IM+ Talk out of beta – 20 copies to be won!

By Ryan Blundell on 22 Dec 2010 09:46 am EST

IM+ Talk

It wasn’t too long ago when we mentioned what the folks at SHAPE Services were up to. Okay, okay, it was a brief mention, but the thought of VoIP over 3G/EDGE should have tickled your fancy. IM+ Talk is now out of beta and sporting a new version – 4.3! Here’s what the change log tells us:

Version 4.3

  • VoIP over 3G/EDGE support
  • Special build for 6.0 OS devices
  • Many bugfixes and overall performance optimization

Check out some of the features of IM+ Talk:

  • Call Skype users to their PCs - With IM+ Talk for BlackBerry you can talk with other Skype users all over the world.
  • Free VoIP calls in WiFi areas and over 3G/EDGE - In WiFi areas and over 3G/EDGE IM+ Talk allows users to make free VoIP calls in half-duplex mode, similar to a walkie-talkie.
  • Make cost-effective calls to any destination - Call any landline or mobile phone cost effectively. IM+ Talk uses callback technology, which ensures best phone call quality anywhere in the world.
  • Receive calls from Skype contacts and calls to your SkypeIn number
  • See who is online and chat with Skype users - Have conversations with other users who are logged in with their Skype accounts on PC or mobile. Text messaging is cost effective way to say something to your contacts instead of sending an SMS.

The idea of being able to make free VoIP calls via 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi should make you want to call everyone and tell them all about it. Why not; it’s free as long as you select “VoIP only” or “VoIP preferred”. For more information on saving with IM+ Talk, click here. IM+ Talk is available for $29.95 and is available to BlackBerrys running OS 4.3 or higher.

Contest:We have 20 copies of IM+ Talk to give away. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to be entered. Perhaps you can tell us who you talk to the most - how much money do you think you will save? Basically, tell us why you think you deserve IM+ Talk! Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

More information/download IM+ Talk for BlackBerry

Reader comments

IM+ Talk out of beta – 20 copies to be won!



I tried to post something but my computer was stuck so that's why i posted the post so many times ! I can't find a way to delete them ... I'm sorry ! :( i hope i can still win !

thanks in advance cb and im+ talk ............. :(

Really pleased this has come out of beta.
Can't wait to use it (if I win) to talk to my mates in Thailand, Canada, and Ibiza from the UK :)

Oooh, I'd love to snag this for my 9650!

I've used it on my iPad and it works great. Definitely beat out the stock IM clients for sure.

I'd like one please!

This will be extra useful for making international skype calls, since just recently I met this awesome german girl who came to my university through an exchange program. We had the best time together since day 1 but shes leaving back to germany soon and this would really help with keeping our new relationship intact!

Might have to get it even if I don't win! Although theres also an economic reason I'd like this app so we'll see about buying it...

this would be perfect because im always using skype on my computer to do podcasts and it would also save me some money as well! CRACKberry for life!

I'm working in Saudi Arabia at the moment, and unfortunately gonna have to spend christmas here! I use skype on the PC everyday to call my girlfriend in Italy, it would be really great to be able to call via VoIP with my blackberry!! lol :D

Really hope I could recieve a copy!

Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

- Z3niX

Would love this for the chat to talk to friends that use it all the time and who doesn't love to prank call people from skype. A little skype credit goes a long way.

My parents live on the other side of the world, they'd love to see/hear their grandchildren, but *cough* we can't afford it. The children are too young to get jobs as chimney sweeps, all we can do *cough* is dream of winning this prize. Please sir, it's Christmas :)

Hey guys!

You have no idea how happy I was when I see Skype call and chat is available in this app! I don't care but get me one of those please now! I been searching for a great app that has Skype in build and this, just fulfilled my wildest dream!

With this app, I can certainly chat with my lovely girl and also at the same time, being able to use it for my work too! My uses Skype everyday!


*drool* this would be a very welcome addition to my blackberry. The value here is endless - AND it looks great, to boot.

Because using a cell phone this day to make phone calls is soooo expensive. That's why I think it would be helpful for me to finally have voip on my Bold 9700 and to win a copy of IM+ Talk ^^ *Geek talk off.

For once there is an app that really works!! would love to have this on my bold 9700!! 1 of 20 would be a great to me :P thanks CB :)

IM+ doesn't allow skype-skype voip.I can really use this one to keep in touch with family back home,cause they dont have any other voip service other than skype.
Thank You for the great contest =D

I deserve a copy of this because my best friend is moving to London and would be so easy to talk w/ him via VOIP while i'm on the go! PLEASE!!!!!!

again, tremendous amounts of comments, all with single thought, gettin skype.... I simply dont understand why skype is free for symbian,apple and andro and BB-users should pay shape services app... Dont get me wrong, shapeservices is doin a great job, cause without their app skype wouldnt existed on BB, my point is, when allmighty GOOGLE release their video chat for all platforms, i'm sayin goodbye to skype 4ever.......

This is very cool! I would love to get a copy. This should help me immensely to communicate with my family. Love the idea. Hope I win one :)

I tested the beta release of this app. It is really a nice step for BlackBerry users to have VoIP over 3G and voice calls to other Skype contacts. I tried out with my brother who lives in a different city, sound was just nice. One more thing, once installed, it is better to soft reset in order to get it to work properly. Thanks!

I'd be very interested in using this, so I can finally let the netbook at home while traveling abroad. Talking to whom? Family, mainly.

I could so use this, I'm running the beta version currently. I'm always on skype talking to friends. This would be majorly helpful when I'm not at my laptop. Plus on the beta all you can do is type and not actually call people. I was planning on buying it myself but freebies work too.

This would AMAZING if it works! I could talk with my family on the road, it would just be simply AMAZING!!!!

I currently use this app in it's beta form and love it. With my job we all have different phones and phone company's but using skype helps us all stay in contact with having to switch from computer to phone to read emails. I use skype to also keep in contact with family and my wife, so with this app on my mobile and on the go, I can keep up with everything--even when my 2 year old decides to use the computer keyboard as a piano..

One of my favorite things to do and what I do best....Talk. Now more ways to do it! Thanks CB. Another fine free app giveaway. Happy holidays to you all!

Hey whats going on,

I would love this app since I can use skype to contact relatives whenever im not at home considering im in Sprint and not on verizon's exclusive skype contract (SUCKS!!). Thanks Crackberry and keep up the good work :-D

Traveling lots of them in different continents. Skype on the go would be great, even if I just have the 8900.

Ah, this is a great app! There are several reasons how this app would help me and why should I deserve it. First of all, I’m not living in the same country with my relatives and most of my week I’m on the go.. It’s really hard to find the right time when they can call me, or when I can call them over Skype ( using the landline telephone is quite expensive ), but using this opportunity would save like 30 pounds a week and a lot of my time and nerves, that I have to throw out while finding the right time to call them.. This app is really great for people who are always on the go, who don’t have a lot of spare time, to run their laptop and find a wifi hotspot, for people who call abroad, for people like me!

I had a friend of mine far away, and our descktop used by my fiance a lot.
So would be the perfect app for me.

I hope that I win this - I call my cousin a lot and he's out of the country. An app like this would be great.

I live in San Diego, most of my parents live in Mexico, my work is always making me travel to a lot of places, it would be nice to talk with them with my BB withouth all the expenses of an international call, most of us have skype and some got bb also, so this app would be neat :D

IM+ Talk... why do I deserve this?

I spend a ton of time on skype, mostly at crazy hours of the night trying to get a hold of family in Australia while I'm here in Canada. I can't possibly afford the LD charges on my cell ,and I have no landline.

Having this software would make an amazing Christmas gift, to me, and family. I'd be able to talk to them for New Years ...while still being able to be out and about with friends and the rest of my family!

Have been wanting to try VoiP for a while. Have some close friends from High School that live in other states that this would work well with.

Sign me up CrackBerry! I'd like a free copy! I've been curious about this app's functionality and have heard pretty good things about it!

It sure would make for a great Christmas present! :)

Either way, thanks for the oportunity and Happy Holidays CrackBerry Nation!

I travel for work, sometimes out of the country. I started using Skype earlier this year and was hooked. A lot cheaper and better experience than using a mobile phone. This app would make my life a lot easier!!

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Merry Christmas!!!

I'd love a copy of this. My girlfriend lives in Spain and it costs me an absolute fortune to call her. This would save me around £100 a month! Please can I win please?

I'd like to have a copy of this app because I would like to test it out and see if it is as good as they say it is for VoIP calls to Skype.

I used im+ talk beta and I thought it was a great app for calling I'm in school in france and wanted to call home to us now I will be able to with their cheap calling
I really hope I win

Pick me please!!
I can't afford to up my cell plan and am looking for a VoiP option to offset my usage. Having the ability to make the calls from my BB would be very convenient.

This would be great with me on the road all the time. I could use it to keep in touch with the kids. Probably alot cheaper

Hello administrator, I was a Chinese BBer I very much hope to get this software license, because I want to and my friends always exchange. As the Government's reasons, I can not use credit cards to purchase the software, because in China, construction workers can not apply for credit cards, and my income can not pay this fee, I am very sorry about this, so I was very fervent hope Get the software, so that I and many more people I think! Thank you! My mail is
Because education is limited, the response I translated using Google, please forgive me!

i think i should win this! ive been wanting this app ever since i switched from my iphone! i hate that the price for the blackberry is so expensive compared to the iphone which is only $10 for the app. i would love to win this app so much!

I want this so bead I've tried the lite version & I loved it & since I have family all over the states this app would save me a lot of money so please crackberry give me a copy of this great app. Thanks in advance.

Would use IM+ Talk to keep in touch with a special someone who is studying over in the UK for most of the year. I spend a lot of time away from my computer so would be awesome to be reachable at the click (or two) of a button.

Well, I call a lot of my friends back in Mexico (I'm currently @ the USA) so this app would save me a LOT on long distance. I almost never win anything, but maybe I get lucky this time!

This would be great as I have a lot of family overseas and they all use various form of messenger services so it would be great to consolidate them all.
Please and thx!

IM+ been wiaitng for a skype on blackberry forever, i make a lot of calls to US from India, should save me a bundle, wonder why skype doesnt come out with a native app for blackberry on all carriers. the day it releases, skype is down, Irony!!

im in a long distance relationship, and this would make things a lot easier than paying all those international calls

Well I could really use a multi-IM then I wouldn't need to keep several programs on at the same time.

I'm using Skype to talk to my sister in Germany. Since it can be done only on PCs, so with time difference of -6 hours, I can call her midnight in Jakarta to catch her after her office hour. (unfortunately Skype is not allowed in my sisters' and my office as well), or I call her in the morning and in Germany is midnight. Only Weekend is the time free.
It saves me a lot, since normal phone bill for long distance call is in the sky.
I will buy another copy for her if I win it.

I talk mostly with my friends in Italy as I know live abroad! I would definitely save a lot of money :) A working skype software on my blackberry is what more I feel missing!

hahaaaa. thats what I was waiting for. I have many friends travelling around Europe and I will save a lot of money. hope I win.

I use the Skype when my husband has overseas duties. And he travels a lot, because he has second office in Singapore and at least 3 times in a months he must work for at least 2 days there.
It would help me a lot if using our blackberry we can talk not only chat.

"Can We Pretend that Airplanes in the Night Sky are Like Shooting stars!!..."
Cause I Really NEED to Use a Wish Right now, A Wish Right now, A wish right Now...!! :P
I've been looking for this Software since forever!! :P
Right now I found myself realizing 2 points;
1. Crackberry is giving it away for Free XD
2. Crackberry can actually read their members mind and find what they exactly want !!
I mean, can it ever get better than that ?!... At each day is a new Surprise !! :P
Thank you for the AMAZING OPPORTUNITY and of course, I wish i could win a copy...
Almost all of my family and friends traveled for the holiday, and this app is exactly what i need to keep in touch with them :)
Merry Christmas Crackberry !! :D

I want to win a copy simply because of the ease of having all your IMM accounts in one organized place. Thanks cb!

hey guys i would love to have this app so could you pls give a shot at it ive heard so much about this app an could really put it to use thanks for the chance cb rocks

My son is fighting for the Canadian Armed Forces in the war on terrorism right now it would really be great to have a copy of this for my BlackBerry so I can talk to him whenever he's free, instead of having to rush home to my computer! Thanks CrackBerry your the best!.

Hey one of the best contests!! :)
I wish i could get a copy of this app!!
I talk with all my friends and clients all over the world via skype from my pc.
This would be a killer feature on the BB and would save me a lot of time! Not to mention perfect gift for the vacation! cheers crackberry!!

Mobile phone calls are very expensive in South Africa. I would to use Shape to call my friends overseas. Pick me, pick me

I want to win this.

I live in the UK and my family in a different country and it will save me the monthly 20 pounds that I spend on phone calls and skype credit.

I've been a satisfied user of IM+ Pro for more than a year. Having all my IM clients together in one tidy package has been great. A few bugs here and there, but no deal breakers and worth every cent of the big bucks I had paid for it. Started it on my 9700 and transferred to the 9800 with ease.

I would like to have the Skype VoIP ability but I don't know that I can fork out another $29.99 or so. Is there a way to add the VoIP Skype feature without buying a whole new version of this?

I spent well over 75 dollars a month calling my girlfriend overseas. I have skype at home but our schedules never match, so we end up calling each other's call phone instead. This would be PERFECT! The more money I save the more stuff I can buy for her......I meant my blackberry, not girlfriend. LoL

I have been dying to get a VoiP app for my BB. I got my Bold free as part of my two-year upgrade and a mandatory data plan. I am currently in the US but my parents live in India. I am really close to them and call them several times a week. The costs I run using the calling cards is definitely a huge setback for me as a college student. If I can get this app, I can convince my mom and dad to use Skype. Plus it helps that there are so many IM's all in one to stay in touch with friends all over the world! It would make me real happy to reconnect regularly with my folks without having to worry about high costs!

I'd LOVE to have this as I have alot of firends and family in the US/Overseas and being on MSN, AOL, Facebook etc all with differnet clients can get annoying. But having them all into one would be sweet!

While many will find half duplex annoying, there some things going for this version (was part of the beta):

1. Half is better than nothing when you're trying to make a quick call from the streets in China.
2. It still does a nice job of keeping you logged on and in the skype loop
3. BaTtery consumption is noticeable but not terrible.

It would be great to see I'm talk and pro get integrated into one product offering.

You would think there would have been a few programs that could do this effectively for the Blackberry but not so. Would love to win this to see if this one works.

oh my god, this is the best news I've heard in the last 5 years! honestly, you can not imagine how left out I used to feel when among iPhone users who could just fire up Skype and make voice calls(over wifi). Now I can take my revenge! Thanks Crackberry! Thanks IM+! Happy 2011 :-)

Its not just about saving money over VOIP, the thing that I droll the most is the sweet and nice chat interface. I've use the trial twice on difference device, and each time I was sad, it was just too quick. I just want more and more

my luck.... i've got stuck in China for Christmas, boss had no mercy, need to work, work, work... using this blackberry app on the Christmas eve would help me connect to the ones i love without leaving the work post, nice

Merry christmas everyone!!!!