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Imminent Launch Of BlackBerry Curve 8520 August 5th

By Bla1ze on 26 Jul 2009 10:45 am EDT
Imminent Launch Of BlackBerry Curve 8520 August 5th

Just in case there was any doubt left in your mind of when the Curve 8520 was to be launched, CellPhoneSignal posted this image to clear all that up for you. The BlackBerry Curve 8520 will hit T-Mobile, WalMart and of course be available through customer care upgrades on August 5th, despite any official announcement from T-Mobile as of yet. If you are planning on picking one of these up be sure to check out our review to find out what the 8520 is all about, especially if you are a current 8320 owner as this is indeed the device which is claimed to be its replacement rather than the 8900.

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Very nice :)
Not as professional-looking as some others (tour), but I'd like to see how the trackpad compares.


I highly doubt it would have a 2 MP Camera....that's a real step down from the 3.2 that the 8900 has. Well, we'll have to see.


Went to the Blackberry Elite event for this the other night. It really does only have a 2 MP camera for those who don't believe the reviews and documents. Other than that seems like a decent device.


Wow! Looks sexy, I can't wait to see it here in Canada.


Does anyone know if there will be a cdma version of this coming out or is it only gsm?


yea i think the 8530 will be for cdma users


TMO USA needs to add this BB to their PrePaid lineup.


Similar to the prepaid Sidekick plan.


I am interested to see this tracpad. It would be nice if dirty tracballs are the thing of the past!


I wonder when we will see it in Canada? And if will just be on Rogers or Fido also.


Looking at the image on this post, is "Trackball 4-Way Navigation" the same as a trackpad?


that just means that the trackpad works the same as the trackball


There is at least one area where this is a major improvement over the Curve 8320: it has a ton more internal memory at 256MB. An 8320 with 64MB starts out with about 20MB of free flash, of which you probably want to keep about 10MB free, leaving you with about 10MB to load up with apps from the Crackberry store or App World. That is pathetic. I figure with 256MB of internal memory, the 8520 is going to have an order of magnitude more room for you to install your apps. Imagine that.

pwc realtor#CB

I have to say its ok and just an incremental step up from the 8320 but the 8900 still has better specs and I'll hold out for the 9020 wi9th 3G (I may be switching to t-mobile because an area I'm looking to move to doesn't have EVDO service on SPrint :( )


Honestly the lack of a flash on the camera is the only fault I can find on this blackberry. It's a great way to ease trackpads into blackberries as well. Trackpads are definitely the future, IMHO.

Can't wait for the driftwood.