Is this an image of the first BlackBerry to run BBX?

By Bla1ze on 14 Nov 2011 02:25 pm EST

* Update from Kevin:  Checked with some of my sources and the photo above is definitely legit. That's not to say things won't get tweaked up by the time it goes into production runs, but it's definitely a legit BlackBerry design. *

Whoa! Here we go. For the past little while we've been hearing plenty of code names floating around for the next generation of BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry Colt of course, was one of the first ones, but there have been a few others. Milan, Lisban and more specifically, a device codenamed 'London' was suggested as being tested internally and that -- is what is purported to be shown above. When it comes to specs, it is said to be running a a TI OMAP dual-core CPU clocked to 1.5GHz, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage with an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front facing camera.

Looking at the device, it shows clear signs of the Porsche P'9981, but has a more toned down look to it. The information suggests it is boxier then the image would have you believe as it can stand straight up on one of its sides. While fun to look at, it's noted as being a dummy model which could explain the screen looking much less than bright and vivid, but clearly the intention here is to show it running on QNX / BBX.

So, is this a next generation BlackBerry that will reach consumers' hands? Possibly another Porsche design or -- the remains of one? We're not sure. Either way, it's not as offensive to me as the P'9981 -- but what do you all think?

Source: The Verge

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Is this an image of the first BlackBerry to run BBX?



That thing is hideous! Don't like the grey bezel or the squared off cornering. I like blackberry's being black annd have a nice sleek look to it. Not this. I vomited in my mouth.

This looks like something they ripped right off a sci-fi film, I think I would be quite embarrassed to carry this to a business meeting or outside of my house for that matter. Moreover, do you see a front camera on the prototype? I certainly didn't catch it.

The exterior looks more iPhone than an iPhone, I feel this lacks the look of a business phone and the lack of keyboard further confirms this. The OS seems more Android than Android. All those industrial elements just make it look like it's trying to combine iPhone and Android to appeal their customers and abandon their current ones. I genuinely would feel ashamed to carry this around and I can't imagine Obama carrying this either. Seems like RIM has dug its own grave.

oh, so this is what has caused RIM to dig it's own grave? Really? because they are doing such an amazing job now, right? Catering to business isn't cutting it. Not even close! They need to evolve and take in a little iPhone and Android. I hate to say that cuz I hate Apple and the iPhone, and am not a big fan of Android. BUT, those are selling here in the US, Blackberrys are not. If anything, people can't wait to get rid of em. I love my Torch 9810 and 9900, but I am sadly the minority!

Camera's at the top... the OS looks more WebOS than Android (or have you never seen a droid phone)... the only thing missing here is an LED.. also you realize this won't be the ONE BlackBerry to hit market right? I guarantee (not that my guarantee means much to YOU, but still) that RIM will launch a keyboard BBX phone to replace the Bold series. Despite their move to BBX, they still seem dedicated to the business realm and to their core, which is keyboards! Don't bash a dummy phone too hard... from the looks of the OS on that thing it's either fake or a pre-PlayBook 2.0 rendering of where they might go, so it's probably not the NEWEST portrayal of what RIM is cooking up.

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of the ugliness of this prototype design. BlackBerry smartphones and tablets are meant to be basic black with nice curves where they count. ;) I detest the brushed aluminum or silver-coated trend. I fear the Porsche Bold has emboldened - pun intended - yet another bad decision by Research In Motion. Though seeing a photograph of an actual BlackBerry running QNX aka BBX is still a positive.

From what every source online is saying, it's simply a dummy phone.. so possibly less promising than at first glance. But a dummy phone is further ahead than we were 2 days ago.

when you look at the OS, it doesn't look very efficient either. I feel RIM has abandoned everything that would be pleasing to a business user in an attempt to establish a place in the larger general consumer market. This is not a good sign.

Yes BBos is dated, but people love it because it's clear, efficient, and simple. The intuitive interface crap promoted by Apple is not at all efficient, it gives you a sense of amazement but definitely not efficient. RIM could honestly get away with it by adding some useful functionality, but now a complete destruction of the old BlackBerry is certainly going to say a lot to consumers about your sense of direction and how likely you will stay committed to your own platform.

the 6 Blackberry users left? I personaly love my OS7, but the general public doesn't. Catering to business is not cutting it at all here in the US. They need to iPhone and Android itself a bit. I hate to say that, but it's true. They are losing the battle miserably right now. They need to change it up!

totally agree, ive lost alot of bbm friends to iphones since the blackout (which means they deserve don't bb in the first place) but if they dont counter re-act with apple and android, they will lose the battle, and i think bbx will beat ios to the ground any day and all those ppl that left complaining will come back and never wanna go back.

Only thing is, keep the led, and physical qwerty keyboard, or im not buying!

Please tell me what looks inefficient?... You have open apps, and if it's anything like the PB's OS, you can simply hide those by bringing up the full application tray. That actually seems MORE efficient to me--for multi-tasking at least.

RIM took tips from Porche Design?
I still like it better than the P'9981. Or whatever it's called.

Wait. Why is there an "All Apps" button?
And how are we expected to use the bezel?
And why is everything white?
Why am I asking you these questions?
Why am I doing this instead of studying for my Econ exam?!

The bezel is right there, and it looks usable. We'll wait and see. It definitely looks different. I hope it's brutally faster than my already fast 9900.

Looks interesting... not quite crazy about the silver top and bottom, but the specs sound pretty good.

Yeah, interesting comparison to the Porsche design.

Where is the hardware keyboard on the 9850/9860?

Last time I checked, RIM is still making different devices for different needs, unlike the other fruit company ;)

Me likes the look of the new phone!

Nice. I like the clean bauhaus design. If Blackberry comes out with this and it has a gorilla glass screen and all aluminum body, I'll be camping outside the AT&t store. Can you imagine this with a PlayBook resolution!

Looks good. Looking forward to this coming out on 12 Nevuary 3012 Lmao. Fun and jokes aside they need to drop this SOON!!

I don't like the look of it at all droids are 'box' like iv never been a fan of that look. I hope they have a full QWERTY keyboard on a BBX Device and I hope even more that it looks nothing the the Porche designed BB

This looks awesome! If a BBX phone comes out looking like this with the specs as listed, I'd RUN to go get one! This looks so awesome to me! Its edgy and clean!

I think that is a very elegant design. A bit reminiscent of Nokia's last gen phones, but it looks like a great form factor for a touch screen device. If this is the direction of the BBX phones, I'm in!

That's if I get one. But for me, 9900 + 3600 mAh extended battery until then (or Torch 2 and 2600/3600 mAh extended battery)

that's fugly looking IMO and if it doesn't have a physical keyboard already attached without it being a slider I'm not interested no matter how improved it is.

it has already been announced, and announced here, that the first BBX superphone will NOT have a physical keyboard. They are starting off with a full touch screen. I agree I'd prefer a physical keyboard, but you and I will have to wait on that.

Outside of the box. Creating a new BB, if this is a phone and its got the specs u said. I'd buy one, hopefully they work on the keyboard though. Not a fan of OS7 keyboards.

Not terrible, but makes me want to check out another brand after my. 9900. I don't think the next generation of blackberry will appeal to me much

Is that a front facing camera to the right & below the ear piece ?

Looks a very interesting concept at least, will watch in anticipation.....

In addition to making it look like a stupid photo frame like the Playbook. The thing feels like an ugly Electronic photo frame with two unmatching bars slapped onto the sides. This is very sad and disappointing.

this has to be a porsche design that s part of a special series, i hope they ll come up with a more blackberriest look. 9900 design is close to perfection

Nice. Looks great, if they decide to put this into mass production and make it all black with the lower and upper bezel having the gestures like the PB it will be even better. I will take it as is though!

I would love this in black. Not a fan of the squared edges but its still sexy. now the big question is what battery did they get in it. Gotta last at least a whole day.

You said it man im so sick of the damn 1230 Mah they need to at least put a 1500+ Mah into this one and stop being cheap on those things

beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I have to say I'm not liking the look of it at the moment. But hey ho, never udge a book by it's cover

Hate It! It looks like cheap painted fake metal on the top and bottom. They really need to stick to the same styling ques as the current Bold 99xx. Keep is smooth and sleek..

that is one ugly mother. doesn't even look sexy. How do we suppose to love it when it looks a brick? can't imagine using it thing as a phone. RIM really need designers like Apple.

For all we know this device is a fake. Wouldn't be the first time. Or this could very well be another Porsche design. The facts are we don't know what it is yet.

I love my Bold 9930 (and even more if BB traffic 3.0 comes soon). But, this would finally get my wife to want a BB. She is all for the full screens.

BlackBerry giving us choices. I'll have the Bold, she will have the Colt or London and we will both have the ability to stay connected with our Playbooks.

A W E S O M E !

all the people who like this device are kidding, right?
this must be another porche design. I seriously hope so! Uggggly!

RIM has announced and CrackBerry has also stated that the first BBX superphones will not have a physical keyboard. We'll have to wait a while longer for those.

I love this from the article at Verge

"We're told that RIM is also showing off two lower-end devices, as well as the next version of the Torch, which is said be "very thin" with a 3.7-inch display and slide-out keyboard."

I love my Torch and if they made a thinner version with a larger screen and BBX sign me up right now.

+ 1

i`m not sure, but the top bar from the homescreen,
looks like Andr*id ??

no edge`s, black housing... interesting...

The old boys in the office upstairs start listening to the young engineers in the basement finally some rockin specs to go along with a good looking phone

I feel you on that one man. Its only a matter of time before those old boys have to croak though >:) there days are numbered Long Live BlackBerry

If the silver bits end up stainless steel or similar, back is kevlar, realeasing now then its very Motorola. RAZA? The specs they talk about will be out dated by june though...


"it is said to be running a a TI OMAP dual-core CPU clocked to 1.5GHz, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage with an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front facing camera"

So, in other words, it's spec'ed about on-par with the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2, both of which you can buy today.

That's good, relatively speaking. There's a problem, though...

Assuming this is legit, how far away is this from production? If it's six months or more, then this is another RIM device that'll be well behind the hardware curve when it finally surfaces. And yes, OS makes a different (watch Android 3.0 tablets versus the iPad or the PlayBook for that matter, with similar or the same hardware; the latter two are much, much more responsive) but RIM really needs to start releasing class-leading devices, not ones that are as good as it's competitions outgoing models.

I really hope RIM's management has realized that it's not enough to offer incremental upgrades over their own products. They aren't the only game in town.

>>>So, in other words, it's spec'ed about on-par with the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2, both of which you can buy today.

Excuse me, in which Universe iPhone 4S has 1.5Ghz processor, 1Gb of RAM or 2MPx front-facing camera? If I remember correctly, its processor is 800Mhz, its RAM is 512MB and its front camera is 0.9MPx.

So, in other words, the subj DOUBLES listed characteristics ;)

P.S.: or that freaking Wikipedia is messing with us?

Hence the phrase "about on-par". There's no quantum-leap, here, and if this doesn't come out for a year, those specs will look pretty unremarkable, and specs don't tell the whole story of a device's usability.

My point was this: this could be a repeat of the 9800 or 9900: a device launched with specs that just barely match the competition's outgoing products, and an experience that lags them. RIM's track record is not good here; they've been to wedded to the incremental-upgrade model to give me any assurance. The specs are nice, but they're not earth-shattering by any means.

Assuming the OS can make up a lot of group (performance-wise I'll entertain this; feature- and stability-wise I'm not sure) then sure, the hardware specs are good, but hardware capability will not be the make-or-break, not at all, and drooling over them is pointless.

The main point is the OS. End of convo, look at the specs in the iphone. The iphone don't have stupid crazy android like specs but it runs better than any android phone don't it?

If the the OS works the way it was intended to everything will be fine.

Most impressed with how nice the OS looks, wasn't sure whether it would look like a scrunched up version of the playbook but it looks really nice to me

Very nice design. (albeit striking resemblance to the Zune HD) :)

Nicely done in dropping the "BlackBerry" from the BBM icon. repetitive words need not be included...not just drop the word from the bottom of the device...everyone will know its a blackberry by the logo (or at least brand it as BBX to get rid of the bad baggage)

Designers - Kudos all around - but note to whoever is on the project: Don't bugger it up. This is way too important. (Software / hardware teams, this means you)

For those that think its ugly / fugly because of lack of keyboard - it will probably come after, you know that RIM won't abandon you...just be patient (and in the meantime appreciate that this design is light years ahead of what most would have expected)

Ah I love my ZuneHd, but its not the bbm logo, its just the grouping of berrys like the menu key. The bbm logo would include the chat bubbles

patient?! Patient for an outdated phone? This so called London is far outdated by June when it's released, and we have to wait a couple more months for a usable one with keyboard? The keyboard ones would be archaic, not just hardware-wise, but functionality-wise, iPhone 5 will have certainly launched by then, and WP would certainly be much more competitive. The biggest problem is that BlackBerry has no killer software feature, the hardware keyboard was their killer feature. Sorry to break it to you but if more than half of your friends and families use iPhone, then iMessage is going to be a better communication tool than BBM.

I'm currently working with a 9900 received as a gift and am waiting for the new BBX phones to upgrade. If this what they're going to look like.......count me in!

I doubt this will be the official look - or even close to it.... probably just a Porsche design only.

The squared edges Im not a fan of.

However I do hope they get rid of the curves and use a more sexy square design. Something like how the Zune HD looks.

There's also way too much wasted space on this thing. Big black bezel and then grey on the top and bottom.

You're not a fan of square edges but want a squared design? Interesting... I think kudos is due, this at least looks different to HTC, Samsung and Apple. It doesn't need (nor should it) look like any other device on the market. If that's a true representation of the OS then it's clear RIM is planning on creating their own identity with the BBX platform from software to hardware.

Probably didnt word it right.

I dont like the cut off corners, but I do prefer the new phones are more square - as opposed to the curved look of past BBs.

I totally agree they should be releasing something that sets itself apart from other manufacturers as well as past BBs. This will ensure people know this is new and that RIM is in a brand new ballgame. However, it still has to look sleek and sexy.

Judging by these comments this is already a controversial design! I am however loving how BBX as an OS is looking on this, I wonder whether the music player can be controlled from the tile rather than having to go into it - certainly looks that way.

Either way if this design is from RIM - they need it, this is a design that stands up in the ranks of Apple, Samsung, HTC et al without blending in. This is what RIM needs to show investors and tech sites. I realise it won't be a favourite with die-hard BlackBerry fans, but I don't think this design or indeed the first BBX phone is one to cater for the QWERTY loving amoung us.

I will say this, I'd ditch my Bold 9900 for that beauty!

P.S. Does anyone else suspect that the metal top/bottom will be contoured away to make it ergonomically comfortable for gaming...? After all that research into the 9850/9860 it'd be a safe bet ;-)

I want a BBX phone that is identical in look to the PlayBook. I want the same rubber back, but maybe a slightly slimmer bezel (in comparison to the overall size).

Just think about how nice it would be to have that soft comfy rubber backing on a phone as sexy as the PlayBook.

Full touch screen isn't for me personally but I like it and it definitely stands out. Might be something BB needs to attract some people back. Bold 9900 is probably favorite looking form factor too date, that phone looks awesome. Looks a lot better then the full touch screen torches now in my opinion.

that is absolutely terrible. without a qwerty keyboard, i will definitely not stick w/ RIM. with something this ugly, i might have to buy one just to toss it in a lake somewhere and save the world from at least one unit.

stereo speakers please, and a slide out qwerty landscape and i'm sold.. maybe a anodised black instead of that silver too..

No QWERTY? Clutch the pearls. I love my 9810. I need buttons to push. I need a physical keyboard. I love the design but I'll wait.

Because that's where RIM has been losing their customers to... iPhone and Android phones. Stick to a physical keyboard only and they'll find out how small a market they wind up having.

I will give my Pre 2, two Pre Pluses, a Pixi Plus, an HTC Trophy with Mango, an iPod Touch, and any other thing I can find in my house for this. I love WebOS and WP7 but WP7 gets a little boring sometimes and WebOS is dead for the time being. BBX is my precious baby.

Super exciting to see this, looks great. I was hoping it would look like a little playbook. I think the phone and pb should be very similar. The black border is for swiping?

I thought I could never used to an all touchscreen. After using my Galaxy S 2 I fell in love with all touch screens. I have two phones and my Bold being the other. I would love this new BB. HELL YEA!!! I don't need a keyboard anymore. Pushing buttons gets my fingers tired lol.

I don't like the angled design. But it does stand out. Of course the actual release device might not look at all like this.

I hope they have good cameras on them. The Front Facing 2MP Camera has me a bit worried.....BUT that is just a rumoured prototype. I'm not going to get too to exited just yet, for all we know the final vs could be completely different

Looks alright, I'm not sure how I feel about how silver it is though, the P'9981 returns! Also, as much as I LOVE RIM and Blackberry, I can't stand that giant logo at the bottom.

Can't wait to see the devices with physical QWERTYs!

Need more pics! Not sure about the design until I see more pics! Love the specs though.... Considering how fast the PlayBook is on a dual core 1ghz, this thing must scream.

How about a detachable NFC 9900 Keyboard!!! I bet you guys would like that. I like it just the way it is tho. I don't need the keyboard (Storm 1 and 2, soon to be 9850). I'd like to see you guys get some joy outta this Sexy Beast too! GO RIM!!!!

I could see this maybe being the device that the carriers said looked a little to industrial. I would bet that the final version is a little more sleek.

Honestly hate it. Looks like crap. And I absolutely hated the Porsche one too. Take away the silver crap and it looks nice. But with that on it no way I would ever get something like this.

RIM needs to look at what is selling right now. And crap like this is not selling. Slim sleek and all one color with a large screen and a fast interface. This looks like an 80's version of what might be a future phone.

Looks great for beta design. Hopefully the full design will be more polished with a decreased bezel and a cleaner looking Os. Rim should really try to get the new BBX line of devices out properly with good management and marketing before or at least in Q1 of 2012. Even though they are great looking and have great specs if they cannot execute properly will just be another fail on the part of those two old men.....

I'm more interested in the guts, this new phone has to be powerful and a multi-tasking device, looks are nice but what is inside will matter most. If BBX is gonna be a scaled down Playbook, with Apps, then they have a winner.

It's not exactly like the phone I have right now! This is it! No physical keyboard like I want? I'm quitting RIM forevah!

Relax folks. You know, I had a knee-jerk reaction when I saw it. Not what I expected with the square look and the metal finish. But looking at it a little more, it's classy and simple. If it's thin and not too boxy, it could be a good phone, particularly if this is aimed at their higher-end price bracket. Not sure it's the phone for me, but I don't hate it. It's nice to see RIM trying something different. It's got some charm, you just need to give it a chance!

Now a thinner Torch with a bigger screen, that's something I could certainly go for!

I really like this. I can see myself buying it. i think it makes sense for RIM to release an all-touch phone first. This way all PB apps run on the phone without any tweaking. I'm sure a BBX phone with a keyboard will come out shortly after the touch model.

Will I buy it? Of course.
Will I be happy? No.
I fear from the size of the bezel and the silvery bits, the heft and dimensions are going to be formidable. The silver is cool but prey cut it back a bit by about a third. Is it hard/expensive to make the silver touch sensitive for the gestures? That way the hideous black bit can be but a nice strip round the screen and TADA! We have a design master piece!
I must say I love the Blackberry branding style and the rumoured boxy looks sound damn quirky.
The internals are hardly groundbreaking so this better be out real SOON else it will be (D.O.A) dead on arrival.
But why are we kidding ourselves? This could just be a Porsche-designed 9850/9860.

The original article syas possible release in June '12.

That is definitely a Playbook OS on that, so its not a Porsche release, unless its a Porsche release of the unnamed BBX phone......

If this thing can just hourglassing or sluggishness, just work perfectly...RIM is back in the game.

But June is too long to wait, I fear.

if this is seriously what RIM are coming up with they need to go back to the drawing board! its as ugly as that 'thing' porche came up with!

This device looks very interesting...even tho I prefer the traditional BlackBerry form, I'm interested in seeing this device in it's final form...

awful design. One thing RIM had going for them was the design that was unmistakable. With this design, it may as well be a Droid. And where's the keyboard?

Why are people so fixated with not having a QWERTY keyboard on this purported prototype device? The article specifically says that a Torch variant with a QWERTY keyboard is also being developed....There is NO WAY RIM's ditching the QWERTY keyboard (RIM just offers varieties)

I simply dislike it. As much as I did not like the first Porsche-designed one. Just a question of taste based on the way it looks. And if it does not have a QWERTY Keyboard I will not be convinced to jump on that train.

looks nice but unless they come up with something like swype for blackberry, i need a physical keyboard.

also, NO BLINKY BLINKY LED LIGHT??? that's totally wack, now i have to actually turn on the screen to see if i got a message and what kind?

i don't get why everybody is bashing on the angled edges. i am so glad this is not another fugly brick square like all the 1000000 androids out there.

My thought is that they may have switched too a very thin LED bar across the bottom or top of the device before the metal bits. This can then light up instead of a dated round light that we have currently

I have a touch and the best thing on it is the track pad. It saves so much time and curse words. Suggest they keep the pad

I like it. Very nokia in design (hard edges tho I think the n9 would still win the beauty pageant :p). Porsche phone colour inspired but let's hope it could comes in different colours.

The apps (with the 3 open) looks fine on a phone but the space is wasted on the playbook when compared to OS2 I wonder if there's an option to hide the open apps so u can see the background and use the old style bb multi tasking if u chose to.

Either way the ui looks different enough not to be a bb7 device especially since there's no trackpad (I'm not a fa of losing that!). Also I like the looks of the ui but how does one make a quick call since there's no hardware buttons (its not capacitive is it *yuck*) so I'm assuming in software. That's not a front facing camera but the led yeah?

I for one completely dismissed the porsche designed bb. Said numerous times its fake, and then bam its real. I do wanna say fake again, but who knows.

Not sure I like how the silver and black contrast, but I think overall it's nice. RIM probably wants their phones to stand out a bit more in order to re-establish their brand. I've had numerous people mistake my 9850 for an iPhone or Android device.

It certainly stands out now. If mankind were exterminated by aliens and the aliens think we have an awful sense of aesthetic then RIM is certainly to blame. I would genuinely not be entirely surprised if this phone "stands out" so much that it attract alien invasion out of hatred.

I think for Blackberry to be successful they need:
- A less squared off device
- A BBX model similar to the Bold Touch, Torch all-touch and the Torch Slider. Creates more variety.
- Keep the Black and Stainless outer half similar to the Bold 9900.
- Specs such as the ones listed or greater to keep up with competitors.
- Models that DO NOT resemble the Porsche series but the 9000 series.

Looks great. I hope though that RIM will come out with version with actual keyboard. I am not sold on virtual keyboard at all.

The design I think targets some Droid fans. I had the Storm but wanted more and this should fill that want. If RIM focuses on more out of the box designs like this, they can draw in some Windows or Nokia users.

Now that's what I'm talkin bout....Get some young blood in the drawing room. The specs on this kill....Why can't the corporate guy pack a rocket launcher (figure of speech!!) to get his email, txt the wife, bbm the kids & play an online game with his co-worker while he is waiting for a meeting....all while he, and they, are in other parts of the world. Then skyp the wife in his hotel room (in another country) just before bed *wink wink*. Then show his power point pres to a foreign BOD....all with his Berry....I like It. AND....with a 4" or 4.5" touch screen keypad, it would be like typing on a playbook. Put me down for one...hell, for the whole famn dam !!!

It appears they are trying to build off the sucess of Nokia (N8, N9, Lumia). I personaly like it, very modern and industrial.

1.5 processor is powerful. Can this OS put it all together with a fast browser, no hour-glassing, and a less than a minute reboot? If it can, BB is back in the game. This bad boy CANNOT arrive in the summer, though.

That does not have the distinctive classy look of a BlackBerry - it looks like a cross between an Android, Iphone and a display case.

I remember kevin stars a little while ago that rim showed carriers there protype and they said it looked to industrial so this might be that protype

I remember kevin stars a little while ago that rim showed carriers there protype and they said it looked to industrial so this might be that protype

I love this design it's very cool.

I thought it would be kinda cool for KB lovers if you pulled the bottom silver piece off and out slid a KB

I Remember when the Blackberry P' 9981 pictures leaked at the beginning of this year and people thought it was a fake because it was before the Bold 9900 got announced but now we know that it was a legit Blackberry.

Could this be the Porsche version of the first BBX Superphone? If so then I can't wait for the regular RIM design and I hope the bezel is gesture sensative and moved landscape

ok, since this does borrow so much from the first porsche designed bold, i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this is also a porsche designed dummy phone with bbx screen shot on it, but not a bbx phone, it would seem to me that we have all forgotten about the full touch screen blackberry that was launched at the same time as the bold. ladies and gents, i present to you the bb curve touch (porsche edition) just my opinion.

I'm not in love with it but I don't hate it neither. I love that RIM is turning the corner on their design model again. New original OS needs new original hardware. I love the aluminum body. I just need to see more picture of it and the QWERTY version of that phone. Their maybe hope for RIM after all. I'm glad, just don't rush it and ruined it like they did with the Storm.

RIM can NOT compete on the glass slab phone market. Not sure why we keep seeing these "almost as good as an android" slabs.

I originally didn't like the idea of blackberry's dropping the keyboard, but, THIS LOOKS AMAZING!!! If this is legit, I know what phone i'm getting! Never seen a phone that looked so good!

I can soooooo see myself with one of these devices. Love a hw kb, but I would go for one of these in a heartbeat. BB is shaking up the place. I hope they keep it up... 2012... Year of the berry.

please, please, PLEASE, if anyone at RIM is reading this....PLEASE get rid of the grey top and bottom. If your gonna have the phone designed like this, at least make it ALL black. That silver/grey is sooo hideous. PLEASE don't release the phone like this, NOBODY will buy it.

It is a BLACKberry after all, just please make it ALL black.

Good looking phone, excited for it. Just wished it came out this year. Those "supposed" specs will be outdated by the time this phone is released. Those specs are what we're seeing out now. However, good to see RIM is finally getting the picture and stepping up their game.

I'll wait for other designs. Not a fan of all touch.

Hopefully they continue to make keyboard ones as well that don't look like the porche one.

This has got the trace of Porsche design. I guess it is a porsche design bbx, a variation of blackberry bbx..I like it. That said, RIM's inability to keep its new phone under the carpet continued. This is not a good thing to RIM - having its new design leaked 6 - 12 months before launch?

I thought it was supposed to have the same pixel resolution as the playbook? The dimensions of that don't seem to be of the same scale as the playbook screen.... Just saying..

There's a thing some whiners are forgetting about. Those specs, (dual-core 1.5GHz, 1GB and stuff) are pretty much sufficient for a phone. Companies could make a Quad-core 2.5GHz and 6GB RAM phone for those airheads but y'all WILL have to carry a battery charger plugged into your...

Stop making stupid requests and whines, and begin thinking with your head, people...

Minimizing active apps?

Anyone else noticed that on the labels for the "cards" there is an icon that looks like "Minimize" on the right?

I was really hoping for a swipe-down to minimize feature, so I can have that Music card out of the way when I'm browsing the web (and I'm sure I would use it just to keep the desktop clean). How exciting!

I don't give a crap what it looks like. Just deliver a finished phone running a finished BBX on some quality hardware. Deliver on the promise of what we know a Blackberry should be in 2012 and all will be forgiven. Shrink the Playbook to phone size; stick a radio in it and finish darn OS. All this is in reach; please RIM don't blow it.

If what the article purportedly suggests in terms of a June release date is true, then this phone will be quite behind in terms of specs, especially since Kal-El+ should be out around that timeframe, so you will most likely have Android phones sporting 2Ghz Quad Cores on 28nm with 1.5GB RAM or more possibly. The design is bold and it could be a hit, but RIM better step up their game and get this out to the market considerably earlier in the first quarter of next year.

This phone is so money and you don't even know it. I really liked the focus article. How many phones does apple support? oneish. If rimm would just hit this one out of the park it would be great for the cb nation.

Rimm should make an on screen keyboard that is curved like the smile curve of the physical key boards an all of their phones rather than the block on screen keyboards of apple and android. That can't be too difficult and it is in keeping with their branding.

It looks like a great phone. However, I just got the Torch 9850 and all I want right now is developers to make apps for my phone.

CRACKBERRY KEEEVIN!! Is this seriously going to be released in 2012 Q3?!? Or are we still aiming at a Q1 release date?? It would be a disaster if released that late.

The fact that RIM is trying to juggle multiple phone prototypes, an OS update for Playbook, and probably a new Playbook shows the lack of focus at the firm. You know you're behind the 8ball and instead of just pushing forward behind a single great product, they try to do what they always do and create a half dozen phones with one good one in the mix.

They really should put ALL and I mean ALL their resources behind one phone and then fast track the hardware development for several other phones that get released three months after the first one. They needed to focus through this transition but instead they are juggling around trying to figure out what works. Q3 2012 is simply unacceptable. Jim B needs to RESIGN or GET FIRED.

YES! I mean how much does it cost to develop a prototype, why is RIM wasting money on so many models with trivial differences? I can hardly tell the differences between the different curves and I doubt it would make a difference if they only made a non-touch one.

The designers for RIM should also be burned and tortured to death. What the bloody hell is wrong with them? Why does the Torch 2 look worse than Torch? Torch 2 has the aesthetic sense of a 4 year old boy obsessed with space aliens. The new generation of dock for the 9900 is just so much uglier than the first one and it doesn't even hold the phone firmly, how could a product possibly fail on so many levels?

i think the design is somewhat rigid and not dynamic.
if it is, RIM should have clear explanation about this design . .

Well!! Really!! Going by this solitary image it's definitely not popping! It doesn't have that game-changing look! Those angles just look off! I like the specs but surely not the design going by this image!! I really hope this is not the final design of the 1st BBX phone! I think the two trapeziums at the top and bottom makes it look weird! What about a more rounded design at the 4 vertices! I don't expect that egregious porsche design to resurface surely! I'm backin RIM to get the design right though! They know how to design phones. The specs are encouraging...good actually! I'm holding my breath for the battery though...the 9900's sorely disappointing! This device needs at least a 1750mAh battery!! And I hope it's not just megapixels without AF! FFC WELCOME! Gosh how we've waited for that!! I think BBXites will get good reception, but specs aside APP W has to deliver or that deficiency I fear may be it's nemesis!!

Rim need to get this phone out in two moth time or they're dead. Skipping breakfast, saving every penny I could for this phone. Love it

I've been counting the days until my firm goes away from BB to android or iOS. I have to say if BBX is as good as it sounds and this is the phone that will show case it I will gladly stay with BB. Hope is as good as it sounds!

when stuff gets released from RIM like this.its gonna fail. i hate it when stuff gets leaked because other companies like samsung,motorola etc will see this and design something that screws RIM into the ground. im happy to see this stuff, but i bet you apple wont release their pictures! its top secret...this is RIM's last chance to make a come back into the smartphone game...and this device should of been released since august of 2011 not next year. Im an avid supporter of RIM and really want them to succeed and this is clearly a bad approach.

Congrats to the source who leaked it out. Im going to buy one, however the specs at actual release date will be atleast 6-9months outdated.

I personally don't like full touchscreen phones but this looks great,partly because the only way that they can really get at least on the level of competitors,is to have that full touch functionality. Apps now are being built to be touch enabled,so I believe this is definitly a step in the right direction. Hopefully we'll get some more news/pictures soon to see what there is going to go. Love BBX too. Reminds me a bit of android but with Blackberry OS touch to it. Anyway,can't wait for it!