Impatiently waiting for BlackBerry 6? Grab the next best thing today, Five Point Nine!

Five Point Nine
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jul 2010 11:53 am EDT

I know after today's sneak peek video of BlackBerry 6 by RIM, many of you are jonesing to get your hands on it! Until that happens, I think the next best thing one can have is a parity theme for your current device that provides a a little taste of BlackBerry 6 right now. Enter the Five Point Nine theme by WJD Designs.

Five Point Nine is essentially the same theme as WJDDesign's previously #1 best selling OS6 theme. It had to undergo a few minor tweaks to keep the lawyers from a certain company happy, including a branding change, but it's now back in the catalog available for sale. Five Point Nine is available for the BlackBerry Storms, Bold 9700/9650, Tour and Curve 8900 (running 5.0). It sells for $2.99.

Click on through to the Five Point Nine product page for full details, more screen captures and video. As for the new name Five Point Nine... well, that was all me. When Wayne relayed his re-branding dilemma to me that was the first name that popped into my head. :)

Reader comments

Impatiently waiting for BlackBerry 6? Grab the next best thing today, Five Point Nine!


I'm not a fan of this default OS6 theme. A little too busy for non-touch screen phone.

It also needs a little polish. There needs to be a horizontal separator from the notification area and the time. The 3G icon area isn't lined up on the home screen. The icon highlight sometimes mixes in with a lot of icons.

it would be interesting to know why RIM picked on your theme, when there are a lot of OS6 themes out there, did you point this out to them? i mean they have to be fair about it dont they?

I will take Rim picking on me as mine being the closest thing to OS6 and that they felt threatened. At the same time I am not here to cause my competition grief and will not point fingers. I believe in the system of Kharma and if things happen there is a reason why.

It's not about being threatened. Quite the opposite actually.

If you call your theme "OS6", some customers will become confused and assume that it is either OS6, or assume that it's close enough to OS6 to formulate an opinion about the real thing. If the customer doesn't like your theme, there is a chance that their dissatisfaction will carry over to the official OS6, which hurts RIM. Heck, they could even tell friends, who tell friends, etc.

It's about protecting their new OS and it's reputation. I suspect they will also take issue with other OS6 themes as time goes on, large companies take a while to get their legal departments involved.

i bought this for my storm2 when it was still called 'OS6', and i won't be changing it until the actual OS6 comes out! (assuming it will work on my phone)

What is the point in buying this? Honestly, I just don't get it. I can get a Starbuck's coffee for $2.99 and that is infinitely more satisfying.

Only problem I had with this theme was the eventual update that included a hidden today. The fact that it didn't have that to begin with was one of the reasons I bought it.

In my opinion if you are going to make changes to a premium theme (add or remove features, not just fine tuning and making fixes) then you should offer an updated version of the original theme as well, in this case a version with no hidden today as that is what we paid for and I'm sure I am not the only one that didn't want the hidden today added. Maybe if it had a seperate messages pane (like on Storm versions) or even just a dark back drop that would come up when scrolling over the today icons.

Anyway, I would go back to using it in a second if they offered a non hidden today version or some altered version of a hidden today that I mentioned above.

a. the point of buying it is right there in the post. right there in a title as a matter of fact!

b. if you'd rather have a starbucks get a starbucks. some people would rather buy a theme. to each his own.

c. yes, RIM will do that for free... if you want to wait.

For all of you people that are complaining that this theme cost's comey, stop. You don't have to buy it. No one will force you to buy it. You only have to buy it if you CAN NOT wait for the real OS6 to come out. Come on people.

Look if you want a Starbucks or a ride on a Rollar coaster more then that is what you should do. If you are hurting for 2.99 then don't spend it on our theme. The fact of the matter is I want people to be happy in the end. People can't complain about my customer service since I answer hundreds of emails a days without any problems.

I do this for the community but still need to pay for my mt dew for future theme investments :)

to each his own but before you say bad things, remember Kharma is watching - say something bad to anyone and stub your toe that night you shouldn't even ask why lol

OK, I'm not a huge theme guy, BUT I absolutely loved this theme on my Storm2. It really IS the next best thing to 6.0. The icons look GREAT and the functionality is superb. I'm about to try it on my Bold, and I will let you all know how that goes, BUT I highly recommend this for the Storm, it's well worth 2.99, it's as good as the 5.99 themes out there if not better!

Got this theme for my storm2 love it great job!!!, only second theme I have actually paid for (and just realized i got wjd win7 theme must like wjd) but was thinking of getting beweather full. Will it show on homescreen wallpaper? i use weather bug now but i need homescreen weather (work outside all day) any help would be great. and is beweather worth 10 bucks?

I am quite sure that this Five Piont Nine is is another great theme from WJD. However, I am sticking with my OS6 the original! The originator! The creator! Not the instigator! The Architect of Blackberry 6 look-a-like themes! WOOOOOO! It is my my of sticking it to Tha Man! RIM should have left my boy Wayne alone and let him have this! They are haters! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! They should have seen it! Your theme was number one! That should have showed those Boys and Girls at RIM that we Blackberry lovers are truly anticipating the release of the Real OS6! Do your thang Wayne! Fly above all those haters!

i like it.. i wanted a taste of what OS6 will bring and i am giving it a test drive. and for 2.99 you really cant beat it. Overall i am very happy with the theme.

I prefer the earlier version, os6. It works waaaay better than os5.9. The words in the lower banner appear as blocks and the icons get mixed up and blend together after returning from the hidden dock screen. I've tried resetting my 9700 after installing it but nothing changes. I'll stick with os6.

i just purchased this theme and it is absolutely got more lag than i planned on this theme stinks. whoever made this theme should be horse whipped. one star for this theme

I recently purchased this theme and am very pleased with it apart from one issue. The battery and network symbols appear too large on the home screen. Once I press the blackberry button and look at the application screen they return to normal size. Click back to home screen and they are bigger again? Is this an issue anybody else has had and if so will there be an update for this? I have version 1.3 for the Curve 8520 (as I believe this was highest version I could have for this model?)