IM+ Pro updated to support BlackBerry Torch 9800

By Bla1ze on 10 Sep 2010 01:49 pm EDT
IM+ Pro

A few days ago the folks from SHAPE Services let us know that they completed their most recent build of IM+ Pro for BlackBerry. This latest release adds in support for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 as well adds support for upcoming BlackBerry 6 devices and those capable of upgrading. Aside from the newly supported device, SHAPE services also added one new feature to the application. That feature, is the ability to integrate your chat history with IM+ for Web. Now, you can go back and review your chats that took place on your BlackBerry any time you do so wish.

Reader comments

IM+ Pro updated to support BlackBerry Torch 9800


Wonder when is that gonna get an update! Worst app for the highest price! just cant wait for Skype or RIM to release an official Skype client for BlackBerry :/

$40 is wayyy too much

especially when you see the alternatives


obviously im+ may have 'arguably' better features/functionality
but it's certainly not worth that extra price premium

It may be a good app, but at $40 for a messaging app, really? I think they'd sell a lot more if the price was around the $10 range.

I love this app on bb 9700 but installed on 9800 and it freezes the os6 constant loading icon first time I installed it I had to reinstall os6 2nd time installed it 1st app and same thing was abler to delete it b4 it busted the os again too bad cuz it very nice app when it woks