Multiprotocol IM client imo beta now available for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 2 Aug 2011 10:09 am EDT

imo for BlackBerry

Today imo has announced a beta version of their multiprotocol IM client for BlackBerry. The app is free to download and features multiple services including AIM, Yahoo!, Gtalk, Skype, Jabber, MSN and more. The company has had a web app for quite some time, but this is the first release for BlackBerry Smartphones. While it's still a bit rough around the edges, imo is a pretty decent client if you like the ability to use multiple IM services all in one place. There are plenty of features to keep most users happy, and pretty much all of the "big name" services are included. The app is free (for now) in it's beta form and will soon be on the way to BlackBerry App World. Hit the link below from your device to download. Keep reading for some more screen shots.

Download imo OTA to your device
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imo for BlackBerry


imo for BlackBerry


imo for BlackBerry


imo for BlackBerry

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Reader comments

Multiprotocol IM client imo beta now available for BlackBerry


I hope it can do everything IM+ can and when released is priced at least half what SHAPE charges.

That should level the field nicely and make app prices closer to a reasonable level.

Well it's in beta so it's free for now, perhaps without doing any update you might be able to use it for free.

However, if only it can make Skype calls then i think it's worth a consider.

Love the interface, love the ability to integrate skype chat, love that it's fast.... but only on Wifi? C'mon... any BB app that doesn't support BIS is useless to me.

Would be nice if it integrated with the global inbox. Also, the blue led indicator is confusing if BT is active.

From what I've observed, the blue BT indicator only flashes for a while and then stops - at least that's what it does with my PB - so the confusion should only be temporary.

I saw this yesterday on their site and had a short conversion with them via twiiter. They are looking for feedback if anyone want to give any.

I'm going to try this out. I've currently got Beejive, of which I paid for a transferable license - has anyone that tried this compared this to Beejive yet?

Finally some good looking piece of im there. Installed and started up flawlessly. Added icq/aim and skype, both worked fine (even group conversations in skype worked for me).

In my point of view a decent beta.

But everytime there's space for improvement.
-Integration in native inbox.
-WiFi only will not do the trick. (BIS, BES, PUSH? O.O)
-Skype calls would be awesome
-Options to at least adjust the notification led color
(no idea why they took blue^^)
-Would be great to be able to close to ui part completely
(shutdown closes everything, but close only moves it to the back.
-Did anybody find an option to delete an account?
-Contact "mergeing" would be nice to have.

2 make ppl jealous. Looks awesome on my shiny new 9810^^ but some minor layout ui bugs^^

It would be nice if this worked for PB but it doesn't. It just downloads the .jad and does nothing with it.

hi guys,

i have downloaded for bb, but I cannot connect to imo server. it only works via wifi, but no chance with 3G or edge.

any solution for this?

wld be great!