IMO beta instant messaging client updated - Now offers image previews, location sharing and more

By Bla1ze on 16 Sep 2011 02:56 pm EDT

We've mentioned the imo multi network messaging client in the past, back when they first launched in beta and now they've rolled out the latest version that adds some great features to the mix. The latest additions to the app:

  • Location Sharing: Let your friends know where you are quickly by sharing your location
  • Image Preview:  Preview pictures you send and receive using imo
  • Chat History: Option to save and view your chat history in the app 

Managing a lot of instant messaging clients on BlackBerry has never been really easy, while RIM offers native clients for it having an all-in-one solution is a better way to go. Having an all-in-one solution that is free, makes it even better.

Download imo beta for BlackBerry



for me, it's a good alternative to IM+ .. been using the beta for almost a month now ..


Is this a battery draining app as most messenger apps are?

Wretch 12

Yes, if not a lot more intensive than IM+.

Nevertheless, it's a great app - and it'll be much better once it's out of beta, I've reported a quite a few bugs and given them a few suggestions which they seem to have considered. Though it's already better than IM+, it's free!


Ate my 9700 battery in a day, when it usually lasts around 3-4 (with gtalk on). Uninstalling


Here's how i use both IM+ and IMO Beta:

- IM+ = Gtalk, Jabber, MSN and all other IM serices

- IMO = Skype Chat

Excellent app. Wish i could send my messages simply by hitting my trackpad instead of hitting "ENTER" though :) (Or at least, having the choice in the settings)


for a beta product im very impressed
runs quite nicely on my 9900


Yes a very good App, use it for Skype very nicely


is there a stand alone steam chat client? if not i guess ill have to try this one out.

Been so happy with it so far, allows me to get on Skype, coz there isn't a Skype app available for Hong Kong BB users


I think it need wifi support becouse I have no signal at all in my house, but other then that it is great.


does this app let u voip skype?


This app constantly disconnect from Yahoo Messenger and i cannot use it for facebook chat...anyone have the same problems?Any tips regarding this thing?


for facebook login from pc from imo site and give access to the imo app..then you will be able to login frm bb...