Images: Native Threaded SMS Client for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Aug 2009 01:56 am EDT
Threaded SMS for BlackBerry Smartphones

With OS surfacing for the BlackBerry Bold and Curve 8900, we finally have visual proof that RIM will be bringing threaded SMS to BlackBerry. Why it took so long who knows, but when OS 5.0 officially rolls out in the weeks/months ahead (it's all unofficial looks so far) that this long-standing pain will be no more. Below you can see some more screen captures of it in action. This one of those things I really hope RIM can find a way to make backwards compatible to older OS platforms. So far we've only seen OS 5.0 love for devices that originally shipped with OS 4.6 or 4.7, but I have a feeling there a ton of BlackBerry Curve 83xx and Pearl users out there that would kill for this. Sure, BlackBerry Messenger is where it's at.... but if you have friends that for some reason don't own a BlackBerry, then threaded SMS is a must.

Native Threaded SMS Client for BlackBerry Smartphones (OS 5.0 >)

Threaded SMS for BlackBerry Smartphones

Threaded SMS for BlackBerry Smartphones

Threaded SMS for BlackBerry Smartphones

Threaded SMS for BlackBerry Smartphones

Threaded SMS for BlackBerry Smartphones

Threaded SMS for BlackBerry Smartphones

Threaded SMS for BlackBerry Smartphones

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Images: Native Threaded SMS Client for BlackBerry


hey i have just installed 5.0 on my storm and can't seem to find the treaded sms. is there a setting ? hmm missing bbm too? suggestions

i have a curve 8900 and just upgraded to 5.0 but my SMS is not threaded. it's exactly like the old version of SMS. any help???

salomondrin's video shows him running on Verizon and it showed the same 160 / 1 of 6. so, to be specific, multi-sms support on Verizon.

I'm dying for this to leak for my 8330. If it does and the multipart sms stays in it for the cdma version, I think itd keep me from abandoning ship for the Pre.

I think we will quiver with the fact that that check mark doesn't include a D or R upon delivery. For the first few months anyway :-P

hey crackberry-folks,

i already wondered about some discussions on this topic a while ago and wanted to ask if you do not have the threaded sms feature outside germany...i'm running my 8900 on 4.6.something and have a "simple" version of threaded sms feature, being all in plain text without the bling-bling, but working as supposed to. my question is: do you not have that feature unless using OS 5.x? one thing that messes up the threading compared to email-conversations is that it puts all sms from a contact into the thread, even when they are not on the same topic or actually responses on my previously sent sms. does OS 5.x still do that or is it a REAL threaded function like the "re:..." in emails? (wondering how this should be possible since sms lack a "subject"-option)

ah, and before i forget: i am already able to write multi-sms (more than 160 chars)...all in my "old" OS

greetz from germany,

Current blackberries have something of a "threaded sms" view, in that you see previous messages from that contact while reading and sending new messages. This new feature is describing a more conversation/IM style SMS interface. Very similar to what sending and receiving BBMs is like now.

True SMS "threads", in the style of email threads are not possible AFAIK.

Only GSM blackberries support spreading an sms over multiple messages. This as been supported for a while.

will this sms ever be ready for my BBcurve 8320? I feel like my fing phone never gets any love idk maybe im new to this. I have a 4.5.162 OS. I have bchat but want this

I know RIM is trying hard to make advances in their OS to compete with Palm OS and iphone, so they are concentrating on the newest and fastest BBs, but the Curve 83XX is by far the biggest user base. I wouldn't be suprised if all the Bolds, 8900s, and Storms combined don't even come close to the number of 83XX owners.

With that said, why are they excluding the biggest community? Is this some marketing scheme to make 83XX owners upgrade?

I have a 8330 Curve - would also like the threaded SMS. As shimojunk just said, RIMs biggest user base is the Curve. I, too, use BChat (sometimes - not very stable yet) but this would be just what we needed. If this IS some marketing scheme to upgrade, don't count me in. I love the stability of my Curve and will just deal with SMS as is if that's the case. To spend money on an upgrade would be ridiculous just to get threaded SMS. I'll wait until RIM or BChat or any other developer gets a stable threaded SMS. Not that big of a deal.

Unfortunately this beta is not compatible with BBM 5.0 so if you want threaded SMS via this upgrade, you have to downgrade to BBM 4.7. Wack.

At the top it says 1/6, does this mean that we will also be able to go beyond the 160 character limit that is currently set?!

while that might be true...
By: skimla | Date: Wed, 08/26/2009 - 15:36 |

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salomondrin's video shows him running on Verizon and it showed the same 160 / 1 of 6. so, to be specific, multi-sms support on Verizon.
Nope, his video was on a GSM
By: nyyankeefan1021 | Date: Wed, 08/26/2009 - 16:42 |

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Nope, his video was on a GSM carrier
But in the vid sal said it was the 9550 (cdma). so in reality, verizon too will have multi/threaded-sms

the update was nice to see but unusable because i depend on blackberry messenger. The beta does not have a bbm client at all. i'm sure this has all been said but most of my apps would not install on this version for the fact that they were built for v4.6.. think about it before you download the v5.0, unless you are good at going between different softwares on your blackberry.

somebody needs to make a hybrid OS with threaded SMS/MMS and BBM 5.0

I had a hybrid OS for my BOLD (BBM 5.0 and Browser 5.0) running on .282.

Hopefully someone will come through with another hybrid for .297!

i will be EXTREMELY disappointed and irritated if the 83** series curve doesnt get this feature in the next official os release, that and including the bbm on top of it.

will it make the 8900 thru t-mobile work better and faster since the 8900 doesn't have the 3g network,, it uses edge?? hope so!!!!!!!

Slightly off topic, but which theme is being shown in the screenshots ? Looks like a derivative of the Precision Zen, but better looking. I'd love to have this theme...