Improved Text Selection Coming to a Storm OS Soon!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 03:16 pm EST

This is such a tease! Just after OS leaked to the interwebs, what you're looking at in the video above is an even newer version of an unreleased Storm OS which is showing off an improved text-selection process (visually improved anyways - kinda looks in the vid like he's having a bit of issue using it???). I guess you can take this as proof that copy/paste/editing on the Storm are getting an upgrade! Makes me wonder what other feature improvements RIM has got cooking up for its touchscreen BlackBerry.

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Improved Text Selection Coming to a Storm OS Soon!


It looks as though the highlight box instantly appears when you touch the screen, and then he has to press the screen to lock it in view. His struggle came from not getting the lock to stay at first and also what looks to be dragging your finger diagonally and not straight when trying to highlight. If this be true, that makes highlighting FAR EASIER IMO than holding your finger on the screen in which it could potentially scroll up or down or not turn hollow to move throughout the text at all, and as soon as you lift it you lose your spot. I find scrolling at times a pain in the butt, although with the newer builds has improved (started with .65 er whatever the first release was before official .75 and am on .103 currently).

Does anyone else see this happening? The initial touch bringing up the box instantly and a click locking it so that it does not disappear?

I don't get it. Other than the bounding box, how is this any different than what we have already? It doesn't look like the resulting selection process is any more accurate or precise. :(

Currently you can move the cursor, but you cannot highlight that easy. the only way to highlight is to use the 2 finger touch method.

Cant wait for this feature!

get the cursor where you want it, press menu and choose select. Then touch the screen without clicking for a second or so (just like you'd move the cursor normally) Now when you move the cursor it's highlighting everything. From what I can tell the blue box is the only difference. It could even just be an add on app and nothing OS related.

and my gosh, he's really having a hard time using it...

im glad they r starting to come out with more and more stuff for the storm, us as storm users have been waiting for quite a while :)

Really? You're still waiting? I switched to Verizon in November for the Storm on a one year contract. If I'd kept it, a full quarter of my contract would be up, and the device would STILL not be what it is advertised to be. Glad I returned it.

I'm just flabbergasted that 3 months after release this device is STILL not ready for prime-time.

Maybe you should have had some patience. The phone with any OS after .99 is excellent, which came out more than a month ago.

This is some indication that the newer OS should be coming out soon. Either way, copy and paste isn't very efficient on the Storm.

That looks so sweet. It does look like that guy is having some issues, but I'll bet there are a few bugs to work out.

That looks way more user friendly than the current software. It's soo hard to see if the cursor is moving beneath my finger. Hope it comes out soon, I can't wait!

ok...if you got rid of the phone...who cares..we like it....why take time out of your day to let us know that you hated the phone...i could careless.

After watching that you'd think he'd try to get a better take...or that was the good take...and then you storm users are really in trouble!

that it is ironed out more before they release it because i dont want this box on my screen and not be able to do anything with would be great if there were a better demo of it so we could see if selecting was easier because it can become time consuming trying to copy/paste even as is...

I use copy/paste at least once a day... and this new addition actually appears to be easier to operate, but the person in the video should have practiced a little more before taping... ;-)

How many takes did he do before the "final" one? Heh.

But visual feedback and one-finger operation would be nice. Looking forward to it!

This new selection style kinda is the same like the old, just with this funky new window around it, should realy zoom into the selectionwindow like iPhone

I know a person who traded her Storm for a Bold. Reason: problems with text entry, selection, etc. Do we know anymore about this text selection improvement? Is it part of a suite of text related improvements, for example. Is it easy to use (didn't look like it)?

Hope this is meant to augment the current system and not to replace the 2-finger selection. I wonder if BB is replacing the 2-finger method to avoid infringement problems with Apple's claimed multi-touch patents...

its annoying to me that RIM does not include any implementation of features on the iphone. who cares if you copy them. some of them are great ideas, (ie the keyboard letters popping out when you type, zooming in on words when you move cursor, and inertia scrolling)

now i dont wanna get a reply that says just go get an iphone because the iphone wont do what i need it to do. the storm feature wise is perfect for me, just a few dumb things that piss me off!

From what I've read, there is no graphics chip in the storm making those type of features not really possible. Again, from what I have read, the iPhone does have this which is why it's UI is so damn smooth and graphics based - it only makes sense that an Apple product would have some souped up graphics... right?

I could be wrong.

Please let this be an OS upgrade and not an improvement to only "NEW" Storms. If they pull this kind of malarkie again, I'll be taking my release Storm back to Verizon! Who's with me!?!

U realize that even on .75 they have an editing tool. U hold ur finger down and the courser should become a hollow box. Just drag it around and wallah!! U can edit text!!!

This is nice, but what is really needed for this phone is a way to run applications from the SD card or from the 1 gig of built-in memory. Other than that, I like my Storm. However, compared to the iphone, this lack of memory is embarassing.

It looks almost exactly as horribly useless as the current text selection method, but with an extra blue box.

Do i have stupid fingers, or does anyone else feel that the current text selection methods are completely worthless on the storm?

If the other issues are not resolved. How about an upgrade to the OS that enables the device to actually be a Blackberry?

This is great, one of the things that bother me most about the blackberry is selecting text, and copy/pasting. Hopefully this will resolve the issue

I hate installing the beta OS's or leaked what ever you want to call it. Does anybody have an idea when this new one will be officially released. My Storm seems to be slowing down the more apps I load.

This looks much improved! Now if they let the user map which keys pop up after hovering over over a letter on teh keyboard I'll be estatic!

nice. when, when? better be soon, cant wait. cant they also include animation when changing screen orientation, rather than just blinking?

Text selection is a pain in the ass right now. What about copying delimited text into multiple fields? Like copying an address into VZNavigator (which sucks).

The difference is you can move the cursor to a specific starting point and actually SEE where it is! C'mon people! Even the most current leaked OS doesn't allow you to see where the cursor is when you begin to highlight. You have to guess where it is or click the screen where you want it to be and it still won't allow you to know for sure if it's there. The new update with the box allows you more precision and accuracy in moving the cursor and actually lets the whole process be visualized as well! GREAT update! Just hope to get it soon...

Personally, I'd like less crashing on my phone...I've had to do far too many "battery resets" lately.

Also, please RIM fix the damn orientation detection. My phone constanty gets confused as to which way I'm holding it. It's just irritating.