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Improve and keep track of your battery life with BatteryEx - 100 copies to be won!

By ObiGeorge on 3 Jun 2010 10:06 am EDT

BatteryEx is a very helpful application for monitoring your battery life, and even adding a boost to it. The application has two ways of displaying the battery level and other information. The first is by means of an icon on the homescreen of your device, in the notification area, giving you quick and easy access to your battery info. The second way of viewing the battery info is in the application title (multiple options for what you would like displayed). BatteryEx also has a built in "battery booster" which will shutdown your device's cellular radio (or WiFi) when you have no signal, essentially saving you wasted battery power. BatteryEx is available for all devices OS 4.6 and higher, and on sale for $1.99 until June 11th. There is also a free version, however you will not get the battery boost feature in this version.

Contest:  We have 100 copies of BatteryEx to give away.  Just leave a comment on this post to enter.  Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.  Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count. 

Reader comments

Improve and keep track of your battery life with BatteryEx - 100 copies to be won!

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This would be perfect since my phone ALWAYS wants to roam when I'm in certain parts of my house...this might even keep me from having to carry a spare battery!

Finally!!! Something to help monitor my battery life! Now I don't have to worry about constantly going to settings to find out. I hope I win a free copy. CB rocks!

I would very much like a free copy of Battery Ex.
I deserve one! If for no other user name is so cool !

Best Regards,


I jumped ship from the iPhone due to pitiful battery life! Thankfully my Bold 9700 is waaay better (thanks BlackBerry). Really looking forward to the idea that I can get even more life out of the Berry with this app!

Ojalá me pueda ganar una copia, ya que soy uno de esos enajenados que se la pasa todo el dia con su BB y mi pila sufre, jajaja.

I sure would like this. In honor of this contest, here's a little Haiku:

Would Love to Win This
BatteryEx Is So Cool

I live in Rural KY, to have an app that shuts off my cellular when I have no signal would be more beneficial than you could imagine. A must have app! Free makes it even sweeter!

I am not sure why I would need this? My battery seems to work fine as long as I charge it daily. I use my phone all day everyday.

Hi everybody,

I really like these contests and this one is my first, so I think that I could win ;-)

Have a nice day guys.


These past days I've got my new 9700 and have been constantly tracking battery life on it since I thought the battery would be better. So I think this app would be great and would provide me the help I need. Thanks BatteryEx and CrackBerry for this opportunity :P

Definitely looks useful. I could use this while trying to track battery life when upgrading from OS to OS on my Storm.

So many losses... The pain... The pain.. Its like a million voices crying out at once and then silenced. :)

I could use this a lot....I always lose track of my battery...I would love this as it would help me immensely...pretty please with a cherry on top!!! :D

I don't always have time to charge my Berry while I am on EMS calls. This would help to keep my Berry up and running for longer periods of time.

I love my BlackBerry Storm 9530 but the battery life sucks!
This would help by what i have read so hook me CrackBerry!!

I see, the "battery booster" here's actually a smart device radio management. This might just work!

Omg i could so use this. I love to know that my kids can all ways get a hold of me without my dying without notice!!!!!!!

I have a "knock-off" brand battery as a cop took my original out of my berry. The battery boost function is a must need, as I can't run all the apps I wish and still have a battery life.

I've been trying to find a solution for my battery drain while traveling through dead signal areas; it's truly a nightmare on my battery life. This would solve the problem! Thanks for considering me :)

I'm using free version and it's cool. Premium features would be awesome! Battery in my 9000 is... If you have, you know...

My battery drain so fast. So can I have this application to measure the meter of battery. Than i will make review for this.

Sorry my english is really bad :-)