I'm curious why everyone is harping on someone who clearly needs some help keeping his phone intact. Maybe say a OtterBOX Defender series :D. Wait I just happen to have one brand new. Canadian Retail $59.99. Best offer for the piece of junk :). Lol. Gee I'm just as bad as the rest of you except I'm trying to offload garbage. I just going to get a BlackBerry holster. :). I don't drop phone everyday. Maybe 1 time a year. Ahhh the joys of plastic. I need a military grade case really!

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