IM+ Talk out of beta – 20 copies to be won!

By Ryan Blundell on 22 Dec 2010 09:46 am EST

IM+ Talk

It wasn’t too long ago when we mentioned what the folks at SHAPE Services were up to. Okay, okay, it was a brief mention, but the thought of VoIP over 3G/EDGE should have tickled your fancy. IM+ Talk is now out of beta and sporting a new version – 4.3! Here’s what the change log tells us:

Version 4.3

  • VoIP over 3G/EDGE support
  • Special build for 6.0 OS devices
  • Many bugfixes and overall performance optimization

Check out some of the features of IM+ Talk:

  • Call Skype users to their PCs - With IM+ Talk for BlackBerry you can talk with other Skype users all over the world.
  • Free VoIP calls in WiFi areas and over 3G/EDGE - In WiFi areas and over 3G/EDGE IM+ Talk allows users to make free VoIP calls in half-duplex mode, similar to a walkie-talkie.
  • Make cost-effective calls to any destination - Call any landline or mobile phone cost effectively. IM+ Talk uses callback technology, which ensures best phone call quality anywhere in the world.
  • Receive calls from Skype contacts and calls to your SkypeIn number
  • See who is online and chat with Skype users - Have conversations with other users who are logged in with their Skype accounts on PC or mobile. Text messaging is cost effective way to say something to your contacts instead of sending an SMS.

The idea of being able to make free VoIP calls via 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi should make you want to call everyone and tell them all about it. Why not; it’s free as long as you select “VoIP only” or “VoIP preferred”. For more information on saving with IM+ Talk, click here. IM+ Talk is available for $29.95 and is available to BlackBerrys running OS 4.3 or higher.

Contest:We have 20 copies of IM+ Talk to give away. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to be entered. Perhaps you can tell us who you talk to the most - how much money do you think you will save? Basically, tell us why you think you deserve IM+ Talk! Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

More information/download IM+ Talk for BlackBerry

Reader comments

IM+ Talk out of beta – 20 copies to be won!


Been searching for an app that use skype to make calls on the bb. I make calls quite a bit on skype, so this would allow me to use my bb to call ppl on skype, when I don't have access to my computer. Pick me plz.


This would give me a way to skype family and friends when I'm on the road or away from my PC. Would be a major help.

I'll be So Happy I could Die!!!
My GF traveled with her family, And I wanted to find any way to be able to be able to talk with her...
I got so many gifts for my Friends and Family that i ended up broke :P
I can't even buy this app for 30$ right now :P
and I Really need it !!!...I really can survive for the holidays without hearing her voice !! :S :P

Happy New year to all Crackberry members and Merry Christmas!!! :)

OMG!!! NO WAY!!!!
Can New Years eve get any better ?? :P
I really need this app!!
I would pay anymore for calling !!
Everyone i know have skype on their desk's computers and work almost 24/7 :P ... so It would like Literally Save 100% of what I usually pay for my calls :)
Ryan !!..
Be my Santa and Give a sweet copy of IM+ Talk :)
& If Do, I'll Pinky Promise to be a Very Good Boy in 2011 XD

Good luck eveyone , happy new year, and merry Christmas !!!
HOO!!! HOO!! HOO!!! :P

I call my family that live in florida and North Carolina, as I live here in NYC. I also have numerous friends that live scattered across the U.S. I would love this.

IM+Talk will allow me easier access to my friends and family on the other side of the world!! It's always a challenge to reach everyone in Australia and New Zealand. IM+Talk will make my life easier and allow me to stay in touch more frequently. Thanks Crackberry!!

That would be amazing !!!
Wishing to get a copy :)
Thanks crackberry for the opportunity !! :)
Good luck To everyone !!
Merry Christmas and happy new year!! :D

I use skype daily at home and at work, but have to use up my minutes while travelling. This would streamline my communications, and allow me to be moble, even while at home. Then I wouldn't have to be chained to my desk. =)

What a great app, i would love to win a copy, i will be great to have Skype with Voip on my blackberry, it will be very usefull for my job.

I want to win this application. make me easy to communicate with others outside my country..

This will be the only way I can let him know how upset I was not having a new BlackBerry accessory under the tree.

Perfect! Now the final answer for my current SkyPe number. Already have Skype number forwarded to my BB, using this will not count against my minutes.

I'm a buyer! But free is even better.

I would love to be able to contact my loved ones during this holiday season with this app. I have many many family members back in Canada and the US. I am in the UK right now, and this app would help me in so many ways!

Wow............. can I have this one please......
This is the apps that I needed... for my LDR with my gf.
And a perfect Christmas gift for me :)

Thank you

Would love to use this to talk to my family who live in Germany! Calls are faaar too expensive and we only speak through Skype - but its hard since sometimes I am away from the computer, and with the time difference etc, anyway this app would make life alot easier!

this application SUCK SO BAD!!! it simply record a voice and then send it, you cant talk and listen at the same time... $29 IS WAY TOO MUCH FOR SUCH LAME APP!!! try it... you cant really talk.. its not full duplex!!!

This aplication is simply excellent! The use in its trial version and loved it! Skype really works on 3G and wifi! I would love to buy but in my country (Venezuela) do not have free access to U.S. dollars unless we have credit card and I have not! I would be extremely happy to have the full version so you can stay connected with friends and family q is outside the country without involving government spies calls per operator as normal if they do! Thanks in advance! H&K ♥

Woooow!!! Please guys i'd love to have one of these. I make frequent calls from asia to my girl friend in africa. I'd really be grateful if i got one. Thanks in advance. Compliments of the season.

I'd love a copy. My mother lives in Switzerland, and regularly does research in Mongolia. I don't call her when she's in Mongolia, so this would help keep the communications lines open! KH

You have to love Crackberry for the best knowledge, best information, and the best contests!!!
VoiP and IM+ Talk ... gotta HAVE IT!!! My late xmas going to the best one. Thank you in advance for picking me...just saying. :-)

If I could be one of the lucky winners of this cool app, I can finally get my android using boss to stop making fun of me.