IM+ Talk out of beta – 20 copies to be won!

By Ryan Blundell on 22 Dec 2010 09:46 am EST

IM+ Talk

It wasn’t too long ago when we mentioned what the folks at SHAPE Services were up to. Okay, okay, it was a brief mention, but the thought of VoIP over 3G/EDGE should have tickled your fancy. IM+ Talk is now out of beta and sporting a new version – 4.3! Here’s what the change log tells us:

Version 4.3

  • VoIP over 3G/EDGE support
  • Special build for 6.0 OS devices
  • Many bugfixes and overall performance optimization

Check out some of the features of IM+ Talk:

  • Call Skype users to their PCs - With IM+ Talk for BlackBerry you can talk with other Skype users all over the world.
  • Free VoIP calls in WiFi areas and over 3G/EDGE - In WiFi areas and over 3G/EDGE IM+ Talk allows users to make free VoIP calls in half-duplex mode, similar to a walkie-talkie.
  • Make cost-effective calls to any destination - Call any landline or mobile phone cost effectively. IM+ Talk uses callback technology, which ensures best phone call quality anywhere in the world.
  • Receive calls from Skype contacts and calls to your SkypeIn number
  • See who is online and chat with Skype users - Have conversations with other users who are logged in with their Skype accounts on PC or mobile. Text messaging is cost effective way to say something to your contacts instead of sending an SMS.

The idea of being able to make free VoIP calls via 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi should make you want to call everyone and tell them all about it. Why not; it’s free as long as you select “VoIP only” or “VoIP preferred”. For more information on saving with IM+ Talk, click here. IM+ Talk is available for $29.95 and is available to BlackBerrys running OS 4.3 or higher.

Contest:We have 20 copies of IM+ Talk to give away. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to be entered. Perhaps you can tell us who you talk to the most - how much money do you think you will save? Basically, tell us why you think you deserve IM+ Talk! Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

More information/download IM+ Talk for BlackBerry

Reader comments

IM+ Talk out of beta – 20 copies to be won!



4th! This should give me a much added convenience, because I speak with clients in Europe all the time via skype. This access via mobile is perfect!

how about the 5th? I wish I can won a copy so I don't have to download all google talk, msn, yahoo, etc on my bb!!!

I call my parents, who live 3hrs away, all the time! This is an app that I'd totally get a ton of use out of, itd save me hundreds every month! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Good job to the folks at SHAPE, thanks CB for putting this out to be won. I so hope I win a copy, has a cool appearance and a easy to use interface. Thanks.

I have been wanting this app for a long time! Have a lot of contacts on Skype overseas and it would be great to be able to contact them through my BB!
Super-Contest and thanks!

I always wanted this app for my blackberry!!! I love how u can Im with everyone!!! I hope this can be an xmas present for my blackberry bold 9780 :)

I have to use skype to call my wife in thailand when im working in europe. The roaming rates are getting heavily expensive when your on another continent for 2-3 month per year.
Would love to get my hands on IM+


I used IM+ on my brother iphone and it look pretty impressive, I wonder how it will do on BB6 on BB phones.

i have a best friend in america, (she used to live near me back in the uk) and i miss her SO much, i've never had such a good friend since. all i think about is.. i wish she was here, she would understand! i've recently had a child and sooo happy :D:D but now my friend in america is pregnant! and i want to keep in touch with her every step of the way, but msn is not working on her computer, so we don't get to talk properly :'( so i would LOVE ato be considered to win a free copy so i can talk to her every day from my beloved blackberry :)

I hope this one will work now, I want a copy because i will use it to call my brother 7,000 miles away using skype..

I like it because IM+ has a beautiful UI and powerful feautrues. It has became the major app that I communicate with friends. So I hope I can get. One copy!

Would love to have one! I call my husband who is overseas all the time.. This would be a fantastic help!

Can I have a copy please?
I think that Skype working with 3G was the only thing missing in BB world!!

I would love a copy , have so many relatives and friends over seas would be awesome to be able to skype call from my Blackberry , I wanna IM+ Talk :)

im in the U.K. and my whole family are in Greece, i would love to win one of these copies so I can stand on Greenwich hill in London and look over the whole city at night and describe it to my family living on a mountain in the Mediterranean :)

WOhooo!! VoiP is the best! =)) Sorry Network providers,but sometimes your charges on call rates are neck-breaking for chatty people like us!

I would save some of my 300..yes 300 mins, also I'm not getting a christmas present this year so this would make my holiday. I have never won anything n can really use this app. Thanx CB

i have so many friends overseas who i can chat with through skype that id like to b able to catch up with without building a crazy phone bill i use and also being a student and unemployed money is extremely tight right now so to have the program would b awesome

i've IM+ Msngr and loved it, would like to have the IM+ Talk as well :D
Seems to be a v useful app

Just come from Twitter!
Really Love This Excellent App
Hope i can Get it。。。。。。。。。。。。。
I talk to my girlfriend most。
i think talk via WIFI is steady and cheap enough。。。
of course use IM+ Talk in wifi environment is the best choice。

I'd love some voip goodness so I can call all my mates in california from England! Without shape skype plus blackberry would be non-existent!! Thanks guys

With the majority of my family living in the Caribbean and the in-laws 3 hours away, being able to Skype on the go would be awesome. I hope I win please!!!!

OH man, this would be great! My wife's entire family is in Chile, it would be a fantastic treat not to be stuck in front of the desktop on skype talking to them if we could use voip in my bberry!

ooo pick me pick me!!! It would be AWESOMESAUCE if I could get this app so I can to talk to my family over yonder iskoot app sucks and doesnt work for my bold 9780!!! OH and did I mention... OWNES!!! Cheers ;-)

This would be awesome to use to chat with my folks when I move to the Philippine in January. I hope I will be one of the winners - if I am it will be a first for me!!

Gimmee one!!! i need VoIP, most of my communication is with people over seas and that would help a lot! too bad skype isnt giving us a client for blackberry!

I work in two offices that get zero cell reception. It would be VERY helpful to make VOIP calls over my WiFI connection!

I have a ton of friends in Germany and the UK. This app would definitely help me to affordably keep in touch with them.

Still waiting for actual Skype for BlackBerry (#$%!) but would be willing to give half duplex a try if I won a copy.

Certainly one platform for all messages is great as well as being able to make free VoIP calls is the added bonus.

Love the IM+ Lite App to keep up with all my IM'ing from one easy app. This would be awesome for staying in touch with my wife and four kids and the inlaws who live far away. Yes, I love my inlaws too.

Is this true VoIP, or the kinda VoIP but still uses your minutes "VoIP". Vendors (and I'm looking at you, Verizon) often try to hide the difference.

But I still want a copy. It's new and shiny. :)

Wow !

Would be the best giveaway of the year !

I just Love the im+ products , it and would be great if I win it , looking forward for it !

Living in Argentina, with all my family in France, this would really be great for me to be able to use skype on my BB!

I want it, count me please!!! I will use it to chat with my freinds living in other countries.

This contest is just another reason why Crackberry rocks my world!!!
Happy holidays to all the community!!!

This is a great app, it has many features included. Also I have many friends and part of my co-workers who have similar app. I'd like to be one of the winner.
Best regards,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

i talk the most to the person most special to me. i think i would save like a million dollars because once i have this call over edge, i wouldn't make her sleep, i would call her all day and all night, even if our timezones are apart. will call her on our break time, would sneak out of the office for a lil while just to chit chat with her. i want this app!!!

I got+Pro full lincesed! I purchased the app long this year and I'm interesting in buying this one as well, perhaps I would purchase 2 but if you guys can help me with one then I would only have to purchase the one, me and my girlfirnd....


I would like a copy. I live in US since 2005 and all my family is in Europe. It will be a huge saving help with all the calls. Thanks.

been using the BETA version....LOVED IT!!!! would be AWESOME to win a full version.....and i'm going overseas also...............pairing VoIP with the Torch, international----perfect!!!! Thank you crackberry...

This does look like a great app. I'd use it for calling home while abroad and it'd give me an excuse to be a little more chatty with my friends in other countries. US to South Africa/Australia is expensive on T-Mobile. Does IM+ Talk have the same chat functionality as IM+?

Can i please have an early Xmas gift from crackberry!!! This app would help me alot!! i would be able to talk to my g/f while abroad without all the crap roaming charges! Help me out Crackberry! i have IM+ on my bold but chatting is kinda annoying!!

Nice! I love Skype, but I can't understand why can't RIM or Skype make a free one which I can use with EDGE/3G or WiFi.

I hope IM+ Talk works well for VOIP over 3G. I am constantly travelling overseas and this would be a great way to stay in touch with my family while on the road.

Let's brother's in Japan, my parents are in Florida, my relatives live in Nova, I'd save a lot of money!!! Consider this my entry! :)

WOW! I'd love to have a good VoiP client for my Berry! I have friends in Denmark and we use Skype already on our computers.


WOW! This looks like a great tool for me! Pick ME! :) Merry Christmas all! Remember the reason for the season! :)

ah if you are really good you will give me IM+TALK for free because i can't transfert mony from tunisia and i like this application to talk for free with my childs.thanks

Oh great, I'll love to win one! My folks live oversea. I just love skype. Since skype does not widely support Skype for BlackBlerry, IM+ Talk is more than welcome!

I dont deserve this application. I have no one I call outside the country, heck even out side the state! It is a cool app and does show how far we have come with these Blackberry's. I just love to see it! Don't pick me for this one, but the first 9780 theme giveaway... HOLLA BACK AT ME!!!

Can I have one please..?it would make it cheaper to talk to my mom overseas...thx !would make it a good xmas...

A lot of my family members in Malta don't have land lines. This will allow me to Skype-call them from my phone without having to be tied to my computer. Skype is my only communication method with them. Absolute Lifesaver!!

This will save me a million gazillion fafillion dol lars!!

This is excellent since the skype mobile app for BB doesn't use WiFi. This would be excellent to try as the new features would really push this to be a (more) premier product.

Hope I win as more important to saving money would how much Id gain being even more accessible to international friends. That's where the riches are!

J'aimerais beaucoup en gagner une copie pour l'utiliser avec mon compte Skype! C'est malheureusement une des seules solutions possible pour utiliser Skype lors que nous ne sommes pas avec Verizon au USA (Rogers au Canada dans mon cas!).

Joyeux Noël!


I think I should get it because I've been waiting for ages for SHAPE to release their amazing product! I'm on the move a lot from country to country and seeing as my laptop doesn't have a webcam or mic I'm just left with my BlackBerry to get in contact with all my loved ones. I need to ring them and tell them I'm all safe so that they don't need to worry. I cannot afford the high costly overseas bills because i've been there and done that and it cost me an arm and a leg. PLEASE!

I would love to win one, I'm always talking with my family back home using skype, and I can definitely use the mobility IM+talk grants you. *fingers crossed*..

This would go great with my new torch I would like to win it so I can replace Bee-jive. Bee-jive may have been more affordable but i like the lite version of this app and have fewer problems using versus bee-jive please make me one of the 20 winners.

Aww this would be so cool to stay in touch with my girlfriend, she lives in Toronto and I'm studying in Europe :( Wanted to get this, but I always found the price a bit steep... Maybe I'll get lucky!!

I think I would love to have this app..I have family over in italy and I think that this would help me to save a lot..and I am a fan of this app since I used the lite versions while it was still in beta..would love to win this.thanks crackberry!

Hi, Im entered about the IM+ Talk! 4.3 version . I will talk to my relatives in USA, cause is very expensive by phone, I could save over 50 bucks by month. I think i deserve this expectacular App, because It´s Christmas, Its a very nice present for one of your best followers.

How badly I want this app? Ever since I found out that for Blackberry, I had no other available choices for me to Skype friends and family in over 5 different countries. I fully commit to submit a 500+ words essay on my personal experiences with the app if I happen to be selected for a copy. Thank you, CB staff in any case.

Who wants to use a pretend Skype? Skype is great when using a 2 way camera phone, and forget BlackBerry having that for now. (Their pipeline says tons of things are coming, but when? I want to be young enough to enjoy them.) Skype is a terrific feature, and allows you to see and hear people you talk with. It's like having them in the room. Being BlackBerry doesn't have two cameras (front and back), seeing them is out of the question. To hear them on Skype, one may just use Skype on their home computers. That way they can see and hear people.

this app would be great! i could call all my overseas friends to wish them a merry christmas and a happy new year! also would save quite a bit of money!

it would be great if i could be chosen to win this awesome app!

Wow!!! I really need this because I use msn, gtalk and skype the whole day for fun and mostly for work. Its a must for me. :)

I want one. But why is the blackberry version more expensive then others? A few months ago I emailed shape about this. And there reason? Well blackberry apps cost more then others. Not production cost not demand or that maybe its harder to program for the blackberry platform. But because everyone else is doing it so we can too excuse is pure bs ... Rant over. And pick me so I can give it away! Happy holidays

Sinceramente esta es una aplicacion que no debe faltar en una bb y eso que ya soporta voz sobre ip es fantastico. Ojala me pueda ganar una licencia, ya podria estar mas cerca de mi chiquitita, ya que las llamadas son algo caritas. Gracias CrackBerry!!!

This will be great for me !
If i get this app i will use it the whole day !! Everything in one ! GREAT ! :)

I'd love a copy. I tried the beta version of im+ before and worked great for me. I'd love the new version, and if I don't win the copy, I'd probably buy it. Good luck to everyone! =)

Hermanos yo quiero probar este Multimessenger y con voz IP sería excelente para probarlo sobre redes CDMA, prometería un Review incluso. Espero participar y gracias por la oportunidad

I'm from israel but I used to live in canada
I talk to canada twice a week so I can save
A lot of money yesterday I have talk with the new
4.3 version and it was great please let me win it

I want IM+ Talk badly. I have been waiting for a reliable app that allows me to use Skype in my Bold from AT&T. With a lot of clients overseas and a career that requires me to be constantly on the road, I can really use the Skype and save a bundle of money in long distance fees. Please, please, please, pretty please, with cream and sugar on it !!!