Is this an image of the first BlackBerry to run BBX?

By Bla1ze on 14 Nov 2011 02:25 pm EST

* Update from Kevin:  Checked with some of my sources and the photo above is definitely legit. That's not to say things won't get tweaked up by the time it goes into production runs, but it's definitely a legit BlackBerry design. *

Whoa! Here we go. For the past little while we've been hearing plenty of code names floating around for the next generation of BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry Colt of course, was one of the first ones, but there have been a few others. Milan, Lisban and more specifically, a device codenamed 'London' was suggested as being tested internally and that -- is what is purported to be shown above. When it comes to specs, it is said to be running a a TI OMAP dual-core CPU clocked to 1.5GHz, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage with an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front facing camera.

Looking at the device, it shows clear signs of the Porsche P'9981, but has a more toned down look to it. The information suggests it is boxier then the image would have you believe as it can stand straight up on one of its sides. While fun to look at, it's noted as being a dummy model which could explain the screen looking much less than bright and vivid, but clearly the intention here is to show it running on QNX / BBX.

So, is this a next generation BlackBerry that will reach consumers' hands? Possibly another Porsche design or -- the remains of one? We're not sure. Either way, it's not as offensive to me as the P'9981 -- but what do you all think?

Source: The Verge

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Is this an image of the first BlackBerry to run BBX?


I bet this is not the final design.
The main thing Im excited about is the 2mp front camera
combined with BBM ahhh Im in love.


yea.. i bet this won't be the actual phone as well. porsche might launch it like it is but RIM, i don't think they will have their phone to look so boxy like that. HOWEVER, it's a nice UI, and i hope it will retain the BB ecosystem people have known for years, and hopefully by the increase in size it will also be capable of having a BIGGER battery pack!!!

i think BBX runs perfectly well on a dual core processor (while the quad core is on the door) coz again, the nature of BBX is based on a microkernel UNIX which is more efficient to run, BUT it will also be nice to have the quad core BBX phones as well, i leave it to RIM how they'll tackle that. but based on the playbook, it has tons of power and it is barely slowing down even though it's only a 1GHz dual core CPU + 1GB RAM kind of tablet. just wiki on microkernel and you'll find the answer.

BUT, i'm still waiting for the 1st QWERTY BBX phone to arrive, COME ON RIM, your keyboard is legendary, BRING IT ON, Bold Citizens, let's unite!


i think they just need to change the color and we are set! if they could just slap a keyboard on this it would be perfect! plus whats the point of having bigger processors if like someone pointed out already, no matter how BB is known for good battery life, with a faster processor it will not last even half day so why bother. As long is we dont see that sand clock anymore we are good. its kind of like have a ferrari and you cant even drive it to full speed.

I just don't get the complaining from people! RIM is in the best possible position for being the top dog when it comes to smartphones. So many people like the iPhone but also want a physical keyboard, BB has that covered! People want and Android device, but 99% of them look identical and soooo boring. BBs look amazing and are so beautifully styled.

RIM has you covered if you want an all touch screen and large device, a simple and sleek bar phone, large screen with slide out keyboard or the most perfect design of the most beautiful keyboard and touch screen.

People don't understand that RIM HAS to do something different! Something new! They have to think outside of the box! This device is the perfect step into that direction. I would not care if this device is ugly or to sci-fi for people or any other comparison that people are making. This device is absolutely amazing and what makes RIM's position more amazing as a company is the fact that they still have all those other devices to cover every aspect and every need for any customer who either HAS to have a keyboard or HAS to have a full touch screen or HAS to have both, whatever your need, there is a BlackBerry for you!!!


I love it, I also think some people are being too critical at this moment when this phone is prob not even a working copy- just a dummy casing to explore peoples opinions/reactions. I also think people are jumping the gun about the query keyboard- I am 100%certain they will have a query type of phone just as they have all these years- I mean that's what makes RIM so popular and keeps people coming back for more. On my own note though- I really hope RIM puts all the latest tech into it. The specs mentioned sound great but I wish they would keep all that secret so that as to beat even Android because as we know...Android is ALWAYS releasing the latest CPUs etc...Come on RIM, keep it sealed tight and deliver us a super phone that overtakes even Android in specs. I'm talking 4-4.3" screen, Front facing cam, HDMI out, USB hosting, WiDi, camera recorder with zoom while you record, auto focus etc...that's on the hardware side. On the software side- I just hope they don't screw up and deliver a half baked OS like they did with my beloved PlayBook.

wow can you say BULKY? Gonna have to do better than that. Why must it be touch screen only? Main reason i use bb is cause of the keyboard.

All you haters are cracking me up!

RIM is currently catering to the business market, and look where that's getting them. They NEED to cater to the general public in order to stay alive here in the US. General public is what makes or breaks the mobile industry. RIMs current state, failing miserably!

JackKennedy suggests it's more iPhone than the iPhone and more Android than the Androids, and says it's a bad thing. Abandoning it's current customers. What customers? The few that are left and going to iPhone and Android? People aren’t leaving iPhone and Android for Blackberry. RIM needs to iPhone and Android itself a bit. Those are successful, RIM is not, right now.

Before you jump all over me, I HATE APPLE and the iPhone, and not a big fan of Android, but they are extremely successful. I have to try and sell my friends on staying with Blackberry, and lately, it's getting harder and harder, and some of the battles I lose. Just lost one today, went from Storm 2 to an iPhone on Verizon. I think RIM is moving in the right direction.

Personally, I love my Torch 9810 and 9900, but I am the minority.

Blackberry needs to fire it's designers. First we had that limited silver hybrid that was available to a select few who worked for BB, hideous. Then they come out with the 9790 with buttons that make the device look cheap. And now this, it looks like a prototype and I sure to hell hope they refine it. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Looks like I'll stick with my 9700 for another year.

Something about this picture just doesnt look right to me.

Was hoping to see something closer to a shrunken PlayBook - more curves than what's seen in the photo.

the whole point of the blackberry was its wonderful keyboards.
not going for this one. want the 9900 keyboard!!

First impression is That is ugly as all heck... You couldn't pay me to own a device that ugly ... Well ok you could... But you get my point

I am quitelly sad when looking at this picture,and quite sure that never will purchase this kind of device which looks like s...!! Blackberry phones should look like BB9900,that is the origin from their roots,and i dont care for market etc...but who am I to say anything,they doesnt give a damn about any of our opinion..put this kind of shape/device right into your a..and stick it with iphone and all kind of android os devices...

Not really fond of the silver or the shape, however, with that said if this phone were to have swype (or a RIM version of it) then I would for-go the physical keyboard for an all touch bb... But only if it had swype... I much prefer a physical keyboard over regular touch keyboards.

i cant look at a full touch screen phone and see Blackberry. i just cant. Blackberry is physical keyboard. If i were to buy a full touch screen phone i would go for an android.

I personally think it would look cleaner and more professional if they did away with the silver bezels...more along the lines of a mini PlayBook.

I'm liking the specs, BUT that is just fugly looking phone. If RIM was to put that spec on a 9900 model, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. If not, I will hang on to my 9900 a little longer. :)

I also love how everyone is bitching about no physical keyboard, when that was one of the first things ever mentioned about this phone.

To all of those commenting in the OS, if it is anything like the PB tablet OS, then i am all for it. I like the slate device look, it is the natural evolution of mobile devices right now. I am sure RIM will keep the physical keyboard devices, this is the draw to blackberry for many of it's current customers

first . everyone in the crackberry world will vomit in your mouth, so take your iphone girly phone and you know what else to do

Love it!! Been hoping for Something New from RIM on the outside, with the PB goodness on the inside. C'mon February!

VERY nice!! Like an affordable version of the Porsche Design Haus phone, only better ;)

I hope it's made from metal rather than plastic though. The UI is looking pretty damn sexy from that photo, assuming it is actually what it will look like when it comes out. This could SERIOUSLY tempt me away from my iPhone!

No doubt the opinion will be split between loving it and hating again as per the P designed phone, but that can only be a good thing. Getting people talking about the design of a blackberry, rather than the lack of is all good news.

Can't wait for more info! Keep us updated crackberry!!

IMO: It needs
1) a roundy body to fit in the hand
2) sleek color - shiny black with at touch of chrome highlight
3) f and b camera
4) tactile KB (like the 9900) and touch screen

Why try to rip off the Iphone, which this is clearly trying to do? If people want a iphone then theyll buy one, im not sure who this is aimed at.

I'll admit I want a iphone, but i refuse to give up a keyboard. My dream phone would look like the Bold but run the iphones software.

Looks nice, but how does it handle? Hopefully like the Playbook!

But now what about the Playbook problems, I heard QNX is unable to run properly on RIM's secure servers.

And where is the keyboard? No matter how sweet this is, without apps and an apple message as to why this is superior, people will not flock to it just because it is new. BB needs to at least come out with a keyboard version alongside it.

Finally, will it be a fully featured smartphone? BB always releases a phone behind competition. It doesn't have to have the most RAM, as we all know Android phones aren't efficient and need all that power, but it does need comparable specs; front facing camera, 1080p HD, NFC.

Then of course, will it have true blackberry style? The things we know and love; long battery, fast charging battery, durability, and solid media playback

Love it! Even though I'm not a fan of having to text/type on a touch screen-I"m ready to try something new but stay within the BB family. What about the app market? I would like to see BB put alittle more love into it for those who enjoy the ability to personalize their devices.

I can't wait to see a BBX device reviewed see how it will work and all the blackberry goodness. I'm holding out on my upgrade I don't want a bb7 device, then too get stuck for 2years waiting for an upgrade. No thanks. BlackBerry is known for the keyboards , I wonder what a BBX device with a keyboard would look like. Think they might have a BBX Bold hummmm

The last release had something for everyone,an all touch, a touch screen slider, and a touch screen QWERTY combination. Too much to ask for the BBX line to have similar offerings? I loooove my 9930. Could have bought android or iphone but I believe in blackberry and RIM and will support until...

Since I will be the lucky winner I need my superphone to be compatible with GSM (850/900/1800/1900) and UMTS/HSPA (850/900/12000)

Greetings from La Concordia - Ecuador - South America

Thank you...

Giovanni Cedeno

I want win one BBX . If come one new BBX device witt qwerty or azerty i am also with my hand open.
Do you can do efforces for the new device have as name BB BEAUTY DOURO.

I'd take it in an instant,
To my eyes it's uncluttered design minimalism. (bordering on industrial)
For those who like sleek and clean
(read those who buy their BMW's without model ID on the boot)
But like BMW (or anyone really) the functionality has to match,
and i admit steve jobs and co got that down pretty well (not perfect though)
I'm not interested in becoming part of the appleverse
So it will appeal to some - but how many ?? - a survey please .....

Blackberry 9900 with those specs. If not, i'm switching to an Iphone or Android. Maybe even Windows.

this is an amazing phone, would love to have to stay in contact with my children and grandchildren who are moving away.

I would love this phone. Just wish i was working so i could buy it. All i can hope is to win it. I know i will be the only one then to have the best phone around.


All the Way From MARTINIQUE in the FWI...Crackberry Most Underrated Fan! BBX !!!! I want it!!!!


Cool !!! This looks so cool and futuristic. I really hope this wicked BB is the saviour of Blackberry. Such a cool brand.

I'd love this Blackberry.

I want one! Just remember, that this is only a prototype, so this might not be the style that will finally come out, but I still want one! I will wait patiently for it for my next upgrade. *sigh*

I am disappointed with the look there. I hope they change that. Love the feel of the Storm 2. It fits in my pocket well with its shield on. Don't know about these longer phones.
Don't like square but if thats where their headed just because of the iphone so be it. I like the phone I have now. I wish it could look like the Storm 2. With the added features and speed it will be as fast and certain as lightning.
The 'london' sounds foggy as hell to me.

I like it. It's a little big on the length and possibly have it in black. I think it has potential.
Aslong as it isn't too identical to iOS and Android, think RIM may have a winner.

I think it stands out - there's a world of anonymous smartphones out there by HTC and Samsung et al, Noone seems capable of bettering the iPhone concept they just seem to be attempting to emulate it and failing to various degrees. Angles instead of curves = good because most mobile manufacturers can't get the curves right (look at HTC - yuk - seriously.)

If the silver bit is aluminium, feels cold to the touch or at least feels sturdy, this will feel like quality.

They don't need to please current customers they need to GROW the userbase. If anything, the keyboards and tiny screens are holding BB back.

QNX will be the high quality, easier-to-use OS that Apple-haters can switch over to when they get sick of all the fragmentation issues and bugs in Android.

Hi the reason i want to new black berry is bease i craked my phone i hav and my mom will not get me a new phone and i like blackberry z10 i have been waching videos commet on my face book if i win thx of i win