The iMore Podcast where CrackBerry Kevin and Windows Phone Dan talk about how stupid this Smartphone Madness contest is...

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Apr 2013 10:56 pm EDT

I commandeered our iOS guru Rene Ritchie to our NYC office for a few days, leaving him unable to live broadcast his regularly-scheduled Sunday night iMore show

Instead, this evening Rene recorded a Not Live from New York video podcast with Windows Phone Central's Daniel Rubino and myself as his guests. 

The timing of 'Windows Phone Dan' and 'CrackBerry Kevin' on a podcast could not have been better. As we recorded the show and as I'm writing this post now, the BlackBerry Z10 vs. Lumia 920 voting is still going on in the finals of LapTopMag's Smartphone Madness 2013 event.

It's been both hilarious and insanely awesome to watch the voting the past 36 hours since I raised the call to action to vote for the Z10  here on the blogs and left some good 'ole fashioned fanboy trash talking in the comments. Since that post went up, the volume of votes went up more than ten fold and the reaction from readers has been passionate to say the least.

On the podcast Dan and I talk about how stupid the 'event' is and how the results mean nothing. We also agreed that win or lose, you won't be seeing us posting the results on our sites. It's actually pretty funny - I've been watching the voting over the weekend and we've been hearing from people on both sides of the vote, and it's very clear that automated scripts are now doing the majority of the voting on both sides at this point, further compromising what was already a compromised event to begin with. At least it made for some entertainment on a relatively quiet weekend in mobile news.

After working the BlackBerry Z10 vs. Lumia 920 talk out of our systems, we spent some time contemplating this week's Facebook Home / First news and also some of the latest iOS rumors. It's a quick show and definitely worth checking out. We hope you enjoy it!

Also.... PS... Happy 70th Birthday to my dad!! I give him a shout out at the beginning of the show, and just had to do it again here. He reads CrackBerry religiously, so I know he'll be reading this. Thanks 'old man' for being the best dad ever! 

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The iMore Podcast where CrackBerry Kevin and Windows Phone Dan talk about how stupid this Smartphone Madness contest is...


Delusional Dan? everytime he bad mouths BB and claims that Windows Phone is going to take over the world on the mobile nations podcasts, that's what I call him.

I personally find both are great devices, they appeal to different market segments in their own way. Me.......i prefer the z10 of course! :)

I can't comment on the Lumia as I've never used one. I just know that the Z10 kicks beau coup @$$!

p.s.- Happy Birthday Mr. Michaluk, sir!

Posted via CB10 with my BB10 Z10

Thanks Kevin for doing a great job for us. And Happy Birthday to your Dad.

Posted via CB10

Pathetic. Just because some other site is doing a little poll doesn't brand their 'activity' stupid. Just wow.

Off topic but I want BlackBerry to hire scott forstall and great podcast guys. I was actually expecting an all out firght between Dan and Kevin.

I dunno about all that but I would like some good podcasts. Good debates with the other mobile nation sites are good but that should be casual yet professional discussions.

I'd like for crackberry to track down some guys writing code for QNX. Is there any trend in the top tier talent making a move to QNX. Who's blackberry hiring. Rene gets some interesting smart guys on his podcasts, time for crackberry to do the same.

That was very impressive. It really was great to see that we all have our mobile devices that we love to death however we can repect each others devices strengths and weaknesses. Its all about developement and marketshare. Moble Nations is a great forum-get together and the pod casts truely show that. Each showing Knowledge and Respect for the other.
I love my Z10, knowing that its not perfect and has room to grow.
Even if it was the 3rd time around for filming it was a GREAT SHOW. Nicely done

"it's very clear that automated scripts are now doing the majority of the voting on both sides at this point"
Nokia 920 is up 5,000 on the BB Z10.....grr I guess Windows Central fans have better automated cheat scripts then we do :(

P Diddy 8, what's up y'all
I'm packin' a WP8
A Nokia Lumia straight,
I know the phone is fish bait
Cuz the Z10's got hate break it down....

If you end up using that nickname Dan I would appreciate a t shirt as a sign of appreciation :) if you end up getting sued by a certain rap star I accept no liability....

Osama Faris

Wow Kev. You're flowing the zee pretty easy. I hope you find zed when you come home.

Posted from the CB App on my White Zed 10

Good trolling fanboy fun! It sure as hell was! :D

Props to WPCentral and all of mobile nations! See you all next year hah!

Kevin... Where is Round Robin/Tour/whatever you guy are gonna call it next??!

Kevin, I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but I love the look you give the camera after Rene talks about the billions Apple has in their bank.

You guys definitely should do more shows like this, were you all together discussing things about all platforms, i hope we can see more of this.

I listened to the whole thing with youtube crashing and gutting the video on the playbook and bold 9900. I didn't give up. Happy birthday Robert!

Hi Kevin,

I remembered awhile back you conducted a crash test with the z10. I was wondering if you have the storage capacity max out? The reason I asked because I want to perform a similar test with maxed out storage and compare it with an I phones and S3. I apologise if this is not the right place to ask about this.

Posted via CB10