Could this be a good time to download IM+ Pro for BlackBerry 10? Plus it's on sale!

By James Richardson on 10 May 2013 04:30 am EDT

The main reason for writing this post is all to do with Skype. As I'm sure you are all aware Skype is now available on the BlackBerry Q10 and coming very soon to the Z10. But if you like to keep all your instant messaging clients in one place then IM+ Pro will be the app for you.

It's currently on sale for just £1.50/$1.99 which is less than half price and with so many integrated instant messaging services it really is the best of the bunch. The other twist on this is that an alternative app IMO has 'allegedly' lost its Skype chat functionality so if you currently use that one this may be a good time to consider the move to IM+ Pro?

With a whole host of services supported such as Facebook, GTalk and Jabber, just to name a few, IM+ Pro really is a great way to keep in touch with your friends who haven't yet made the jump over to BlackBerry. Whatever smartphone they are using, there will be a compatible messaging service in IM+ Pro.

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Could this be a good time to download IM+ Pro for BlackBerry 10? Plus it's on sale!


This sucks - and shouldn't be allowed. The Z10 is the flagship and we don't get all the apps that the q10 gets...

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I got it at full price a while back and sort of wish I hadn't because it doesn't look like they're making any effort at all to update it beyond the initial port. No move towards native, not even an update to make the port's interface a bit more usable in BlackBerry 10.

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Agreed. It works half ass and not that great. I liked the idea but it is not functional as a Android port.

I agree. Also have not heard good feedback from those who use it. Overall rating in BlackBerry world is not great either. I reserve my two dollars and more for those developers who spend time making native apps for BlackBerry 10.

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I'll wait for a native app which is actually supported.
Hopefully IMO will make its way onto our devices soon.

As other apps like app to change the color of the led, this app must be directly build in the OS...

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not available, not a great post here i have to say and better stuff could be recommended

Searching on app world directly and it works. For me worked that way. But not happy with Skype.

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I have been using this program for a couple of weeks with no issues on a Z10. When first launched it needs a few minutes after logging in to capture your Skype contacts and to pull in from Skype's chat buffers your previous chats (that may go back as far as 30 days - no guarantees but an educated guess).

At that point you should be able to start chatting.

I first encountered Shape Services' products in 2007 when they launched IM+ for Skype on the BlackBerry of the day (probably an 8820). What would amuse one, on looking back at a post that I did about a Red Sox game (my first visit to Fenway), was the person with whom I had that initial Skype chat session from my BlackBerry...

Don't know if CB will allow the link but here goes:

Otherwise search for a June 13, 2007 post called: "Skype on the Blackberry – A New Era in the AlwaysOn World".

Hint: he is well known in today's BB Developer program.

I have it, and not impressed at all.

I am also running the leaked version of Skype on my Z10...and even that is so laggy that I hate using it.

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While I have not had any significant issues with Skype on my Z10, there is a reason it's called "Skype Preview". It's easier to work with than on my iPhone 5.

If BBM were to go cross platform, or offer a cross platform version that handled these formats would you pay to have it? How much would you pay? Would it be worth a small annual fee?

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It is a POS. The most unstable messenger app for Z10. I remember when IM+ Pro was the best messenger app back in the day. Not anymore. This version is pure garbage

I don't like to pay for an Android port. I'll be glad to buy it when they'll make a native app.

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Still waiting for a full Jabber client that supports groups. I did look into IM but according to the IM forums, the development is pretty stationary at present. :(

Never a good time to dl this app - total garbage........I wish there was a way to file a claim to get my money back

Damn this app is ugly, looks awefull. Wasted 2$, shouldn't recommend crap crackberry.

Save your money guys n gals

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This used to be the best app on my old 9700 but until I can change the permissions on the app and see some improvement on the app itself, this will stay off my Q10. Blackberry should be notifying people BEFORE they purchase an app whether it's an Android port or not. I find the practice deceptive.

If you are using Skype on BB10, after logging in you need to let it "settle in" for several minutes. Initially it is integrating your Skype Contacts into your BB10 Contacts, checking presence on all your Skype Contacts and bringing in access to your recent Skype chat sessions (with individuals and groups). Skype buffers up to 30 days' past history of chat sessions that may have occurred on other platforms.

The Contact integration took about 30 minutes for my >400 Skype contacts. Future logins will still be looking at the chat history and checking presence.

You may only see very recent chat messages, pull down from the top to go back further in time.

Hope this helps; patience pays off here.

That's nice, Jim, but maybe I don't want Skype to use my contact list. Currently I don't have any control over the app permissions--it's an Android port, correct?

It simply adds the SkypeID to a contact's card in the same section as FB and Twitter info. Then you click on the Skype info and it launches a Skype-to-Skype call.

I want it to access my Contacts for SkypeOut calls. It's not pulling your BB Contacts into your Skype contacts. It's the same way on Skype for iOS and Android.

Why is it that they release all the new apps first for the q10 before releasing it to the Z10. Isn't the Z10 released first before the a10 I just don't get it...n

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I paid for a native version for PlayBook only to watch them release a free Android port for PB that works better than the native does. We won't be fooled again. Not buying it - if they release it for free I will put it on my Z10.

Guys IM pro is the worst app, I have purchased and it won't work properly, there were no updates to this app since they released in on Z10, do not buy it,

BlackBerry Z10

The im+ for the legacy devices was great. Great upgrades. A perfect push Mode and a fast and really helpful support.

The playbook app was a relaunch but a little disaster.

Now with the bad ported android version, no push, no stability shape has spit in all the faces ob BlackBerry users.

I'm using a Trillian sideloaded for jabber, because Trillian has a push like Mode, with email.

Sorry shape.
I have no problem with android ports, but why you don't tell us that you don't want to support bb, and not give us this creepy stuff


Sada :x

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As a result of all these comments, I started to question whether I had been missing some issues. I opened IM+ Pro and Skype. Both ran flawlessly with messages coming from at least three or four different sources over a four to five hour period. And, upon request, they both brought up past chat messages going back as much as a month. They would also bring up messages entered on my Skype for Mac and Skype for Windows (Classic or Desktop).

All I can say is give each some time to do its initial syncing after installation.

Yes, it was an issue that I had to pay a second time after buying it for my PlayBook, especially when all other apps that I had purchased for my PB gave me the BB10 version at no additional cost. But when I did install it a few weeks ago, I wanted to test out its performance on the BB10.