Incipio announces full spread of BlackBerry Z10 cases

BlackBerry Z10 cases from Incipio
By Simon Sage on 6 Feb 2013 06:57 pm EST

Hot on the heels of the Canadian launch of the BlackBerry Z10, case-maker Incipio has announced a wide range of BlackBerry Z10 accessories. There are Feather and DualPro lines, each with a shinier alternative model with alumnium finish. Then there's the hybrid OVRMLD model, which is built for heavy-duty protection. The whole bunch are available in a wide variety of colors, from understated black to bright pink. And priced between around $20 and $40.

It's great to see big-name manufacturers getting on board with the BlackBerry Z10 this early on; high quality cases are really important to end-users, since, as many Android converts will be able to attest, it can be a real pain not being able to find something to protect your phone. We've seen other products from OtterBox and Case-Mate already, which you'll see soon from Kevin's shopping spree during the Rogers launch event. 

If these Incipio cases are looking good to you, check them out in the CrackBerry store.

More information / shop for the Incipio Feather BlackBerry Z10 case
More information / shop for the Incipio Feather Shine BlackBerry Z10 cases
More information / shop for the Incipio DualPro Shine BlackBerry Z10 case More information / shop for the Incipio DualPro BlackBerry Z10 case  More information / shop for the Incipio OVRMLD BlackBerry Z10 case 



They make great quality cases and offer great product warranties as well.


I Need a Zormtrooper themed one! But they are nice looking.

Eway The cases look really great.


Seeing it fail the drop test you gonna need it shame they didnt use gorilla glass.


All I want is a white case. I want a white Z10, and I DON'T want to put it in a black case.


Exactly !!!!

Cant find a nice white case that will offer any level of protection.


Since the phones dimensions are the same for each carrier its pretty its easy to see why they're all pumping out cases.


Feck me, I want a new phone more then ever just for the Cases, they're all freaking awesome, all makes.


Where can I get that gray and pink one??


Those are pretty sweet. Differentiates them from other platforms.


I'll ensure I get a case for my new Q10, once I have enough cash. :D