Imperia - Premium theme from Hedone Design now on sale for a short time

Imperia - Premium theme from Hedone Design now on sale for a short time
By Bla1ze on 23 Jun 2010 12:35 pm EDT

Amidst the BlackBerry Theme throwdown going on now, developers are still pushing out new themes for users to enjoy. In this case, Hedone Design has made available Imperia. A new premium theme that is available for 89xx, 90xx, 95xx, 96xx and 97xx series devices. Imperia uses 18 home screen icons to make everything easily accessible to users. It sort of falls under the category of a traditional icon theme with the exception here being that you end up with two home screen sections of icons. Both screens are easily navigated and switched between to ensure that you have your most used items in all the right places. Graphics on this one are of high quality as with all Hedone Design themes and for today only, you can grab Imperia for only $3.49. That's 50% off for those of you out there keeping track.

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Imperia - Premium theme from Hedone Design now on sale for a short time


im sorry cb, but thats out of order, this theme is in the theme throwdown, and is deal of the day for that reason today. you havent once individually posted any of the other themes in the trowdown, and being quite honest it does come across as very impartial.

needless to day though the theme looks the typical Hedone quality work :)

apart from hedone!!!!

i know they must make a lot of money for crackberry but come on you dont need to review every single theme release!!

give other developers a chance!!

whats next tomorrow? sense
friday - wall e

give us a break

I say that EVERYTIME this fool solicites Hedone!

I love Hedone Design's work so nothing against them. But I totally agree. CB(Bla1ze) is a joke when it comes to this...

My humble opinion.


What gets sent to me..all developers need to do is send an email. Most, don't even bother to inquire as to how to get their themes reviewed, let alone send an email off when they release a theme they are really pleased with. Instead, people just like to complain about what DOES get posted, rather then actually do something about it.

Out of the thousands of theme developers out there, the majority of themes that get sent to me are from Hedone and Elecite. Why? Cause aside from making themes they see that marketing their stuff is just as important as making it. You could have an AMAZING, totally awesome theme sitting in Mobihand but unless you market the theme, yourself and the company name behind it, it'll mostly go un-noticed.

It really does not take much to send off an email describing your product and what devices it supports and a link to either Mobihand or the CrackBerry store. Heck, ya don't even have to include an OTA. I'll buy the theme myself If I have to to get it out there for ya. But again, the amout of people that actually do that..compared to the amount of people that would rather just complain about it is staggering.

My email address is no forums PM inbox is easy to find..and according to my Twitter stats I'm certainly not hiding nor am I hard to find if anyone cares to reach out and have their stuff posted.

ok so personally i think this is a very black day for CB, to have somebody so blatantly lying on their own blog post is a sham.

firstly the reason i raised an object isnt because of who the theme maker is, or the fact you advertise all of their themes, as i said their themes look good. no, the reason i raised an objection is that its in a competition to see who can sell the most, which by that being the only theme to be advertisied out of it and the 17 that have come before it does somewhat slant the figures and imho thats very biased and unprofessional from yourself/crackberry (and would of been the same for any of the other cool themes in the throwdown too).

secondly, in the past i myself have made themes and then sent yourself, kevin and adam a code to download for free, with a link, so thats what you just said right? did you download? nope, did you even offer the mere decent courtsey of responding? nope (i recall i had email delivered recepits). so people can email you, but you may just ignore them so it seems, i even PM`d you one through the forums, and again, i may as well of sent it to myself for the lack of response i got.

and twitter! please please please realise that when people follow (i used to) you on twitter, they will read what you post, so when you post (along the lines of) `im getting bored of people emailing me themes, please basically dont` and then you have the face to say on here to email you, that smacks of total double standards.

so please stop waffling and lying and then believing yourself, but most of all realise that you are affecting the outcome of what is meant to be a `fair` theme throwdown competition, needless to say if hedone win some may view this as contributary and therefore the whole competition as one big huge joke.

id just like to put down that i dont have anything against hedone (or any other dev for that matter)as i have said before, and i would have voiced exactly the same objections had it been any other theme that was in the throwdown.

I've had the same unfortunate experience as daveastra. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has experienced this. I don't even have anything else to say about this. For me, this is a waste of time...

There are other ways to promote products and themes. I can give you at least 20 websites that are open to all developers and not the expensive, select few. And they are all welcoming and friendly.

Good luck daveastra. :)

I must say... it is a delicious theme. I have been through probably 20 different themes for my 9000 over the last couple years.

This is the snappiest, best looking, and simplest theme i have used.

Grab it!

Am I missing something? It looks nice, Id like to try it, but my cart shows it at $6.99. There is no promo code in the article and I followed the link in the article.