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imgLite - Resize, rotate and crop pictures on your BlackBerry

By Michelle Haag on 14 Oct 2010 09:01 am EDT

ToySoft has developed a lite version of their popular imgEdit application called imgLite that provides a simple way to resize, rotate, and crop images right on your device. ImgLite not only gives you those options, but also the ability to add several different borders to your newly cropped/resized image, all from within the media, file, and camera apps. There are some other nice features as well, such as choosing where you want the edited images to save and what quality you want the resulting .jpg to be.


  • Works with BlackBerry OS5 and OS6
  • Very small footprint
  • Integrates with the System Media, Files and Camera applications
  • Resize and Crop pictures in jpg, bmp, gif and png formats
  • Rotate image
  • Saves in JPG format with quality control
  • Allows you save to different folder
  • Crop the current screen. Perfect when you zoom in on a picture in the Media app
  • Add border to the resized and cropped picture

A free trial of imgLite is available, or you can go ahead and purchase it for $1.99 in the CrackBerry store. ImgEdit is still available (and on sale this week!) if you want more options than imgLite provides

Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1191 (articles) 1683 (forum posts)


Would like to try this out, I hate having to rotate photos I've taken to show them to others. We'll see....


Been after something like this.


Doesn't work properly with my Torch with OS6.

Crop to screen and crop work the same way. No function to actually crop part of the picture at full resolution.

Seems like a bug because the two functions are seperate.


True you cant crop a full resolution. It will allow you to only crop what is displayed on the screen.

Crop screen basically let you crop what you are looking at and crop picture displays the original picture and let you crop.

with crop screen you can zoom in using the Media app and then crop the portion of the image.


This sounds like a good app but would i use it much. If someone has this app tell me how is it and do they actually put it to uses